Premio Siebel Pricelist Instructions by yaofenji


									Siebel Price List Information

        By Samuel Sanchez
      Product Marketing Manager
    Siebel Price List Instructions

   Introduction
   Retrieving the Price List
   Price List main page
   Refresh screen to view entire price list
   Viewing customer Price List
   Printing the Price List
   Sending the Price List (format)
   Sending the Price List (email)
   Important notes
                 Siebel Price List
   The Siebel Price List is designed to provide you and
    your customers with complete and accurate
    information on Premio hardware/software pricing.
    Some individuals will like it and some individuals will
    dislike it. We, as a computer manufacture, must
    continue providing our customers with the latest
    technology and quicker access to pricing. This
    presentation will give you basic instructions on how to
    access the Price List through Siebel. If you have any
    comments on the Siebel Price List please feel free to
    forward them to my attention.
                 Retrieving the Price List
If you are familiar with
Siebel you should have
no problem retrieving
the Premio Price List.
The image to the right
is self explanatory.
1. Click on the “Screen”
     icon on the top menu
2. Click on “Pricing

3. Click on “Pricing”

4. Click on “Price List”
                        Price List Main Page

Now you are on the main
Price List Page

1. Click on the “June
   Price List”
    Refresh Screen to View Entire Price List
Now you are in the June
Price List page.” You
need to refresh the June
price list screen to get
the complete list:

1. Click on an item in
   the price list

2. Click on the first icon
   along the top of the
   menu bar

3. Then click on the
   second icon along
   the top of the menu
4. This will refresh your
   price list
                Viewing Customer Price List

Viewing the Price List is
The next step:

1. Click on “Reports” on
   the top menu bar

2. Click on “External
   Price List”

3. Make sure you send
   your customers the
   “External Price List”
                        Printing the Price List
Now you are in the June
Price List.” This is the
information your
Customer will see when
You print the list

1. Click on the print
   icon to print the list.
   Make sure your
   print setup is set
   at “landscape”

2. You should now
   have a hard copy
   of the price list
              Sending the Price List (Format)
You may want to send
your price list via email,
try this technique out
with a colleague at work

1. Click on the “send
   report” icon while
   you are still in the
   June price list report,
   a small box will
   appear to ask what
   format, choose
   “HTML document”
              Sending the Price List (Email)

After you select the
Format you want to send
Your price list, you are
Ready to email it

1. Address your email
   to the preferred
   customer and write
   any notes in the
   body and send your
   email. You should
   try to send this to
   yourself to view what
   your customer will be
                    Important Notes

   The Siebel database takes time to refresh information, please
    make sure you wait for Siebel to finish generating your price list
    report before printing or emailing your report
   Any major changes on the price list require you to re-log into
    Siebel in order for the changes to take place
   We will be updating the Price List on the first of every month, no
    changes will reflect until the first of the month
   We are working on making the Siebel price list the standard
    price list for Premio, we are still in the early stages of this project
    and are continuously making changes to meet your
   Any questions or concerns should be brought to my attention
    (Samuel Sanchez –Product Marketing Manager)

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