LOST - Season 6, Episode 2 - The Return by Joey316

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									LOST, Season 6, Episode 2 – The Return
“Hello Jin.” Jin Kwon’s eyes snapped open. “Charlotte?” “Yes, Jin, it’s me.” “But you died on the island.” “What did I tell you?” “What?” “I told not to bring her back.” “Where am I?” “Jin, you’re just going to have to trust me.” “Am I on the island?” “No. Your friends are, but the circumstances for you are quite different.” “Why am I here?” “You’ve got work to do.” “Penelope,” said Eloise “Go to this location and I’ll meet you there with Desmond.” “How can I trust you not to hurt him?” “Because,” said Eloise “I’m his mother.”


“She can’t be trusted!” shouted Charles. “Calm down Charles, I’m sure Eloise has a perfectly good explanation for this.” Richard said. “Like what?” “I was saving you all. Working with the Dharma Initiative was the only way I could make sure we were all safe. It was in the island’s best interests.” “We all what’s coming next Eloise, you’ll be exiled.” “That might not happen, Charles, I’m going to see Jacob and he’ll tell me what to do.” “I am going now.” “Where?” “To help the Dharma Initiative finish their latest invention.” “What am I doing here?” “Your here to kill a man, Jin.” “What? Who?”

“The man you were meant to kill. Your friends on the island all have to insert something into the time line that was always there. For you it’s different. You got it wrong the first time and the universe knew that and changed things, but it needs something to change it. Every reaction needs an action, Jin.” “Wait, I know this room. I have to kill Jae Lee?” Penny picked up her son Charlie from a friend’s house and then drove to the church that Mrs. Hawking had given directions to. She parked outside and waited for Eloise. “Hello,” Eloise said as she entered “Desmond is in bad condition.” “Where is he?” “In a carpet van outside.” “How did you get him out of the hospital?” “I have my ways. Now let’s not waste time, let’s go to the Lamp Post.” Eloise led the way and Penny followed carrying Charlie who was fast asleep. “The island is no place for children Penelope, please let a friend look after him while Desmond heals. Or, if you wish, Charles could care for him.” “He’s coming with me. I’m not letting another family member get hurt.” “I that’s what you think is best... but consider it, the island might not be the best place for young Charles.” “It’s Charlie, and he’s coming with me.” “Well, let’s get going then.” “Hello Radzinsky.” “Eloise,” Stuart smiled at her “It’s almost ready.” “Good, we don’t have a great amount of time.” “Have you brought the journal?” “Yes, of course,” she said “There is something else mentioned in here. If the numbers are not entered there needs to be some kind of way to stabilise the electromagnetism.” “Horace found the remainder of Jughead underneath his house, we could install it in the bottom of the Swan so another incident can be prevented be stabilising the bomb for another 108 minutes.” “My thoughts exactly, but I am slightly worried that it may not work.” “It will work Eloise, trust me.” “But I didn’t kill Jae Lee, it was suicide.” “That’s what it looked like Jin, but this is your destiny, this is the only way you’ll ever be able to see your wife again.” “I can’t do it.” said Jin as he shook his head. “Jin, this man has been sleeping with your wife.” “No matter what he has done, I am not a killer.” Jin and Jae burst into the room.

Past Jin put a gun to Jae’s head, but he couldn’t pull the trigger. “You will leave this country.” he said in Korean, he went on to tell him that if he ever returned he would murder him, then he left the room. Jae walked over to the window. “Now Jin.” whispered Charlotte “Do it now!” “I know how we can get to the island.” Eloise said triumphantly. “How?” “We’ll need a plane and I know how I can get one.” “How do plan on getting a plane?” “An old friend owes me a favour.” Eloise went back up to the church and opened her cell phone. “Hello.” “Hello Charles, I have a favour to ask of you.” “What would that be?” “I need a plane.” “When?” “Now.” “I’m afraid I can’t Eloise.” “I do this for me; I can do something for you.” “What could you possibly do for me?” “I can make it so you can see your daughter again, and your grandson.” “Grandson?” “Named after you.” she lied. “OK, Eloise, you have a deal.” 4 8 15 16 23 42 “Now what?” asked Miles. “Press execute.” “OK, is that all?” “Yes, for 108 minutes.” Miles got up from the chair and looked at Kelvin. “I assume you have some questions to ask me.” “Yes. How did you get here?” “There was a bright white light and I was transported from ’77 to now.” “OK, why are you here?” “I don’t know.” “Miles come with me.” Kelvin took Miles to Radzinsky’s body. “He has that shotgun for years.” Miles looked blankly at the body.

“I’ve got to bury him, he’s starting to smell, can you go on button duty?” “Of course.” “Do you remember the numbers?” “4 8 15 16 23 42. Yep.” Kelvin dragged Radzinsky’s body through the Swan doors wearing his Hazmat suit. Miles returned to the computer and sat waiting for the four minute beep. 106. Click. 105. “Miles,” said a familiar voice – Daniel Faraday. “Long time no see.” “Eloise, Jacob wishes to see you.” “Richard, its 2:30am, can’t this wait?” “No, he wants to see you now.” Richard and Eloise journeyed to the statue which was now just a foot. “It’s a shame you tore this down.” “It was required Richard. We needed the concrete.” “Did you know that Janet, the pregnant women, died?” “That is sad.” “Don’t you think you destroying the Goddess of Birth Taweret’s statue had anything to do with it?” “No, I don’t.” “Well, we’re here now, go in the there, Jacob will be waiting.” Eloise met Jacob inside who greeted her. “Eloise, I’m afraid that I am going to banish you but not because you’ve done wrong because I have an off island mission for you. I need you to guide people.” Jack did what he had to do. He pushed the fiery van into a house and heard a whirling noise. As he was consumed by white light he smiled as he remembered what Sawyer had said to him when he’d witnessed this the first time. “Three years - no burning buses. Y'all are back for one day...” “Coming to gloat Charles?” “I came to say goodbye.” Eloise and Charles stood by a submarine, Eloise was being exiled. “It’s your fault for working with Dharma.” Eloise bit her tongue, she wished she could retort with “Actually, Jacob is sending me on a secret off island mission.” but she didn’t. “Charles, one day I will come back.” “You know that that won’t ever happen Eloise.” “I will return to this island.”

She angrily went to get on the sub but Charles stopped her. “Ella, please promise me you’ll look after our son.” Without another word Eloise left him and prepared for her journey back to the real world. Penny, Charlie, Eloise and an unconscious Desmond were on the plane four hours later. Eloise piloted it, explaining to Penny that she had many hidden talents. She had told Charles that he’d be able to see Penny and Charlie tomorrow, another lie. They entered a gateway into the island and crash landed in the jungle. “We’re here.” said Eloise “Finally I’m ba-” Suddenly the black smoke monster burst into the cockpit and engulfed Eloise Hawking. Penny covered Charlie’s eyes as they heard muffled screams from inside the mass of smoke. Leaving her mangled body behind the monster hovered in front of Penny and Charlie for several seconds before flying out of the smashed window. “Do it now Jin!” Jae Lee took a pearl necklace off a sideboard and gripped it tightly. Jin walked out of the shadows and prepared to push him, tears began to pour down his cheeks, “I... can’t...” Jin paused hesitantly. Could he do it? Could he kill this man? Jin couldn’t think straight, he looked back at Charlotte. “Now Jin!” “I can’t do it!” he shouted. Jae Lee began to spin around, Charlotte leapt forward and collided with Jae Lee who collapsed back and crashed through the window. As Charlotte picked herself up from the floor Jin ran to the window and looked out only to see himself looking back up at him. “Why didn’t you push him?” she said angrily. “I told you, I am not a killer.” “Well done Jin, you just got further away from Sun.” “No, Charlotte, you have to take me to her, I can’t live without her.” “You’re going about as far away from her as possible Jin.” The high pitched noise – A time flash was coming. “No! Please!” “You brought this on yourself.” Penny attempted to carry both Desmond and Charlie in her arms but it proved near impossible. Setting Desmond down she started to run randomly through the jungle holding Charlie. Eventually she heard a voice up ahead; desperate to save her husband she sprinted as fast as she could until she reached a group of people.

“Help me!” she screamed. “What’s wrong?” asked Richard. “My husband, he’s been shot and the woman, Eloise, she was killed by the monster and-” a stream of tears rolled down her face. “Eloise?” he asked. “Please save my husband. He’s back there. His name is Desmond.” Sun gasped “Desmond Hume?” “Yes. Yes. I’m his wife.” “I met you on the boat.” Penny nodded. “Come here, let me help you.” Richard had already returned with Desmond. “We need to take him to the Temple.” “Why? Why save him?” asked Ilana. “Because he’s special.”


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