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									                              State of Wisconsin/Department of Transportation

Program: SPR-0010(36) FFY99                                           Part: II Research and Development

Project Title: Effects of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace     Project ID: 0092-05-01
Slag in Portland Cement Concrete – Expanded Study
Administrative Contact: Nina McLawhorn                       Sponsor: WHRP
WisDOT Technical Contact: Jim Parry                           Approved Starting Date: 7/1/2004
Approved by COR/Steering Committee: $110,068                  Approved Ending Date: 12/30/2005
Project Investigator (agency & contact): Steven M Cramer (UW-Madison)

   Percent Complete: 40% for both phase I and phase II

   Project Description:

   This project examines the performance of portland cement concrete where portions of the cement are replaced with grade 120
   ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS). While ordinary portland cement concrete is a robust material that provides
   the necessary performance subject to a variety of mixing materials and conditions, the record suggests that GGBFS concrete
   may not be as robust. This project considers the strength development and deicer scaling resistance of GGBFS and ordinary
   concrete using 4 different brands of cement, 3 levels GGBFS, two aggregates and 4 different curing regimes.

   Progress This Quarter:
   (Includes project committee mtgs, work plan status, contract status, significant progress, etc.)

   This project consists of 3 tasks:
       1. Monitoring GGBFS variability
       2. Strength and air void development
       3. Deicer scaling resistance

   The research team meets every two weeks to keep the project on track.

   Progress on Task 1: Monitor GGBFS Variability

   We have now received and analyzed eight monthly GGBFS samples. As in previous months, any variability in
   chemical composition and fineness has been small. ASTM C114 (Chemical Analysis of Cement) has been
   performed for one of the four cement brands. The remaining three cements will be sent to a commercial laboratory
   for chemical analysis.

   Variability of GGBFS fineness has also been small. Blaine fineness tests yielded values between 5000 and 5500
   cm2/gram (0.500 and 0.550 m2/g) for monthly GGBFS samples. Blaine fineness tests for the first cement brand
   yielded a value of 3900 cm2/gram (0.390 m2/g). In-house fineness tests will be performed on the remaining three
   cements during the month of July.

   Progress on Task 2: Strength and air void development

   Eight mixes were completed this quarter for a total of twenty-four, leaving six left to complete. The remaining six
   mixes will be done in the fall of the year because they have to be mixed in temperatures at or near 40 degrees.
   These mixes will begin in October and be finished by December.

   Strength testing is proceeding. To date, 1140 of 1740 strength tests have been completed. By the end of July, all 24
   completed mixes will have strength results through 56-days. Only one year strength tests and tests for the 40 degree
   mixes will remain. All strength testing will be complete by 6/1/06. This is within the revised timeline for the
   strength testing portion of the project.
The results of the strength tests have shown some definite trends. Cement brand and type of aggregate seem to have
a significant impact on concrete strength. Also of interest is whether the GGBFS concretes will have improved
tensile to compressive ratios compared to OPC mixes. Extensive literature reviews and microscopic analysis of the
bonding between the aggregates and the paste are underway and may provide more insight on these issues.

Shrinkage testing is continuing as planned. Results for the first 11 mixes are complete. Hardened air void tests will begin
next quarter.

Progress on Task 3: Deicer scaling resistance

 Ten mixes were completed in April, May and June, and therefore all 20 of the originally scheduled mixes are
 finished. The final mix was completed on June 6th.

Freeze-thaw cycling and scaling tests
  Scaling tests have continued smoothly through June. All ten limestone mixes have completed freeze-thaw cycle
  tests. The remaining ten igneous mixes are currently in the freeze-thaw phase or will begin before July 7th.
  Scaling tests will be completed in early September.

Preliminary scaling test data
  All data has been collected for mixes with limestone coarse aggregate. The following general observations have
  been made:
    1. As expected, surface scaling worsened as concentration of GGBFS increased. However, the increase
         between 0%, 30%, and 50% was not linear. Cements brands have responded differently as to the time when
         which the greatest scaling occurs.
    2. Wet cured samples displayed the worst scaling resistance with two exceptions.
    3. Samples cured in plastic wrap and with soda lime pellets on the surface performed very well in all 30% and
         50% GGBFS replacement cases.

Carbonation depth tests
 Generally, measured carbonation depths have continued to show correlation to scaling washoff. However, several
 methods are being considered to obtain a more accurate measure of carbonation depth. These methods include
 infrared microscopy and a more high-powered microscope. Depending on the feasibility and reliability of these
 methods, a quantitative correlation between carbonation and scaling will be made. Otherwise, the correlation may
 have to remain qualitative.

Work Next Quarter:

Work next quarter will include sample testing from the previously prepared samples and we will proceed with data analysis.

Circumstances Affecting Progress/Budget:

We fell behind schedule as part of the challenge of starting a large project. Work is proceeding but strength testing is behind
schedule. We anticipate completing strength testing within the overall timeframe of the project.
Gantt Chart:
 ID   Tas k Nam e                                                     Duration      Start
                                                                                                                       2005                                             2006                                                     2007
                                                                                                2nd Half               1st Half                 2nd Half                1st Half                    2nd Half                     1st Half
                                                                                                   Qtr 3      Qtr 4       Qtr 1       Qtr 2        Qtr 3   Qtr 4           Qtr 1          Qtr 2        Qtr 3          Qtr 4         Qtr 1        Qtr 2
 1    Overall Project Status                                          649 days    Thu 7/1/04         40%
 2        Task 1: Monitor GGBFS Variability                           362 days    Thu 7/1/04        44%
 3            Obtain GGBFS s amples                                   327 days    Thu 7/1/04         80%
 4            Send out for finenes s and chemical tests - Phas e I    320 days   Mon 7/12/04          60%
 5            Send out for finenes s and chemical tests - Phas e II   30 days    Mon 10/3/05                                                                                   Phase II
 6            Conduct activation tests - Phas e I                     317 days   Thu 7/15/04           0%
 7            Conduct activation tests - Phas e II                    35 days    Mon 10/3/05                                                                                    Phase II
 8        Task 2: Strength & Air Void Development                     388 days   Mon 7/19/04          52%
 9            Obtain materials                                        75 days    Mon 7/19/04          100%
 10           Prepare and check m ix des igns                         15 days    Tue 8/10/04               100%
 11           Prepare s pecimens - Phas e I                           238 days   Tue 11/2/04                          100%
 12           Prepare s pecimens - Phas e II                          25 days    Mon 10/3/05                                                                                  Phase II
 13           Curing, shrinkage and s trength tes ting - Phase I      225 days   Thu 11/18/04                           70%
 14           Curing, shrinkage and s trength tes ting - Phase II     60 days    Thu 9/29/05                                                                                        Phase II
 15           Air void tes ts - Phas e I                              213 days   Wed 12/8/04                                 0%
 16           Air void tes ts - Phas e II                             21 days    Mon 10/3/05                                                                                 Phase II
 17           Analyze res ults - Phase II                             55 days    Thu 10/27/05                                                                           0%               Phase II
 18       Task 3: Deicer scaling tests                                282 days   Thu 3/17/05                                          26%
 19           Scaling tes ts - series 1                               110 days   Thu 3/17/05                                          100%
 20           Scaling tes ts - series 2                               110 days   Thu 3/31/05                                             35%
 21           Scaling tes ts - series 3 - Phas e II                   110 days   Mon 10/3/05                                                                       0%                             Phase II
 22           Scaling tes ts - series 4 - Phas e II                   110 days   Mon 10/3/05                                                                       0%                             Phase II
 23           Analyze res ults                                        130 days   Mon 10/17/05                                                                       0%                                   Phase II
 24       Reporting                                                   605 days   Wed 9/1/04                  30%
 25           Interim Quarterly Reports -Phase I                      280 days    Wed 9/1/04                 80%
 26           Interim Quarterly Reports -Phase II                     315 days   Mon 10/3/05                                                                                                                                                Phase II
 27           Prepare interim report & TOC meeting                    10 days    Wed 10/12/05                                                                 100%           Phase II
 28           TOC Meeting #1                                           2 days     Tue 1/4/05                                  100%   Phase II
 29           TOC Meeting #2                                           2 days     Mon 5/1/06                                                                                                        0%     Phase II
 30           Prepare draft final report                              50 days     Wed 5/3/06                                                                                                        0%                Phase II
 31           Review/Revis e/Subm it final report                     70 days    Wed 7/12/06                                                                                                                   0%                   Phase II
 32           Contingency                                             50 days    Wed 10/18/06                                                                                                                                 0%               Phase II

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