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                                                     Christmas is both a sacred religious holiday and a worldwide
                                                     cultural and commercial phenomenon. For two millennia,
                                                     people around the world have been observing it with traditions
                                                     and practices that are both religious and secular in nature.
                                                     Christians celebrate Christmas Day as the anniversary of the
                                                     birth of Jesus of Nazareth, a spiritual leader whose teachings
                                                     form the basis of their religion. Popular customs include
                                                     exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending church,
                                                     sharing meals with family and friends and, of course, waiting
                                                     for Santa Claus to arrive. December 25--Christmas Day--has
                                                     been a federal holiday in the United States since 1870.
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 December 2010
  Year 3; No. 8
  Monthly Issue
CRESTWOOD OPENED A              open and has welcomed
  NEW FACILITY IN               clients.
                                At PHF II we can see people
                                coming with different
                                struggles and we are so glad
                                to see them be able to
                                continue working towards
                                their recovery.
                                                                Crestwood PHF II Entrance
                                Staff at Crestwood is
                                committed to work with          and the community in caring
On November 5th, 2010           clients to help them cope       for individuals of all ages
Crestwood had an Open           with daily life stressors and   affected by Mental Health
House for the new PHF           symptoms and stay focus on      Issues.
facility: PHF II (Psychiatric   their goals.
                                                                Together we invest our
Health Facility II). We had     Clients are linked with the     energies to enhance the
some distinguish visitors       appropriate outpatient          quality of life, social,
that you can see in the                                         integration, community
pictures.                                                       support and empowerment
Visitors present George                                         of mental health consumers.
Lytel (Crestwood CEO),                                          Crestwood promotes values
Patty Blum (Vice-president),                                    and recovery by providing
Janet Vlavianos (Director of                                    quality and cost effective
Accreditation) , Dr. Cloud                                      programs in a social
(KCMH) and Dr. Walker                                           responsible manner; and
(KCMH) And other County         KCMH and Crestwood Directors    work with families and
Personnel.                                                      communities to reduce the
                                resources in Mental health
The PHF II was officially       to continue treatment and       stigma associated with
                                increase success in the         Mental Illness.
                                Crestwood Mission
                                Our mission at Crestwood
                                Behavioral Health is to
                                create a partnership with
                                consumers, employees,
 Bill Walker, George Lytel
       and Dr. Cloud            families, business associates     Staff at Crestwood PHF II

 2    Crestwood Bakersfield
(From Front Page) DBT Skills Distress Tolerance Module           others, but in a different way. In this
                                                                 case, the situations of others –those
Distracting                                                      coping in the same way or less well, or
•       Distracting methods have to do with reducing             the less fortunate in general- are used to
        contact with emotional stimuli (events that set          recast one’s own situation in a more
        off emotions). Or, in some cases, they work to           positive light.
        change part of an emotional response. There are             Think about some other that are
        seven distracting skills. A useful way to                         less fortunate that you.
        remember these skills is the phrase: “Wise Mind             Watch Soap Operas
        ACCEPTS”.                                                   Read about disasters
                                                                    Read about other’s suffering.
1.      “Wise Mind A.C.C.E.P.T.S.”                                  Go for a walk where homeless
                                                                          people are
         • Activities: can work to modulate
                  negative emotions in a number of ways.
                  They distract attention and fill short-
                                                             •   Emotions:     Generating opposite
                  term memory with thoughts, images,             emotions replaces the current
                  and sensations that activate and               negative emotion with other, less
                  reactivate the negative emotion. They          negative emotion. This strategy
                  affect psychological responses and             interferes with the current mood
                  emotional expressive behavior directly.        state. This technique requires the
                  We can think in Activities like:
                                                                 person to first figure out the
                     Drawing
                     Watching a Movie                           current emotion so that activities
                     Playing Video Games                        to generate an opposite one can be
                     Playing a favorite sport                   sought.
                     Collaging                                     Read emotional books
                     Gardening                                     Read emotional stories
                     Reading                                           Read old letters
                                                                        Go to emotional movies
          •       Contributing: Refocuses attention                     Listen to emotional music
                  from oneself to what one can do for                   Be sure the event creates a
                  others. For some, contributing also                    different emotions
                  increases a sense of meaning in life,                 Scary Movies
                  thereby improving the moment. For                     Joke Books
                  others, it also enhances self-respect.                Comedies
                     Visit ill people                                  Funny Records
                     Buy or make a card and give it to                 Religious Music
                           someone                                      Marching Songs
                     Cook some cookies and take                        “I am a woman” (Helen Reddy)
                           them to your neighbor                        Going to a store a reading funny
                     Prepare a meal for someone                         greeting cards
          •       Comparisons: Making comparisons                                  Next Number: P.T.S.
                  also refocuses attention from oneself to

    3     Crestwood Bakersfield
      CLIENTS AND STAFF                   from Yokuts Park to River                to cope with symptoms and
     WAITING FOR THE WALK                 Walk Park. More 250 people               stressful situations in their
           TO START
                                          attended this 2010 NAMI                  daily living, also to link them
                                          WALK. Among attendees                    to services in the community
                                          were psychiatrist, Nurses,               to assist them upon discharge.
                                          Clients, B & C, Outpatient
                                                                                   Bakersfield Crestwood has
                                          Mental Health Personnel and
                                                                                   four      programs:    MHRC
                                          Family Members.
                                                                                   (Mental Health Recovery
                                          Attendees had a nice BBQ                 Center), The Bridge (Adult
                                          Lunch provided by NAMI.                  Residential Social Rehab
Crestwood is an Active                                                             Facility), PHF I and PHF II
Supporter of the NAMI                     NAMI is an organization who
                                                                                   (Psychiatric Health Facility).
(National Alliance for Mental             is assisting clients with
Illness). Last October 6                  information about symptoms               To know more about our
Clients, 10 Staff and 3 Family            and help them find some                  programs please visit our
Members from the MHRC                     resources in the community.              website:
facility attended the Annual              Another roll that NAMI is
NAMI Walk.                                playing is to reduce stigma      
                                          regarding Mental Illness.
Our clients had a good time
and some now know that                    At Crestwood we believe in
there is help for them in the             Recovery and that people can
community.                                get well and stay well. Our
                                          goal towards recovery is to
This year the number of                   work together with our
people attending this year                consumers to help them learn
increased that NAMI had to
change the place for the event            some skills that they can use

  LIFE STRESSOR AND                       Stress is simply a fact of nature        • Eating a well-balanced diet.
 COPING TECHINQUES                        forces from the outside world
                                                                                   • Exercising on a regular basis.
                                          affecting the individual. The
If you were to ask a dozen people         individual responds to stress in         • Taking brief rest periods during
to define stress, or explain what         ways that affect the individual as         the day to relax.
causes stress for them, or how            well as their environment. Hence,
                                                                                   • Engaging in pleasurable or fun
stress affects them, you would            all living creatures are in a constant
                                                                                     activities every day.
likely get 12 different answers to        interchange with their surroundings
each of these requests. The reason        (the ecosystem), both physically         • Practicing relaxation exercises
for this is that there is no definition   and behaviorally                           such as yoga, meditation, or
of stress that everyone agrees on,                                                   progressive muscle relaxation.
                                                STRESS REDUCING
what is stressful for one person
                                                   ACTIVITIES                      • Ovoid Caffeine and Alcohol
may be pleasurable or have little
effect on others and we all react to      • Getting enough good quality            • Take a nap if u need it.
stress differently.                         sleep.
                                                                                   • Take your medications on time.
   4     Crestwood Bakersfield

1.    What do elves learn at school?
                                                                                                           If you see a fat man …
                                                                                                            Who’s jolly and cute,
                                  -The elf-abet
                                                                                                               wearing a beard
2.    What is the difference between
                                                                                                           and a red flannel suit,
      Christmas alphabet and
                                                                                                            and if he is chuckling
      ordinary alphabet?
-The Christmas alphabet has No L (Noel)                                                                      and laughing away,
                                                                                                             while flying around
                                                                                                            in a miniature sleigh
3.    What Christmas carol is a
                                                                                                          with eight tiny reindeer
      favorite of parents?
                                  -Silent Night                                                               to pull him along,
                                                                                                              then lets face it…
                                                                                                         Your eggnog’s too strong!!!
4.    What do snowmen eat for
      breakfast?              -Frosted Flakes

L    S     N   O       I      T     A      R     O      C    E       D       P    R    A
B    O     Y   G       F      S     L      L     E      B    O       I       V    H    N
F    T     A   E       A      U     S      E     L      D    N       A       C    X    Y
S    A     P   F       L      P     U      M P          K    I       N       P    I    E
A    T     W R         A      P     P      I     N      G    P       A       P    E    R
E    O     N   O       K      U     L      E     G      O    N       G       G    E    Z           Bells                  Presents
X    P     E   E       R      T     S      A     M T         S       I       R    H    C           Candles                Pumpkin
R    T     T   P       S      I     H      M X          X    X       U       O    D    A
                                                                                                   Candy
                                                                                                                           Reindeer
H    E     L   I       C      E     P      M V          T    O       Y       S    N    C               Canes

P    E     C   R       N      O     R      T     H      P    O       L       E    L    P           Cards                  Rudolph
L    W P       P       R      Q     W P          H      Y    E       K       R    U    T           Christmas              Sweet
                                                                                                       Tree                   Potato
O    S     P   C       A      R     D      S     C      L    J       V       I    S    X           Decorations            Toys
D    C     C   C       A      N     D      Y     C      A    N       E       S    Q    L           Eggnog                 Turkey
U    Z     Y   K       J      U     K      D     L      C    R       Z       R    I    G                                   Wrapping
                                                                                                   North Pole
R    W J       R       E      E     D      N     I      E    R       D       Z    N    F

                                               NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE

Javier Yepez       Sherry Jones         Linda Johnson        Laura McKenney.                                Caroline
                                                                                   Crystal Robledo                               Kristi Otto
   Editor           Education/            Recreation            B-Day/New                                Rec Activities
                                                                                  Bridge-Bakersfield                          Bridge-Fresno
                   Corner Stone           Activities        Faces/Anniversaries                          /Photographer

                                                                                                                 Crestwood Bakersfield

   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!                                             EDUCATION:
                                                              Staff Trainings for December
      Name            Day            Name        Day
                                                       Education – Please see Sherri if you wish to attend
Janell Stinson            1     Daniel Garcia    24
                                                       DAY                  NAME                               TIME
Griselda Duenas           6     Chelsea          25
                                                        1     Peo-Act Restraint                                 9a-1p
Ashley Robertson          8     Michelle Kizzy   27
                                                        2     CPR & First Aid Training                        9a-4:30p
Jeff Lewis                15    Jorden Gwinup    28
                                                        3     Fire prevention In-Service                        2:00p
Barry Todd                19    Christina        29
                                Louden                  6     AM/PM Dril

                                                        7     Risperdal-Consta in-Service                      12:00p

                                                        8     Safety & Restraint                                9a-1p
                                                        9     New Employee Orientation                          9a-5p
    Crestwood is preparing his Annual
                                                       10     NOC/AM Drill
     Christmas Party for employees.
                                                       13     Pro-Act Core Module Day 1                         9a-5p

                                                       14     Pro-Act Core Module Day 2                         9a-5p
    The special event is bringing the
    cultures of different ethnicities at               15     Pro-Act Restraint                                 9a-1p
   Crestwood together. This is also a
                                                       15     Infection Control In-Service                      2:00p
   great opportunity to recognize our
  employees for their performance and                  16     Communication In-Service                          2:00p
     the contribution that they have                   17     Accident Prevention In-Service                    2:00p
      provided to our organization.
                                                       21     Vital Sign In-Service                             9:00a

                                                       22     Cultural Diversity In-Service                     2:00p
    Date:         December 18, 2010
    Time:         6:00p                                23     Patient’s Rights In-Service                       2:00p

    Place:        Panda Palace                         27     NOC/AM Drill

                  118 Oak St.                          28     Conflict Resolution In-Service                    1:00p

                  Bakersfield, CA, 93304               29     New Employee Orientation                          9a-5p

                                                       30     CPR & First Aid Training                        9a-4:30p
 Your presence will complete our celebration.
 Reservation from 12/01/10-12/10/10

                                                                                            Crestwood Bakersfield

 DAY         TIME                      ACTIVITY               Christmas 2010     -From page 1-
   1          4:00p                 Thrift Store Outing       Christmas is both a sacred religious holiday and a
   2          4:00 p            Decorate Clients Doors        worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon. For
   3          6:00 p        Caroling AT NOR VET HAL           two millennia, people around the world have been
                                                              observing it with traditions and practices that are both
   5          6:45p         Poetry Night / Church Outing
                                                              religious and secular in nature. Christians celebrate
 7, 14,
               6:45                   Movie Outing            Christmas Day as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of
 21, 28
                                                              Nazareth, a spiritual leader whose teachings form the
8, 17, 20     6:45p           Christmas Lights Viewing        basis of their religion. Popular customs include
   9          3:00p                   Mall Walking            exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending
                                                              church, sharing meals with family and friends and, of
   9          6:45p                   Donut Outing
                                                              course, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive. December 25--
10, 11,
              6:30p           Christmas Musical Outing        Christmas Day--has been a federal holiday in the United
  12                                                          States since 1870.
   15         4:00p                 Thrift Store Outing
                                                              In the early 17th century, a wave of religious reform
   15         5:15p          Diner Outing (Burger King)       changed the way Christmas was celebrated in Europe.
   16         4:00p           A Walk At Millcreek Park        When Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan forces took over
                                                              England in 1645, they vowed to rid England of decadence
 17, 20       6:45p           Donuts and Coffee Outing
                                                              and, as part of their effort, cancelled Christmas. By
   22         4:00p                 Jamba Juice Outing        popular demand, Charles II was restored to the throne
   23         5:15p             Little Caesar’s Outing        and, with him, came the return of the popular holiday.
   24         3:30p        Christmas Bingo (Special Prizes)   The pilgrims, English separatists that came to America in
                                                              1620, were even more orthodox in their Puritan beliefs
                              Christmas Music / Holiday
   24          6:45                                           than Cromwell. As a result, Christmas was not a holiday
                                                              in early America. From 1659 to 1681, the celebration of
   25         3:00p            Holiday movie / Popcorn
                                                              Christmas was actually outlawed in Boston. Anyone
   26         6:30p                   Church Outing           exhibiting the Christmas spirit was fined five shillings.
   28          6:45                   Movie Outing            By contrast, in the Jamestown settlement, Captain John
                                                              Smith reported that Christmas was enjoyed by all and
   29          5:15                 KFC Diner Outing
                                                              passed without incident.
   30          5:15           Chinese Food Diner Outing
                                                              After the American Revolution, English customs fell out
   31          6:45         New Year’s Eve Dance (Party)      of favor, including Christmas. In fact, Congress was in
                                                              session on December 25, 1789, the first Christmas under
                                                              America's new constitution. Christmas wasn't declared a
                                                              federal holiday until June 26, 1870.

    Any comments or suggestions please
    contact any person in the Newsletter                            Newsletter Committee Next Meeting:
           Committee on page 5.                                December 14, 2010 At 10:00 am at Employee’s Lounge
                Thank You.                                    Remember to send your information no later than Jan. 20th.
                                                                                     Thank you.
   7        Crestwood Bakersfield

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