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                               Pillar Post
                                      news of gannondale                       spring 2011
                               More Connected Neighbors Create a Safer Neighborhood

                                   WON’T SEE
                            YOUBaglan 7540 Cornell Ave THIS IN GANNONDALE
                            By Bob
                                                                          Here is Bob’s account of their travels-
                                                                          February 4, 2011- We arrived at our
                                                                          hotel in Bangkok, Thailand at 11 PM,
                                                                          and were escorted to our room, only
                                                                          to find another couple in our bed,
                                                                          WHOOPS!!! Bangkok is a bustling city
                                                                          of 10 million people, with many bright-
                                                                          ly colored taxicabs. Their history mu-
                                                                          seum is one of the best we have seen.
                                                                          There are statues of the Buddha ev-
                                                                          erywhere, including two of the most
                                                                          famous: the Emerald Buddha, carved
                                                                          from a single piece of jade, 42 inches
                                                                          long, and the Reclining Buddha, 150
                                                                          feet long, covered in gold leaf.
                                                                          February 7, 2011- We crossed the
                                                                          Mekong river into Laos and floated
                                                                          down the river for 2 days. The Mekong
                                                                          is one of the 10 longest rivers in the
                                 Bob and Nancy Baglan have been           world, ending in the delta in Vietnam.
                                 frequent travelers since their retire-   Laos is a beautiful, sparsely populated,
                                 ment in 2002. They have explored         agricultural country. Ecotourism is
                                 Australia, New Zealand, and Greece       growing and there are said to be wild
                                 together. Bob has visited Bhutan,        elephants, cougars, leopards, and
                                 Peru and most of Central America         bears in the forest. We stopped and
                                 and Nancy often travels to               hiked up the river bank to a Hmong
                                 Nicaragua. Gannondale residents          village and to a large limestone cave,
                                 since 1976, the Baglans left an icy
                                                                          containing more than 1000 Buddha
                                                                          statues. Our Laotian guide, a young
                                 St. Louis in February to explore parts
                                                                          man of 22, had been a monk for 10
                                 of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam on
                                                                          years. We learned that most boys live
                                 a 23 day trip in Southeast Asia
                                                                          in monasteries for a few years. In one
                                 (made even more special by the           town, we got up early to offer food to
                                 company of their daughter Amy, a         the procession of monks.
                                 2001 graduate of University City              The Ho Chi Minh Trail lies in eastern
                                 High School). In the above photo         Laos and was bombed constantly by
                                 they pose in front of the Ta Prohm       the US for 9 years, 1964-73. Today,
                                 temple made famous in the movie          there are millions of unexploded cluster
                                 Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie.     bombs that continue to maim and kill
                                                                          Laotians, prevent farming in this area
and contribute to poverty. An interesting ar-          away on the backs of elephants. I had vis-          birth defects...sobering and especially sad
cheological site is the Plain of Jars, hun-            ited Machu Picchu in Peru two years ago ,           to confront, as Americans.
dreds of large limestone carved up to 4 feet           but Angkor was more spectacular. It is now          February 22, 2011- On to Hanoi, much
in diameter jars. It is not known who made             visited by 4000 people a day.                       quieter than Saigon, and then to Ha Long
them or why.                                           February 18, 2011- Ho Chi Minh City                 Bay, a World Heritage site. Along the way
February 13, 2011- On to Cambodia,                     (Saigon) presented a unique challenge. This         we saw miles and miles of rice patties.
where we visited a silk farm, a Hospitality/           city of 9 million people has 5 million motor        Vietnam is the second largest exporter of
Cooking school for underprivileged young               bikes and few traffic signals. How to cross         rice, and the cultivation of rice is still hand
people, and a Training school for handi-               the street? We waited for a break in the            labor intensive, with the aid of water buffalo.
capped people. In Phenom Phen, the capi-               traffic but there were none. Finally a little old   We boarded a small boat and spent two days
tol of Cambodia, we visited a former prison            lady smiled at us, took our hands, and              and one night on the Bay. The highlight for
where thousands of people were tortured                walked us across the street. The trick is to        Nancy and me was kayaking into a secluded
and killed by the Khmer Rouge. Our guide               walk at a constant speed and “trust” that the       cove one foggy morning, just the two of us
then took us to the “killing fields”. It is esti-      motorists will go around you!! An hour out-         and loud screeching monkeys.
mated that 3 million people were killed by             side of Saigon are the famous Cu Chi                   In all of the countries the food was deli-
the Khmer Rouge between 1976-79, includ-               Tunnels. The tunnels were hand dug, over            cious, interesting and safe. All in all, it was
ing our guide’s father and brother.                    100 miles long, and used by the Viet Cong           quite an adventure.
    The ancient city of Angkor (the Great              in the wars against the French and the                 Note: Nancy sent detailed emails to friends
Royal City) is the site of a large complex of          Americans.                                          during their trip, keeping them updated on the
temples, built about 1000 years ago. For                   Saigon’s War Remnants Museum has                Baglan’s adventures in Southeast Asia. You
hundreds of years their existence was un-              exhibits on the “American War” which we call        can read her email dispatches on the
known because the area was covered by                  the “Vietnam War.” It documents the world-          Gannondale blog at
jungle which bagan to be cleared in the                wide resistance against the war and the     
1850s to reveal the amazing temples. The               extensive use of napalm and Agent Orange
temple stones were brought in from 30 miles            which caused maiming, death, and horrific

    Watch for the Golden Flamingo Award during the months of May thru September. Members of the Gannondale
    Neighborhood Association Board will be looking for the “most improved” yard or exterior front facade and will
    plant the Golden Flamingo in a prominent spot on the winner’ front lawn. Maybe this will be your year to win!

                                                         Parking Restrictions on 7600 Block of Gannon
                                                             As soon as Jeff Hales and Brian Burkett        to the Forest Park Parkway and Highway
                                                         purchased their new home at 7639 Gannon            40 construction. In March 2010, Jeff con-
                                                         in September, 2009, they began an ambi-            tacted County Councilwoman Barb
                                                         tious remodeling project.                          Fraser and explained the parking situa-
                                                             The house sits on the most southwest-          tion and how it was affecting Gannon
                                                         ern corner of Gannondale and was for-              residents. He asked Barb to see if the
                                                         merly owned by Marilyn Andrew and Bob              County Traffic Commission would recon-
                                                         Friend. Today it is easy to see how hand-          sider the parking restrictions on North &
                                                         somely their efforts have paid off with a          South since the construction was com-
                                                         house and yard spruced up and made                 pleted. Three weeks later, all of the park-
                                                         even more attractive during the past               ing restrictions on North & South were
                                                         Christmas season by holiday lights.                removed, opening up dozens of new
                                                             Sadly, Jeff and Brian soon found it im-        parking spaces.
                                                         possible to park in front of their house               Despite the newly available parking
                                                         during many hours of the day and eve-              and requests of both U City Shul and
                                                         ning. Between the staff at U City Shul and         Momo’s to encourage parking on North
                                                         Momo’s patrons and staff, finding a                & South, the problem on Gannon per-
                                                         place to park on 7600 Gannon was al-               sisted. Jeff and Brian would find their
                                                         ways difficult. Often, they found their            driveway blocked several times every
                                                         driveway blocked and, in one instance,             week and, on one occasion, had a ve-
                                                         a car actually parked in their driveway            hicle towed just so they could get out of
                                                         on a Friday night!                                 their driveway!
  See how empty the space is in front of Jeff Hales’         The problem stemmed from the lack                  In June 2011, Jeff contacted U City’s
   and Brian Burkett’s house in the middle of the        of on-street parking on North & South,             Public Works seeking relief. The solution
         day. It didn’t used to be this way.
                                                         which then had parking restrictions due            offered by U City was the Residential
Parking Plan: with a petition, the signatures of 75% of
the block residents and approval by the County Traffic
Commission and U City Council, the 7600 block of                    Two Local Online News Sources
Gannon could be designated “residential parking
only”. Jeff collected signatures from 75% of his Gannon         Two new links have been added to the Resources/News section
neighbors on a petition in favor of making the 7600             at our neighborhood website
block of Gannon “residential parking only” from 11am            University City Patch
to 11pm daily. With Jeff, Brian and Shepherd Abrams   
(7617 Gannon) in attendance, the petition was unani-
                                                                We’ve been fans the University City Patch site since Gena Ellis
mously passed by the Traffic Commission in December
                                                                (7541 Cornell) recommended it to the Pillar Post. This online
2010, without protest from the U City Shul synagogue
or Momo’s. The new parking ordinance was unani-                 community-specific news site does a fantastic job of covering
mously passed by U City Council in January of this              events in the Loop and the (often) dramatic goings-on down at
year. On February 15, the 7600 block of Gannon be-              City Hall. It was the Patch that first alerted us to the mis-
came designated “residential permit parking only”               printed Spring bulk item pick up schedule in the hard-copy
between the hours of 11am and 11pm daily.                       UCity calendar. The University City Patch is run by profes-
    Neighbors noticed an immediate difference. “For             sional editors, writers, photographers and videographers who
the first time, I’m confident that I can leave and be           live in or near UCity.
able to return and park in front of my house. I no longer       The St. Louis Beacon
feel like a guest in someone else’s parking lot,” Jeff
    To those concerned about the lost parking for the            Founded by veteran journalists (some who have worked at the
synagogue and businesses, Jeff adds, “My very first             Post-Dispatch), the Beacon focuses on St. Louis region news.
concern before we sought any kind of parking change             More expansive than the Patch, the Beacon really gives the
on the street was for our neighbors at the synagogue            Post-Dispatch some stiff competition. Online forums (like a
and Momo’s. With the help of St. Louis County, the              recent survey, “What should we do about young people in the
synagogue and Momo’s now have more available                    Loop and elsewhere?”) and discussions are both features of the
parking than they’ve had in years along both sides of           St. Louis Beacon.
North & South.”
    Residents of the 7600 block of Gannon (and their
friends and family) are now required to display stickers        Check Out the Neighborhood Directory
or tags to park on the street. Except for a few ticketed
cars since the rules have changed, spaces in front of           A neighborhood directory is now published in the secure sec-
homes on the 7600 block of Gannon are open to neigh-            tion of the Gannondale website. The purpose of a Gannondale
bor’s cars and, for the first time in many years, the block     directory is twofold: (1) it allows neighbors to quickly contact
can be swept clean by U City street crews!                      each other in the event of a crime or to share other important
                                                                time-sensitive news, (2) it allows the Gannondale Neighborhood
    Since last November, Jeff has served as Block               Association to email and/or call you, reducing the need to print
Captain for 7600 Gannon. He’s also contributed his              and distribute flyers, thereby saving money.
time and talent to replace the light sensors on the
                                                                Please check the directory to make sure your information is
Stanford/Hanley pillar lights, repairing and relighting
                                                                correct. Register to access the directory by clicking the Contacts
the south pillar in the process. Jeff says that the north
                                                                button at and filling out the form.
pillar’s light seems to require a bit more effort or (per-
haps) an electrician. In either case, it might be best to       You will receive a password to allow entry to the secure section
convert both lights to traditional 110 v. fixtures and re-      of the website where the directory is located. If you do not
place the current lights with compact fluorescent               want your information shared contact the Pillar Post at mystu-
lamps (CFL) or light-emitting diode bulbs (LED) bulbs  or call 314-727-3579 and it will be removed.
to create a softer, gentler illumination.

Great ideas!
Thanks, Jeff!
                               Pets In The Post
                                Jack, an 8-year-old tom cat and Fiona, a 3-year-old Siamese share their home with John Tawzer
                                at 7619 Cornell. The tom cat was found as a stray by John’s sister in Iowa and chose John to
                                 adopt him by staying quiet in his arms for an entire visit. Jack seems to have an uncanny ability
                                  to know when john is about to come home. Jack sits and waits looking out a front yard facing
                                  window about 30 minutes before john arrives.When He sees the car pull up, Jack races to the
                                  basement to greet John at the door. the cat jumps up on john’s leg, Stretching out his body, and
                                  ecstatically purrs his own “Welcome HOme” greeting for several minutes! Jack was an “only
                                  cat” until John took in Fiona last year after her previous owner became violently allergic to
                                 cat dander. Instead of immediately introducing Fiona to the household, John kept the Siamese in
                               the basement for a couple of days until her meowing caught Jack’s attention. John then let Jack
                             “discover” the little lady cat in the basement and they have gotten along famously ever since.
   P r o f i l i n g a N e i g h b o r ’s S e r v i c e
                                    by Kim and Bryan Young                                 Harold Jackson
                                                                              care services who           tell him what to do. He is a wonderful gar-
                                                                              may schedule only           dener who does meticulous work!”
                                                                              so much time per               With several of his clients recently mov-
                                                                              customer, Harold            ing, Harold is looking to increase his busi-
                                                                              says his competi-           ness if any neighbors are interested. You can
                                                                              tive advantage is           reach him on his cell 314-243-4842 to get
                                                                              his willingness to          more information about his services and
                                                                              give his custom-            fees. He knows all the quirks and peculiari-
                                                                              ers’ lawns the time         ties of every Gannondale lawn because over
                                                                              needed to com-              the last 10 years he reckons he has cut and
                                                                              plete the job.              trimmed just about all the yards in our
                                                                              Harold asserts              neighborhood or provided snow removal
                                                                              “You can see that           services.
                                                                              your yard is being             Born in the Central West End, Harold is
                                                                              taken care of. If a         the youngest of eight children, although his
                                                                              lawn needs two              family is originally from Bearstrap, LA (a
                                                                              hours of my time,           little country town outside of Shreveport).
   In good weather, chances are you’ve seen       I will stay and work on it until the job is             He currently lives with his brother in North
Harold Jackson rolling his lawn care equip-       done. Even if you decide later to hire a lawn           St. Louis County and uses public transporta-
ment (mower, trimmer, rake and broom) out         care service it will look better because of the         tion (and his bike) to get around. Harold
of the garage at 7571 Cornell on his way to       time I took to start it.” Harold doesn’t pro-           keeps his equipment in the garage of the
cut and trim the yards of his Gannondale          vide horticultural services (grass seeding,             house he shared with Martha Austin (and
customers.                                        etc.) and he does not promise to make grass             her sister, Amanda) who have lived in
   Harold calls his business, ‘Perfect Cut and    grow where there is none!                               Gannondale since the late 1960’s.
Trim’ and that’s what you can expect from            Although he has used flyers to advertise                As for the yard at 7571 Cornell, he keeps
this warm, sunny man who has lived in             his business, it’s “word of mouth” that re-             it simple. Otherwise he would spend too
Gannondale since 1982. In fact, many of his       ally sells his services. Ellen Ross (7615               much time on Martha’s yard and have less
clients’ yards have won the Golden Flamingo       Cornell) and Jim Scott (7567 Cornell) are               time for      “Perfect Cut and Trim”.
Award over the years due in no small part to      two of Harold’s customers. Jim says “Harold
Harold’s lawn mowing efforts. Right now, a        is the most thoughtful and friendly neighbor
big part of his business is cleaning up and       I ever remember having, on either side of                 You can also find his business listed in the
raking yards impacted by the recent cold and      two oceans. He’s relentlessly involved in my            service section of the Gannondale website
icy winter.                                       life and without him I don’t think my front    Here you will
   Harold’s motto is: “Your yard will be per-     yard would survive.” Ellen adds “I don’t                see other neighbors’ services listed. If you
fectly cut and trimmed” and he takes the          know what I would have done without him                 have a service you would like listed contact
time to make sure the lawns under his care        after my knee surgery last year. He sees       or call 314-727-
look great. Unlike many commercial lawn           things that need to be done; I don’t need to            3579 and talk to Bryan or Kim.

    Officers                                              Kim Mulkey Young - Pillar Post                             John Tawzer -
                                                          Address: 7536 Cornell                                      7600 Cornell Block Captain
    Bryan S. Young - President                            Phone: (314) 727-3579                                      Address: 7619 Cornell
    Gannondale Neighborhood                               Email:                                Phone: (314) 863-7619
    Association                                                                                                      Email:
    Address: 7536 Cornell                                 Block Captains
    Phone: (314) 727-3579
                                                                                                                     Jeannette Huey -
    Email:                           Margaret Johnson -                                         7500 Stanford Block Captain
                                                          7500 Gannon Block Captain                                  Address: 7541 Stanford
                                                          Address: 7509 Gannon                                       Phone: (314) 862-2202
    Nigel Taylor - Vice President                         Phone: (314) 863-2937                                      Email:
    Address: 7552 Stanford                                Email:
    Phone: (314) 727-0293
                                                          Jeff Hales -                                               Therese Siegel -
                                                                                                                     7600 Stanford Block Captain:
                                                          7600 Gannon Block Captain:
    Katie Zinser - Secretary                                                                                         Address: 7631 Stanford
                                                          Address: 7630 Gannon
    Address: 7601 Stanford                                                                                           Phone: (314) 727-1714
                                                          Phone: (314) 283-5402
    Phone: (317) 441-3375                                                                                            Email:
    Email:                             Email:

                                                          Robin Hattori -
    Mike Kimzey - Treasurer                               7500 Cornell Block Captain        The Pillar Post is interested in publishing news items, opinion
    Address: 7508 Cornell                                 Address: 7508 Cornell             pieces, advertisements, calendar events, club formations
    Phone: (314) 863-7248                                 Phone: (314) 863-7248             announcements, poems, photos, cartoons, special interests dates,
    Email:                              Email:  get the picture...submitted by Gannondale neighbors.

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