Folk v Popular culture

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					  CHAPTER 4 - Folk v Popular culture

I. Define popular and folk culture
I. Define popular and folk culture
A. Characteristics
Folk                          Pop
Rural                         urban
Tradition                        fad
Conservative                  innovative
Handmade                      mass produced
Spread slowly                 spread rapidly
Small in area                 larger area
Barter                        money economy
II. Material and nonmaterial culture
A. Non-material
B. Material
1. Folk architecture
   Americans examples
   - Dogtrot house
            -Shotgun house

- I house
2. Pop architecture
3. Food
  – South – barbecue, fried chicken, and hamburgers
    most popular
  – North – pizza
     • Focus of Italian immigration
     • Pizza diffused to the southern states only in the
     Fast food
     -- South — 57% of restaurants in MS
  – Northeast lowest rate —27% of restaurants in NY
III. Regions – unique areas
A. Formal - "homogenous" or "uniform"
B. Functional - "nodal"
C. Vernacular - "perceptual"
D. Culture Regions
1. Cultural landscapes
2. US Culture Regions

Mardi Gras Indians
IV. Diffusion
A. Types
1. Relocation
2. Expansion
B. Folk –
1. Origin (hearth)
2. Diffusion – relocation, contagious
3. Barriers
 Diffusion of
 House Types
    in U.S.

Fig. 4-9: Distinct house types
           originated in three
           main source areas in
           the U.S. and then
           diffused into the
           interior as migrants
           moved west.
Pop culture landscapes
2.Landscapes of consumption
3.Leisure landscapes
West Edmonton Mall
B. Pop Diffusion
1. Origin (hearth)
2. Diffusion – hierarchical
3. Barriers
Wal-Mart stores
   Diffused from Arkansas base - contagious pattern

   Reverse hierarchical diffusion - Initially chose smaller towns
   and markets

   Later spread into cities
4. TV/Internet
 V. Globalization of pop culture

A. Threats to folk culture
  – Loss of traditional values
  – Foreign media dominance

B. Environmental impacts of popular culture
  – Modifying nature
  – Uniform landscapes
  – Negative environmental impact