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PLP application form - LSE


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									               LSE Public Lecture Programme Application Information & Form


   The Public Lecture Programme (PLP) is a series of lectures that usually take place on Monday –
    Thursday evenings in term time in the LSE’s largest venues (Old Theatre, Sheikh Zayed Theatre,
    New Theatre, Hong Kong Theatre)
   They are advertised through the event leaflet, posters around LSE campus, LSE events website
    and via email to our large subscription list.
   The majority of events consist of a talk given by a main speaker (introduced by a chairperson),
    followed by a question and answer session involving questions from the audience. Although this
    has been the general format for lectures, there are alternative formats and variations can be
   The stage set up is flexible according to the specific requirements of the event and will include a
    covered table for the speaker/s and chairperson, with microphones, lectern with microphone, and
    any AV equipment (eg PowerPoint) that may be required by the speaker.
   Stewards are provided to help seat the guests, control the doors and provide general customer
    service on the night and most importantly ensure the health and safety of those attending the
    event. They also hand round the radio mics if questions are taken from the audience.
   If the audience is expected to exceed the venue capacity then the Conference office can advise
    on the option of ticketing an event and/or availability of a videolink.

Purpose of PLP

The PLP is a key part of the ‘public face’ of LSE. The purpose is to position LSE at the centre of
debate in all areas of the social sciences. LSE research is relevant to the real world, rather than an
‘’ivory tower’’ and these lectures aim to enhance the School’s reputation for intellectual, challenging
ideas and discussion with a broader public audience.

Factors to be taken into account when assessing an event for inclusion in the programme:

       Potential PR benefit to the School (eg articles in national press, prestige connections with
        speakers, event for ‘hosting’ of particular guests)
       Would the event help to develop the brand of the School Public Lecture Programme?
       Who would attend & popularity of the event
       Cost

Departmental Contribution

There has been a substantial increase in the number of events that are taken on as part of the PLP.
The Conference office wish to assist as many departments as possible with their public event/s and
therefore your department will be asked to contribute towards the overall costs. The amount will
vary depending on venue, ticketing arrangements and any other factors, and is approximately
65% of the actual costs incurred by our office.

Please note that any security costs incurred, due to the high profile/controversial nature of a
speaker/event, will be passed in full to the department organizing the event. For all events we
are required to discuss with you the security risks, and to advise whether a security presence will be

Cancellation of Events

Once accepted onto the PLP programme, any events which are cancelled would be subject to a
cancellation charge. This is to cover the costs already incurred by our office in the organization of
the event, and also to cover the cost of a steward on the night to inform any audience members who
do turn up.
The charge would be 10% of the full costs for events cancelled after having been advertised in the
Events Leaflet and before the Departmental Checklist is sent (2 weeks before the event), or 20% if
cancelled after this point (less than 2 weeks before the event).

Benefits to the department

   Use of the brand
   Administrative support
   On the day support
   Maximising publicity/advertising

Admin support (including)

       book correct sized venue (space dependent)
       liaise with the AV dept and organise correct AV equipment for the event
       produce and distribute tickets if the event is ticketed

On the day support

       provide stewards
       provide LSE branding in the form of LSE pop up stands, LSE tablecloth, lectern logo and
        PowerPoint slides which can include departmental logos (and any outside organizations
        involved in the event)
       organize stage set up including water, pad and pen for the speaker and chair & AV equipment
       arrange any reserved seating for any special invited guests
       member of events team briefs stewards and is on campus until the end of the event


       Place event on LSE Events Website
        Lectures in the PLP are listed on the events website, our prime vehicle for events promotion
        and information. The LSE events web page can have as many as 40,000 hits a month. If
        your event is taken on as part of the PLP then we will automatically put it on the
        website. However anyone can advertise any event onto the website by simply filling out the
        form on the following web page: www.lse.ac.uk/events/Submit_an_Event.htm

       Listing in LSE Events Programme
        Each term we produce 34,000 event programmes. We send these out prior to the start of
        each term:
             approx. 9,000 go to people on the events mailing list
             14 000 are distributed through ''London Calling'' to display points in corporate
                institutions, embassies, think tanks and banks all over the capital
             the remaining 12 000 are distributed on the LSE campus.

        In order to have your event publicised in the programme you will need to supply the LSE
        press office (tel: 020 7955 7060 or email: pressoffice@lse.ac.uk) with the following
             title
             speakers & chairpersons names
             date and venue
             picture of speaker (preferably high-res 300dpi - no internet versions as normally not
                 high enough quality)
             a short blurb about the lecture (about 50 words)
             a one/two line biog of the speaker
           The dates for submission for future event leaflets are as follows:

           Michaelmas Term 2011                  Thursday 4 August 2011
           Lent Term 2012                        Thursday 3 November 2011

          Email subscription
           Regular email updates about forthcoming events are sent out to our email subscription list of
           over 30,000 contacts.

          Phone line
           During office hours phone calls with enquiries are dealt with by the Conference Office.
           Outside of office hours, there is a short message updated weekly, detailing current weeks
           events, followed by an opportunity to leave a message. Messages are checked daily.

          Other
           Posters of all PLP events are produced and displayed around LSE
           Events are advertised on the plasma screens in all the main LSE buildings (please note the
           main reception staff manage the plasma screens).

   Additional Publicity/Advertising within Press Office:

   The Press Office send listings to the following publications:
       THES
       Prospect
       Advanced media Information
       Future Events News
       Press Association
       Foresight
       PR Newswire Europe

   Once you have submitted your form – what happens next?

          The Conference office will confirm receipt of your form and will normally advise you if your
           application has been successful the week following the deadline date.
          If your application has been successful we will ask for a contribution towards the
           overall costs of your event. This allows our office to assist as many departments as
          If accepted, the next step is to arrange a meeting to discuss the details of your event.
          If we are unable to include your event in the PLP then the event can still take place as a
           departmental event. The Conference office can assist with certain aspects such as
           organising stewards etc. at cost. Further information can be located at
           www.lse.ac.uk/conferenceandeventsoffice or contact Louise Gaskell: ext 5204 or email
           conferences@lse.ac.uk for further information. Please note, due to the numbers of events
           now organized at LSE, we are unlikely to take on event in venues for less than 200.

   Deadline for PLP Applications

Term                                Deadline for Conference Office      Deadline for information to
                                    PLP Application                     Press Office for events leaflet
Michaelmas Term 2011                Tuesday 2 August 2011               Thursday 4 August 2011
Lent Term 2012                      Tuesday 1 November 2011             Thursday 3 November 2011
             Public Lecture Application form

    Your answers to the following questions will help us make a decision on whether we are able to
    include your event in the Schools Public Lecture Programme.

    Please fill out and return the form, supplying as much information as possible.

    E-mail: conferences@lse.ac.uk (preferable)
    Or Fax: 020 7955 6272; Internal mail: Conference and Events Office, AH300 (Aldwych House)

      Contact Information

LSE Contact for this event
Email & phone number

    Main Event Information

Speaker’s position/title
Title (or general theme if not
Event Banner
Subjects to be covered
Confirmed Venue
Confirmed/Requested Date(s)
Preferred Start Time
Approx. length of lecture
Expected audience size

    Other Event Information Required

Will there be booksales at the event? Is the
event a book launch?
Who do you think this lecture will appeal to?
Will there be press interest?
Would you/your dept. carry out any publicity of
your own?
Do you have a departmental mailing list? (An
email list is preferable)
Do you think the speaker may carry a security

    Catering Information

Will you be hosting a reception and/or dinner?
If yes, who will be coordinating this?
If yes to a reception – will it be invite only or
open to all attendees?
Who will be paying for the catering?
Please advise the venue if being hosted at LSE

Do you have any departmental funds to meet
the costs of the lecture?
If yes, please provide details

Will your department cover travel expenses etc
for the speaker(s)?
Do you see any opportunities for sponsorship?
If yes, please give details

Is there anything else we need to know in
evaluating your bid?

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