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									                                Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

                                                    Ridgeback Rave
                                                                Issue 4 - May 09

Sawadee Kah,
Hello in Thai. I hope everyone enjoyed their 3 week break, I spent mine on Tri Trang beach in Phuket. Sun,
sand, salt water and 'Shopping', the perfect holiday. I saw some beautiful beaded hair around the netball
courts, so whether you were saying Bula, Sawadee Kah or just gidday I'm sorry to say we now have to put
away those summer clothes and get back into the swing of netball.
   With Winter fast approaching and the colds and flu season, now is the time to know which team you can
borrow from and the correct way to fill out the scoreboard. See inside for details. More importantly try to keep
well, put your jumpers/jackets on after the game no matter how hot you think you are.
   Lately I've heard a few grumblings in relation to players behaviour towards coaches at training. Please re-
member girls these adults have better places to be. They choose to volunteer their time so that you can play
on Saturday. The very least we expect is your respect for them, displayed in you behaviour at training and
the way in which you speak to your coaches. Without a coach you would not take the court. If you feel you
know more then I'm sure your coach would be interested to sit with you and discuss your ideas.
   Our 10 Year anniversary celebration looks set to be a fantastic event. Keep the 4th July free. Organise a
team get together and have a great night out not only for the kids but the adults too. Get your flyers from
your managers and put it on the fridge.
   Our next coaches and managers meeting is the 1st June. On this night we will be voting in our 2010 Grad-
ing Co-ordinator and Grading Committee. Grading is always an emotive part of any netball season so if you
would like and input then please attend the meeting and vote on the nominees.
   Unfortunately our sponsorship officer, Lisa, has relinquished her position due to personal reasons. This
has left our club in an awful predicament with no new sponsors for 2009. It is a position that is vital for the
future success of the club. Our sponsors provide us with the funds to organise training sessions for our play-
ers and coaches, to provide new equipment and also develop our umpires, coaches & players through
courses run by SSNA and other external agencies. If you think that you could take up the position, even if
only for the remainder of 2009 we would be grateful. Please come and see any of the executive and we can
discuss with you what is required.
Cath Reynolds President

                           BARDEN RIDGEBACKS 10TH ANNIVERSARY
                            ~~~ SATURDAY 4 JULY 2009 ~~~

                                       WSN – MAJOR SPONSOR
                              Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

                                             CLUB MENAI –
                                         MAJOR SPONSOR

                                   BARDEN RIDGEBACKS NETBALL
                                        POSTAL ADDRESS
                                                    P0 Box 329
                                     MENAI CENTRAL NSW 2234

                        Executive Committee
                     President ~ Cathy Reynolds                               KEEP UPDATED WITH
                   Vice President ~ Nicole Jackson
                                                                                    ALL THE
               Coaching Coordinator ~ Michelle Wilson
                        Treasurer ~ Chris Darby                                LATEST NEWS FROM
                      Secretary ~ Debbie Nichols
                 Assist. Secretary ~ Michelle Malavindi
                                                                                  OUR WEBSITE
                Registrar Coordinator ~ Michelle Wilson
                  Grading Coordinator ~ Karen King
                 Umpires Convenor ~ Annette Griggs
                       General Sub-Committee
                       Registrar ~ Louise Jenkins
                     Registrar ~ Donna Dobeson
                        Grading ~ Paul Walsh
                     Grading ~ Sue Richardson
                                                                                PLEASE SUPPORT
                     Grading ~ Maxine Branelley
                  Nursery Coordinator ~ Kim Watts                              OUR 2009 SPONSORS
                   Uniform Officer ~ Linda Behrens                             AND MENTION OUR
               Gear/Equipment Officer ~ Janelle Clark
                  Sponsorship Coordinator ~vacant
                    Newsletter Editor ~ Lucy Rolfe
                 Newsletter Reporter ~ Belinda Russo
              Information Officer/Website ~ Linda Broady
           Social Committee ~ Donna Dobeson, Dawn Tyres
                      Crate Roster ~ Sue Herman

                                               All Newsletter submissions, photos, or game–reports to be
                                               emailed to Lucy Rolfe on
                                               Newsletters will be printed and distributed once a month..
                                               Please be mindful of newsletter deadline dates to ensure
                                               your contribution appears in the newsletter.


                                                  Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

                                                              Coaches & Managers Meeting 8pm Club Menai
                 Monday 1 June
                                                              Each team should be represented. (Executive Committee: 7pm)

                 SATURDAY 4 JULY                              BARDEN RIDGEBACKS NETBALL 10th ANNIVERSARY

                                                              Coaches & Managers Meeting 8pm Club Menai
                 Monday 6 July
                                                              Each team should be represented. (Executive Committee: 7pm)
                                                              Coaches & Managers Meeting 8pm Club Menai
                 Monday 3 August
                                                              Each team should be represented. (Executive Committee: 7pm)

                 Monday 13 August                             Nursery Netball, 8-9 years presentation :5.30pm—6.30pm

                 Monday 31 August                             Sponsor recognition night and Club AGM

                 Sunday 13 September                          Junior & Senior Presentation 4.30pm—6.30pm @ Club Menai

                                                              Kit Return – To be advised

                                            ~~~ SCHEDULE FOR TEAMS IN REVIEW ~~~
Newsletter 5- June Issue: 13A, 13B2, 15B2, 15C1 & 17A - DUE BY 20 JUNE 09
Newsletter 6 – July Issue: 11A, 12A, 15A2, 17B1 & 17B3 - DUE BY 18 JULY 09
Newsletter 7 – Presentation Issue - Finals & Season Reports - DUE BY 29 AUGUST 09
Please make sure that you spotlight your players, provide a profile of their life away from netball. And
provide some photos. Anything that makes for interesting reading.

                                  The weatherman must have known we received our new jerseys so he left open the
                                  freezer door. I must admit they look fantastic and comments from opposing clubs about
                                  how BRN always get nice things is really pleasing to hear. Thanks to Linda Behrens
                                 and Michelle Wilson for organising them. Those that missed out will need to save their
money for next registration day, we will take only one order as there is a 10 week turn around on the material. It will give
you time to be creative for the name on the back of your jersey.

To Brooke Giffen, Caitlin Parrott and Alista and Alicia Hauptfleisch for their selection in the 14/15 Development Squad
for 2009. Well Done girls we are proud of you.

                                                                Kaisha Wilson and ex-Barden Ridgebacks Julia Rolfe have been selected in
                                                                the U17 SSNA State Championships team and are playing during the June
                                                                long weekend. Come down to Illawarra to watch some amazing netball.
                                                                Please come and support the girls. U17 were runners up in 2008 by just 1
                                                                point. This year they are planning to WIN WIN WIN.

                                                                 Don't forget to come to Liverpool on the 11th, 12th and 13th July to support
                                                                 our Barden Ridgebacks girls selected in the Representative teams battle
                                                                 out the State Age Championships. There are some fantastic games of net-
                                                                 ball to watch from the 12's through to the 15's.

CLUB Meetings                                  are held @ Club Menai, once a month. Executive & General Committee from 7:00pm.and Managers at 8:00pm. All teams are
required to be represented at each meeting. These meetings are informative and a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding your team, the club, the
competition or netball in general. They run for approx 90 mins. This is where teams are brought up to speed with all the latest news, share views, voice your opinion on topics
and have a general discussion. We look forward to seeing you all there & everyone is more than welcome to attend.

  Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

         Wayne Hack
Mobile (anytime): 04 1778 1778

   Century 21 Realty One
            5-21Carter Road, Menai

   Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

                M odern    Au s t ra li an   C u i s i n e with Asian flavours

                       ONLY in June
                    Chicken Dumpling Soup                          Cajun Quail
                    BBQ Spatchcock                  Baked Hazelnut Apple
                                       and more

                  Christmas in July
                      Friday nights in July 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st

                          $51 per person
                        3 course set menu (choice of three)
                     complimentary glühwein & coffee & lollies

                Menai Metro, 1/72 — 80 Allison Crescent, Menai

                        9532 0699
WINNER Menai District Business Award for Restaurant &
             2004 & 2005 & 2006 & 2007 & 2008

                         Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

Rachel Fealy, Madison Dean, Kiana Stone, Maddison Boyling, Teah Silkman, Carley Wieland,
  Mikaela Luckman, Ashleigh Talevski, Caitlin Angus, Emelia Saville, Ciana Todorovska,
 Sarah Corcoran, Victoria Hamilton, Jessica McDonald, Eliza Nelson, Helena Thanasoulias
Lauren Versi, Emma Wilkins, Amber Gault, Maria Mollica, Tiarne Knight-Olsen, Eloise Byrne
        Abby Flecknoe, Tamara Mitchell, Sophie Del-Grande, Tara Finn, Olivia Mills,
 Joanne Schiavello, Dorothy Cowdroy, Cindy Angus, Kathryn Nesbitt, Maxine Henderson,
                             Natalie Richard, Aimee Nicholls

                                                      Caitlin Cowdroy & Jessie Russo from the BRN 11As was
                                                      snapped by the Official Photographer at the Sydney Swifts
                                                      Match Round 1 with the ANZ Handi Teller Mascot.

                                                                      A great gift idea for Fathers Days,
                                                           Our club will receive some benefits to help us buy equip-
                                                           ment and give the girls more training workshops. Please
                                                          have a look and if you’re interested when you order please
                                                                         quote the special code NB211.
                                                                     The offer ends on 31st August 2009

                                   Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

One Game:
Only game (ie: not playing for their registered team) she is regarded as a full member of the team for that game and can
be played even if the team has 7 or more of their original players.. She can be used as a substitute if needed.
* Must record the borrowed players name on the score sheet with her registered team and 'only game' recorded be-
side her name. Failure to do so will incur loss of 2 points.

Second Game:
Player must attend control and register with her photo BEFORE taking the court.
* 2nd game player can only play if the team who has borrowed her has less thatn 7 players capable of taking the court.
Her name must be 1 of only 7 recorded on the score sheet and she must have her registered team recorded beside her
* If an original player arrives late and is capable of taking the court. She MUST replace the borrowed player at the be-
ginning of the next quarter and the borrowed player can take no further part in the game.
In this case you must note beside the name of the late player the fact she was LATE.
* A 2nd game player can not be put on the court at any time after the commencement of the game as a substitute. (ie:
to replace an injured or ill player)
HOWEVER if the team is playing with less than 7 players she may take the court at any time up until the 3rd quarter pro-
viding her name is one of only seven on the scoresheet.
** Please remember that to take the court you MUST have at least 5 of the ORIGINAL team.

Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

                                    Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

           Carley Wieland                                                                                     Michaela Corboski
  I really enjoy a good movie, love                                                                   I am a fun loving and energetic
   spending time with my friends,                                                                   girl, I like Hanna Montana, collect
love flying to and from Coffs Har-                                                                    Beanie Kids, love the water and
 bour ( I have close to forty un-                                                                    like listening to music. I also en-
  accompanied flights under my                                                                        joy playing with my friends. My
 belt and am now a Velocity Fre-                                                                      favourite foods are Tacos and
quent Flyer Member!!!). I look for-                                                                 chocolate, and my favourite posi-
ward to playing Netball each week                                                                    tions in netball are Goal Shooter
 and like to be involved in the play.                                                               and Centre, I also enjoy Wing At-
 My favourite position is Wing At-                                                                  tack. I dislike bullying of any kind!
   tach and I also enjoy Wing

                                                                                                                  Sabrina Sampaio
       Georgia Harmer
                                                                                                              I am in year five at Lucas
I have a rabbit called snowy
                                                                                                            Heights Community School. I
that I love very much. I also
                                                                                                            am part of the school Hockey
 enjoy going out on Mum and
                                                                                                             team for PSSA. Outside of
Dads' boat as I love anything
                                                                                                             school and netball I also do
   to do with water. I go to
                                                                                                             swimming, and gymnastics.
  swimming once a week and
 I'm working towards going
         into squads.                                                                                                Emma Eager
                                                                                                             In addition to netball, I en-
                                                                                                             joy dancing, reading, playing
         Bridget Goonan                                                                                     my DS and eating chocolate!
 My name is Bridie and I’m in                                                                               I love the friendliness of the
 Year 4 at Alfords Point Pub-                                                                                 girls on the team and this
 lic School. I love it when our                                                                             year my favourite position is
  team has fun together and                                                                                          Goal Defence.
  scores a goal at netball. My
 favourite position is Goal At-
tack - because you get to run                                                                                     Alison White
around a lot! I love swimming,                                                                              I am in year four at Lucas
 riding my bike and taking our                                                                           Heights Community School. I am
   two dogs for a walk. I also                                                                             performing in this years Kir-
love to go on holidays with my                                                                            rawee Gang Show and I enjoy
 Mum, Dad and brother Domi-                                                                              Cubs, netball and playing with my
  nic - because we get to play                                                                                       friends.
    lots of games together.

                                                                                                        Nicole Jarvis (coach)
                                                                                               I have played netball since 1 was 10.
      Amber Gault (coach)                                                                     I've played many positions but I cur-
 I've been playing netball for 7                                                             rently play Wing Attack, which I enjoy.
  years and currently playing in                                                               This is my first year as a coach and
                                                    Aliesha Fealy
17B3's. My favourite position is                                                             I've discovered it is much harder than
                                         I am a very social girl and love to
  Wing Defence. I am in year 10                                                              it looks, but I like a challenge and I am
                                        spend time with my friends. I also
at Menai High School and coach-                                                              enjoying coaching the girls with Amber.
                                        love doing art and craft, the more
 ing this year for the first time                                                                  I like music and playing music
                                        mess the better! Apart from net-
which I am enjoying. When I am                                                                (trombone, piano). I am kids leader at
                                          ball I also swim, dance and play
  not playing netball I play the                                                              church, which I love. I like to catego-
                                        the Piano, and Flute. My favourite
   acoustic guitar which I have                                                              rise things (eg books, cd's buttons etc)
                                             netball position is Centre.
 been playing for about 6 years.                                                               and I dislike work which is left half
                                                                                                        done and arguments!

                              Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

    The Under12AR’s is composed of a team of 9 girls who attend 3 different schools and are in Year
 6 and Year 7. Some of the girls have played together for a couple of years and some are new to the
team this year. We are really lucky to have a great Coach, Cindy Angus who agreed to coach the girls
for a second year.
 Some things you may not know about the girls apart from their love of netball are:
Clever Ciana likes playing softball, shopping with friends and cousins and spending time with family.
She also likes playing oztag, rockclimbing, spending time with her cat and playing football with her Dad
and frisbee with her mum. *She likes to sing (but not in front of anyone) and loves writing poems.
Energetic Emelia likes shopping, water polo, tennis, craft & scrapbooking.
Keen Keeley loves Easter holidays at Lake Conjola and wakeboarding behind her Dad's boat. She also
likes drawing ,painting and anything to do with art. She enjoys school and her favourite subjects are
art, maths and creative writing.
Laughing Liz loves running and Little A’s. Her favourite activity is discus. Her favourite movie at the
moment is Twilight.
Leaping Lauren is in year 6, loves netball and swimming and talking to her friends on msn. She also likes
pinacoladas and being caught in the rain. Her favourite song is Chill Out and fav movies are Twilight
and Devil Wears Prada.
Outstanding Olivia likes to play piano and create artworks.
Speedy Sarah loves dancing, catching up with her friends and swimming. Her favourite subjects are
art and maths and she loves anything to do with art. She loves reading and re-reading the Twilight se-
ries and her favourite movie is Twilight. She can’t wait for the next one to come out in November.
Swift Sam loves dance. She has been dancing since she was 4 years old at Menai Dance Centre and has
also danced at school in the dance groups and ensembles. This year she is dancing in the Senior Dance
Ensemble in high school.
Terrific Tiarne likes playing the piano, oztag and swimming. She also likes spending time with her cous-
ins and playing with her rabbit even though sometimes it doesn’t like to play with her.

Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

REPORTS - DAY 3                  Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years
                                                                                                      REPORTS - DAY 3
Day 3 - 8 Flinders v Thistles 4
 Well done to Isabella, Danielle, Rachel, Samantha, Jess, Melody, Ella and Teagan for a great game!!! We
started off slowly due to one player down in the 1st quarter, picked up our player down in the 2nd, 3rd and
4th quarters and we were pretty evenly matched with Thistles 4. Good goal shooting by our scorers Teagan,
Melody and Isabella. Samantha was hit in the head with the ball in the 3rd quarter and had to go off - no
damage done. All the best for a even better game next week girls. Kathy Eddes
Day 3 - Under 8's Blaxland V Engadine Eagles won 17 - 2
Well our first game back after 3 weeks off and what a game! It was a huge team effort with fantastic passing
of the ball up & down the court. One centre saw every girl on the team touch the ball, it was great. Our de-
fense was really good, we stopped a lot of goals and made a lot of intercepts. We also did really well at run-
ning after loose balls. The girls were amazing passing the ball in and around the circle to get a better shot.
Well done Amelia, Adrianna, Maddison, Kaela, Lucia, Caitlyn, Tiana and Emily, keep up the great team work
girls. The award this week went to Emily. From Sam Hunter
Day 3 - 8 Ridgebacks 2 (Lawson)
The girls arrived bright and early ,wide eyed and all excited with smiles on their faces. They were ready to
play a game of netball after their holiday break. The grass was very wet, which caused the ground and the
ball to be very slippery as well. Kirsty and Faith shared the Defence positions and worked extremely hard to
defend the ball. Sarah, Jessica, Ellie, Annelise, Kayla and Piper shared Centre court and shooting positions,
where they showed good throwing and catching the ball skills along with shooting skills.
There were a few great intercepts by all. The girls had a fun game where they all enjoyed themselves and
tried hard. The trophy went to Kirsty, well done. Good luck next week girls. Rod Filetti

Day 3 - 9 years White v Thistles 3 – won 17-1
Well what a game – from the score you can see the Ridgebacks dominated the game from start to finish. We
were up against a very tall opposition but this did not stop the girls - they played beautifully all game. In the
first 10 seconds the Ridgebacks scored the first points and it just continued from there. It was fantastic game
of great team work. Alexia and Natasha held out the opposition with excellent defense while Madison cov-
ered the whole court with non stop defending and passing. Mikalee, Georgia and Tegan added to the score
with goal after goal – the girls were excellent both with shooting and rebounds. Gabby and Ashlynn provided
great team support on the wings with continuous running and defending – an excellent game all round and a
well deserved win! Kind regards Susie Potter

Day 3 - 9 2's v St Joseph's
Well what another great game! It was a beautiful Saturday morning at Seymour Shaw and the girls were
keen to get back into netball after the school holidays. Kiana started off with a fast centre pass and Suzy and
Sarah were excellent in an attacking role in the first half of the game, feeding the ball well into Renee. Suzy
and Renee made some excellent short passes in and out of the circle and the goals just kept coming. It was
quiet at the defensive end for Georgia, Alison and Adalynne but the girls were still having a great time.
 In the second half a few changes saw the ball move around the court a little more with Bethany having a
good run from the centre pass. Adalynn, Sarah and Suzy had some work to do to keep the ball out of St
Joey's circle and they did well. Renee finished a superb game at WA getting some great passes into Alison
and Kiana. Player of the Match - Renee - what a game! Danielle, Manager 9 2's

Day 3 - 10A v Gymea Won 23-17
It was great to have another win, especially against a strong opposition. We made lots of mistakes, particu-
larly with our feet, but this only proves one thing, we must be a really good team to win in such circum-
stances, imagine how great we will become as we improve throughout the season. So well done girls! As
usual the opposition scored the first goal, however it was soon goal for goal and by the end of the first quarter
we were up by at least 6 goals. Teah started off as C, a position she hadn't had a lot of practice in, however,
she proved how versatile she can be as she ensured the ball moved up the court. Tannah, WA ensured the
GS and GA were fed the ball, whilst Brooke GA got the shooting underway. Teagan, GS did a great job sup-
porting Brooke in the goal circle whilst Shruti worked hard the whole game as GK putting pressure on the GS.
Maddi was up against an extremely strong GA who wouldn't give an inch but she ensured she made it tough
for her. Jess came on for the second half as C and showed us how easily she can find an open space to re-
ceive the ball. Our player of the match was Tayla for an extremely strong performance as WD for the entire
game, she stuck with her opponent, continually putting pressure on her as well as keeping her own mistake
rate to a minimum, so great work Tayla. The whole game was one of flows and ebbs, however, we always
seemed in control of the game, even when it appeared the opposition had the upper hand, and that takes
guts girls so well done for digging in and showing us what a wonderful little team you are. Jan

                                 Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

Day 3 -10B1’s v Menai (loss) 17 - 14
Well girls we knew it was going to be a tough “local derby” match and a tough match it was! We started out
very slow and Menai got the better of us, Tiarna and Laura collided with each other in the first quarter and
unfortunately Tiarna had to go off, but in true fighting spirit she returned in the 2nd quarter (well done
Tiarna!). By the end of the 2nd quarter we could see that the girls were starting to wake up (we think the 8
am start may have been a bit too early for them all!) and by the 3rd quarter we were playing like a team.
Caitlin, Olivia N and Tiarna did a great job in defending the ball in the goal circle, some great intercepts were
done. Micki and Teagan did some fabulous mid court play and fed the ball into the circle well. Laura did
some good intercepts and once she got her passing under control managed to move the ball well up the
court. Our shooters Olivia W, Olivia N and Torey all did a great job in their attack and were working together
well in the goal circle. A loss is not a bad thing, it gives us goals to strive for, namely let’s beat Menai next
time!! To do that girls you all need to continue to practice and listen and learn from Cindy, who has some
great ideas for your game play which you need to implement, it is that old saying “practice makes perfect”.
Player of the match went to Tiarna for her excellent defensive work, keep up the good work Tiarna.
Lisa May

Day 2 - 10C1 vs Sylvania Lost 5-1
The second game of the season and the girls are working great together. We had an injury but the girls ad-
justed well to the change in positions. Great defending by Emma, Sabrina, Carley and Michaela.Alison was
on every ball, which was great. Some good work from our attack Carley, Aliesha, Georgia and Alison. A cou-
ple of things to work on but the girls are going great.
Nicole Jarvis

Day 3 - 10C1 vs Joeys Won 8-5
First game back from the holidays and the girls have improved heaps.There was some great intercepts from
Michaela, Carley, Aliesha, Emma and Sabrina. Bridie, Georgia and Alison did some nice work in the goal cir-
cle and scored us lots of goals. Carley and Sabrina worked hard to keep the ball up our end. Michaela,
Emma and Aliesha moved the ball quickly up the court. Great game girls! Lets win some more.
Nicole Jarvis

Day 3 - 11A BRN V MIRANDA MAGPIES (Win) 34-19
Another v. hot morning to be playing a game of this calibre. Miranda the only team to knock us off our perch
last season, the BR girls were hungry for a strong, solid, convincing round 1 win today, and we got it. All 9 on
board, so lots of options for movement and positional play (and last qrtr. "out of regular positional play"). Ash
and Cassie sharing C. position once again, worked well with support in the wings from Aly (sporting a fabu-
lous hairstyle in her bali beads), Ebony, Jess & Hannah who all supported well mid-court. Shooting today
was dominated by Court, who definitely had her eye in, and lets face it, her height doesn't hurt any either!!.
Cate ran miles today supporting, and backing up her wings and feeding, well done. Our defenders formida-
ble with the team of Jess, Brit & Hannah who all shut down their opponents and did a great job. Cassie zippy
in mid court had some great catches as well. In closing: Hannah, what can we say "enjoy your meal of mag-
pie today?".
B. Russo/Team Manager

Day 3 – 11B3 vs. Bosco – (Win 17 -4)
Wow girls what can we say – another great win! The girls were all ready and fired up after the Easter break
and took to the court with enthusiasm. We were off to a good start with the girls getting the ball down to our
end pretty quickly. By the end of the first quarter we were 3-0 up. The second quarter was superb with the
girls scoring 10 goals. Bosco managed to sneak in one goal but our defence players were ready to grab
those re-bounds and so at the end of the second quarter we were 13 -1 up. Half time saw a change of play-
ers and another good quarter. By the end of that quarter we were 16-2 up. Going into the last quarter the
girls were still playing well and although we only managed to get one more goal we made sure that Bosco
had to work really hard for their two extra goals. It was an exciting game to say the least and everyone
played really well. Player of the match went to Eloise McRae who played a wonderful defence game and en-
couragement award went to Michaela Luckman for her excellent game as GA and GS. Well done girls and a
big thank you to our wonderful coaches Kylie and Karissa. It seems as though our holiday training really paid
off and that would not have been possible were it not for our dedicated coaches, supportive parents and en-
thusiastic girls.
Julie and Jade.

                                 Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

Day 3 - 12A Ridgebacks V’s Sharks
On a beautiful sunny day, even at 8am in the morning, things couldn’t get any better ! (Or so Sharks thought
anyway !!) Our track record of the 8am games, & beating Sharks wasn’t one of the best, but it didn’t take long
to see the determination & skill of our girls on show. They all played brilliantly. Cathy has certainly brought out
the best in the girls. With 5 Rep players in the Sharks lineup, & 2 in our team & some who had points to
prove, it was game on. We came out firing with some great team work all over the court, great passes into
our shooters who were creating great spaces in the circle & superb defence, rebounding & backing up all
down the court. It was 15 – 5 at the first quarter break, & we certainly had Sharks gobsmacked.
With some changes to the Sharks lineup, they stopped our total domination, for a while, & were effective in
the defence, but our girls were having none of that and continued to fight on & show us their true skill and te-
nacity. We continued our great team work in the 3rd quarter, & yes Sharks had made more changes, but
what ever they did, who ever they put against our girls, Rep player or not, our girls stood up to the “challenge”
& dominated in all areas of the court again. It was hard to tell who the Rep players were. (Where are the se-
lectors now ???). By then, there was not a whisper on the Sharks sideline to be heard, but our sideline cer-
tainly made up for that. The girls finished off the game in style, although there were some tired bodies out
there, but the smiles on their faces couldn’t be missed. I couldn’t hang around too long to savour the moment,
but by the time I had got up to the top courts, word had already got out about our win & one of the Gymea
mums approached me congratulating our girls on the win. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.
In what was a great team effort by all the girls the score was 49 – 27. Great game girls. Keep it coming.

Day 3 - 13A Ridgebacks V’s Sharks
It was always going to be a tough game, but didn’t our girls put on a great display of netball & never gave up.
With a Sharks team full of Rep players, they had to work really hard against our girls & earn every point. Our
girls all played great & can now still say that they are the team who always scores the most goals against
Sharks. (At least twice as many as any other team). Our next challenge is to beat that score again.
Keep up the good work girls. Karen.

Sorry for the lateness girls! Here are all our match reports for the year so far.
Day 1 - 13 A's vs. Thistles :) L - 24-23
This week we came up against our arch rivals Thistles. Last year in the semi's Thistles beat us in an ex-
tremely close game by just 1 goal. After a couple of months off we were all firing to get back out there on the
court and show them what we were made of. From the first whistle we took off. Emily and Eliza were shooting
goals from everywhere (and getting them in!) Their defences didn't know what to do with themselves! Jamie
was at her brilliant best! She was firing all over the court and "Never Gave Up." Monique and Sian got tips
and helped bring the ball down to our shooters. Mel and Maddi were an awesome pair in the defence end!
They kept their shooters well and truly under 50%. We played so well thats its so surprising that we lost! We
really only lost the game in the final quarter. We were all very tired. Lets keep working on our fitness girls so
next time we can well and truly. SMASH EM'!!!( and then shake their hands at the end because we are all
friends). Maddi .
Wow although we lost on the scoreboard we certainly didn't lose the game. I was soooooo proud of all of you
not once did you give up. It is a daunting prospect playing against 3 rep players but no one looked intimi-
dated. You all outplayed your opponents and it felt good sitting on the sideline and watching you all perform
to your maximum. Keep believing in yourselves and you never know what you are capable of achieving.
Work on your fitness we only train once a week and you don't want to lose games because of that having 7
players can be an advantage but only if you are all fit. It was a very hot day however.
Shooters keep practising, you can NEVER practice too much.
Cath (Mgr)

Day 2 -13A V's Holy Family :) Win 35 - 18
A little chillier than last week's game. I think we underestimated the opposition this week or we were worried
about this afternoons game. It was a great win but not easy. Poor Alyssa Behrens from the 12A's who filled
in for us was getting hammered from the very tall defence but when you are shooting at 100% in the 2nd half
then who has the last laugh. Alyssa we are grateful for you filling in for us and very thankful that you were
shooting so beautifully. This week we had Emily away, Mon with a headache and Jamie with a sore back,
gee are we under 13's or 113? Its only round 2, lucky nothing stopped them and thats the spirit of our team.
Sian stopped her girl from getting the centre passes and then filled in as C. Eliza got some great tips mid
court as did Maddi often dropping back to help Mel out with her very strong shooter. You did a great job Mel,
she was one tuff cookie, even drawing a couple of penalties. Now we need to back up for the Gymea side at
4.30pm. Will need a repeat performance of last weeks game. Good work girls.
Maddi ;)
                                Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

Rd. 15 vs. Gymea : you don't want to know
Well after a great game in the morning we all a little bit tired but super pumped to play Gymea. Lucky I wrote
the previous sentences before the game! We all played absolutely shocking!! The sad thing is we really had a
chance in this game. Thanks to Paige Bywater from the 12A's who filled in for us. Thankfully for Paige she
had a blinder. Good work Paige. But for the rest of us, lets just pull our finger out and play well next week.
Have a great holidays and Easter girls!(not to many Easter Eggs). Maddi
Rd. 3, vs. Sharks: 25-50 (not nearly as bad as it appears)
After a nice relaxing Easter break we returned to our hardest game of all. Yes we were versing Sharks. Our
pre-game statistics weren't looking so good. They had 8 rep players and we had well, none. We went into the
game with the attitude to 'just have fun' and we did just that, whilst playing some fine netball might I add! Em
and Eliza were moving so well in and out of the circle together, tricking their defences superbly! Mon, Mon,
Mon, we even lost her half the time. Every centre pass she was there even though she had some of the
toughest defences on her. Jamie played a great game in centre, helping out were she was needed and really
getting the ball into our shooters finely! Sian had an excellent game. She got tips and intercepts from every-
where! Mel and I worked well in the circle together. The Sharks shooters are extremely accurate and Mel and
I worked hard to keep them from attempting to shoot. Everyone played well today and should be congratu-
lated for a great effort. Next week we play Jannali, grrrrr!!GO RIDGIES! Maddi (the one with the noisy hair
which seems to annoy the opposition :P)

Day 3 - 13C1 v St Josephs 2 Lost 24-13
It was a slow first quarter today girls although we were up 5-3 at the quarter whistle. The second quarter even
slower when we went down by 9 goals. What happened girls? Unfortunately we went down hill from there but
I know you put a good effort in, it just wasn’t our week this time. Better luck next week. Simone Versi

Day 3 - BRN 15B2 V GYMEA 5 (Win) 29-26
How hot was it today, and with only 7 to take the court, it was going to be all hands on deck for 100% of the
game. Both teams started well and the game was fairly evenly matched with BR just edging ahead a little
each qrtr early in the game. The 2nd & 3rd qrtr. being our strongest, however the 4th qtr. I think just about all
7 ran out of steam and we were clutching to keep hold of the game at just about the same time that Gymea
surged! From the side-line we thought we were watching a down hill slide in slow-motion. However the lead
that Ridgies put on the scoreboard in the first 75% of the game was enough, they just couldn't catch us. We
came away with a 3 goal win. And all in all it was a good, entertaining & well played game from both sides.
Notable mentions today: Liz - good consistent passing, Rachel - lots of intercepts/tips, Kelly - just goes and
goes all game, always where she needs to be, Jo - did a tremendous job annoying her partner (and that's just
what she was supposed to do!), Em - consistent and dependable mid-court. Elly and Amanda - these girls
are starting to share a brain with the way they are weaving and supporting and flicking 'sneaky passes' to one
another in the Circle. Jordyn - ???? (where was she today..... oh yeah.... instead of sweating her but off on a
netball court, she's sunning herself on a beach with her family somewhere..... how fair is that (not)!! Thanks
Adele for scoring today.       B. Russo/Team Manager

Day 3 - 15C1 v Eagles 27 -25
 What an exciting game girls, excellent team work. Sarah and Emma scoring those goals, with Brooke as C,
she played a great game as always. Lucy and Rhian working to stop the Eagles scoring goals. Alex working
in attack and defence, well played. Kaitlin as WD and GK in the last quarter. Brodie also playing in WA posi-
tion. This was certainly a thrilling game to watch during the final minutes as we were two goals behind at one
point. Thanks to all our parents and grandparents that come and support us each week. Well played girls,
you all work so well together, keep it up. Michelle

A2 BARDEN RIDGE (43) def CRONULLA (26) check website for true score as I am guessing (sorry Kim)
WE CAME (some hobbling, some whingeing (Donna - positive she has the swine flu) and some bandaged
that much they look like a mummy (Jo)
WE SAW (not a wrinkle on the other team) oh to be young again but youth isn't all it is cracked up to be.....
WE CONQUERED. Another fine win. A strong team effort today. Jo and Karen moved and shot well in the
circle - it was poetry in motion. Donna managed to play her usual best despite suffering with her ailment.
Kim and Michelle rotated the WD/WA position and both played extremely well. Kelly (although eager to get
to the races) put in a fine performance at GK and turned the ball around time and time again. And because
my effort was minimal I get to do the match report once again.
Gotta love this thing called netball.
                                Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

Day 1 v Thistles Win 41-31
Day 2 v St Pats Win 47-36
Day 3 v Bosco Win 48-38
 3 from 3 and a good start to the season. A great turn up to training each week keep up the good work and
try hard not to party too hard on Fridy night. Well done girls.

                                      REPORTS - DAY 4
Day 4 – Under 8's Ridgebacks 2 (Lawson) vs St Caths
WOW where do I start? What a fantastic game for our girls this week. With 6 goals in total Jessica scoring 5
of them and Annelise scoring her first goal (well done). And our WA's and WD's were ALL over the court de-
fending and attacking perfectly with Elise getting player of the match. The GD's and GK's were really playing
their best and going for rebounds and covering their partners....We were leading through most of the game
only to be pipped at the post in the last few minutes..Keep up the great work girls Piper, Ellie, Kirsty, Sarah,
Annelise, Jessica, Kayla, Faith and Elise. You are all improving beautifully and coming together as a
team...Lets keep it going…

Day 4 - 8 Flinders v Engadine Eagles Score: BR = 1, Eagles = 4
A great effort by the team in sunny weather conditions. No subs available this week and all players worked
hard all game. All team members played well for the mighty Ridgebacks and were able to keep the game a
close scoring affair before the Eagles scored some late goals to seal their victory. Riahn played really well all
game, especially when in defense when we were under a lot of pressure early and continued to get plenty of
the ball when moved into the centre and was given the Players Award this week (well done). Daniele ran
hard all game and was another big ball winner and Isabella took some great ball catches and was great in
defense too. Ella played really well for the 4 x quarters and ran into the spaces to get the ball moving forward
whilst Samantha, Tegan and Rachel provided plenty of running support all game which helped to achieve
better scoring opportunities in the second half. The game could have been closer if not for some missed goal
opportunities. All the parents had a great time watching the game and we can see the team really improving
week by week so well done to Emma. Thanks to Caroline (Coach Emma's mum) for umpiring this week. Play-
ers need to keep listening to Coach Emma and remember to run into those spaces and get the ball moving
forward quickly. Well done to everyone.
Players Award = Riahn Griffiths
Mike Fealy

Day 4 - 10A v Fatima Won 19-15
Well this game certainly took us by surprise. Fatima came out with all guns blazing, as they knew they were
the underdogs and had absolutely nothing to lose. After three tough games we were hoping for a more re-
laxed game, however, this was not to be. It was a close, hard fought game from start to finish. We made lots
of handling errors and our passing was disappointing, however, the girls never gave up and tried hard to get
the ball back whenever it was lost. The first half saw Maddison working hard in defence, with a short, but ex-
tremely quick GA as a partner, she had to turn around and face her to see where she moved. Teah and Tea-
gan worked well together in the first half as shooters, then Teagan got moved to the opposite end as GK
where she kept the pressure on the GS. Teah and Brooke then put on some much needed goals to get the
score moving, however, Fatima answered with their own good goal scoring. Jessica (C) was tireless in her
effort and worked well with Tannah (WA) who broke well to get the centre pass and Tayla gave a solid per-
formance as WD. For hardwork, determination and applying continuous pressure throughout the entire game
the player of the round goes to Shruti (GK, GD). Congratulations Shruti! There were some great individual
efforts from all the girls, they just weren't consistent enough. When the passes aren't going right we need to
slow down and take that extra bit of care. Those receiving the ball need to also think a little more about
where they are standing and what they are doing to help the thrower get the ball to them. It was still another
win and as long as we have all learnt something from the game we can take something positive from it. Well
done. A big thank you to Cathy Reynolds for coming to training during the week and assisting Maxine with
drills for our stepping problem, there was a definite improvement in their stepping.

                                 Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

Day 4 – 10B1 V Gymea 3 Won 21 – 9
What a game! The game started quick with Olivia.N and Tory shooting lots of goals. Our defence and attack
helped get the ball down the court. Laura’s intercepting was fantastic. Caitlin, Oliva.W and Tirana’s rebounds
were excellent which kept their goals low. Mickey was marvellous with her passing, she made it hard for WD
to get the ball. Teagan did some good passing and some great defence. Luckily we won 21 to 9, great game
girls! Hope to see a great performance next week.
[Player of the match went to Laura May]
By Teagan Melchert (Player)

Day 4 - 10C1 Ridgebacks v Menai 10-18
How tall were those Menai girls! Our girls started the match with some brilliant passing and put in fantastic
effort throughout. There were some great intercepts from Emma (GK), Sabrina (GD) and Michaela (GA &
WA) who also scored a goal. Carly (GD &WD) intercepted well too and showed some fierce “grabbing” skills.
Alison (WD & WA), as always, moved around the court very quickly, and kept jumping for those higher balls.
Aliesha (C) often managed to find a space on the court for the ball to be passed to her. It was good to see
Georgia (GA & GS) having a go at shooting more goals and succeeding a couple of times. Bridie (GS & GA)
played well, scoring the other 7 goals with her great shooting. Girls - you’re doing really well considering
some of you haven’t played netball before and others are playing positions you haven’t played before.
It was great to watch your effort, enthusiasm and team spirit. Keep up the good work!
Sue Eager

Day 4 - BRN 11A V CRONULLA SHARKS 1 (WIN 41-12)
 Today we got to play in the Stadium. Which is always a bit different. A nice early start, but we weren't cold.
Our Ridgeback girls came out dominating from the first whistle and by the end of the first qrtr. we had a lead
of about 10 goals. Sharks put up some nice parcels of defence at times but our attackers of Ash, Ebony,
Cate and Aly proved to strong and made the breaks time and time again finding space and moving the ball
well. Our defence worked tirelessly to make it very difficult for Sharks to put in passes into their goal circle
and as a result they were only able to notch up 3/4 goals each qrtr, thanks to Jess, Brit, Hannah and Cassie.
The large score margin this week evident of some accurate shooting from Courtney and Cate, who both
racked up too many goals each to count and probably had stats as good as Cath Cox this week. It always
helps when your team-mates work hard to get you the ball knowing that they have confidence in their shoot-
ers and you can finish off the play. Some notable mentions: Lots of great touches, tips & intercepts from
everyone. Also great chasing of those loose balls, every ball makes a difference. Good solid team effort to-
day by everyone, and the scoreline confirms that. A get well soon: Ash (who still managed a little of the
game despite falling ill).
B. Russo/Manager

Day 4 - 11B3 vs. Connell’s Point (Loss 10 – 12)
An early 8.00am start and our first loss. The chilly morning weather did not dampen the girls enthusiasm. It
was a challenging game with both teams being previously undefeated. Our defence players were quick on
the rebounds allowing the team to quickly move the ball up the court. The teams passes and intercepts were
excellent and by the end of the first half we were winning by one goal. The second half was just as exciting
with both teams scoring goals in the third quarter making it an even 8 all going into the last quarter. The
fourth quarter was really tense with the girls putting in 100% effort right until the last seconds. Unfortunately
we lost by two goals but the girls were still in good spirits and will come back fighting next week. Player of
the match went to Prudence Wilkens-Wheat who was superb in her goal defence position. The encourage-
ment award went to Jessica Cornford who was excellent as centre. Well done girls.
Julie and Jade

Day 4 -12 A Ridgebacks v Gymea (2) WIN 42 – 15
Today we played in the stadium, which is always nice. No crowds and no sun in your eyes. The girls played
very well with fast passes, good intercepts and accurate shooting. Gymea 2 were really no match for the
Ridgies and were outshone from the first couple of minutes. At the end of the first quarter we were ahead 15
– 2 and continued the game always with a good lead. Gymea did give us some interesting entertainment in
the second quarter, passing the ball to and fro under the goalpost, attempting to get that perfect position to
shoot. For a minute there I wasn’t sure if I was watching netball or Hot Potato, Hot Potato. (Now, now).
Excellent game girls and that’s our third win with the score being in the 40”s.
Anne and Alana

                                 Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

Day 4 - 13A's v Jannali :) W- 38 - 15
We woke early this week for a lovely and warm (yer right) 8 am game. Our opponents this week were Jannali.
This week Eliza was getting a tan in Fiji so we borrowed Alyssa Clark from the 12A's. We came out firing to-
day! Breaking their centre passes and making it count with some lovely shots. Our shooters this week, Emily
and Alyssa were on fire! Mon was dominating the court all over and after a tough (and deliberate) fall she
was determined to get her revenge (which she did by getting some intercepts). Jamie had a good, strong
game helping the shooters and even the defences! Little Sian, don't be fooled by her appearance! Sian was
everywhere on the court today, shes fantastic and got a lot of brilliant intercepts. Mel and Maddi were also
incredible! They made sure that those shots went everywhere but the ring. So overall today girls we had a
great game. We did have a bit of a brain snap in the 2nd quarter but we kept our heads held high and really
dominated the court. Thanks Alyssa Clark for helping us out today you did a great job and fit into our team
quite nicely. Good luck with your own games and your Rep games :P. Well done today girls! Don't get too
relaxed though. Next week is revenge week. Time to get Gymea back for the flogging they gave us first time
we played them! Maddi (the one who got death stares from the opposition for being a proud (and might I say
loud) RIDGIE!! ;)

Day 4 - 13C1 Ridgebacks 4v Menai Hawks Lost 17-15
The girls were slow to start with the first few goals scored by Menai. By the end of the first quarter our team
were drawing closer with the score standing at 5 for Menai and 4 for Ridgebacks. Our coach Sara put some
girls into new positions today as we need more flexibility with playing positions. The girls handled this well
but the second quarter saw Menai surge ahead with the half time score at 12-7 Menai’s way. However our
defenders kept trying to intercept whilst the attack players were busy looking for any opportunities. With
these tactics Menai could only manage to score another 5 goals to our 8 in the second half. Well played
girls!! Coach -Sara Eriksson: Manager - Karen Hamilton

Day 4 - 15A2 Ridgebacks v Bosco Win 23-19
Wow, what a game. A real nail biter. Bosco came out firing and we soon found ourselves down by a few
goals in the first quarter. Our passes let us down as we tried to catch up. After settling down, our shooters
Amanda and Kaylee did a great job and got us to within three goals by the end of the second quarter.Caitlin
came out firing in the third quarter and made some great goals. Broady, Harley, and Ashleigh did lots of run-
ning around to get the ball up the Court quickly to them and past Bosco's very tall goal keeper! As our confi-
dence grew, so did our lead. Brooke, Chelsea and Rachel played hard and strong in defence to eventually
shut Bosco down with their shooting. Early in the fourth quarter we were up and extended our lead for a nar-
row but hard earned win. Well done to the girls for a fabulous game.
Brooke Giffen
Day 4 - 15B2’s is as follows: Score 29 – 20 (Played Thistles)
A well earned win today girls. Very much a team effort with everyone playing well and contributing. Our gen-
eral court play is improving every week with lots of space being created on the court. Our consistency was
also much better this week allowing us to finish strong in the 4th quarter (unlike last week !). Well done girls.
Vicki Johnson – Coach
DAY 4 - 15B2 V THISTLES 2 (WIN) 29-20
Another good game today, with Em absent off being a NRL cheerleader, I have picked a few parents brains
to get this match report. Some dependable defence work again this week by our team of Jo and Rachel who
both got loads of tips. Elly in goal attack had a blinder, coming out mid-court offering that support and pump-
ing those little legs to make it all the way back to the shooting spot, all this combined with great shooting.
Amanda also potting her fair share of goals helped the scoreline as well, these two just click. Liz was consis-
tent mid court with passes and support. Kell, who always works hard, did the same this game in C. Great to
have Jordyn back doing her thing, keep up that great pressure, forcing the other team to make mistakes and
gaining a few great possessions. Coaches, you've got to be happy with today. Keep working hard girls - it's
coming together.
B. Russo/Team Manager
Day 4 - 15c1
It was a sensational morning for netball.The Ridgebacks started well and were in touch with Gymea for the
first two quarters even though some of the team were not playing in the preferred positions. However, Gy-
mea's defense was very strong and the pressure saw the Ridgey's passing deteriorate. By the third and
fourth quarters Gymea were getting a lot more opportunities to shoot and converting those opportunities into
points. The Ridgey's although still trying hard started to look tired and defeated. Congratulations to Gymea 7
but I am sure the Ridgey's will come back next time.
Kim Brissenden
                                Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

                                    REPORTS - DAY 5
Day 5 - 8 Blaxland Vs Gymea 4 Won 6-0
On a day more suited to flying kites rather than playing netball our little team of champions blew on to the
court this time ready to play Gymea. From the start the girls took control of the game and with some clean,
crisp passing and good all round team play the Little Ridgies found themselves up by 2 goals at the end of
the 1st quarter. Into the 2nd quarter, and the girls continued on their merry way. Kaela (C) and Adrianna
(WA) were combining well in the centre as they fed the ball up to Emily (GS) & Maddy (GA) who were out-
playing the Gymea defence & who together were making some nice shots at goal. While at the back Caitlyn
(WD), Lucia (GD) & Amelia (GK) were continually frustrating the Gymea attack and together they managed to
keep them scoreless for the entire half which was a great effort. The 3rd quarter saw Gymea come out
strongly and the Little Ridgies suddenly found themselves in a ding dong battle with the ball moving quickly
from one end of the court to the other. Despite some sustained pressure from their opponents the girls com-
bined well as a team to keep them scoreless and their efforts were rewarded when Caitlyn (GA) managed to
score a nice goal just before the break. And so into the final quarter we went with a healthy lead of 5-0. The
game may have been all but over but the Little Ridgies weren’t ready to rest on the laurels just yet and they
continued to fight, wrestle and dive on any loose ball that came their way. Emily (WD) Adrianna (GK) &
Kaela (GD) continued to keep the Gymea attack scoreless while Maddy in the Middle and Amelia (WA) took
control of the centre and their determination & effort were finally rewarded when they got the ball to Lucia
(GS) and Caitlyn (GA) who combined brilliantly to score the goal of the match just as the final siren
sounded!!! Congratulations girls on another great team effort you all played exceptionally well and once again
we were all very proud of you! Signed ..............The Happy Dragon

Day 5 – U8s Ridgebacks v St Josephs – (Draw 2 – 2)
What a fantastic game girls! A windstorm couldn’t even slow our girls down today. Talking of storm, Jess
took the wind from under St Joseph’s feet as she effortlessly zipped around the court in her “C” position. Ra-
chel in “GD” made it difficult for St Josephs to get a shot at goal then moving onto “WA” where she once
again skilfully outwitted the defence with her clever play. Our two score bearers, Bella and Teagan placed
the ball in the hoop enabling us to draw the game. From one end of the court to the other was Riahn playing
“GD” and “GK”, intercepting the ball and passing well to our players. Even a hard fall did not stop our “Player
of the Match” Melody in her position of “GA” regaining possession of the ball many times throughout the
game. Danielle did a wonderful job in “GS” and “C”, her hunger for the ball obvious. Despite a strong “WD”,
Ella as “WA” proved to be a true contender, her match play being a stand out. Samantha continued her con-
sistency as a true team player never faltering in finding a gap down the court. Well done girls! Fiona

 It was a very windy day for our girls but this didn't deter them. A great start to the game!
There was great passing and team work by the girls and a terrific intercept by Sarah to start. Nice passing by
Ellie and stayed with her opponent throughout the game Fantastic intercepting by Jessica to stop opposition
from getting goals. Elise was very focused but fell on her knees but bravely continued on. Faith stuck to her
player like glue and Piper had her eye on the goal from the start which she got in with no trouble! Another
great pass by Kirsty and fantastic defending and rebounds by Kayla in the second half. The wind was picking
up, dirt in the girls eyes but they all continued to play and awsome game. Annelise was always there at the
right time and having fun at the same time. What an amazing goal by Piper - hit the post and went straight in
the net and another goal followed by Kirsty (the girls were in fine form) Terrific team work by all, wonderful
defending and attaking and loads of intercepts. We had our first win and were all so proud of the girls. Keep it

Day 5 - 9 Banks V Gymea Won 16 -13
Captains Log : Sat Game 5 10.30 Eastern Standard Shire Time
Operating Conditions: It was so windy that Sam, Danielle’s’ 3 legged Poodle, was being blown around in
circles. Luckily, the girls showed no sign of being distracted by all the tumultuous events of the week ie the
Matt Johns debacle, the Federal Budget and the controversial disallowing of a match-winning try in the
Saints/Bulldogs game. Their warm up session, under the direction of coach Jodie, was the best I have seen
The first half Gymea came out so hard in the first quarter. Without the efforts of our gun new recruit, Kiana,
who was in GK, the score might have been 10-0 at quarter time, rather than the 5 – 0 that it was.
Half way through the 2nd quarter it was Georgia who drew first blood and put us on the score sheet followed
quickly by Suzy. The centre court was so well controlled by Adalynn that we were only out scored by 2 goals
in this quarter. Coach Jodie started to worry when Bethany, who was doing so well as GD, had to come off
due to injury, however, Renee was quickly put into the GD spot and the team quickly re-gelled . Continued..

                                 Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

Half Time: Down 11- 4 but who said that threatening violence to 8 years olds does not work !!!!!!!
The second half: Coach Jodie placed Allison in GD for the 3rd quarter and this helped to keep Gymea
scoreless for the whole quarter We on the other hand, score 5 unanswered goals this quarter and were on
the road to a comeback. In the 4th quarter the pressure began to mount. With the score reaching 11 all. This
pressure was written allover Sarah’s face as she knew her job was to stop Gymeas from scoring any more
goals. The atmosphere became tense with coach Jodie pacing the sideline and the 3 legged dog looking for
a tree to pee. As our lead began to increase we were treated to the voice of Nancy( the netball lady), over
the PA system, screaming at the kids to “get out of the tree”. Then we heard it. The full time hooter at last.
We had staged a mighty comeback and won the game 16 – 13.
Written by Captain “Paul” Kirk

Day 5 - 10A's v Sharks Win 23-11
 I think we learnt a lesson from our last game in that no games are easy and the girls went into this game with
a much better attitude. Even though a little on the windy side, we managed to get off to a good start, scoring
the first goal in the game - I think this is a first. Shruti had a fantastic game at goal keeper, with many crucial
intercepts and worked the ball well out of the defence end. Maddi, who worked well with Shruti, had another
good game, with lots of intercepts in defence. Teagan, our "Miss Versatile", had a strong game at WD, be-
fore shooting some great goals in the second half. Jess was as strong as ever, feeding the ball nicely into
the shooters and working hard in defence. Tilly started at WA and switched to WD in the second half. Took
some nice intercepts and with a few more games in the attack end, should improve. Tannah played the sec-
ond half at WA and was her usual determined self. Fed the circle well and worked hard in defence. Teah
played half a game at GA, a position she has not played a lot of this year. She worked well in attack and with
a bit more confidence in her shots, will definitely improve. Brooke played a strong game in the circle and
worked hard when at goal attack in the second half. Stepping, which was an issue in previous games, has
certainly improved. Now we need to work on our passes!!! A much improved effort from last week. Keep
working hard at training, because the way you train is the way you play. Well done girls. Maxine Brannelly

Day 5 - 10B1 v Jannali 12 - 8 WIN
It was a warm and windy morning and our concern was how our shooters were going to get the goals in with
all the wind. The first half Jannali mainly dominated the game and were pushing hard, our girls just couldn't
get their rhythm. In the second half our girls picked up their game and played a much stronger game. They
managed to keep the lead and ultimately win the game, all the girls put in a great effort.
Player of the match Olivia N. - Vera

Day 5 - 11A BRN v CRONULLA RSL 1 (win) 10-17
We were expecting a cracker of a game today, as this was the Grand Final Replay from 2008. However the
wind and terrible conditions hampered both teams efforts and it was a little lack luster. The skillful display we
were expecting just didn’t happen. First qrtr. saw both teams going for it goal for goal. Cronulla RSL putting
together some great parcels of play and their passing was consistent. However BRN were that little bit
stronger with the goal success’ and this was the edge, despite RSL having many more attempts but not being
able to consolidate. All girls played well together, and some great intercepts again this week from our de-
fense team of Hannah, Brit, Jess. Ebony and Aly supported Ash in C. extremely well to move the ball out of
the middle 1/3. At times our girls found the windy conditions a bit much and our passes definitely suffered.
Good consistent work from both shooters, Court & Cate who managed to find the hoop well enough to put a 7
goal difference on RSL in the end. Keep on your toes, we meet them again in Round 2, and we will not be
letting our guard down. B. Russo/Team Manager.

Day 5 – 11B3 vs. Fatima (loss 8 – 11)
The wind was blowing and we knew we were in for a tough game. We started out with an injury before the
game even started with Eloise hurting her wrist during the warm up. We started the game really strongly with
Jessica (C), Jade (WA) Mikaela (GA) and Cassidy (GS) working well together. Charlee stepped in as GD
when Eloise had to come off due to her injury. Our defence was strong with Brittany (WD), Kristi-Lyn (GK)
and Charlee (GD) working well to get the ball back. Charlee was excellent with her intercepts, timing them
just perfectly and preventing the other team from scoring. At the end of the first quarter we were 3 – 1 up.
The second quarter was just as exciting with the girls still playing strongly in both defence and attack. At half
time we were winning by 1 goal. Half time saw a change of positions. The wind was still blowing strong mak-
ing some of the passes and shooting really challenging for the girls but we were still 8 – 6 up after the third
quarter. Fatima came out strong in the last quarter and despite our best efforts managed to score 5 goals
making the final score 8- 11. The player of the match went to Charlee for her excellent GD and GA and en-
couragement went to Mikaela. Well done girls.
Julie and Jade

                                 Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

It was a very cold windy day. Our shooters Keely, Lauren and Olivia had a hard job ahead getting as many
goals in as they did. Ciana, Sam and Lizzie working in the centre third did some great intercepts while Ame-
lia, Sarah and myself ( Tiarne ) were getting the rebounds. We all tried out best and hopefully will have better
luck next week.! Tiarne

Day 5 - 13A's v Gymea :( 36-27
An extremely windy day, Maddison was home on the lounge sick so Tara Anders filled in for us. The girls
showed their team spirit and Mon volunteered to fill in at GD. Step up she did, every single player wearing
the BRN uniform stepped up and we took it to them. We were winning at half time something Gymea didn't
expect. They have 2 Rep defences and we scored more against them than any other team (apart from
Sharks, derr). Emily and Eliza played like they had radars on each other popping balls everywhere and the
other one picking it up. Jamie had a pearler as C, she is playing some fantastic consistent netball. Tara filled
in beautifully as WA and even took a dive for the team, lots of bark off her belly and arm to show the battle of
13A's but she didn't back off. Sian is making WD her own, she is stopping the C passes, getting tips and in-
tercepts and today made their GA work hard just to get into the circle, pity sometimes she took you with her.
Mel and Mon had a battle on their hands with 2 shooters who move well in little space. Mon got some great
intercepts, and Mel got some great tips. We need to work on the fitness and concentrate on the 3rd quarter.
Karen wasn't with us today but she is proud of the result. Although the score said we lost by 9 it was a much
closer game.
Cath Reynolds.

Day 5 - 13C1 v Jannali 3 Win 23 - 6
A windy morning made it difficult to land goals but never the less our girls were able to score 23. The first
quarter was all ours with Jannali not able to get in a goal. The good defence of Elise, Alison and Victoria en-
abled Meagan and Lauren to be the only scorers. During the second half Jannali tried to come back but were
foiled by intercepts from Ashley and Victoria, Sarah had some very close attempts at shooting but the wind
was not on her side. Third quarter saw us begin to make mistakes, there were some bad passes enabling
Jannali to score but Emma and Meagan held our lead. The fourth quarter saw us back in form with excellent
play between Sarah and Ashley, getting that ball to Meagan and Lauren as well as great defence by Emma
and Alison. Good game girls, great team work.

Day 5 - 15A2 Barden Ridge 21 V Eagles 18
It was very even the whole game. The wind made shooting difficult and passes had to be short and fast. We
started a bit slow in the 1st quarter but a good second quarter saw us at 10 all. Despite losing Cayleigh to a
heavy fall, we found ourselves to be up by 2 at three quarter time. The girls really did well in the last quarter
to bring us home by 3. Fantastic effort girls, it was a nail-biting game that we managed to come through in.
Great intercepts by the girls and the footwork at training really paid off. Huge team effort! J

Day 5 - 15B2 V HOLY FAM 2 (Lost) 27-23
Another very close game today, and with only a 4 goal difference in the end, this shows you just how close
this game was all the way through, the lead swung our way and then theirs. Today we met another well
drilled Holy Fam. team. Some great parcels of play by BRN throughout the game was just not enough to get
the edge. Jo in Shooter today, did really well. Amanda was using her “split” to her advantage. Liz worked
tirelessly on the Wing offering consistent support to our shooters. Em was all over the place in WD and doing
her v. best to annoy her opponent, I think this is the most penalties Em has recvd. In a game thus far! Elly
did very well again, in both ends and copped a ball to her fingers and was replaced last qrtr by Rachel. Ra-
chel despite having a really good opponent (prob. Holy Fam strongest player) on her for most of match was
able to get out and had some great catches just when it mattered. Kelly, flys a bit under the radar, like the
“little engine that could” she runs around, chases and passes all game without complaint! On ya Kell… Jor-
dyn was all over her player in GK and stopped heaps of attempts into Holy Fam. Circle. All in all a good con-
sistent game, they were just that little bit better on the day, but I reckon we’ll get them next time.
B. Russo/Team Manager

                                 Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

Day 5 - 15C2 v Heathcote WIN WIN WIN – 25 – 14 Yay.
On an extremely windy day that threw our shooters stats out the window, we fronted for our 8am game
against Heathcote with all 7 players this week. I was able to be there to watch as I started work later and I
really enjoyed seeing you get the win. Last week we played two short – and thank you so very much to the
13B2 players who helped us out to secure another win last week. With such blustery conditions it is always
hard to maintain control of a game without balls being taken 10 metres further than they should have ended
up, so there was many a chased ball down the court. You fill in coach for the day, Jenny geared you all up to
use short, sharp passes so the ones that got away with the wind were minimal. Our mid court players were
making great breaks all game and getting it down to our shooters. Kalisha played strongly as our centre,
teaming well with Renee, Breanne and Natalie. Carly was on the fly to get to the ball too many times to count
and like the ‘terrier’ that she sometimes is, would not let a ‘challenged’ ball go to our opposition. She worked
well on the wing and as a defender. Tamara had her work cut out for her but was relentless with the rebound
and getting it back out of the circle – good job Tamara. Abby had a strong opponent for the last two quarters,
but to her credit, despite being frustrated, she continued to play ‘her’ game and potted some great shots.
We were all over them from the get go despite some fiery and testing times throughout the game.
On another note, so sorry Coach Vince could not make it today – dreaded car problems. I hope the girls took
on board what Durri told them today and make a 100% effort for each other, for yourselves and for your
Coach who puts in 100% for each and every one of you. I know I, as a much more absent parent this year
appreciate the work and effort he puts in for you girls. I hope you appreciate him. He deserves it!!
Keep improving girls. Good game. Di Flecknoe.

TEAM & GRADE UNKNOWN - Ridgebacks V’S Sharks (Loss 13 - 16) ?
Disappointing result to what was an exciting game played under extreme windy conditions .We were out-
played in the first quarter the sharks jumping to the lead 5-1. The fact that a lot of our passes went straight
to the opposition didn’t help. To our credit we fought back in the second half scoring 7 to their 1 making us
leaders 8-6. The second half of the game was a real battle seeing the leadership change several times.
Unfortunately the sharks got the better of us and skipped to the lead winning 16-13.
This game was certainly within our grasp and we should have won today. At times we played brilliantly, es-
pecially in the second quarter, but there were many occasions we looked tired and frustrated and with that
came the mistakes. Emma and Sarah played extremely well under feral conditions, Well done! Jessica,
who was one of our better players today, teams up well with Rhiain in GA and GD swapping position and
complementing each others game. Brooke as usually gives 150%. We certainly missed Lucy today and
hope she is recovering quickly and that she will be back soon.

    Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years

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Barden Ridgebacks Netball Club: 2000 - 2009 - Celebrating 10 years


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