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                           .~'-3-4.Q~-;26 "

                                                FARM      TIRES

574-583-9723 • 800-801-9999
                               FLOTATION TIRE & WHEEL
Fax: 574-583-3762 • 4751 Luse Road • PO. Box 962 • Monticello, IN 47960
          Visit our website at:
TPI Association News)
Association News                 cont.from page 10                      Turf News Readership Continues to Grow
                                                                             Bi-monthly circulation
Doug@DougPenderTravel.comor                contact the                                                                                                                            hlustry Associates
                                                                        of Turf News magazine                                                                                             2%
company by phone at 888/727-6498 or                                     continues to increase
847/381-7860.                                                           along with TPI member-
    Previous tours conducted by Fender have                             ship. The publication's
                                                                                                                                                                                           Tu1'grass Sod Fann
taken groups to not only New Zealand and                                 primary audience is Class                                                                                              S,-"p~ers
                                                                         "A" (turf producer) mem-                                                                                                      13%
Australia, but also China and Hong Kong;
                                                                        bers, with the remainder
Chile and Argentina; Austria and The                                    made up of equipment
Netherlands; England and Scotland; South                                manufacturers and sup-
Africa and Botswana; Spain and Portugal,                                pliers, educators, stu-
                                                                        dents, retired                                     Tu1'grass Sod Producers
Namibia and most recently Italy. This                                                                                                76%
                                                                        individuals and other
August, UTA will conduct a safari tour of
                                                                        green industry associa-
Kenya. Fender has traveled to 39 countries .                            tions. The accompanying                      Cl Educators                                   • Industry Associates

    "Some people and even associations may                              pie chart reflects the per-                  ClRetired                                      ClStudents
think that international travel is out of their                         centage of distribution to                   .Turfgrass     Sod Farm Suppliers              r;;]   Turfgrass   Sod Producers
reach, either because of time or money, but                             each of these categories.
once they experience a well-run study tour,                                 As of March 23,2006,
they become avid supports. We're very                                   the 44 countries that the magazine                    is mailed to reflects TPI's international                       membership.
pleased to add the IA to our study tour fam-
ily and look forward to providing this serv-
ice to more organizations around the                                    Argentina                  4   Finland                       3     Mexico                             8     South Africa                  5
world."                                                                 Australia                 64   France                        6     N. Ireland                         2     Spain                         6
                                                                        Austria                    3   Germany                      13     The Netherlands                   17     Sweden                        7
                                                                        Belgium                    2   Greece                        2     New Zealand                        7     Turkey                        5
2006 TPI Media Kit {CD-ROM}                                             Brazil                     3   Hungary                       2     Norway                            12     Ukraine                       1
Scheduled for April Release                                             Canada                   126   Iceland                       1     Poland                             3     U. S                     1,245
                                                                        Chile                      1   Iran                          1     Portugal                           1     Venezuela                     1
    For many years, TPI has mailed a media
                                                                        China                      5   Ireland                       2     Russia                             3     Wales                         1
kit to newspapers, trade publications, gar-                             Cyprus                     1   Israel                        4     Saudi Arabia                       2
den writers, editors and orhers. The                                    Denmark                    2   Italy                        14     Scotland                           6
                                                                        England                   49   Japan                         3     Slovak Republic                    1
 Association News                 continued on page 14                  Estonia                    1   Korea                         2     Slovenia                           2     TOTAL                    1,649

     Time is Running Out to be an ,,/
     ITPF Cookbook Sponsor     ~ G~~"
     There are only 7 ITPFCookbook sponsorships left! Sponsors will                                                                                    ~
     get a full-color, two-page spread in the cookbook "Mow Food,                                                                                      ~
     Please!" featuring a photo of their farm on one side, and farm
     history and favorite menu on the adjacent page. The sponsorship
     form can be downloaded from the TPI website at                            (ITPF,Fundraisers). A breakfast workshop
     to help sponsors write their farm history, take great farm photos
     and develop their favorite menu is planned for the 2006 TPI
     Summer Convention & Field Day in Memphis, Tennessee.

     Sponsors as of April 2006     Pine Island Turf Nursery (NY)   Jimboomba Turf (Queensland,    Emerald View Turf Farm            H&E(lL)                                 Medina Sod (OH)
     Glenn Rehbein Farms (MN)      Chantilly Turf Farms (VA)           Australia)                    (MO&IL)                        Dover Sod Farms (KS)                    Green Velvet (OH)
     Brookmeade Sad Farm (VA)                                                                     Twin View Turf (Queensland,       Aldino Sod (MD)                         Biograss Sod (UT)
                                   Winstead Turf Farms (TN)        Turfgrass America (TX)
     Woodward Turf Farms (VA)                                                                         Ausrralia)                    Laytonsville Landscaping (MD)           Twin River Turf (WI)
                                   Zander Sod (Ontario)            Nova Turf Farm (VA)            Brouwer Sod (Onrario)
     A-G Sod (CA)                                                                                                                   Debuck's & New Lawn                     Red Hen Turf Farm (IN)
     JB Insrant Lawn (OR)          Blue Valley Sod (MN)            Evergreen Turf (Victoria,      Graffs Turf Farms (CO)                (NY, MI. WI)                        Tuckaboe Turf Farms (Nj)
     Turf Mountain Sod (NC)        Rainey Sod Farm (MS)                Australia & AZ)            Super Sod (GA)                    Tverne Turf (MT)

12                                                                                                                                                           TPI Tuif News: May/June 2006

                                                    AutoFarm<3 RTK AutoSteer                       The same precision control technology
                                                     used to repeatedly land a 737 hands-free is built into every AutoFarm system.
                                                     That's why AutoFarm is the unmatched leader in sub-inch-accurate, hands-free
                                                     steering that is repeatable pass after pass, year after year... on any brand and
                                                     model of tractor, sprayer or harvester. Only AutoFarm offers superior system
                                                     reliability and control in real-world conditions: forward or reverse, fast or slow,
                                                     straight or curves, and even hills. With AutoFarm RTK AutoSteer, the power of
                                                     precision drives your operation to higher productivity and profitability.

                                                     For more information contact Clint Herl at (913) 961-2350 or visit
Large. easy-ta-use touch screen operating            Tofind your local AutoFarmrepresentative or dealer,call1-8664-AUTOFARM.
with the AutoFarm Curved Path Module .

                                   Driving Farm Productivity.
                                                                                                        •                 AUTOFARIIII@
                                                                                                                          GPS Precision Farming

                                   AutoFarm   is a registered trademark   of Novariant,   Ine.   @2005 Novariant,   Ine. AUF-'0805
TPI Association News]
Association News cont.from page J 2                                                             A Matter of Ethics
                                                                                                     TPI's2006-07 membersQip dues-billings were sent to
purpose of the media kit is to provide members of the press with a wide variety of              all members on May .1st-you should have received your
turf-related information written and formatted for general audiences. The kit                   billing by now.
(actually a colorful pocket folder containing numerous articles and contact infor-                   Membership dues are a major revenue source for
mation) has been mailed in two "hardcopy" versions:                                             associations, and many of the benefits and services
1. The Lawn Institute version targets consumer publications                                     members receive are based on annual revenues
2. The Turf Resource Center version is geared toward trade publications
                                                                                                collected. Maintaining a fair system of dues is a goal
                                                                                                ofthe Board members and membership, overall.
   Beginning this year, the TPI media kit is being produced in a CD-ROM format                       ForTPI dues calculation, members declare acreage
and, for the first time, a copy is being sent to all TPI members. So, what can mem-             in production (not acressold) and dues are calculated
bers do with the CD? As you review the following list of contents, you'll find good             based on reported acreage; This has beenviewed as
information you might want to send to your local news media to assure they
                                                                                                the fairest, least-invasive approach to calculating dues;
                                                                                                however the association must rely on "the honor
received it. In addition, much of the information can be used in billing stuffers and           system"of reporting accurate acreage levels each year.
other marketing materials, newsletters, general handouts for local trade shows and                   To ensure members are paying their fair share of
other community events. Here is what you can expect to find on the CD:                          dues, the TPI.Board of Directors encourages all TPI
                                                                                                members to monitor your own regions. The TPI
2006 Media Kit Content                                                                          Membership Directory and website listings include
THE LAWN INSTITUTE                               TURF RESOURCE CENTER                           Classesof membership as mandated by TPIBylaws.
(fOr consumers)                                  (Trade 6- Professionals)                                           Class
• Homeowners Can Use Turfgrass Sod To            • Is Cash-for-Grass an Alternative?                                 I = 1-99 acres
    Repair Problems                              • Synthetic Turf Heat Studies-                                      II = 100-299 acres
• Lawn Care & Health Care                           When It's Hot, It's Hot!                                         III - 300-599 acre
• Benefits of Turfgrass are Numerous             • Artificial Turf & Artificial Cost
                                                 • ITPF Funds Turfgrass Research
                                                                                                                     IV = 600 or more acres
• Instant Fool-Proof Lawn Repairs
• Prepare Your Lawn for Possible Drought         • Turfgrass Sod is Cost-                            TPI's Board of Directors is proactive in promoting a
• Native Plants Offer No Guarantee of                Competitive to Seeding                     fair, honest and ethical system for all members.. In the
    Water Conservation                           • Family Pets & Lawn Problems                  November/December 2005 issue of Turf News, for
• Understand Home Use of Lawn Fertilizers        • Overview of the Turfgrass Sod &              example, TPI Board Trustee Norm DeBuck's "Letter to the
• Green Space Gets An A+                             Green Industry                             Editor" encouraged members to contact him personally
• Know the Facts When You Buy Turfgrass
                                                                                                to share thoughts about TPI'sdues structure. The entire
• Proper Lawn Watering Practices                                                                Board solicits ideas and suggestions from members
• Why Do Turfgrass Sod Farms Have                                                               regarding the fairest system of dues for all TPI members.
    Beauriful Lawns                                                                             Warren T. Bell
                                                                                                TPI President

                Holds Sod Costs Down                             Labor Costs Down                               Waste Factor Down
                             •   Speeds Up Harvest Time          •   Stretches 110' to 170' in Width            •   Stronger Sod
                             •   Helps Prevent Soil Erosion      •   Fits Site Dimensions                       •   Easier to Handle
                             •   Faster Land Turnover            •   Eliminates Unnecessary Tracks              •   Netting Withstands   Wind
                                                                 •   Less Staking Needed

                                                                                        Netting Designed and Manufactured Specifically          for the
     MESH TRUCK COVERS                                                                                  Turfgrass Sod Industry

     Edward Cumins, President
     Supertex, Inc.
     860 Market Street                                                  MESH TRUCK             COVERS are 14' wide by any length.
     Paterson, NJ 07513                                                                             Cost is $3.75 per running foot.
     Tel: 888/790-1000                                                                                      Price includes delivery.
     Fax: 888/790-1001
14                                                                                                                        TPI Turf News: May/June 2006
.c oN
0..• "


:J '"
o '"
- '"
o ~
u      :1i
<Il ><

     Call your Jacklin Seed distributor to
   experience the Jacklin quality difference
 with top performing varieties such as these:
   Travel Tips]
                                         Australia 2007-
   Part 1 in a Series of Tips and Suggestions for Visitors
The excitement is beginning       Welcome Aboard Your Overseas
t~ build as TPI members and       Flight to Australia                                        BasicS..,eech Guid~;~~
                                                                                             Speaking Fluent ~';Is~ie"

    staff begin looking ahead             OU    have already had a busy day preparing                                       II

   to the 2007 TPI Midwinter                for your trip to the 2007 TPI Midwinter              No",:,!hatY9u'rein Australia,.itlllight.qe a
      Conference in Australia.              Conference in Australia. You atrive the
                                                                                             good time for!youtobecome familiarwitna
Questions arise, such as how      recommended two hours early to clear airport
                                                                                                Australian                En
 long is the flight, what kind    security and it is 11:30 pm. Your flighr is called,
  of clothes should we bring,     you board the giant aircraft, buckle in and hear the
   what kind of food will we      cabin intercom speakers activated and in that
      have, and how on earth      strange but now familiar Australian-accented voice
      will we ever understand     you hear, "Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
         their strange accents!   This is your Captain speaking, and on behalf of
                                  our flight crew, I want to welcome you aboard
       These and many other
                                  Qantas flight QF176 to Brisbane ... !" Then you
 questions will be answered
                                  realize that you have a 13-hr., 45-minute flight
  in this and future series as
                                  ahead of you. However, you're not concerned
           TPI Board member
                                  because you remember the advice from that TPI
      Rob Davey of Australia
                                  Board Member (Rob Davey) with the "interesting"
  shares his insights with us.
                                  accenr.                                                 prepare for arrival. There, thar wasn't so bad after
                                      Rob advised that the best way to deal with this     all! You will wonder what all rhe fuss was about.
                                  otherwise long flight is to adjust your watch to
                                  Australian time, switch on one of the many movies       Upon Arrival
                                  available on your personal in flight screen-or play         You are now in Brisbane and it is 7:00 am. You
                                  games if you prefer-enjoy a complementary drink         will clear customs-I hope you didn't forget to fill
                                  (or 20) and have your supper. Then when your            in your customs declaration forms and temporary
                                  movie finishes, get comfortable in your seat and        Visa forms on the plane. The next thing to do is
                                  settle in for a minimum of five hours sleep. If you     to convert some of your money to local currency
                                  need it to help you through, take a pill to relax or    and you'll find it a great bargain. For example,
                                  sleep. By the time you wake up, you will only           $100 U.S. will get you $140 Australian!
                                  have a few short hours to go. This is a good               Now it's rime to go outside where rhe sun is
                                  opportunity to watch another latest release movie       shining, the air smells good and the temperature is
                                  or two, eat breakfast, fill out your customs declara-   quite pleasant and will reach apptoximately 90° F
                                  tion and temporary Visa forms and then before           degrees. You'll find the local sound a bit strange
                                  you know it, the cabin intercom speaker comes on        but rhey are all friendly and you're thinking that
                                  and the Captain instructs the flight attendants to      already the trip has been worth it.

                                                                                                              Australia          continued on page 18

    13111'   IO~~ fMI3~~
    (800) 650-0875
       Carolina Paper Tubes, Inc.                                           Super Rolls
           Hendersonville, North Carolina
               Phone: 828-692-9686
                Fax: 828-692-6327             24" , 30" , 42" & Custom Sizes •• Plain or Waxed                    All orders ship F.O.B.
                                                                                                                         Tuxedo, NC 28784

  16                                                                                                          TPI Tuif News: May/June 2006
                                        LOAD LIFTER

                                                                                   2200-2400 D SERIES
                            4000 TO 5000 LB CAPACITY-                              -0-12,000 LB. CAPACITY
               9" OF SIDESHIFT - DIFFERENTIAL LOCK-                                - C- THRU ROLLER MASTS
          OIL EMERSED MULTIPLE WET DISC BRAKES-                                    - OIL IMMERSED DISC BRAKES
                                                                                   - DIFFERENTIAL LOCK
                             HEAVY DUTY STEER AXLE -
                                                                                   - HIGH VISIBILITY OPERA TORS COMPARTMENT
                    AVAILABLE C-THRU ROLLER MAST-
               EASY ACCESS ENGINE COMPARTMENT-                                     - ERGONOMIC CONTROLS
                     COMPONENTIZED      POWER TRAIN-                               - EASY ON ANO OFF ACCESS
                           HIGH GROUND CLEARANCE-                                  - AVAILABLE FOUR WHEEL ORIVE

       This feature is available
       as an option on AL-4000
         and AL-5000 models.

                                                 LOAD LIFTER MANUFACTURING                       LTD.
                                        2275 Markham Rd., Toronto, Ontario, M18 2W3 Canada
                                 Tel: 416-291-9756 Fax: 416-297-4034 Toll Free Sales 1-888 A OK-LIFT
                                            -"'I!j~~All Load Utter Forklifts a member of IP.I.
                                            WiriIW ....
                                                       Load Utter Manufacturing
                                                                                   ANSI 856.6 standarts.
                          This information contained herein is general in nature and not intended for specific application purpose.
Load Lifter reserves the right to make changes in specifications, make improvements, or discontinue manufacture at any time without notice or obligation.
Travel Tips J
Australia             continuedftompage 16
                                                                          Hotel Rooms
Strange Transportation                                                       When you get to your hotel, check in and go to your room. At
    Next, you consider transportation to your hotel and it is then        first, everything will appear normal, until you try to turn the lights
you will realize something is definitely not quite right ... hang on a    on. You'll probably wonder, "Someone must have left the lights on
minute ... it's these loonies driving on the wrong side of the road!      but none of them work!" Try moving the switch the opposite direc-
You'll begin to think in Australian, "Why bloody hell, look at the        tion, to the down position. That's better.
driver, he's sitting in the front passenger seat! And look at the weird       The next problem will be the power outlets, U.S. appliances
bus with the entry door on the wrong side too!" A quick inspection        won't fit and it is just as well because the Australian voltage is much
of the vehicles and you realize that, except for the steering wheel       higher than that of the U.S. You see, in Australia we have 240-v
and gearshift, most other controls are in their normal positions but      power, compared with your 110-v in the U.S. You can get an
you will need to engage the gears with your left hand!                    adapter from the airport before you depart the U.S. but make sure
    Humor aside, it is very important to remember this: The               any appliance you bring will work with 240V. Computers, camera's
most dangerous thing you will do is cross the road; be sure to            and phone chargers should be dual-voltage but check first because
look both ways because the traffic will be approaching you from           melting appliances have the unique ability to set off fire alarms in
the wrong direction.                                                      hotels! The hotel will provide hairdriers so no need to bring them.
   The best way to get around will be by shuttle bus or taxi. For            The next unusual devise will be the toilet. It won't look like
those more adventurous, you could hire a car from Hertz, Thrifty,         much will fir down there but suffice it to say that, believe me, it
Avis or one of the many other rental companies. Using a credit card       works!
is the best way to pay but it is handy to have some local currency            Before you come over (actually, down under), you will need to
with you.                                                                 talk with your mobile phone carrier to make sure your unit has
   The trip to the Gold Coast will take approximately 45mins.             been set up for international roaming. If you have done your
                                                                          homework, you can send and receive calls and e-mails as if you
Absolutely                 NO Tipping, or Else!                           were still in the U.S.
    Please do not tip the driver or you can expect 20 million
Australians will come and rip your bloody arms off; we know where         Send Your Questions to Us
you live! This applies for bars, restaurants, hotel concierge, car            There are, of course, many more Aussie slang words which I
parking valets, chambermaids and anyone else.                             will introduce you to before you come over. There will also be
                                                                          many more questions which I will be more than happy to provide
                                                                          answers to.
                                                                              In fact, any questions you have will very likely be ones that other
                                                                          members will be interested in, so feel free to send your questions
                                                                          direct to me at or to the Tuif News Editor Bob
                                                                          O'Quinn at roquinn@TurfGrassSod.organd        watch for the answers in
                                                                          the next edition of Tuif News.


                                                                                ii1Key   Words:      Australia   customs,   travel    tips
                                                                                i"Category        Codes:   SR



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                                                                                                                                             some today and let us
                                                                                                                                             know what tt is.
             (209) 460-0450 • Fax: (209) 982-1832

18                                                                                                                                   TPI Tuif News: May/June 2006
                                                No other machine
                                                can match the way a
                                                Magnum Harvester
                                                cuts big rolls.

                                                 With its introduction more thon 15 years ago, the Magnum 42BR Big Roll Harvester-
                                                 our first harvester model, and still our mainstay - has earned a reputation for depend-
                                                 ability and performance in a variety of conditions, harvesting a variety of turf grasses.
                                                     Our patented net application reinforces tender sod and loose soil so you can realize
                                                 the full benefits of big rolls: by harvesting less mature grasses, you get quicker turn-
                                                 around on your sod. And with the net backing, you can cut thinner to save soil or thicker
                                                 as the job requires - from 1/4"-1/2" to 3".
                                                     Our innovative two.conveyor system gives you new-found control over rolling ten-
                                                 sion. You'll be able to pull sod into tighter rolls and stop and start a roll without gaps.
                                                 Just skip over the bad turf patches and pull up on the ends with no problems.
                                                     Our unique approach to sod harvesting keeps the roll off the ground. That reduces
                 You are in complete control.
                                                 damage and hand labor.

Field Net                                            Machine Ports                                         Sad Cutter Blades

            ..    .. .

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