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					                                  the Clinical Chemist

                             17th National Meeting
                    American Association of Clinical Chemists
                      Sheraton-Chicago Hotel, Chicago, Ill.
                             Aug. 30-Sept. 2, 1965

                                       Scientific Program
The symposia and invited scientific papers will be presented in the morning ses-
sions. This part of the program has appeared in the June issue of CLINICAL

                             Program of Contributed               Papers
                                      Monday, Aug. 30 (P.M.)
         Session  I-Enzymes     (East Room, 9th floor)
         Chairman, MORTON K. SCHWARTZ (Memorial Hospital, New York, N. Y.).
 1:30     (1) An ultramicromethod        for serum amylase deterlnination. RONALD   Ti.
          SEARCY,    SHINICHIRO  HAYASHI,    and J. EDWARD BERK (California   College
          of Medicine and Los Angeles County General Hospital (Unit           2), Los
          Angeles, Calif.).
 1 :50    (2)      An inhibitor   of serum   amylase:     The problems     posed by methodology.
          SHINICHIRO       HAYASHI,     RONALD   L.         and J. EDWARD BERK (Cali-
          fornia     College of Medicine      and Los Angeles County General hospital
          (Unit 2), Los Angeles, Calif.).
 2:10     (3)   Tryptic  and chymotryptic     activity    of stools as a diagnostic    tool in
          the pancreatic  insufficiency of cystic fibrosis. GIULO J. BARBERO, .JEAN M.
          MARINO, RONALD SEIBEL, and MAARTEN           S. SIBINGA (Children’s     Hospital of
          Philadelphia,  Philadelphia, Pa.).
 2 :30    (4) Tryptie-like esterase activity of normal human serum and plasma.
          R. B. RUTKOWSKI     (Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington,
          D. C.).
 2 :50    Coffee break

 3:20     (5)    Trypsin stabilizers in human serum-the     role of aa-macroglobulin.
          K.    JAMES, F. B. TAYLOR, JR., and H. H. FUDENBERG     (University of Cali-
          fornia, San Francisco Medical Center, San Francisco, Calif.).
 3:40     (6) Phenolphthalein       monophosphate, a new substrate for alkaline phos-
734                                  THE CLINICAL   CHEMIST                     Clinical   Chemistry

          phatase. ARTHUR L. BABSON (The Warner-Lambert                    Research Institute,
          Morris Plains, N. J.).
 4:00     (7)    Heat inactivation        in the study of human       alkaline phosphatases.
          S. POSEN, F. C. NEALE, and J. S. CLUBB (Sydney                    Hospital,   Sydney,
 4:20     (8)    Lactic dehydrogenase         in urine.   ARTHUR  L. LEVY and DONALD R.
          COLE (St. Vincent’s Hospital,         New York, N. Y.).
 4:40     (9)    A colorimetric    lactic   acid dehydrogenase   method. GEORGE W. CHAP-
          MAN and JOSEPH        H. BOUTWELL,       JR.  (Temple University    Hospital,   Phila-
          delphia, Pa.).

         Session Il-General        Methods   (Tally-Ho   Room, 9th floor)
       Chairman,    BERNARD      KLEIN      (Veterans    Administration    Hospital, Bronx,
 1:30   (10)    Studies on the linearity of the Jaffe reaction for the determination
        of high creatinine    concentrations      in serum and urine. D. A. ARyAN, H. M.
        RAWNSLEY,     and A. E. ENGSTROM           (University of Pennsylvania,       Philadel-
        phia, Pa.).
 1 :50 (11)     Creatine in blood serum: Its deterlnination           with creatine phospho-
        kinase.  ANDRE     C. KIBRICK and ADE T. MILHORAT (Institute               for Muscle
        Disease, Inc., New York, N. Y.).
 2:10   (12)    Application of a glucose-oxidase method to serum. ARNOLD G. WARE
        and EDWARD P. MARBACII             (Los Angeles Count.y General Hospital, Los
          Angeles,     Calif.).
 2:30     (13)   Automatic        micro glucose determination  with a 60-second             direct-
          reading analyzer.       F. LIM (Medical College of Virginia, Richmond,              Va.).

 2:50     Coffee break

 3:20     (14)       Separation   and quantitation    of human     hemoglobins      on cellulose
          acetate     using a continuous  buffer system.   ,JENNIE   D. SEATON     (University
          of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.).
 3 :40    (15)     A comparison of bilirubin determinations          by automated and hand
          methods. JOHN DAVISON and GEORGE TURNER                    (University   of Virginia
          Hospital, Charlottesville,       Va.).
 4:00     (16)      The determination        of serum iron by atomic absorption        spectro-
          photometry.         DENIS    0. RODGERSON and RAY E. HELFER (University              of
          Colorado Medical Center, Denver, Cob.).
 4:20     (17)      Equivalent      volume    concept: A promising       technic in analytical
          chemistry.       1. Uric acid. ,JONAS MAURUKAS        (Elyria Memorial Hospital,
          Elyria, Ohio).
 4:40     (18)      Evaluation      of automated flame photometry using natural gas/02
          versus    propane/02       with specimens from the same dialysate. ALFRED B.
          ropolitan Hospital and New York Medical College, New York, N. Y.).
Vol. II,   No. 7, 1965                THE CLINICAL   CHEMIST                               735

                                     Tuesday,Aug. 31 (P.M.)
           Session     Ill-Enzymes     (East Room, 9th floor)
           Chairman,      FRANK    A. IBB0’rT    (University    of Colorado Medical Center,
           Denver, Cob.).
 1 :30      (19)     Correlation of urine and serum enzyme activities in myocardial
            infarction.     ALBERT   A. DIETZ, LAVERNE        K. HOnOES, and DONALD Fox-
            WORTHY      (Veterans Administration       Hospital, Hines, Ill.).
 1 :50      (20)     The separation     of a-hydroxybutyric       dehydrogenase,   lactic dehy-
            drogenase,      and creatine     phosphokinase      isoenzymes    using Sephadex-
            DEAE.       R. P. MACDONALD,      J. W. HESS, and G. J. NATHO (Harper          Hos-
            pital and Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, Mich.).
 2 :10      (21)     Enzyme fractionation      by means of continuous-flow electrophoresis.
            SEYMOUR      WINSTEN,    JEAN JACKSON,      and PAULA WOLFE (Albert Einstein
            Medical Center, Philadelphia,        Pa.).
 2 :30      (22)     Investigation    of ribonuclease     isOenzymes by an electrophoretic-
            ultraviolet method. NEWTON RESSLER, E. OLIvERO, G. R. THOMPSON,                 and
            R. R. JOSEPH (Wayne County General Hospital, Eloise, Mich.).

 2:50       Coffee break
 3:20       (23)       Fluorometric determination of creatine kinase  activity. SYLVAN M.
            SAX      and JOHN J. MOORE (The Western Pennsylvania     Flospital, Pittsburgh,
 3:40       (24)    Cholinesterase profiles of certain mammalian sera. CHARLES     E.
            BECKER   (School of Dentistry, University of Detroit, Detroit, Mich.).
 4 :15      Ames Award Lecture (East Room, 9th floor)
            Chairman, 0. H. GAEBLER (Edsel B. Ford Institute for Medical Research,
            Detroit, Mich.).
                I V-Proteins     (Tally-Ho Room, 9th floor)
       Chairman, ABRAHAM SAIFER (Jewish          Sanatorium   and hospital for Chronic
       Diseases, Brooklyn, N. Y.).
 1 :30 (25)     Serum protein fractions. BASIL DOUMAS and D. B. MORRISON (Uni-
        versity of Alabama Medical College, Birmingham, Ala., and University of
        Tennessee, Memphis, Tenn.).
 1 :50 (26)     Isolation of albumin from human serum by means of trichloroaeetic
        acid and ethanol. TA.xuzo IwATA, Hm0MI IWATA, and JAMES F. hOLLAND
        (Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.).
 2:10   (27)    Comparison of salting-out technics for plasma fibrinogen with a
        micro-sulfite fractionation    technic. J. F. GOODWIN and B. MURPHY (Chil-
        dren’s Hospital of Michigan and Wayne State University                 School of
        Medicine, Detroit, Mich.).
 2:30   (28)    Pyroglobulins     in multiple myeloma.      H. M. RAWNSLEY,       II. M.
        BOWMAN,      and D. ARYAN (University of Pennsylvania,      Philadelphia,   Pa.).
 2:50       Coffee break
736                                           THE CLINICAL         CHEMIST                        Clinical    Chemistry

 3 :20    (29)   Concentration  of cerebrospinal   fluid proteins and their fractiona-
          tion by cellulose acetate electrophoresis.     ALEX KAPLAN and MURRAY
          JOHNSTONE          (University        of    Washington,       Seattle,   Wash.).
 3 :40    (30)   Comparison of the effects of tolbutamide and phenethylbiguanide
          on hepatic protein synthesis.     huGH     J. MCDONALD  and LAWRENCE R.
          DECHATELET    (Loyola University,     Stritch School of Medicine, Chicago,
 4:15     Ames Award             Lecture      (See     under    Session III)

                                           Wednesday, Sept. 1 (P.M.)

         Session       V--Automation.          (East. Room, 9th floor)
       Chairman, WILLARD R. FAULKNER       (Cleveland Clinic Foundation,                                        Cleve-
       land, Ohio).
 1 :30 (31)    The automated determination   of NAD-coupled enzymes.                                         STANLEY

          MORGENSTERN,             RICHARD           FLOR,     GERALD       KESSLER,    and    BERNARD         KLEIN
           (Veterans         Administration             hospital      and     Montefiore      Hospital,        Bronx,
          N. Y.)
 1 :50    (32)   Automated              determination          of serum glutamie           oxalacetie     transami-
          nase.        STANLEY       MORGENSTERN,              MORRIS     OKLANDER,        JOSEPH       AUERBACH,
          JAMES    KAUFMAN,  and BERNARD KLEIN (Veterans          Administration                                  Hos-
          pital, Bronx, N. Y.).
 2:10     (33)    Automated fluorometric   determinations   of serum glutamic                                   oxala.
          cetic transaminase  and glutamic  pyruvic transaminase.     JACOB B.                                LEVINE
          and JOHN B. HILL (Technicon Instruments       Corp., Chauncey, N. Y., and
          University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, N. C.).
 2:30     (34)     A new automated method for the determination     of cholinesterase
          activity. CHARLES G. HUMISTON     and GEORGE J. WRIGHT (The Dow Chem-
          ical Company, Midland, Mich.).
 2:50     (35)     Automated methods for blood glucose and urea. BENJAMIN     FINGER-
          HUT,   Rocco FERZOLA, WALTON H. MARSH, and ALFRED B. MILLER (Kings
          County hospital Center, Brooklyn, N. Y.).
 3:10     Coffee break
 3 :45    Warner-Chilcott            Lecture         (See program       of invited     papers.)
       Session UI-Metals      and Toxicology (Tally-Ho Room, #{244}h     floor)
       Chairman, FERRLN B. MORELAND (Baylor University College of Medicine,
       Houston, Tex.).
 1 :30 (36)     Determination    of copper and zinc in biological     material  by atomic
        absorption spectrophotonetry.        MARY M. PARKER       and   F. L. HUMOLLER
         (Veterans Administration      Hospital, Omaha, Neb.).
 1 :50 (37)     Direct photometric analysis of serum calcium with glyoxal bis- (2.
        hydroxyanil).    MILTON    MAGER and GENEVIEVE      FARESE      (U. S. Army Re-
        search Institute of Environmental       Medicine, Natick, Mass.).
Vol. II.   No. 7, 1965                      THE CLINICAL        CHEMIST                                      737

 2:10       (38)    Hydroxylamine     stabilized dyes, related to Calcon, as indicators for
            the  EDTA titration of calcium in native serum. E. MELVIN GINDLER and
            RAYMOND E. VANDERLINDE (Saint            Francis    General    Hospital,  Pittsburgh,
            Pa., and The Memorial Hospital,         Cumberland,     Md.).
  2 :30     (39)    Routine  assay of ethanol,      methanol,    acetone,    and isopropariol     in
            body fluids with the gas chromatograph.           SAMUEL NATELSON and RODNEY
            L. STELLATE (Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Ill.).
  2 :50     (40)    An improved method for the determination              of ethanol in blood by
            gas chromatography.      CECIL     ENTENMAN,      JUNE    JAEGER,    and RICHARD A.
            SKAHEN (Institute     for Lipid Research, Berkeley, Calif.).
  3 :10     Coffee break

                                          Thursday, Sept. 2           (A.M.)
           Session Vu-General               (East Room, 9th floor)
           Chairman,     GERARD F. LANCHANTIN      (Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, Los
           Angeles,  Calif.).
  9 :00     (41)    A precision spectrOphOtolneter    f. clifli(al chemistry.  S.uiR.
            GILFORD, H.. EMARY,   and MELVIN MARTENS       (Gilford Instrument  Labora-
            tories, Oberlin, Ohio).
  9 :20     (42)    Preliminary  applications of a new “linear absorbance” spcctropho-
            tometer      to clinical     methods.       S.   MEITES    (The    Children’s   hospital,     Colum-
            bus, Ohio).
  9:40      (43)    Studies on wave length plus photometric       accuracy   of spectropho-
            tometers utilized in the clinical chemistry laboratory.     GEORGE N. BOWERS,
            JR and ROBERT B. McCoIIB (Hartford         Hospital, Ilartford,   Conn.).
 10 :00     (44)    A machine data processing system for clinical chemistry. H. G.
            BIGGS (University   of Alabama Medical College, Birmingham,         Ala.).
 10:20      Coffee break
 10:40       (45)      Nephrotoxicity         incident        to abdominal        aortography      with   special
             reference     to proximaltubular function.   RACHEL K. YOUNGER,     ,JOHN   11.
             FOSTER,   and HERBERT E. WOLLOWICK          (Vanderbilt University    Medical
             Center, Nashville, Tenn.).
 11 :00      (46)    A microenzymatic    method employing stable reagents for the deter-
             mination of ceruloplasmin     in serum or blood. JAMES A. SHEI’IIERD     (Uni-
             versity     of Iowa,      Iowa City,      Iowa).
 11 :20      (47)   A semiautomated      fluorometric    technic for serum     triglycerides.
             GERALD   KESSLER   and HILDA LEDERER (Montefiore        hospital,     New York,
             N. Y., and Bio-Science Laboratories,      Los Angeles, Calif.).
 11 :40      (48)   Biochemical    diagnostic   technic use of paper chromatography.
             CAROLYN SCHEEL LEONARD and HELEN K. BERRY (Cleveland              Metropolitan
             General Hospital, Cleveland,      Ohio, and Children’s Hospital Research
             Foundation,        Cincinnati,         Ohio).
738                                    THE CLINICAL     CHEMIST                                Clinical     Chemistry

         Session   Vill-Hormones          and General      (Tally-Ho           Room, 9th floor)
       Chairman, RODERICK P. MACDONALD (Harper Hospital, Detroit, Mich.).
 9 :00 (49)      Fractionation   of urinary 17-ketosteroids by gas liquid chromatog-
        raphy. CHARLES R. BERRETT and CRICHTON MCNEIL (Holy Cross Hospital
        Research Foundation,      Salt Lake City, Utah).
 9:20   (50)     A study on an improved 17-ketosteroid        color reaction. LOUIS A.
        KRAUSHAAR,       EMANUEL    EPSTEIN,  and BENNIE ZAK (Beaumont        Hospital,
        Royal Oak, Mich., St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Pontiac, Mich., and Wayne
        State University School of Medicine, Detroit, Mich.).
 9:40   (51)     Determination    of vanilmandelic   acid in urine by anion exchange
        analysis. GORDON C. MILLS (University        of Texas Medical Branch,   Galves-
        ton, Tex.).
10:00     (52)     High   voltage    electrophoresis      for rapid      routine        screening         for    pheo-
          chromocytoma          and functional      neuroblastoma.             STEFAN      EPSTEIN,             HENRY
          SCHRIEVER,      and    RAYMOND      GAMBINO         (Englewood           Hospital,        Englewood,
10:20     Coffee break

10:40     (53)   Conversion of p-hydroxyphenolic    acids to aldehydes. BERNADETTE
          B. BOURNE and BRUCE MAJILTON       (University of Miami, School of Medi-
          cine and Edison High School, Miami, Fla.).
11 :00    (54)    Calcium homeostasis in the parathyroidect.oniized         (log. Ro L.
          ALEXANDER,     Ja. (Ihillcrest    Medical Center, Tulsa, Okla.).
11 :20    (55)    Sphingolipids     of the brain and spinal cord in experimental   “aller-
          gic” encephalomyelitis.       HENRY   P. SCHWARZ, IRMA KOSTYK, and ALFONSO
          MARMOLEJO       (Philadelphia General Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.).
11 :40    (56)      Nature of the yellow pigment in amniotic fluid of mothers with Rh
          sensitization.    CHARLES E. WILLIS and WILLARD R. FAULKNER         (Cleveland
          Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio).

American   Microchemical Society                      Commission                          Tech-
                                                                               on Microcliemical
Organizes International Symposium                     niques,       Division           Chemis-
                                                                                  of Analytical
                                                      try, and is being supported (in part) by
on Microchemical Technics-1965                        a research grant from the National In-
                                                      stitutes of health, U. S. Public health
   The    International        Symposium       on     Service.
Microchemical        Technics-1965       will be         The symposium               will provide               for an
conducted      Aug. 22-27,       1965, by The         interchange          of    information           and        ideas
Pennsylvania       State University     through       among        technologists          from      all parts           of
its College of Science and Continuing                 the world concerning                 new methods               and
Education.   It is being organized by the             technics       or unique          applications            in    the
American    Mierochemical    Society with             field of microchemistry. The symposium
the sponsorship     of the International              will take place in the informal atmos-
Union    of Pure   and Applied       Chemistry,       phere      of fellowship          and individual               con-
Vol. II,     No. 7, 1965                         THE CLINICAL       CHEMIST                                            739

tact    niade        possible      by the excellent          on-       It is anticipated that the program will
campus accommodations      and facilities                          center    on the following major themes:
of The Pennsylvania   State University.                                1. Clinical Chemistry       of Proteins
   Plenary            lectures,       original      papers,         (Except Enzymes)
seminars, a commercial exhibition, tech-                               2. Clinical Enzymology
nical films, timely social events, includ-
ing an informal reception and buffet                                  3. Clinical Chemical Function Tests
dinner, barbecue, and ladies’ events will                          for the Thyroid and Adrenal Glands
comprise the program.     Seventeen tech-                             4. Progress       of Basic Research in
nical sessions are planned.   Of particu-                          Clinical Chemistry
lar interest to AACC members will be                                  A circular letter with further infor-
the sessions on instrumentation,                    micro-         mation about the congress will be dis-
chemistry,  and microchemical                    methods.          tributed shortly.
   The location             for      this   international
meeting        was selected           by the 1965 Sym-
posium Committee         of the American                           Charter Flight to the International
Microchemical     Society. Adequate lec-                            Congress, Munich, Germany-
ture halls, conference and exhibit rooms,                                                      1966
excellent dining and social facilities,
and modern residence halls-all     within
                                                                      Plans are now being formulated     for
easy      walking        distance      of each      other-
                                                                   an AACC charter      flight for members
were       factors      influencing         this decision.
                                                                   and their immediate families who wish
Participants and all activities    (lectures,
                                                                   to attend the VI International  Congress
meals, and commercial    exhibits)     except
                                                                   for Clinical        Chemistry.         The flight   will
the reception and buffet dinner will be
                                                                   leave from New York City, approxi-
housed  in the East Halls Housing Com-
                                                                   mately July 15, 1966, and will land at
                                                                   Amsterdam.      This will permit members
   For further    information,      contact
                                                                   to travel briefly in Europe before the
Howard J. Francis, Jr., Pennsatt Chem-
                                                                   congress.   Several  planned  tours will be
icals Corp., 900 First Ave., King of
                                                                   arranged for those who do not wish to
Prussia, Pa., U.S.A., or International
                                                                   travel individually.
Symposium     on  Mierochemical        Tech-
niques, Conference Center, The Penn-                                  The return flight will leave from Mu-
sylvania State University,      University                         nich and land at New York in sufficient
Park, Pa. 16802.                                                   time to permit attendance at the AACC
                                                                   Annual Meeting in Miami, Aug. 14-21,
   VI        International Congress for                               Special group flights from Chicago
               Clinical Chemistry                                  and other points may be arranged to
                                                                   connect with the charter flight, so that
   The VI International     Congress  for                          the 5% federal air travel tax may be
Clinical Chemistry   will be held in Mu-                           avoided.
nich, July 26 to July 30, 1966. The con-                                Members who have already                indicated
gress will be organized                 by the German              an    interest      in     the   charter   flight   will
Society        for      Clinical       Chemistry,       and        soon be contacted directly. Others may
Prof.       med. 0. Wieland,                who is vice-           obtain information   by writing directly
president        of the society,        has been named             to Charter    Organizer,   International
as general       secretary         for the forthcoming             Congress         Flight,     P.O.    Box   109, Cam-
congress.                                                          bridge 38, Mass. 02138
740                                              THE CLINICAL      CHEMIST                          Clinical    Chemistry

                      Section News                                  Drs. C. J. Porter, President   of the
                                                                  Canadian Society, and Diana Michener
Cleveland      Secflon                                            Schatz, Secretary of the Canadian So-
   The Cleveland                Section of the AACC               ciety,    were   chairmen   of       the     scientific
met in joint          meeting       with the Cleveland            sessions     which included         the      following
Society of Pathologists and the Cleve-                            presentations:
land Society of Medical Technologists                                  “A.B.C.’s   of a Coniputor.’ H. Mac-
on Wednesday evening, Mar. 17, 1965,                                   Intyre, Rochester, N. Y.
at the Metropolitan      General   Hospital    of                      “A Punched Card Systeni for the
Cleveland.      The Cleveland      Society     of                      Laboratory,”    N. Radin, Rochester,
Pathologists     was host at a reception    and                        N.Y.
dinner     that preceded   the scientific   pro-                       “Laboratory           Information          System
gram. More than 90 members from these                                  -Data          processing    for tile clinical
societies attended.                                                    laboratory     that starts with the
      Dr.    Jerome       Berner      of the     Society     of        requisition form and acid resses it-
Pathologists   opened the meeting.    Dr.                              self to the paper flow into, within,
Irving    Sunshine,  Chairman      of the                              and out of the laboratory       up to the
Cleveland             Section       AACC,        and       Mrs.        posting    of the tests results    in the
Barbara         Lilly, president              of the Cleve-            patients’ chart,” W. .J. (‘oiistandse,
land        Society      of Medical       Techimologists,              New York, N. Y.
both commented        upon the special     inter-                      “Laboratory          Data   Acquisition         Sys-
est in this meeting      of the three societies,                       tem-The          elimination       of clerical
the first of its kind to be held in Cleve-                             work     performed      by medical labora-
land.                                                                  tory     technologists       in automated
   The scientific     program     had been ar-                         tests    by hooking        up instruments,
ranged     and was given       by members        of                    such     as automatic        analyzers,     cell
the Cleveland        Section    of the AACC.                           counters  and photometers to a com-
Drs. J. R. Leonards.          R. W. Marsters,                          puter system,” W. J. Constandse,
J. Waide      Price,    and Irving    Sunshine                         New York, N. Y.
spoke on kit tests for glucose, amylase,                               “Cumulative     Reports of Labora-
urea, and toxicologic    procedures.     These                         tory Results-Description          of a sys-
papers  stimulated    much discussion.     Tile                        tem employed     in the Department
success  of this meeting    was responsible                            of Biochemistry,       University        of
for much interest,    in the possibility      of                        Rochester        School of Medicine  and
other joint programs      and meetings        in                        Dentistry,”        W. B. Mason, llohes-
the future.                                                   , N. Y.
                                                                        “Data Processing     of hospital Rec-
Upstate New York Section                                                ords-A    description of tile system
  A joint 2-day meeting of the Upstate                                  employed by the Ontario hospital
New York Section of the AACC and the                                    Medical Records Tnstitute.’          Miss
Toronto Group of the Canadian Society                                   M. Wilson, Toronto, Ont., Canada.
of Clinical Chemists   was held in the                                  “Post - M o r t e in Electrophoresis
Main         Lecture       Theater       of the     Toronto             Studies  with the Aid of a Com-
General         Hospital,          Toronto,     Canada,      on         puter,” N. Radin, Rochester.     N. Y.
May 14-15,             1965.                                            “Unsolicited Laboratory     Inforlna-
   The    presented                papers    were   built               tion-Preliminary       efforts to study
around    the theme              of the meeting,   “Lab-                its effect on patients and their phy-
oratory    Data-Its              Utilization   and Man-                 sicians,” D. M. Young. Toronto,
agement.”                                                               Ont., Canada.

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