Recreational Fishing Regulations by pengxuebo

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									 4         liCenses

 7         General fishinG information
General Regulations........................................................................7
Proper Care for Your Catch.............................................................8
Measuring Fish...............................................................................8
Methods of Take..............................................................................9
                                                                                                             louisiana department
Additional Gear Restrictions.........................................................10                      of Wildlife & fisheries
Recreational Crawfishing..............................................................11                              P.O. Box 98000
Saltwater/Freshwater Line............................................................12                              2000 Quail Drive
                                                                                                                  Baton Rouge, LA 70898
 13        definitions                                                                                                 225-765-2800
                                                                                                             Bobby Jindal, Governor
 15        freshWater fishinG
                                                                                                           Robert J. Barham, Secretary
                                                                                                            Lois Azzarello, Undersecretary
 19        saltWater fishinG                                                                              Jimmy Anthony, Assistant Secretary
                                                                                                           Randy Pausina, Assistant Secretary
 23        other reCreational aCtivities                                                                John Roussel, Deputy Assistant Secretary
Recreational Shrimping.................................................................23
Recreational Crabbing..................................................................24
                                                                                                            division administrators
                                                                                                               Kenneth Ribbeck, Wildlife
Recreational Oystering.................................................................25
                                                                                                        Bob Love, Coastal & Non-game Resources
Reptiles & Amphibians..................................................................26
                                                                                                                 Joe Shepard, Fisheries
 27        Wma & refuGe reGulations                                                                           Winton Vidrine, Enforcement

                                                                                                              Wildlife and fisheries
 29        BoatinG information                                                                                    Commission
Boating Safety...............................................................................29                 Stephen J. Oats, Chairman
Rules of the Road..........................................................................30                       Patrick C. Morrow
Clean Vessel Act Program.............................................................31                            Stephen W. Sagrera
Voluntary Gulf of Mexico Communications Protocol..................32                                                 Ronald Graham
                                                                                                                    Michael C. Voisin
 33        fish Consumption advisories                                                                                Ann L. Taylor
                                                                                                                     Billy Broussard
This publication is not an official copy of the laws in effect and should not be utilized                   For updated information and the
or relied upon as such. It does represent an attempt by the publisher to present, as a                     latest regulations visit us online at
public service, a partial summary of some of the laws in effect at the time of the printing
of this publication. Substantive changes to the law may very well occur following the                   
printing of this publication. For these reasons, the accuracy of the information contained
within this publication cannot be guaranteed and the reader is cautioned that it is his                                   Cover photo:
responsibility to apprise himself of the laws in effect at any given time. These laws                   Nick Pellegrin, Houma, La., and his nephew Brady
include those contained within the Louisiana Revised Statutes, particularly Title 56, the                Bourgoyne, age 7, reeled in this hefty redfish in
official regulations of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission, federal laws, and
                                                                                                             Grand Isle during the summer of 2010.
any local or parish ordinances. State laws can be viewed on the legislative website: www.
Fishing regulations on state Wildlife Management Areas and Refuges may differ
from those contained in this pamphlet. Consult the Wildlife Management Area
                                                                                                                   Help Stop
Regulations portion of this pamphlet or contact the nearest Department office for
WMA regulations.
                                                                                                             RepoRt Game Violations
This public document was published at a total cost of $ 18,430. 300,000 copies of this public docu-
ment were published in the first printing at a cost of $ 18,430. This document was published by the
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, 2000 Quail Drive, Baton Rouge, LA to inform
                                                                                                                  Operation Game Thief
Louisiana residents and non-residents as to the rules and regulations governing the fishing resources                1-800-442-2511
of the State of Louisiana. This material was printed in accordance with the standards for printing by
state agencies established pursuant to R.S. 43:31. Printing of this material was purchased in accor-          24 hours a day - 7 days a week
dance with the provisions of Title 43 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.
liCenses               Resident RecReational FishinG Fees
           Hook and Line (cane pole)                       $2.50                                          Recreational Fishing and
           Basic Fishing                                   $9.50                                        Hunting licenses may be pur-
           Saltwater License (Basic Fishing required)      $5.50
                                                                                                         chased by phone toll-free at
           Senior Fish/Hunt 1
                                                                                                         1-888-765-2602 or online at
           Charter Passenger License (3-day) 2             $5.00
                                                                                                        Methods of payment are Visa
           LA Sportsman's Paradise License    3
                                                                                                               or MasterCard.
           LA Disabled Basic Fishing  4
                                                                                                        An authorization number for
           LA Disabled Saltwater  4
                                                                                                        immediate use will be provid-
                 non-Resident (nR) RecReational FishinG Fees
                                                                                                        ed and licenses will be mailed
           Basic Fishing Season                          $60.00                                           to each licensee. A conve-
           Basic Fish Trip - 1 day                        $5.00                                             nience fee is assessed.
           Saltwater Season (Basic Fishing required)                                $30.00
           Saltwater Trip - 1 day 5                                                 $17.50              1
                                                                                                           Senior Fish/Hunt License: Any resident
           Charter Passenger (3-day)      2
                                                                                     $5.00              who turned 60 years of age on or after June 1,
                                                                                                        2000 must obtain a senior fishing/hunting
           Charter Skiff (3-day) 6                                                  $30.00              license to hunt or fish. This license is in lieu of
           NR Student Basic Fishing 8                                                $9.50              basic and saltwater fishing, basic hunting, big
                                                                                                        game, bow, primitive firearms, LA duck
           NR Student Saltwater Fishing (Basic Fishing required) 8                   $5.50              license, turkey stamp and WMA hunting per-
                      militaRy RecReational FishinG Fees                                                mit. It does not include special gear such as
                                                                                                        trawls, crab traps, crawfish traps, hoop nets,
           Resident/NR Military Basic Fishing            $9.50                                          etc.
           Resident/NR Military Saltwater                $5.50                                          2
                                                                                                          Persons who fish from a charter vessel in
                                                                                                        saltwater areas of the state, with a licensed
           Resident LA National Guard Fish/Hunt          $50.00                                         guide on board at all times, may possess a
                            RecReational FishinG GeaR Fees                                              Charter Passenger License at a cost of
                                                                                                        $5.00 that is valid for 3 consecutive days.
                                                                                Res.       nR           3
                                                                                                          Sportsman’s Paradise License: Includes
           Crab Traps (limit 10)                                                $15        $60          Basic and Saltwater Fishing, Basic and Big
           Slat Traps (limit 5)                                                 $20        $80          Game Hunting, Bow, Primitive Firearms,
                                                                                                        Turkey, LA Duck and WMA Hunting Permit,
           Trawls - up to 16 feet                                               $25       $100          and all recreational gear licenses (EXCEPT
           Trawls - 16 feet to 25 feet                                          $80       $320          recreational trawls greater than 16 feet in
           Oyster Tong (per tong)                                                $5       $20           4
                                                                                                          LA Disabled Fishing and Saltwater: See
           Crawfish Traps (limit 35)                                            $15       $60           page 6.
           Pipes/Drums (limit 5)                                                $10       $40
                                                                                                          All inclusive. No other license required.
                                                                                                          Non-residents fishing under the direction of
           Cans/Buckets (limit 5)                                               $10       $40           a charter operation in a licensed charter
           Wire Nets (limit 5) 7                                                $20        $80          skiff in saltwater areas of the state may pos-
                                                                                                        sess a non-resident charter skiff 3-day
           Hoop Nets (limit 5) 7                                                $20        $80          license at a cost of $30.00 and shall be valid
                                 liFetime license Fees                                                  for three consecutive days.
                                                                                                          Recreational wire nets and recreational
           Lifetime Fishing - age 5-13                                               $200               hoop nets shall be used only in the geo-
           Lifetime Fishing - age 14 and up                                          $300               graphical areas of the state designated as
                                                                                                        freshwater (see page 12).
           Lifetime Hunt/Fish - age 0-4                                              $200               8
                                                                                                          NR Student: Applies to a nonresident who
           Lifetime Hunt/Fish - age 5-13                                             $300               Is enrolled as a full time student in an
                                                                                                        accredited college or university that has a
           Lifetime Hunt/Fish - age 14 and up                                        $500               physical campus in the state of Louisiana.
           NR Lifetime Hunt/Fish                                                    $3,000              Applicant must provide verification of his
                                                                                                        full-time status on the Department form
           Lifetime Resident Senior Hunt/Fish (60 or older)                           $50               available at Any
                                                                               10 times annual          person fishing under “student license” must
           Lifetime Fishing Gear                                                 fee per gear           have on his person his student I.D. card
                                                                                     type               indicating current full time status.

           Regulations of the U.S. Department of the Interior and U.S. Department of Commerce strictly prohibit unlawful discrimination in depart-
           mental federally assisted programs on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, or handicap. Any person who believes he or she has
  4        been discriminated against in any program, activity, or facility operated by a recipient of federal assistance should write to: Director,
           Office for Equal Opportunity, U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington D.C. 20240.
                                            liCense details

    Licenses are required for all per-     Military licenses are valid only dur-      substitutions) AND ONE OF THE
sons taking or possessing fish.            ing that time when the licensee is on      FOLLOWING:
                                           active duty in the armed forces of         1. Louisiana voter’s registration
RecReational licenses                      the United States. The military identi-        card
     All recreational licenses are valid   fication card or dependent card and        2. Louisiana vehicle registration
from the date of purchase and expire       the appropriate license must be on the     3. Two previous years state tax fil-
on June 30 each year. New year             licensee’s person at all times when he         ing, stamped by Department of
licenses begin selling June 1 each         is engaged in hunting and fishing              Revenue & Taxation.
year. In addition to other bona fide       activities.
residency requirements, a Louisiana             Any Louisiana resident who sub-       RecReational GeaR
driver’s license or Louisiana ID Card      mits proof of his status as a member of    licenses
(LA ID accepted only from persons          the Louisiana National Guard or any             Recreational anglers ages 16 and
who do not drive) issued by the            reserve component of the United            over using any of the recreational
Department of Public Safety is             States armed forces may purchase in        gear must, in addition to their basic
required to purchase resident recre-       lieu of basic and saltwater fishing,       fishing license, purchase the applica-
ational hunting and fishing licenses.      basic hunting, big game, bow, primi-       ble gear license. If fishing in saltwa-
     Persons who obtain resident           tive firearms, LA duck, turkey and         ter areas of the state, a saltwater fish-
licenses when not complying with the       WMA hunting permit, a license for          ing license is also required. Lifetime
bona fide residency requirements as        $50 to fish and hunt in Louisiana.         fishing license holders must also pur-
stated in the definition section (page     Submit completed application with a        chase a gear license to use recre-
13) will be subject to criminal and/or     copy of the applicant’s:                   ational gear.
civil sanctions.                           1. Louisiana drivers license;
     Title 56, Section 302.1.C.(1)         2. military identification card;           exceptions &
requires that all recreational anglers     3. original letter from their com-         exemptions
fishing south of the “saltwater line”           manding officer verifying that             Persons younger than 16 years of
for saltwater species have in their             they are in “good standing” with      age and residents who were born
possession a Louisiana saltwater                the Louisiana National Guard or       prior to June 1, 1940 and have lived
angler’s license IN ADDITION TO a               United States armed forces; and       in the state for two years prior to
basic Louisiana fishing license            4. money order for $50.                    application are not required to obtain
EXCEPT those persons otherwise                                                        the following licenses: Basic and
exempted. (See Exceptions and              Mail to: LDWF, Attention Sports            Saltwater Fishing; Basic Hunting;
Exemptions) All regulations apply          License, P.O. Box 98000, Baton             Big Game; Bow; Primitive Firearms;
regardless of where the fish is taken.     Rouge, LA 70898. The application           LA Duck license or Turkey Stamp.
     A recreational fisherman must         form is available online at:               Persons younger than 18 years of age
purchase and have in possession a or by       are not required to have a WMA hunt-
valid basic recreational fishing license   calling 225-765-2887.                      ing permit. PROOF OF AGE MUST
to possess fish in Louisiana waters or                                                BE CARRIED ON PERSON.
to use the following:                      liFetime licenses
1. Bow and arrow                                Lifetime Licenses are issued in       Texas Reciprocal
2. A barbed or barbless spear              lieu of Basic Fishing, Saltwater           Louisiana resident seniors, 65 years
3. Frog gig/catcher                        Fishing, Basic Hunting, Big Game,          of age and older, that hold a Louisiana
4. Scuba Gear                              Bow, Primitive Firearms, LA Duck,          Fishing license are not required to
5. Hook and Line (trot line)               Turkey and WMA hunting permit.             purchase a Texas non-resident license
6. Cast net with a radius not to                Applications are accepted by          to fish public waters in Texas, but
     exceed 8 ft. 6 in.                    mail or in person at the Baton Rouge       shall comply with Texas law.
7. Rod and Reel                            office only. Allow three weeks pro-             Louisiana resident anglers that
                                           cessing time. Lifetime license appli-      reached age 60 before June 1, 2000
militaRy RecReational                      cations do not authorize hunting or        are required to possess a Louisiana
licenses                                   fishing prior to receipt of the license    fishing license when fishing in Texas,
     Any person who possesses a mili-      document. The original license doc-        except in border waters. Louisiana
tary identification card that signifies    ument must be in licensee’s posses-        residents from 17 to 64 years of age
that he is currently on active duty with   sion to legally hunt or fish. Applicants   are required to purchase a non-resi-
any one of the armed forces of the         are required to have lived in Louisiana    dent fishing license when fishing in
United States, including the National      for the immediate 12 months prior to       Texas, except when fishing in border
Guard, or the spouse or dependent of       making application to qualify for resi-    waters.
such person, may be issued a license       dent rates. Mandatory documents                 Except for the Gulf of Mexico,
for hunting or recreational fishing in     required with completed application        Texas and Louisiana anglers possess-
Louisiana for the same fee as that         are a valid Louisiana driver’s license     ing the necessary resident licenses, or
required of Louisiana residents.           issued a minimum of 12 months (no          those exempted from resident licens-
liCenses   es for their state, are allowed to fish   Permit. To qualify for this license,     the LDWF Baton Rouge office. Once
           the border waters of Louisiana and        apply by mail or in person to the        approved, the license can be obtained
           Texas without purchasing non-resi-        LDWF Baton Rouge office. Once            annually from any license vendor
           dent licenses. Border waters include      approved, the license can be obtained    location. This exemption does not
           Caddo Lake, Toledo Bend Reservoir,        annually from any license vendor         apply to Supplemental Security
           the Sabine River and Sabine Lake.         location. Forms are available at www.    Income (SSI) benefits. Contact
                Texas residents 65 years of age or by con-    Sports License at (225) 765-2887 for
           and older may legally fish Louisiana’s    tacting Sports License at (225) 765-     additional information.
           public waters, both freshwater and        2887 for required forms.                      A resident who is required to use
           saltwater, if they possess valid Texas         A resident applicant who is         one or more artificial limbs or per-
           Resident licenses issued by Texas         totally and permanently disabled         manent braces for mobility or a sin-
           Parks and Wildlife. Texas residents       and receiving federal social securi-     gle amputee, upon identification and
           born before Sept. 1, 1930 must pos-       ty disability benefits must submit a     proof of disability satisfactory to the
           sess Texas Resident Fishing license(s)    current award letter from Social         department, is eligible for fishing and
           when fishing in Louisiana, except in      Security and a valid Louisiana           saltwater licenses at no cost. To qual-
           border waters.                            driver’s license. A resident who         ify for this license, apply by mail or in
                                                     received disability retirement income    person to the LDWF Baton Rouge
           disability licenses                       from a retirement system whose           office. Once approved, the license can
                Resident veterans having a           members are exempt from social           be obtained annually from any license
           permanent service-connected dis-          security pursuant to the Railroad        vendor location.
           ability classification of 50 percent      Retirement Insurance Act (Act 45              As defined in R.S. 47:463.4(E),
           or more and residents who are blind,      U.S.C. 231) or because they are          Mobility impaired persons that are
           paraplegic or multiple amputee shall      employees of the state or a political    bona fide residents of Louisiana, in
           upon identification and proof of dis-     subdivision of the state that has not    possession of valid identification and
           ability satisfactory to the department,   voluntarily agreed to participate in     over 60 years of age may use one
           be issued recreational fishing and        federal social security under 42         legal slat trap and/or one hoop net not
           hunting licenses at no cost. This         U.S.C. 418, may purchase a basic         greater than 18x8 feet, without a
           license is in lieu of Basic and           recreational fishing license for a fee   license, for the purpose of catching
           Saltwater Fishing, Basic Hunting, Big     of $2.50 and a saltwater license for a   catfish for home consumption.
           Game, Bow, Primitive Firearms, LA         fee of $2.50. To qualify for this
           Duck, Turkey and WMA Hunting              license, apply by mail or in person to

  6                                                                                                                         LDWF
                         General fishinG reGulations

                                                                                                                               General information
                                           frog, brown pelican, bald eagle, pere-    and fill out a comment card. We
   enFoRcement oFFices                     grine falcon, whooping crane, Eskimo      would appreciate any comments you
 For specific information, contact         curlew, piping plover, interior least     have to offer.
 your local Wildlife and Fisheries         tern, ivory-billed woodpecker, red-
 Enforcement Office.                       cockaded woodpecker, Bachman’s            ReleasinG Fish
                                           warbler, whales (blue, finback, sei,          Due to the increasing number of
 Baton Rouge        225-765-2999           sperm), West Indian manatee, Florida      species with size and creel limits,
 Minden             318-371-3049           panther, Louisiana black bear, pallid     anglers are required to release many
 Monroe             318-343-2417           sturgeon, Gulf sturgeon, shovelnose       of the fish they catch. If handled
 Alexandria         318-487-5634           sturgeon.                                 properly, released fish have a very
 Lake Charles       337-491-2580                                                     good chance to live, grow and pro-
 Opelousas          337-948-0257           pRohibited species                        vide further opportunities for
 New Iberia         337-373-0032                Possession of these animals is       Louisiana anglers. Proper handling
                                           also prohibited: basking shark, white     techniques include:
 Thibodaux          985-447-0821
                                           shark, bigeye sand tiger shark, sand      1. When angling, do not use a slack
 New Orleans        504-284-2023
                                           tiger shark, whale shark, Atlantic            line. Set the hook immediately.
                                           angel shark, Caribbean sharpnose              This will reduce the chance of
                                           shark, smalltail shark, bignose shark,        getting the hook deeper into the
     The following digest includes a       Caribbean reef shark, dusky shark,            throat or gut, and increase chanc-
summary of assorted statutes con-          Galapagos shark, narrowtooth shark,           es of survival.
tained in Title 56 of the Louisiana        night shark, bigeye sixgill shark, big-   2. If a fish is to be released, do not
Revised Statutes as well as relevant       eye thresher shark, longfin mako,             let the fish become exhausted.
rules and regulations adopted by the       sevengill shark, sixgill shark, small-        Retrieve it quickly.
Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries           tooth sawfish, largetooth sawfish,        3. Do not handle the fish more than
Commission and the Secretary of the        Nassau grouper and Goliath grouper.           absolutely necessary and do not
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.                                                    take it from the water if possible.
The Secretary of the Department of         specially ReGUlated                           Handle with a wet hand, wet
Wildlife and Fisheries is authorized to    aReas                                         towel or wet glove to minimize
implement additional restrictions in             In addition to the general state-       removal of mucus (slime). Use a
emergency situations in order to pro-      wide fishing regulations, state wild-         landing net only when necessary.
tect fish and wildlife resources.          life refuges and wildlife management          Do not let the fish     flop on a
                                           areas, national refuges, and certain          dry deck or beach.
notice to oFFshoRe                         local areas may have special regula-      4. Use one of several tools available
FisheRmen                                  tions or restrictions on fishing. See         to remove the hook from the fish
    Louisiana recreational and com-        “Fishing Regulations on WMAs and              if the hook is visible and not in
mercial anglers fishing offshore           Refuges” in this pamphlet (page 27)           the gills.
beyond the Louisiana boundary are in       or contact the nearest LDWF office        5. Where practical, use barbless
federal waters and are subject to rules    for WMA regulations.                          hooks or flatten down the barb
and regulations that may differ from             For complete requirements               with pliers to make hook removal
those in state waters. To ensure that      regarding the taking of fish in federal       easier.
you are in compliance with federal         waters obtain a “Recreational Fishing     6. A circle hook, used properly
regulations, you should contact the        Regulations for Gulf of Mexico                decreases the chance for deep
Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management          Federal Waters” pamphlet from the             hooking compared to J-style or
Council at 813-348-1630, toll free         Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management             kahle hooks.
1-888-833-1844 (write 2203 Lois            Council (see contact info in previous     7. If the hook is deeply buried, cut
Avenue, Suite 1100, Tampa, FL 33607        section: “Notice to Offshore                  the leader close to the hook.
for informational pamphlet, e-mail:        Fishermen”)                               8. Immediately put the fish back; web-                                                        into the water. If it is sluggish,
page:; or the         cUstomeR seRVice                              gently hold it and move it for-
National Marine Fisheries Service at            We at Louisiana Department of            ward and back to get water mov-
(727) 824-5305.                            Wildlife and Fisheries are interested         ing across the gills.
                                           in providing quality customer service.
thReatened and                             If you would like to voice you com-            Even fish that seem in poor shape
endanGeRed species                         ments or concerns regarding the           have a chance of survival. Treating
     Taking or harassment of any of        Department of Wildlife and Fisheries,     them with care increases that chance.
the following species is a violation of    please fill out a comment card when       By conscientiously working to reduce
state and federal laws: Louisiana          you visit one of our offices located      stress on released fish, all anglers
pearlshell mussel, inflated heelsplitter   throughout the state. You can also go     benefit.
mussel, fat pocketbook mussel, pink        to the customer service portion of
mucket mussel, American burying            LDWF’s web page at: www.wlf.loui-
beetle, sea turtles, gopher tortoise,, click on “About LDWF,”
ringed sawback turtle, dusky gopher        then click on “Customer Service,”                                                           7
General information     proper Care                                      hoW to measure a fish
                         for your                                 Use these guidelines to measure a fish correctly (refer to illustra-
                           CatCh                                  tions):
                                                                  1. Place the fish on its side on a flat board with the jaw closed.
                           Louisiana’s anglers are accus-         2. Total length - Measure in a straight line from the tip of the
                      tomed to abundant catches of bass,              snout to the extreme tip of the tail fin. Adjust the tail by rotating
                      bream, sac-a-lait and various saltwa-           (Example 1) or by squeezing (Example 2) to obtain the maxi-
                      ter fish. A common problem, how-                mum length of the fish. (illustration 1)
                      ever, is improper handling of fish          3. Fork length - Measure in a straight line from the tip of the
                      intended for the table.                         snout to the fork of the tail. (illustration 2)
                           Quickly ice down fish. This            4. Lower jaw fork length - Measure in a straight-line length from
                      sounds elementary, but there are those          the tip of the lower jaw to the fork of the tail. (illustration 3)
                      who get swept up in the thrill of           5. Curved fork length - Measure from the tip of the upper jaw to
                      catching fish and forget this impor-
                      tant step. Fish should be placed on ice
                                                                      fork of tail measured along the contour of the middle of the
                      immediately upon being caught. Be               body. (illustration 4)
                      sure you have ample ice before leav-        6. Carcass length - Measure curve from posterior edge of gill
                      ing the dock.                                   opening to anterior portion of caudal keel. (illustration 4)
                           Take full advantage of your ice.
                      This means pouring the ice out of the
                      bag and making sure there is a layer
                      of ice above and below the fish.
                           Fish placed in an ice/water slurry    illustration 1
                      chill faster than those placed on ice
                      alone. Leave water in your ice chest
                      as long as an adequate amount of ice
                      stays in the water. Water temperatures
                      will stay at or near 32 degrees
                      Fahrenheit and help keep fish cool.
                           Another technique effective in
                      keeping fish fresh on hot days or for
                      extended periods is to gut the fish and
                      pack the body cavities with ice. That
                      chills the fish faster.
                      CAUTION: It is illegal to fillet salt-
                      water finfish before returning to the
                      dock. This means that those with
                      camps in the marshes and swamps
                      must keep their fish intact, though
                      gutting is allowed. For the purpose of
                      consumption at sea aboard the har-
                      vesting vessel, a person shall have no
                      more than two pounds of finfish parts
                                                                                          Example 1. Rotating.
                      per person on board the vessel, pro-
                      vided that the vessel is equipped to
                      cook such finfish and such finfish
                      does not exceed applicable bag limits.
                           Bank and surf anglers often use
                      stringers and live baskets to hold their
                      catch. If using a stringer, put the
                      stringer through the jaw tissue and
                      not the gills.
                           Those using baskets should be
                      aware that overcrowded fish can eas-
                      ily die. Anglers with live wells on
                      their boats also should be aware of
                      this danger.
                           A bit of attention to details will
                      ensure that fish stay fresh longer and
                      taste better when cooked. It may take
                      a few more minutes, but the result
                      will be a more enjoyable and memo-                                 Example 2. Squeezing.
     8                rable trip.
                                                                                                                                General information
illustration 2                                                illustration 3

                         illustration 4

                methods of reCreationally takinG
                  freshWater and saltWater fish
     Freshwater and saltwater rec-          or device capable of producing an          on foot and solely by hand, without
reational fish may be taken by means        electric current used in shocking said     any pulley, mechanical device or
of rod, fishing pole, hook and line,        fish. No person shall take or possess      mechanical assistance whatsoever.
trolling line, handline, bait casting,      recreational fish taken by means of        Dip nets may not exceed three feet in
fly casting apparatus, crawfish nets,       snagging devices, not including bow        diameter and must be operated solely
by use of the devices known as yo-          and arrow. Catfish may be taken by         by hand, by no more than one person
yos or trigger devices, bow and arrow,      means of snagging devices.                 and without any mechanical assis-
recreational hoop nets, recreational        Paddlefish, commonly called spoon-         tance whatsoever.
wire nets, recreational slat traps, stan-   bill catfish, are not catfish and cannot        Bream (Lepomis spp.) may not
dard spearing equipment used by a           be legally harvested by means of           be taken as bait for sportfishing pur-
skin diver sport fishing in saltwater or    snagging. Garfish may be taken by          poses in any form of trap except at
fresh water when submerged in the           means of spears and bows and arrows.       Toledo Bend Reservoir, where a min-
water, recreational pipes, recreational     It shall be unlawful to possess any of     now trap not exceeding 24 inches in
buckets, recreational drums, recre-         the prohibited instruments, weapons,       length and having a throat no larger
ational tires and recreational cans,        substances or devices set out herein-      than one inch by three inches may be
and by no other means except a barb-        above with the intent to take fish.        used to take bream for non-commer-
less spear or a multi-pronged barbed             Minnows, crawfish, shrimp and         cial bait purposes.
gig that may be used in saltwater for       other legal bait species, not including         Silver carp and bighead carp
taking flounder. NOTE: Certain spe-         game fish, may be taken with legal         may also be taken by boats, dip nets,
cies of game fish may not be taken          cast nets, minnow traps, dip nets and      spears and by snagging.
with some gear listed above.                bait seines when taken in compliance            Skin divers fishing for recre-
Crossbows are not a legal method.           with all other laws. Legal bait species    ational purposes in fresh water, when
     No person shall take or possess        may be taken with bait seines with a       submerged in the water and using
fish taken by means of spears, poi-         maximum mesh size not exceeding            standard spearing equipment, any
sons, stupefying substances or devic-       one-quarter inch mesh bar, one-half        person using a bow and arrow or any
es, explosives, guns, tree-topping          inch mesh stretched and thirty feet in     person using or possessing nets or
devices, electricity or any instrument      length. Bait seines must be operated       traps, including recreational hoop              9
General information   nets, recreational slat traps, recre-     over 60 years of age, may use a single    tag, provided by the fisherman, with
                      ational pipes, recreational buckets,      recreational hoop net in any waters       the name and recreational gear license
                      recreational drums, recreational tires    of the state. The net must be no          number of the fisherman legibly print-
                      and recreational cans may not take or     greater than 18 feet by eight feet.       ed on the tag. The minimum mesh
                      possess any game fish as defined in       Catch is restricted to catfish and used   size for the nets used to harvest wild
                      R.S. 56:8 (see definitions) except red    only for home consumption.                crawfish shall be a hexagon of three-
                      drum may be taken for recreational             Recreational wire nets and recre-    quarters by eleven-sixteenths of one
                      purposes using a bow and arrow or by      ational hoop nets shall be used only      inch. This measurement shall be from
                      skin divers using standard spearing       in the geographical areas of the state    wire to wire, and any coating on the
                      equipment while submerged in water.       designated as freshwater (see page        wire shall not be considered in com-
                           Mobility impaired persons, as        12).                                      puting the measurements.
                      defined in R.S. 47:463.4(E), that are          Recreational crawfish traps
                      bona fide residents of Louisiana and      shall be marked with a waterproof

                                              additional Gear restriCtions
                      In addition to the general method of      C. No person who is a nonresident            and any other animal caught or
                      take restrictions, some Louisiana            shall set in the water, use or leave      hooked, shall be immediately
                      waterbodies have specific gear               a yo-yo or trigger device at any          removed from the device.
                      restrictions and are listed below.           time in Caddo Lake.                    D. Each yo-yo or trigger device
                                                                                                             must be rebaited at least once
                      black lake, cleaR lake                    chicot lake                                  every 24 hours.
                      and pRaiRie lake                          Yo-Yo restrictions                        E. When not being used in accor-
                      Yo-Yo restrictions                        A. Fishing with the use of yo-yos or         dance to the above regulations,
                           No yo-yo or trigger device with a        trigger devices shall be permitted       each yo-yo or trigger device shall
                      hook in the water may be left unat-           on Chicot Lake only from Nov. 1          be removed immediately from
                      tended between two hours after offi-          - March 1 of each year.                  Lake D’Arbonne.
                      cial sunrise and one-half hour after      B. Not more than 24 yo-yos or trig-       F. No yo-yo or trigger device shall
                      official sunset. The device will be           ger devices shall be allowed per         be attached to any metallic object.
                      considered unattended if the user can-        boat.
                      not be located and identified within      C. Each yo-yo must be tagged with         Trotline Restrictions
                      the immediate vicinity of the device.         the name of the responsible party,    A. All trotlines must be marked,
                                                                    the registration number of the            tagged, and dated with the owner
                      Hoop nets and wire nets                       boat and the date and time the            or user’s name, address, phone
                          Hoop nets and wire nets must be           yo-yo was set.                            number and the date of place-
                      marked with a waterproof tag with         D. All yo-yos must be attended and            ment. The trotline must be
                      the name and address of the fisher-           re-tagged at least every 48 hours.        marked on each end with a float-
                      man and his fishing license number.                                                     ing object that is readily visible.
                                                                cypRess lake and                          B. No person shall set more than
                      caddo lake                                black bayoU ReseRVoiR,                        three trotlines with a maximum
                      Yo-Yo restrictions                        bossieR paRish                                of 50 hooks per trotline.
                      A. No resident shall have set in the      Hoop nets, wire nets and slat traps       C. All trotlines must be removed
                          water for the taking of recre-        A. Hoop nets, wire nets and slat              from Lake D’Arbonne when not
                          ational or commercial fish in            traps are prohibited from March            in use.
                          Caddo Lake more than 24 yo-yos           1 - Oct. 31 of each year.              D. All trotlines must have an eight
                          or other trigger devices. Each        B. All hoop nets, wire nets and slat          foot cotton leader on each end of
                          yo-yo or other trigger device            traps shall be removed from the            the trotline to insure that if the
                          shall be clearly marked with the         lakes prior to March 1 of each             trotline is left unattended, the cot-
                          name and address of the user.            year.                                      ton leader will deteriorate and the
                      B. No resident shall leave a yo-yo or                                                   line will sink.
                          trigger device unattended in          lake d’aRbonne                            E. All trotlines must be attended
                          Caddo Lake while it is set in the     Yo-Yo restrictions                            daily while in service.
                          water for taking fish, except from    A. No more than 50 yo-yos, or trig-
                          one-half hour after official sunset       ger devices, shall be allowed per     lake laFoURche,
                          to two hours after official sun-          person.                               caldWell paRish
                          rise. A yo-yo or trigger device       B. Each yo-yo, or trigger device,         Yo-Yo restrictions
                          shall be deemed unattended when           shall be clearly tagged with the      A. No more than 50 yo-yos, or trig-
                          the user cannot be immediately            name, address and telephone               ger devices, shall be allowed per
                          located for identification there-         number of the owner or user.              person.
                          with without leaving the location     C. When used, each yo-yo or trigger       B. Each yo-yo, or trigger device,
                          of the yo-yo or trigger device.           device, shall be checked at least         shall be clearly tagged with the
 10                                                                 once every 24 hours, and all fish,        name, address and telephone
                                                                                                              number of the owner or user.
C. When used, each yo-yo or trigger        D. Yo-yos or trigger devices shall be

                                                                                     General information
   device shall be checked at least           attached only to a tree or pier. No
   once every 24 hours, and all fish          materials shall be nailed to a tree,
   and any other animal caught or             and no line shall be attached
   hooked, shall be immediately               from tree to tree for the purpose
   removed from the device.                   of attaching a yo-yo or trigger
D. Each yo-yo or trigger device               device.
   must be rebaited at least once
   every 24 hours.
E. When not being used in accor-
   dance to the above regulations,
   each yo-yo or trigger device shall
   be removed immediately from
   Lake Lafourche.
F. No yo-yo or trigger device shall
   be attached to any metallic

Trotline Restrictions
A. All trotlines must be marked,
    tagged, and dated with the owner
    or user’s name, address, phone
    number and the date of place-
    ment. The trotline must be
    marked on each end with a float-
    ing object that is readily visible.
B. No person shall set more than
    three trotlines with a maximum
    of 50 hooks per trotline.
C. All trotlines must be removed
    from Lake Lafourche when not
    in use.
D. All trotlines must have an eight
    foot cotton leader on each end of
    the trotline to insure that if the
    trotline is left unattended, the
    cotton leader will deteriorate and
    the line will sink.
E. All trotlines must be attended
    daily while in service.

poVeRty point
     No person shall possess, set, or
use any recreational hoop nets, recre-
ational wire nets, yo-yos, trotlines, or
slat traps.

lake saint Joseph,
tensas paRish
Yo-Yo restrictions
A. Fishing with the use of yo-yos or
    trigger devices shall be permitted
    On Lake Saint Joseph from Dec.
    1 - March 15 of each year under
    the following conditions:
B. Not more than 24 yo-yos or trig-
    ger devices shall be allowed per
C. Each yo-yo or trigger device
    shall be clearly tagged with the
    name of the owner and the own-
    er’s telephone number.
                                            LDWF                                         11
                                                 saltWater - freshWater line

                                                                                                                                                 GeneRal inFoRmation
General information

                           For the purposes of regulating        Waterway at Forked Island, the           basic fishing license a saltwater fish-
                      certain fisheries the legislature recog-   Intracoastal Waterway from Forked        ing license.
                      nized the historic division of the state   Island to Bayou Barataria to the
                      into saltwater and freshwater areas        Harvey Canal, the Harvey Canal to        FedeRal WateRs (eeZ)
                      based on the variations of flora and       the Mississippi River, the Mississippi        A very easy way to tell if you are
                      fauna found within these two divi-         River to the Industrial Canal, the       in state or federal waters is to pull up
                      sions. The legislature further recog-      Industrial Canal to the Intracoastal     to the nearest platform. If the plat-
                      nized that the exact line of demarca-      Waterway, the Intracoastal Waterway      form is in state waters it will have a
                      tion cannot be precisely located due       to the Rigolets in Orleans Parish to     placard with a State Lease Number. If
                      to constant changes in water salinity      the Louisville & Nashville Railroad      the platform is in federal waters it will
                      caused by winds, tides, and rains. The     bridge, the Louisville & Nashville       be designated with an OCS number.
                      legislature therefore legally defined      Railroad right-of-way from the           By utilizing a block map you can also
                      the freshwater and saltwater areas by      Orleans Parish line to the Mississippi   estimate your position. The platform
                      describing a line from the Texas state     state line.                              will be designated with an area and
                      line, easterly to the Mississippi state         The areas south of the above        block number. For instance if you see
                      line. The areas south of the described     described line, plus the saltwater       ST-128 X, OCS 00498 you will be in
                      line, plus a number of saltwater lakes     lakes known as Lake Maurepas, Lake       federal waters at South Timbalier 128
                      and waterways, were designated as          Pontchartrain, Lake St. Catherine,       platform X.
                      saltwater areas and all other areas        Chef Menteur Pass (except that sev-
                      north of the described line were des-      en-tenths of a mile section from
                      ignated as freshwater areas.               Bayou Sauvage south to the
                                                                 Intracoastal Waterway), the Rigolets,
                      loUisiana saltWateR                        Unknown Pass, Pass Manchac,
                      line deFinition                            Intracoastal, and that portion of the
                           Title 56, Section 322-The             Calcasieu Ship Channel from the
                      Intracoastal waterway from the             Intracoastal Waterway south to the
                      Texas-Louisiana boundary to its junc-      Gulf of Mexico, shall be designated
                      tion with Louisiana Highway 27 at          as saltwater areas.
                      Gibbstown, and then south to                    Persons fishing and/or possess-
                      Louisiana Highway 82 and then east         ing saltwater fish in these areas are
 12                   to its junction with the Intracoastal      required to have in addition to the

1.    Angle: to fish with rod, fishing pole or hook and line, with or without a reel.
2.    Bait seine: a net measuring no more than 30 feet in length with a mesh size not exceeding 1/4-inch mesh bar, 1/2-inch
      mesh stretched, and operated solely by foot without any mechanical device, pulley or mechanical assistance whatsoever.
3.    Bait species: all species of fish and other aquatic life utilized for bait.
4.    Bandit gear: vertical hook-and-line gear with rods attached to a vessel and with line retrieved with rods and with line
      retrieved by manual, electric or hydraulic reels. (Use prohibited in state waters)
5.    Bona fide resident:
      A. any person who has resided in this state continuously during the 12 months immediately prior to the date on which
           he applies for any license and who has manifested his intent to remain in this state by establishing Louisiana as his
           legal domicile, as demonstrated by compliance with all of the following, as applicable.
           i. If registered to vote, he is registered to vote in Louisiana.
           ii. If licensed to drive a motor vehicle, he is in possession of a valid Louisiana driver’s license.
           iii. If owning a motor vehicle located within Louisiana, he is in possession of a valid Louisiana registration for that
           iv. If earning an income, he has filed a Louisiana state income tax return and has complied with state income tax
                laws and regulations.
      B. any person who possesses a resident license from any other state shall not qualify for a resident license in Louisiana.
6.    Can: a metal container of not more than 55-gallon capacity which is set for the purpose of taking fish.
7.    Cast net: a light circular net of vegetable or synthetic materials and weighted around its perimeter that is thrown by hand
      over the water.
8.    Crab dropnet: any device constructed with vegetable, synthetic, or metal fibers and without flues or throat, attached to
      a wire frame that forms a net basket and is used for the purpose of taking crabs. This device shall be operated solely by
      hand and fished in a stationary, passive manner.
9.    Crab trap: a cube-shaped, device constructed of wire, no larger than 30 inches on any side, and with either a bait box
      or materials providing cover or shelter for peeler crabs. The entrance funnels must extend no further than seven inches
      into the inside of the trap, with the openings to the entrance funnels on the vertical wall of the trap such that the horizon-
      tal diameter of each opening is at least one and one-half times the vertical diameter of the opening.
10.   Crawfish net: any device constructed with vegetable or synthetic material without flues or throats attached to a wire
      frame that forms a net basket and is used for the purpose of taking crawfish.
11.   Crawfish trap: any device constructed of coated wire with the opening of the throats or flues not exceeding two inches
      and which is used for the express purpose of taking crawfish.
12.   Dip net: a net, usually a deep mesh bag of vegetable or synthetic materials, on a fixed frame not to exceed three feet in
      diameter attached to a handle and held and worked exclusively by hand without any mechanical assistance and by no
      more than one individual.
13.   Finfish: (noun) any of numerous cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates that characteristically swim with fins, breathe with
      gills and are covered with skin or scales.
14.   Fish: (noun) all finfish, shellfish and crustaceans and all other species of aquatic life.
15.   Fork length: distance from tip of snout to midline of caudal fin. Used to measure some fish with deeply forked tails,
      such as amberjack.
16.   Freshwater recreational fish: any species of freshwater fish taken for recreational purposes.
17.   Fyke net: any cone-shaped net of vegetable or synthetic fibers having throats or flues which are stretched over a series
      of rings or hoops to support the webbing, with vertical panels of net wings set obliquely on one or both sides of the mouth
      of the cone-shaped net.
18.   Game fish: all of the following species of freshwater and saltwater fish.
      A. Freshwater game fish: largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides), spotted bass (Micropterus punctulatus), shadow
           bass (Ambloplites ariommus), black or white crappie (Pomoxis nigromaculatus, P. annularis), white bass (Morone
           chrysops), yellow bass (Morone mississippiensis), striped bass (Morone saxatilis), hybrid striped bass (striped bass-
           white bass cross or striped bass-yellow bass cross) and any species of bream (Lepomis sp.).
      B. Saltwater game fish: any sailfish (Istiopharus platypterus), blue marlin (Makaira indica), black marlin (Makaira
           nigricans), striped marlin (Tetrapturus audax), hatchet marlin (Tetrapturus spp.), white marlin (Tetrapturus albi-
           dus), and red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus).
19.   Hook: any curved or bent device attached to a line for the purpose of taking fish or alligator and consisting of not more
      than one eye and one shank with no more than three barbs.
20.   Hoop net: a cone-shaped net of vegetable or synthetic materials having throats or flues and which are stretched over a
      series of rings or hoops to support the webbing.
              21. Landing net: means a net, usually a mesh bag of vegetable or synthetic material on a fixed frame attached to a handle

definitions       held and operated by hand for the sole purpose of assisting in the landing of fish legally caught by other legal gear.
              22. Lead or wing net: a panel of netting of any mesh size or length, with or without weights and floats, attached to one or
                  both sides of the mouth of a cone-shaped net having flues or throats, and set so as to deflect or guide fish toward the
                  mouth of the net.
              23. Licensee: any resident or nonresident lawful holder of an effective license duly issued under the authority of the depart-
              24. Lower jaw fork length (LJFL): longest distance from tip of lower jaw to midline of caudal fin. Used to measure billfish
                  such as marlin, swordfish and paddlefish.
              25. Mesh size: the full measure of the mesh as found in use when measured as follows:
                  A. Bar measure is the length of the full bar stretched from the near side of one knot to the far side of the other after
                       being tarred, treated or otherwise processed.
                  B. Stretched measure is the full stretched distance from the near side of one knot to the far side of the opposite knot
                       diagonally across the mesh. This measurement shall not be applicable to weaved or woven nets commonly used for
                       menhaden fishing.
                  C. In woven nets, stretched measure is the full stretched distance of the opening of the mesh; bar measure is one-half
                       of stretched measure.
              26. Monofilament: a single untwisted synthetic filament.
              27. Nonresident: any person who is not a bona fide resident as that term is defined by R.S. 56:8(69). See Bona fide resident.
              28. Possess: in its different tenses, the act of having in possession or control, keeping, detaining, restraining or holding as
                  owner, or as agent, bailee or custodian for another. When possession of fish or other wildlife is prohibited, reference is
                  made equally to such fish or other wildlife coming from without the state as to those taken within the state.
              29. Recreational purposes: a purpose other than deriving or attempting to derive an income of any kind from the harvest
                  of fish. “Income” as used herein shall not include a prize or award offered as a prize in a fishing tournament.
              30. Reptiles and amphibians: native frogs, toads, turtles, snakes, lizards and salamanders.
              31. Saltwater fish: all species of finfish which normally inhabit the saline waters of the marine and estuarine environment
                  for most of their life cycle.
              32. Saltwater recreational fish: any species of saltwater fish taken for recreational purposes.
              33. Shellfish: an aquatic invertebrate species having a shell. These species include, but are not limited to, oysters, clams,
                  crawfish, shrimp, crabs and other mollusks and crustaceans.
              34. Slat trap: any device, used solely for the capture of catfish, which is cylindrical, rectangular, or square in cross section
                  configuration, constructed of slats forming the length of the trap, with at least one pair of slats spaced at least one inch
                  apart from each other on at least three sides of the trap and which is no more than six feet in length, two feet in diameter
                  or width and which has one or more cone-shaped throats, flues or entrances.
              35. Slot limit: protective size limits denoting that fish within the range, inclusive of stated measurements, must be returned
                  to the water immediately.
              36. Take: in its different tenses, the attempt or act of hooking, pursuing, netting, capturing, snaring, trapping, shooting, hunt-
                  ing, wounding or killing by any means or device.
              37. Test trawl: a trawl which is not more than 16 feet along the corkline or 20 feet along the headline or headrope.
              38. Total length: the longest measurable distance from the outermost portion of the snout lengthwise to the outermost por-
                  tion of the caudal fin.
              39. Transport: in its different tenses, the act of shipping, attempting to ship, receiving or delivering for shipment, transport-
                  ing, conveying, carrying or exporting by air, land or water, or by any means whatsoever.
              40. Trawl: any net, generally funnel-shaped, pulled through the water or along the bottom with otter boards to spread the
                  mouth open while being fished. The term “trawl” also means and includes plumb staff beam trawls that do not exceed
                  16 feet, and that do not use otter boards but are held open laterally by a horizontal beam and vertically by two vertical
                  beams (plumb staffs), and that are used while the vessel is under way.
              41. Trigger: any tension-loaded rubber band or spring device that contains several feet of line and a hook or hooks, which
                  is baited and set, and which automatically hooks and plays a fish.
              42. Wing net: see Lead net.
              43. Wire net: a cone-shaped net of vegetable or synthetic materials, with a mesh no less than one inch square or two inches
                  stretched, having throats or flues and which is stretched over wire of five inch mesh or greater to support the webbing.

                                                                                                                          freshWater fishinG
           freshWater state Creel and size limits
               species                              siZe limit                     baG & possession limit
Bass, Black (Largemouth, spotted)*        no size limits EXCEPT as follows 10 daily, of any size EXCEPT as follows:
Atchafalaya Basin, Lakes Verret/
                                         14” min total length                  10 daily
Palourde, Fausse Point/Dauterive Areas**
                                         largemouth - 14” min total length
Toledo Bend Reservoir                                                          8 daily in aggregate
                                         spotted* - no size limit
Eagle Lake                               16” min total length                  10 daily
                                                                               10 daily
Caddo Lake (Caddo Parish)                 14” to 17” protected slot limit***
                                                                               No more than four over 17” total length
                                                                               8 daily
Poverty Point Reservoir                   15” to 19” protected slot limit***
                                                                               No more than one over 19” total length
                                                                               8 daily
Caney Creek Lake ( Jackson Parish)        15” to 19” protected slot limit***
                                                                               No more than two over 19” total length
False River (Pointe Coupee Parish)        14” min total length                 5 daily
Spanish Lake (St. Martin and Iberia                                            8 daily
                                          16” to 21” protected slot limit***
parishes)                                                                      No more than two over 21” total length
Black Bayou (Bossier), Chicot Lake
(Evangeline), Cross Lake (Caddo), Lake
                                                                               8 daily
Rodemacher (Rapides), John K. Kelly-      14” to 17” protected slot limit***
                                                                               No more than four over 17” total length
Grand Bayou Reservoir (Red River) and
Vernon Lake (Vernon)
Bass, Striped or Hybrid Striped (or any                                        5 daily
combination thereof)                                                           No more than two over 30” total length
Bass, White                               none                                 50 daily, EXCEPT 25 at Toledo Bend
Bass, Yellow                              none                                 50 daily, EXCEPT no limit at Toledo Bend
Bowfin (Choupique)                        16” min total length                 No limit
Buffalo Fish (or their hybrids)           16” min total length                 25 per day
Catfish, Blue                             12” min total length
                                                                               See Catfish Possession Limit section for
Catfish, Channel                          11” min total length
                                                                               more information
Catfish, Flathead                         14” min total length
Crappie                                   none                                50 daily, EXCEPT 25 at Poverty Point
Crawfish                                  none                                150 pounds daily
Freshwater Drum (Gaspergou)               12” min total length                25 per day
Frogs and Turtles                         none                                See Reptiles and Amphibians section
                                                                              Two per person (see Paddlefish Possession
Paddlefish                                    30” max lower jaw fork length
                                                                              Limits section for specific rules)
Shad                                          none                            50 pounds daily
Sturgeon                                      n/a                             No legal harvest or possession
Other Freshwater Game Fish                    none                            No limit
*NOTE: For enforcement purposes, a spotted bass is defined as a black bass with a tooth patch on the tongue.
**See official 2011 Louisiana Fishing Regulations Pamphlet for area descriptions.
***Fish falling within a protected slot limit must be immediately released.

freshWater fishinG       additional freshWater fishinG information
                     daily baG limit
                         No person shall take in any one day
                     more than the daily bag limit as set by
                     law for any species of fish.

                                                                  atChafalaya Basin, lake
                          No person shall have in his posses-
                     sion more than twice the daily bag limit    verret-palourde area and
                     of any kind of freshwater recreational
                     fish; except that only one day’s bag            lake fausse point-
                     limit of black bass may be in possession
                     while on the water and except that only
                     a one day’s bag limit of all species of
                                                                       dauterive area
                     fish may be in possession while on the
                     water at Toledo Bend Reservoir; and
                     except that the possession limit for cat-
                     fish is as identified under Catfish; and
                     except that only one day’s bag limit of
                     crappie may be in possession while on
                     the water at Poverty Point.
                          All freshwater game fish caught in
                     any type of recreational or commercial
                     net or trap must be returned immedi-
                     ately to the water from which taken
                     without avoidable injury.
                     All regulations regarding these species
                     apply whether caught in salt or fresh
                     water areas.

                     sale oF ceRtain
                     FReshWateR Fish
                     No person shall purchase, sell, exchange
                     or offer for sale or exchange, or possess
                     or import with intent to sell or exchange
                     any freshwater or saltwater game fish,
                     or any fish taken recreationally or taken
                     with any recreational gear.

                     pRohibited FReshWateR
                          No person may possess or sell in
                     this state the following fishes: all spe-
                     cies of piranha, tilapia and carp (except   The area south of U.S. 190 from the West Atchafalaya Basin
                     koi or common carp (Cyprinus carpio)        Protection Levee (WABPL) to the intersection of LA 1 and U.S.
                     and goldfish (Carassius auratus)); Rio      190 due north of Port Allen, west of LA 1 from U.S. 190 to LA 20
                     Grand Cichlid; freshwater electric eel
                     (Electrophorus sp.); rudd (Scardinius       in Thibodaux, north and west of LA 20 from LA 1 to U.S. 90,
                     erythrophthalmus); all members of the       north of U.S. 90 from LA 20 to the WABPL, east of the WABPL
                     families Synbranchidae (Asian swamp         from U.S. 90 to the Corps of Engineers (USACE) Locks on the
                     eels),    Channidae        (snakeheads),    WABPL at the Charenton Drainage and Navigation Canal (CDNC),
                     Clariidae (walking catfishes), and
                     Trichomycteridae (pencil catfishes).        north of and including the CDNC from the USACE Locks on the
                          No fish of any species from outside    WABPL to Highway 87, north and east of Highway 87 from the
                     the state shall be liberated within the     CDNC to Highway 320, east of Highway 320 from Highway 87
                     state except upon written permission of     to Highway 86, south and east of Highway 86 from Highway 320
                     the Secretary.
                          No fish of any species shall be lib-   to Highway 345, east of Highway 345 from Highway 86 to
                     erated into state waters without written    Highway 679, south and east of Highway 679 from Highway 345
                     permission of the Secretary.                to Highway 3083, south of Highway 3083 from Highway 679 to
                          Exotic species of Asian carp (sil-     the WABPL and east of the WABPL from Highway 3083 to U.S.
                     ver, bighead, black and grass) taken
                     recreationally from state waters must       190.
                     not be returned to the water and may
 16                  not be possessed alive.
      Catfish                                     noxious aquatiC plants

                                                                                                                              freshWater fishinG
    possession                                    importation prohiBited
The possession limit for catfish
caught recreationally shall be 100.
The 100 fish may be a single species,
or a combination of blue, channel or
flathead catfish. A recreational fisher-
man may possess a maximum of 25
undersize catfish of a single or com-
bination of all three species within the
100 fish possession limit.

The incidental take and possession of
paddlefish is allowed under the fol-
lowing conditions: The taking or pos-
session of paddlefish is closed in all       LDWF
saltwater areas of the state and in bor-
der waters shared with Texas. All pos-
sessed paddlefish must be dead. The                notiCe to fishermen and Boaters
possession or transportation of live
paddlefish is prohibited. All paddle-
fish possessed on the waters of the
                                               With increasing frequency, introduced aquatic plants are
state shall be maintained intact. No          creating serious aquatic habitat problems in many areas of
person shall possess paddlefish eggs              the state. To minimize the spread of these plants in
on the waters of the state which are            Louisiana waters we recommend the following: check
not fully attached to the fish. The          boats (live wells, ice chests, fishing tackle, etc.) and trailers
daily take and possession limit of
paddlefish is two per person. All
                                             for the presence of aquatic vegetation prior to departing the
paddlefish greater than 30 inches             launch site. If present, we encourage you to remove ALL
lower jaw fork length must be                  plant material and dispose of it in a manner that will pre-
returned to the water immediately.                      vent introduction into other waterbodies.
(See section on “Measuring Fish” for
an illustration).                          No person shall at any time import or cause to be transported into the jurisdic-
                                           tion of the state of Louisiana from any other state or country, any of the
                                           invasive noxious aquatic plants listed below, without first obtaining an
                                           Invasive, Noxious Aquatic Plant permit from the department:
                                            1.   Eichhornia azurea (rooting          9. Pontederia spp. (pickerelweed)
                                                 or anchoring hyacinth)              10. Spirodela oligorrhiza (giant
                                            2.   Elodea canadensis (elodea)              duckweed)
                                            3.   Hydrilla spp. (hydrilla)            11. Trapa (waterchestnut)
                                            4.   Lagarosiphon muscoides &            12. Melaleuca quinquenvia (kapok
                                                 Lagarosiphon major (Afri-               tree)
   releasing aquarium                            can elodea)                         13. Pistia stratioties (water lettuce)
    fish or unused bait                     5.   Myriophyllum spicatum               14. Salvinia spp. (salvinia)
    into state waters is                         (Eurasian watermilfoil)             15. Lythrum salicaria (purple loose-
          illeGal.                          6.   Najas marina (marine naiad)             strife)
                                            7.   Najas minor (slender naiad)         16. Eichhornia crassipes (water
                                            8.   Panicum repens (torpedo-                hyacinth)                                17
freshWater fishinG                               reCreational CraWfishinG
                     cRaWFish tRap                             ters, with a limit of 35 traps per li-    Wmas, state ReFUGes &
                          Any device constructed of coated     censed fisherman. Any person using        FedeRal ReFUGes
                     wire with the opening of the throats      crawfish nets, dip nets, hand lines,      These areas may have specific regula-
                     or flues not exceeding two inches and     or bait seines for the purpose of tak-    tions regarding open seasons, harvest
                     which is used for the express purpose     ing crawfish for recreational purposes    and gear restrictions. For state-regu-
                     of taking crawfish. Crawfish traps        shall not be required to purchase or      lated areas please consult the WMA
                     are typically of the pillow style or      possess a basic recreational fishing      and Refuge Regulation section of this
                     cone style with minimum mesh size         license or be required to purchase a      pamphlet. For National Wildlife Ref-
                     no smaller than 3/4 inches by 11/16       gear license. However, persons using      uges, please contact the area offices
                     inches. No more than 35 traps may be      crawfish nets, dip nets, hand lines, or   as follows:
                     used per person while fishing recre-      bait seines on LDWF WMAs or ref-          • North Louisiana Complex:
                     ationally for crawfish. Crawfish traps    uges must possess a basic recreational         318-726-4222
                     shall be marked with a waterproof         fishing license or a Wild Louisiana       • Central Louisiana Complex:
                     tag, provided by the fisherman, with      Stamp.                                         318-253-4238
                     the name and recreational gear license                                              • Southeast Louisiana Complex:
                     number of the fisherman legibly print-    methods oF take                                985-882-2000
                     ed on the tag.                                 Crawfish may be taken with any       • Southwest Louisiana Complex:
                                                               legal crawfish trap, crawfish net, hoop        337-598-2216
                     cRaWFish net                              net, wire net, handline, bushline, bait
                           Any device constructed with         seine, dip net or cast net (not to ex-    For fishing information on the Indian
                     vegetable or synthetic material with-     ceed 8.5 feet in radius).                 Bayou Recreational Area within the
                     out flues or throats attached to a wire                                             Atchafalaya Basin contact the Corps
                     frame that forms a net basket and is      seasons                                   of Engineers at 337-585-0853.
                     used for the purpose of taking craw-          There is no closed season for
                     fish.                                     wild crawfish harvest.

                     license ReqUiRements                      siZe/possession limits
                         A recreational basic fishing li-           There is no minimum size for
                     cense in addition to a recreational       crawfish. The bag and possession
                     crawfish trap gear license is required    limit for crawfish is 150 lbs daily per
                     to use crawfish traps in public wa-       person in state waters.

 18                   LDWF (Mike Harbison)
         General saltWater fishinG information

                                                                                                                        saltWater fishinG
notice to oFFshoRe
     Louisiana recreational and com-
mercial anglers fishing offshore                     definitions (Billfishes)
beyond the Louisiana boundary are in
federal waters and are subject to rules
and regulations that may differ from           For purposes of this section, the following words and phrases have
those in state waters. To ensure that
you are in compliance with federal
                                           the meaning ascribed to them in this subsection, unless the context clear-
regulations, you should contact the        ly shows a different meaning:
Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management
Council at 813- 348-1630, toll free        1. Dressed weight: weight of the carcass after it has been gutted, headed
1-888-833-1844 (write 2203 N. Lois            and finned.
Avenue, Suite 1100, Tampa, FL
33607 for informational pamphlet,          2. Carcass Length: curved measure from posterior edge of gill opening
e-mail            to anterior portion of caudal keel.
or visit: All per-
sons possessing fish in Louisiana          3. Lower Jaw Fork Length: straight-line length from the tip of the
waters must be in possession of appli-        lower jaw to the fork of the tail.
cable basic or saltwater license.
Contact your local Wildlife and
Fisheries Enforcement Agent for spe-       4. Curved Fork Length: tip of upper jaw to fork of tail measured along the
cific information (numbers listed on          contour of the middle of the body.
page 7).
                                           5. Trip: a fishing trip, regardless of the number of days’ duration, that
GeneRal notes                                 begins with departure from a dock, berth, beach, seawall or ramp and
     All finfish caught in saltwater          that terminates with return to a dock, berth, beach, seawall or ramp.
areas of the state except tuna and
swordfish possessed by a recreational
angler shall have the head and caudal
fin intact until set or put on shore.          Unless otherwise established, there are no size limits
Garfish may have the head and caudal
fin removed prior to the fish being set
                                                 on species not listed and unless otherwise noted,
or put on shore as long as a sufficient       possession limits for saltwater fish are the same as the
patch of skin, that clearly identifies                             daily bag limit.
the fish, is retained on the fish. Tuna,
swordfish and shark possessed by a
recreational angler shall not be
skinned or scaled until set or put on
shore. Tuna which have minimum
size requirements may have head
removed if carcass length is in excess
of minimum total length.
     Fillets may not be possessed on
the water, except for the purpose of
consumption at sea aboard the har-
vesting vessel, a person shall have no
more than two pounds of finfish parts
per person on board the vessel, pro-
vided that the vessel is equipped to
cook such finfish and such finfish
does not exceed applicable bag limits.
These provisions shall not apply to
bait species.
     Saltwater finfish caught or trans-
ported by a recreational fisherman,
while license is in effect, are pre-
sumed to have been taken in Louisiana
waters, for license requirements.
     All regulations regarding these
species apply whether caught in fresh
or salt water areas.                                                                                                       19
saltWater fishinG                saltWater state Creel and size limits
                             species                            siZe limit           baG & possession limit
                                                              common coastal species
                    Cobia (Ling or Lemon Fish)        33” min fork length                      2 daily per person
                    Drum, Black                                                                5 daily per person - bag and possession
                                                                                               No more than one over 27” max total length
                                                      16” min total length
                    Drum, Red (Redfish)1                                                       5 daily per person - bag2
                                                                                               No more than one over 27” max total length
                    Flounder, Southern                none                                     10 daily per person (for each consecutive day on
                                                                                               the water)
                    Mackerel, King3                   24” min fork length                      2 daily per person
                    Mackerel, Spanish3                12” min fork length                      15 daily per person
                    Mullet, Striped                   none                                     100 lbs. daily
                    Seatrout, Spotted (Speckled                                                25 daily per person - bag2; 15 daily per person
                    Trout)4                           12” min total length                     with no more than two over 25” (in specified
                                                             hiGhly miGRatoRy species 5
                    Marlin, Blue                      99” min lower jaw fork length
                    Marlin, White                     66” min lower jaw fork length            none
                    Sailfish                          63” min lower jaw fork length
                    Shark, Atlantic Sharpnose and     none                                     1 daily per person - possession
                    Shark, Others (EXCEPT             54” min fork length                      1 in aggregate per vessel per trip - possession.
                    prohibited, silky and sandbar)6                                            No silky or sandbar sharks or prohibited species.
                                                      29” min carcass length or               1 per person or
                    Swordfish7                        33 lbs. min dressed weight
                                                      47” min length (lower jaw to tail fork) 4 per vessel per trip
                    Tuna, Bigeye8                                                             none
                    Tuna, Bluefin8                    27” min curved fork length              none
                    Tuna, Yellowfin8                                                          3 daily per person
                                                                            ReeF Fish 3
                    Grouper, Black and Gag 9, 10    22” min total length                       5 daily in aggregate
                                                                                               No more than one speckled hind and one
                    Grouper, Red and Yellowfin9, 10 20” min total length                       Warsaw grouper per vessel and not more than
                                                                                               one red grouper per person included in the bag
                    Grouper, Scamp9, 10               16” min total length
                                                                                               limit.3, 9
                    Grouper, Goliath and Nassau       Take Prohibited                          Take/Possession prohibited
                    Snapper, Red10, 11                16” min total length                     2 daily per person2
                    Snapper, Mutton                   16” min total length
                    Snapper, Queen, Blackfin, Silk    none
                    and Wenchman                                                               10 daily per person in aggregate3
                    Snapper, Schoolmaster,
                    Cubera, Gray (mangrove),          12” min total length
                    Yellowtail, Dog and Mahogany
                    Snapper, Lane                     8” min total length
                    Snapper, Vermilion                10” min total length
                    Almaco Jack                       none                                     20 daily per person in aggregate3
                    Gray Triggerfish                  14” min fork length
                    Tilefish, Goldface, Blackline,    none
                    Anchor and Blueline Tilefishes
                    Amberjack, Greater10              30” min fork length                      1 daily per person3
                    Amberjack, Lesser and             14” min fork length                      5 daily per person in aggregate
                    Banded Rudderfish                 22” max fork length
 20                 Hogfish                           12” min fork length                      5 daily per person
                    Seabass, Black                    8” min total length                      none
                              explanation of saltWater

                                                                                                                                      saltWater fishinG
                                 Creel and size limits
 Red Drum (Redfish), and Spotted            less of where taken, with no more            of all fishing tournaments involving
Seatrout      (Speckled       Trout):       than two spotted seatrout exceeding          the catch and/or landing of any HMS
Recreational saltwater anglers may          25 inches total length. Those spotted        in federal waters of the Gulf of
possess a two day’s bag limit on land;      seatrout exceeding 25” in length shall       Mexico.
however, no person shall be in pos-         be considered as part of the daily rec-
session of over the daily bag limit in      reational take and possession limit.         6
                                                                                            Sharks: CLOSED SEASON: All
any one day or while fishing or while                                                    Louisiana state waters out to the sea-
on the water, unless that recreational      5
                                              Highly Migratory Species: All              ward boundary of the Louisiana
saltwater angler is aboard a trawler        owners/operators of vessels fishing rec-     Territorial Sea shall be closed to the
engaged in commercial fishing for a         reationally for and/or retaining regulated   recreational and commercial harvest
consecutive period of longer than 25        Atlantic Highly Migratory Species            and possession of all sharks between
hours. Take or Possession of red            (Atlantic tunas, sharks, swordfish and       April 1 and June 30 of each year.
drum in federal waters is prohibited.       billfish) in the Atlantic Ocean, including   Small Coastal Sharks:
                                            the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea,        Atlantic sharpnose shark; bonnethead
  Two days’ bag limit allowed in            must obtain an Atlantic Highly               shark; blacknose shark; finetooth
possession off of the water, not            Migratory Species (HMS) permit.              shark
while fishing or in a boat.                 Similar to Atlantic tunas permits, 2011      Large Coastal Sharks:
                                            Atlantic HMS permits will be valid           blacktip shark; nurse shark; smooth
  Two day limit allowed in posses-          from the date of issuance through            hammerhead; bull shark; sandbar
sion only on charter vessels and            December 31, 2011.                           shark*; spinner shark; great hammer-
headboats on multi day trips, if the              Federal regulations currently          head; scalloped hammerhead; tiger
vessels have two licensed operators         require a federal HMS angling permit         shark; lemon shark; silky shark*
as required by the U.S. Coast               for all owners/operators of recreation-      *NOTE: Recreational harvest of
Guard for trips more than 12 hours,         al vessels fishing for and/or retaining      sandbar and silky sharks (ridgeback
and if each angler has in possession        regulated Atlantic Highly Migratory          sharks) is not allowed.
a receipt issued on behalf of the ves-      Species (Atlantic tunas, sharks,             Pelagic Sharks:
sel verifying the length of the trip.       swordfish and billfish) in the federal       blue shark; porbeagle shark; thresher
                                            waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Those          shark; oceanic whitetip shark; short-
    Seatrout, Spotted (Speckled             regulations also require an Atlantic         fin mako
Trout): 12” minimum total length. 25        HMS Charter/ Headboat permit for             Prohibited Species:
fish per person daily bag limit.            all charter or headboat fishing for          No person shall take, possess, pur-
EXCEPT: 15 fish daily take and pos-         and/or retaining regulated Atlantic          chase, sell, barter, exchange or
session limit, with no more than two        HMS in federal waters of the Gulf of         attempt to possess, purchase, sell,
spotted seatrout exceeding 25” total        Mexico. For information contact the          barter or exchange any of the follow-
length, regardless of where taken, in a     National Marine Fisheries Service            ing species or parts thereof:
defined area of Cameron and                 Permitting Office at 1-888-USA-              Atlantic angel shark; Caribbean
Calcasieu Parishes in southwestern          TUNA (1-888-872-8862) or visit               sharpnose shark; sand tiger shark;
Louisiana. Within those areas               NMFS Permit Shop at: http://www.             basking shark; dusky shark; sevengill
described here, including coastal ter-              shark; bigeye sand tiger shark;
ritorial waters: south of Interstate 10     Recreational tournament opera-               Galapagos shark; sixgill shark; big-
from its junction at the Texas-             tors: A person conducting a tourna-          eye sixgill shark; largetooth sawfish;
Louisiana boundary eastward to its          ment involving scorekeeping or               smalltail shark; bigeye thresher shark;
junction with Louisiana Highway             awards for highly migratory species          longfin mako; smalltooth sawfish;
171, south to Highway 14, and then          including Atlantic billfish, swordfish,      bignose shark; narrowtooth shark;
south to Holmwood, and then south           tuna and sharks (whether or not              whale shark; Caribbean reef shark;
on Highway 27 through Gibbstown             retained), must register with the            night shark; white shark.
south to Louisiana Highway 82 at            NOAA Fisheries Permit Office, 263                 Sharks taken under a recreational
Creole and south on Highway 82 to           13th Avenue South, St. Petersburg,           bag limit shall not be sold, purchased,
Oak Grove, and then due south to the        FL, 33701 or by FAX to 727-824-              exchanged, bartered or attempted to be
western shore of the Mermentau              5398. The registration must be in            sold, purchased, exchanged or bar-
River, following this shoreline south       writing, at least four weeks prior to        tered. A person subject to a bag limit
to the junction with the Gulf of            commencement of tournament fish-             shall not possess at any time, regard-
Mexico, and then due south to the           ing. A tournament registration form is       less of the number of trips or the dura-
limit of the state territorial sea, under   available upon request from the above        tion of a trip, any shark in excess of the
the authority of the provisions of R. S.    address or can be requested by FAX           bag limits mentioned above. The prac-
56:325.1(A), the daily take and pos-        to 727-824-5398. NOTE: Federal reg-          tice of “finning,” that is, removing
session limit shall be 15 fish, regard-     ulations currently require registration      only the fins and returning the remain-         21
saltWater fishinG   der of the shark to the sea, is prohibited   current federal regulations on harvest,   being considered. Please refer to the
                    within and without Louisiana waters.         including sizes, bag limits and closed    LDWF website for current informa-
                    Notwithstanding other provisions of          seasons. The “Atlantic Tunas              tion:
                    this part, a person may fish for, but not    Regulations Brochure” is available at
                    retain, white shark (Carcharodon car-       ational/saltwater/seasons and
                    charias) with rod and reel only under a      asp and announcements of changes
                    catch and release program, provided          may be accessed via the web at http://    ational/saltwater/regulations.
                    the person releases and returns such             Other seasons and rules are currently
                    fish to the sea immediately with a                All bluefin tuna must be reported    in place in Federal waters off of
                    minimum of injury.                           within 24 hours of landing to NMFS        Louisiana. Please check those rules at
                                                                 by calling 888-872-8862 or visiting under
                      Swordfish: Recreational fishing ves- For fur-         “Fishing Regulations.”
                    sels shall not possess more than four        ther information regarding angling
                    swordfish per vessel per trip. Swordfish     category permits please call the          10
                                                                                                              No harvest of red snapper, greater
                    taken under a recreational bag limit         NMFS HMS Division at 888-872-             amberjack or grouper of any species is
                    shall not be sold, purchased, exchanged,     8862.                                     allowed for the captain and crew of
                    bartered, or attempted to be sold, pur-           Permanent Louisiana regulations      vessel, under charter (their creel limit
                    chased, exchanged or bartered. No per-       on tuna harvest may be superseded by      is zero).
                    son aboard any vessel shall transfer or      seasonal changes within the federal
                    cause the transfer of swordfish between      regulatory system. See websites refer-    11
                                                                                                               Snapper, Red: A federal recre-
                    vessels on state or federal waters.          enced above for current federal regu-     ational quota for red snapper is in
                                                                 lations.                                  effect. The recreational season for
                      Tuna: Person subject to the jurisdic-                                                harvest of red snapper is scheduled to
                    tion of the state, fishing for tunas         9
                                                                   Grouper: NOTE: A closed season          open June 1.For red snapper season
                    within or without Louisiana state            has been established for recreational     information check the LDWF website
                    waters, are subject to both state and        harvest of gag, black and red grouper,    at:
                    federal laws, rules and regulations.         effective Feb. 15 - March 14 of each
                    Federal regulations on recreational          year in Louisiana state waters. As of     ational/saltwater/seasons and
                    harvest of tunas change often, espe-         the publication date of this pamphlet,
                    cially for bluefin tuna. Prior to har-       modified rules on bag limits were         ational/saltwater/regulations.
                    vest of tuna, be aware of the most

 22                                                                                                                     LDWF (Mike Harbison)
                               reCreational shrimpinG

                                                                                                                               other reCreational aCtivities
To recreationally shrimp, a person        Agent and the WMA section of this         Allemands, Louisiana, and in Lake
will need basic and saltwater licenses.   pamphlet.                                 Des Allemands, its streams and tribu-
To use a trawl, a person will addition-        Night shrimping, between the         taries, is prohibited.
ally need a gear license for a trawl      hours of one-half hour after sunset to          Trawling is prohibited in the
which can be purchased at any license     one-half hour before sunrise, is pro-     cove immediately adjacent to
issuing facility.                         hibited in Vermilion Bay, East and        Cypremort Point State Park landward
                                          West Cote Blanche Bays, and               of a line from Blue Point to Cypremort
aReas                                     Atchafalaya Bay, from the western         Point to the shoreline.
Grand Isle Beach closed out to 500’       shore of Vermilion Bay to the western
May to September by Commission            shore of the Atchafalaya River and        seasons
action.                                   the Atchafalaya River Ship Channel             Trawls cannot be used for any
     Shrimping areas in Louisiana are     out to Eugene Island as described by      purpose in state waters during closed
divided into inshore waters, the off-     the inside-outside line in R.S. 56:495.   season. Shrimp seasons are flexible
shore territorial sea and the federal          Taking shrimp with saltwater         and are fixed by the Louisiana
Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).            trawls from May 1 - Sept. 15 each         Wildlife and Fisheries Commission
The line (shrimp line) that separates     year is prohibited in state waters on     based upon biological and technical
inside waters from outside territorial    the south side of Grand Isle from         data relative to shrimp populations in
waters generally follows the coast-       Caminada Pass to Barataria Pass in        Louisiana waters. Generally, the
line, although there are some excep-      Jefferson Parish, from the southeast      spring inshore season will begin in
tions. For specific boundary locations    side of the Caminada bridge to the        early to mid May and may extend into
check with your local Wildlife and        northwest side of Barataria Pass at       July. The fall inshore season usually
Fisheries Enforcement Agent. Maps         Fort Livingston, extending from the       begins near mid-August and typically
of the shrimp line are available at a     beach side of Grand Isle to a distance    extends into December. The shrimp
charge of $10 per map by writing the      of 500 feet beyond the shoreline into     season in Louisiana’s outside territo-
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries,     the Gulf of Mexico.                       rial waters is generally open year
2021 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 220,                                                    round EXCEPT for a closed season
New Orleans, LA 70122. Please spec-       tRaWlinG                                  in portions of state outside waters
ify which area of the coast you are            No person shall trawl over any       which may be set during the late win-
interested in. The line that separates    privately leased bedding grounds or       ter to early spring months usually
state territorial waters from the EEZ     oyster propagating place which is         beginning in December or January
generally follows the Louisiana coast     staked off, marked or posted as           and extending into March or April.
three miles from shore. For specific      required by law or regulation.            The shrimp season in the federal
boundary locations, particularly in the        Trawling is prohibited in Lake       waters of the Gulf outside (south) of
Grand Isle and Marsh Island area, you     Maurepas and that portion of Lake         Louisiana’s territorial waters is usu-
should contact your local Wildlife        Pontchartrain from the shoreline to       ally open all year; these waters are
and Fisheries Enforcement Agent.          1.25 miles out from the Jefferson/        controlled by the federal government.
     For management purposes, both        Orleans Parish line east to the eastern   A federal shrimp vessel permit is
state inside and state outside territo-   shore of South Point, from South          required for all vessels fishing shrimp
rial waters are divided into three        Point to North Shore along the rail-      in the Gulf of Mexico EEZ.
shrimp management zones:                  road bridge west from North Shore to           Information concerning federal
Zone 1: extends from the Louisiana/       Goose Point.                              shrimp vessel permits, Turtle Excluder
Mississippi state line to the eastern          Trawling is prohibited between       Device (TED) and Bycatch Reduction
shore of South Pass of the Mississippi    the railroad bridge and Interstate 10     Devices (BRD) requirements and
River.                                    in Lake Pontchartrain.                    exemptions can be obtained by con-
Zone 2: extends from the eastern               Trawling at night is prohibited in   tacting the National Marine Fisheries
shore of South Pass of the Mississippi    Cameron Parish sections of Calcasieu      Service at (727) 824-5312 for TEDs
River to the western shore of             Lake, the Black Lake Bayou System,        or (727) 824-5305 for BRDs or at:
Vermilion Bay and Southwest Pass at       Grand Bayou and Little Burten’s 
Marsh Island.                             Ditch. Trawling at night is prohibited
Zone 3: extends from the western          in Grand Lake and White Lake.             siZe limit
shore of Vermilion Bay and Southwest           Trawls are prohibited in the              There is no size limit on any salt-
Pass at Marsh Island to the Louisiana/    waters of Bayou Judge Perez (Bayou        water shrimp taken during the spring
Texas state line.                         Hermitage) from its entrance into         open season nor is there any size limit
     NOTE: Restricted areas exist         Lake Judge Perez (Bayou Hermitage)        on brown shrimp or seabobs taken
within WMAs, refuges and other            to Devils Bayou, a distance of approx-    during any open season in Louisiana.
areas which may be closed to certain      imately one mile, located in              There is, however, a minimum pos-
gear types or methods of fishing.         Plaquemines Parish.                       session count on white shrimp taken
Consult your local Wildlife and                Trawling north of the LA             in either inside or outside (offshore)
Fisheries Office or Enforcement           Highway 631 Bridge at Des                 waters of Louisiana of 100 count
other reCreational aCtivities   (whole shrimp per pound). This size         manually operated on foot only.             stretched during the fall inshore
                                restriction applies to the taking or        Cast Nets, Dip Nets, Bait Seines: A         shrimp season. No net or beam trawl
                                possession of such shrimp aboard a          recreational angler may use dip nets,       used for taking fish or shrimp from
                                vessel, EXCEPT during the period            bait seines, and cast nets not to exceed    the saltwater areas of the state shall be
                                from Oct. 15 through the third              8.5 feet in radius, but shall not take at   left unattended, as defined in R.S.
                                Monday in December when there               anytime more than 50 pounds of              56:8(102) except such legal nets or
                                shall be no possession count on white       shrimp during closed season and 100         trawls which are attached to a wharf
                                shrimp taken or possessed. When             pounds of shrimp per day during the         at a camp and which are tagged with a
                                more than 50 percent by weight of the       open season, in the aggregate, per day      department tag issued in conjunction
                                shrimp taken or possessed is seabobs        per boat or vehicle, regardless of the      with the gear being used.
                                or brown shrimp, then the maximum           number of persons thereon, provided              During the open shrimping sea-
                                allowable amount of undersized white        the shrimp taken are used for bait or       sons, trawls 25 feet and less may be
                                shrimp taken or possessed shall not         for the fisherman’s own consumption         used for recreational purposes; recre-
                                exceed 10 percent by weight of the          and are not sold, traded or otherwise       ational shrimpers using trawls 16 feet
                                total shrimp taken or possessed.            permitted to enter into commerce.           in length or less are limited to 100
                                                                            Certain WMAs and state or federal           pounds (heads on) of shrimp per boat
                                methods oF takinG                           refuges may have different rules, con-      per day, and recreational shrimpers
                                     During open seasons, saltwater         sult local LDWF office or                   using trawls exceeding 16 feet but not
                                shrimp may be taken with trawls or          Enforcement Agent for specifics.            exceeding 25 feet in length are limited
                                cast nets and by no other means. Bait       (See WMA and Refuge section).               to no more than 250 pounds of (heads-
                                shrimp may be taken at any time,            Trawls: Trawls cannot have a mesh           on) shrimp per day per boat, provided
                                even during the closed season, with         size less than 5/8 inch bar or 1.25         the shrimp taken are used for bait or
                                cast nets less than 8.5 feet in radius,     inches stretched. In Zone 2 from the        the fisherman’s own consumption and
                                hand operated dip nets with a diame-        western shore of the Atchafalaya            are not sold, traded or otherwise per-
                                ter not to exceed three feet, bait traps,   River to the western shore of               mitted to enter commerce. A recre-
                                and bait seines less than 30 feet with      Vermilion Bay and Southwest Pass at         ational trawl license is required.
                                a maximum mesh size of 1/4 inch bar,        Marsh Island, mesh size must not be         (See License section for license pric-
                                1/2 inch stretched mesh which are           less than 3/4 inch bar or 1.5 inches        es).

                                                                 reCreational CraBBinG
                                A recreational basic fishing and salt-      Agent. (See WMA and Refuge sec-                  Crab traps which are no longer
                                water license in addition to a recre-       tion).                                      serviceable or no longer in use shall
                                ational crab trap gear license is                                                       be removed by the owner and proper-
                                required to use crab traps, with a limit    cRab tRaps                                  ly disposed of or stored by him.
                                of 10 traps per licensed fisherman.              A crab trap is a cube-shaped                No person other than the licensee
                                                                            device, constructed of wire, no larger      or his agent shall intentionally dam-
                                methods oF takinG                           than 30 inches on any side, and with        age or destroy serviceable crab traps
                                     Crabs or stone crabs may be            either a bait box or materials provid-      or the floats or lines attached thereto,
                                taken with any legal crab trap, crab        ing cover or shelter for peeler crabs.      or remove the contents thereof.
                                dropnet, trawl, hoop net, trotline, han-    The entrance funnels must extend no              Each crab trap shall be marked
                                dline, bushline, dip net or cast net.       further than seven inches into the          with a two-inch stainless steel self
                                Dredges shall not be used for the           inside of the trap, with the openings       locking tag attached to the center of
                                intentional taking of crabs.                to the entrance funnels on the vertical     the trap ceiling. Tags shall be supplied
                                     The taking of crabs by means of        wall of the trap such that the horizon-     by the fishermen and shall have the
                                trawls in inside waters is permitted        tal diameter of each opening is at least    recreational crab trap gear license
                                only during the open season for             one and one-half times the vertical         number printed thereon. Crabbers are
                                shrimp and with a legal mesh size           diameter of the opening.                    allowed to use a durable plastic bait
                                (see Shrimp Trawls).                             The baiting, tending, checking or      box marker as an alternate means of
                                     No person shall possess adult          removing of serviceable crab traps in       tagging crab taps. Crab traps may be
                                female crabs in the berry stage (i.e.,      use, the contents of such crab traps or     attached to a trotline to which at least
                                carrying the eggs or young attached         their lines, buoys or markers is pro-       one end is attached to a nonfloating
                                to the abdomen). All crabs in the           hibited in public waters from one half      line and a visible float of at least six
                                berry stage taken by any means shall        hour after legal sunset until one half      inches in diameter or two-gallon vol-
                                be returned immediately to the waters.      hour before legal sunrise.                  ume size. Crab traps located in areas
                                Gear restrictions may exist within               No crab traps shall be set in          designated as freshwater north of the
                                certain WMAs, refuges or other areas.       navigable channels or entrances to          northern bank of the Intracoastal
                                Consult your local Wildlife and             streams. Traps must be placed so ves-       Waterway and west of Louisiana
  24                            Fisheries Office or Enforcement             sels can safely navigate.                   Highway 70 and those areas located
on the eastern side of the Mississippi     minimum sizes of the rings shall be        siZe/possession limits

                                                                                                                                other reCreational aCtivities
River and inland from the saltwater        two and five sixteenths inches in          There is no minimum recreational
line are not required to be marked         inside diameter, not including the ring    size limit for blue crabs. The daily
with a float and float line, unless the    material. Rings shall be rigid and         and possession limit is 12 dozen per
trap is placed in a lake. Each crab trap   attached to the trap with material of a    person, daily and in possession.
on a trotline shall be registered with     smaller diameter than the wire strands          There is no minimum recreation-
the department and shall have              of the trap. Escape ring openings may      al size limit for stone crabs or stone
attached thereto a tag bearing the crab    be obstructed with material that pre-      crab claws. Certain WMAs and state
fisherman’s license number. This is        vents or hampers exit of crabs from        and federal refuges may have differ-
the LDWF # at the top of your              April 1 - June 30 and from Sept. 1 -       ent possession limits. Consult local
license.                                   Oct. 31.                                   LDWF offices or Enforcement agents
All crab traps are required to be               Metal tackle or metal crab traps      for specifics (see page 27 “WMA and
marked with a solid float at least six     shall not be used in any of the public     Refuge Regulations”)
inches in diameter. The float must be      waters north of the Intracoastal                Any person using crab nets or
attached to the trap with a non-           Waterway in the Calcasieu River or in      crab lines for the purpose of taking
floating line at least 1/4 inch in         any body of water comprising the           crabs for recreational purposes shall
diameter. West of Highway 70 - no          Calcasieu River System north of the        not be required to purchase or possess
mark required.                             Intracoastal Canal or in the waters of     a basic recreational fishing license or
     Each crab trap shall have a mini-     Vermilion Bay from Cypremort Point         be required to purchase a gear license.
mum of two escape rings. All escape        one mile offshore to Blue Point.           However, persons using crab nets or
rings shall be placed on the vertical           Crab traps are prohibited in the      crab lines on LDWF WMAs or ref-
outside walls flush with the trap floor    Tchefuncte River.                          uges must possess a basic and saltwa-
or baffle with at least one ring located                                              ter recreational fishing license or a
in each chamber of the trap. The                                                      Wild Louisiana Stamp.

                               reCreational oysterinG
seasons                                    or in public oyster areas open for the     of such amount as determined by
     The Louisiana Wildlife and            harvesting of oysters. Recreational        LDWF.
Fisheries Commission designates            oyster harvesters are limited to two
which public oyster areas are open for     sacks per person per day for personal      RestRictions
fishing by opening or closing the sea-     consumption. Recreational oyster                Culling oysters, which is the act
son as biological data indicate. The       fishermen are also required to possess     of discarding undersized oysters or
owner of an oyster lease or his desig-     a basic and saltwater fishing license      dead shell, shall be performed only
nee, with written permission, may          in addition to a gear license for recre-   on the open designated public areas
fish oysters at any time of year on        ational gear used.                         or on private leases on which the fish-
their lease. NOTE: Areas opened by                                                    erman is authorized to take oysters.
the Commission may, however, be            methods oF takinG                          At no time will the act of culling oys-
closed by the Department of Health              Recreational oyster harvest for       ters be permitted in areas closed to
and Hospitals for public health rea-       home consumption is limited to tong-       oyster harvest.
sons. Information on closed areas is       ing or gathering by hand. A recre-              The taking of oysters one half
available from the Department of           ational tonging license is required for    hour after sunset until one half hour
Wildlife and Fisheries or from the         each tong in use and a recreational        before sunrise is prohibited.
Department of Health and Hospitals.        basic and saltwater fishing license is          Oysters taken from the reefs of
                                           required for persons 16 to 59 inclu-       this state either for sale or consump-
siZe/possession limits                     sive for taking oysters by hand. Any       tion shall be landed in Louisiana,
     All oysters taken from public         resident who turned 60 years of age        except with an out of state oyster
oyster areas must be three inches or       on or after June 1, 2000 shall be          landing permit and in compliance
greater in length from hinge to mouth.     required to purchase a senior fishing      with all other rules and regulations.
A lessee of private oyster areas may       license to take oysters.
be permitted to take undersized oys-
ters from public areas for bedding         leases
purposes only. Size restrictions do not        Any person who qualifies and
apply to oysters taken from a private      who desires to lease a part of the bot-
lease.                                     tom of any state waters shall present
     Recreational oyster fishermen         to the Secretary of the Louisiana
may harvest oysters only with the          Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
written permission of the lease holder     a written application and cash deposit
other reCreational aCtivities
                                                                reptiles and amphiBians
                                      Reptile and Amphibian regula-        sentative and may be sold for the pur-
                                tions apply to frogs, salamanders,         pose of stocking ponds or waters.
                                lizards, snakes, turtles and related
                                species. They do not include alliga-       alliGatoR snappinG
                                tors.                                      tURtles (MacRocleMys
                                      In order to collect non protected    teMMincki)
                                reptiles and/or amphibians for non         No size limit. Bag limit: One per day
                                commercial purposes (personal use as       per person, per vehicle.
                                food, bait, etc), all residents and non
                                residents must possess a Basic
                                                                           diamondback teRRapins
                                Resident or Nonresident Fishing
                                License.                                   (MalacleMys teRRapin)
                                      Removal of nesting or nest tend-     May not be taken by trap of any kind
                                ing animals is prohibited.                 and may not be taken between April
                                      Traps must be checked daily.         15 and June 15. Must measure 6
                                      Turtle traps must be open above      inches or more carapace length.
                                water to allow breathing, be marked
                                as “turtle trap,” and be constructed as    tURtle eGGs
                                a horizontal, single throated device.      No turtle eggs may be taken except
                                No additional gear license is required     for those of the red eared slider
                                for a turtle trap.                         (Trachemys scripta), wherever found.
                                      Possession of finfish while turtle
                                trapping is prohibited.                    box tURtles
                                      Use of gasoline to flush animals     No more than four box turtles of the
                                from hiding places is prohibited.          genus Terrapene may be possessed at
                                      Natural cover such as stumps and     any time, and only two may be taken
                                logs may not be destroyed while            per day.
                                searching for animals.
                                      Frogs may be taken using any         RestRicted -
                                visible light and mechanical devices       thReatened/
                                known as frog catchers or with devic-      endanGeRed Reptiles
                                es that puncture the skin such as gigs     and amphibians
                                and spears.                                     The following species may not
                                      Possession of firearms while tak-    be taken or collected from the wild in
                                ing or hunting frogs at night is prohib-   Louisiana:       tiger    salamander
                                ited.                                      (Ambystoma tigrinum); southern red
                                                                           backed salamander (Plethodon serra-
                                bUllFRoGs (Rana                            tus); Webster’s salamander (Plethodon
                                catesbeiana) and piG                       websteri);       mud     salamander
                                FRoGs (Rana gRylio)                        (Pseudotriton montanus); red sala-
                                May be taken year round except dur-        mander (Pseudotriton ruber); and
                                ing the months of April and May.           threatened or endangered species:
                                     No person shall take or possess       green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas);
                                bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana) that are      hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys
                                less than five inches in length, nor       imbricata); Kemp’s ridley sea turtle
                                take or possess pig frogs (Rana            (Lepidochelys kempii); leatherback
                                grylio) that are less than three inches    sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea);
                                in length. Length is measured from         loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caret-
                                the tip of the muzzle to the posterior     ta); gopher tortoise (Gopherus poly-
                                end of the body between the hind           phemus); ringed map turtle
                                legs.                                      (Graptemys oculifera); dusky gopher
                                     EXCEPTION: Frogs under the            frog (Rana sevosa).
                                legal length may be taken from pri-
                                vately owned ponds or waters by the
  26                            owner thereof or his authorized repre-
     fishinG reGulations on Wmas and refuGes

                                                                                                                              Wmas and refuGes
     A Wild Louisiana Stamp, hunting      Crawfishing: March 1 - July 31.           Vessels/Vehicle: All boats powered
license or fishing license shall be       Recreational only. 100 lbs per boat or    by internal combustion engines hav-
required for use of department admin-     group daily.                              ing horsepower ratings above 25 h.p
istered lands including wildlife refug-                                             are not allowed in the Grand Bayou,
es and wildlife management and habi-      lake boeUF                                Montegut and Pointe-aux-Chenes
tat conservation areas. Persons under     All nighttime activities prohibited,      water management units. Public is
16 years of age and 60 years of age or    including frogging.                       permitted to travel anytime through
older are exempt from this require-                                                 the WMA for access purposes only, in
ment. Persons attending official func-    manchac                                   the waterways known as Grand
tions of private, non-profit and chari-   Crabs: No crab traps allowed.             Bayou, Humble Canal, Little Bayou
table organizations recognized as tax     Attended lift nets are allowed.           Blue and Grand Bayou Blue. All
exempt under the provisions of the                                                  other motorized vehicles, horses and
U.S. Internal Revenue Code shall be       oUachita                                  mules are prohibited unless autho-
exempt from this requirement.             Crawfish: March 15 - June 30. 100         rized by LDWF.
     The operation of boats with inter-   pounds per person per day limit.
nal combustion engines within desig-      Night crawfishing prohibited. No          pomme de teRRe
nated limited access areas (LAAs), on     traps or nets left overnight.             Sport Fishing: Same as outside
some coastal wildlife management                                                    EXCEPT allowed only after 2 p.m.
areas is restricted during waterfowl      Waterfowl Refuge: North of LA Hwy.        only during waterfowl season.
hunting season from Sept. 1 - Jan. 31.    15 closed to all fishing during duck
Limited access areas exist within the     season including early teal season.       Crawfish: March 1 - July 31.
Atchafalaya Delta, Pass a Loutre,                                                   Recreational only. 100 lbs. per boat or
Pointe aux Chenes and Salvador                                                      group daily.
WMAs. LAAs are posted with sig-
                                          Oyster: harvesting is prohibited.
nage at access points around the                                                    Red RiVeR
perimeter. Any vessel with a movable                                                Crawfish: Allowed on Yakey Farms
                                          Camping and Houseboat Mooring:
outdrive system may enter a LAA as                                                  wetland restoration projects March
                                          allowed only in designated areas.
long as the boat’s internal combustion                                              15 - July 31. 100 lbs. per person per
engine is trimmed up out of the water                                               day maximum of five wire traps per
in an inoperable position. Vessels with   pointe-aUx-chenes
                                          All nighttime activities prohibited.      person. No traps or nets left over-
fixed props must adhere to the no                                                   night. No motorized watercraft.
operation rule. Trolling motors may
be used to access and navigate within     Recreational Fishing: Shrimp may
                                          be taken by the use of cast nets only.    RUssell saGe
a LAA while hunting or fishing.                                                     Crawfish: 100 pounds per person per
                                          During the inside open shrimp sea-
                                          son, 25 pounds per boat per day           day limit.
                                          (heads on) maximum shall be permit-
Camping and Houseboat Mooring:                                                      salVadoR/timken
                                          ted. Size count to conform with open
allowed only in designated areas.                                                   All nighttime activities prohibited
                                          season requirements. During the
                                          inside closed season, 10 pounds per       including frogging.
deWey W. Wills                            boat per day (heads on) may be taken
Crawfish: Limited to 100 pounds per       for bait. Oyster harvesting is prohib-    Recreational Fishing: Shrimp may
person per day.                           ited. Fish may be taken only by rod       be taken by the use of cast nets only.
                                          and reel or hand lines for recreational   During the inside open shrimp sea-
FoRt polk                                 purposes only. Crabs may be taken         son, 25 pounds per boat per day
Fishing: Special regulations pertain-     only through the use of hand lines or     (heads on) maximum shall be permit-
ing to fishing are posted at specific     nets; however, none are to remain set     ted. Size count to conform with open
lakes.                                    overnight. Twelve dozen crabs maxi-       season requirements. During the
                                          mum are allowed per boat or vehicle       inside closed season, 10 pounds per
GRassy lake                               per day. Crawfish may be harvested        boat per day (heads on) maximum
Sport Fishing: Same as outside            in unrestricted portions of the WMA       may be taken for bait. Fish may be
EXCEPT permitted only after 2 p.m.        and shall be limited to 100 pounds per    taken only by rod and reel or hand
during waterfowl season on Smith          boat or group. Fishing gear used to       lines for recreational purposes. Crabs
Bay, Red River Bay and Grassy Lake        catch crawfish shall not remain set       may be taken only through the use of
proper.                                   overnight. The harvest of all fish,       hand lines or nets; however, none are
                                          shrimp, crabs and crawfish is for rec-    to remain set overnight. Twelve dozen
                                          reational purposes only and any com-      crabs maximum are allowed per boat
                                          mercial use is prohibited.                or vehicle per day. Crawfish may be          27
Wmas and refuGes   harvested in unrestricted portions of     cial fishing gear on the refuge is pro-   U.s. aRmy coRps oF
                   the WMA and shall be limited to 100       hibited. Commercial fishing gear or       enGineeRs indian bayoU
                   pounds per boat or group. Fishing         trawls shall not be permitted in pos-     aRea
                   gear used to catch crawfish shall not     session while participating in sport      Crawfishing: Feb. 1 - Aug. 31.
                   remain set overnight. The harvest of      fishing on the refuge. Commercial         Additional Permit required, available
                   all fish, shrimp, crabs and crawfish      fishing gear may be in possession for     Jan. 1.
                   are for recreational purposes only and    non-stop access directly across the
                   any commercial use is prohibited.         refuge or for safe harbor only.
                   Boats powered by internal combus-
                   tion engines having horsepower rat-       Shrimp: Twenty-five pounds of
                   ings above 25hp are permitted only in     shrimp (heads on) per boat or vehicle
                   oil company access canals, Louisiana      per day is allowed during the inside
                   Cypress Canal, the Netherlands Pond       open shrimp season as established by
                   including the West Canal, Lakes           the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries
                   “Baie Des Chactas” and “Baie Du           Commission. Ten pounds of shrimp
                   Cabanage” and the Rathborne Access        (heads on) for bait purposes may be
                   ditch. Use of mudboats powered by         caught during the closed season.
                   internal combustion engines with four     Shrimp may be harvested only by cast
                   cylinders or less is permitted in inte-   net on the refuge and only for sport
                   rior ditches from Sept. 4 - Feb. 1.       fishing or home consumption use.
                   Pulling boats over levees, dams or        When harvesting shrimp with a cast
                   water control structures or any other     net, contents shall be dumped in a
                   activities which cause detriment to       container and not on the ground.
                   the integrity of levees, dams and
                   water control structures is prohibited.   Crawfish: May be harvested from
                                                             the open portion of the refuge and 100
                   sheRbURne                                 pounds per boat or vehicle is allowed
                   Crawfishing: March 1 - July 31.           per day. Set nets may be used but
                   Recreational crawfishing only on the      must be attended and removed from
                   Sherburne WMA. Crawfish harvest           the refuge daily. No commercial har-
                   limited to 100 pounds per vehicle or      vest is allowed.
                   boat per day. No traps or nets left
                   overnight. No motorized water craft       Crabs: May be harvested from the
                   allowed on farm complex.                  open portion of the refuge and 12
                                                             dozen crabs are allowed per boat or
                   soda lake                                 vehicle per day. NOTE: No commer-
                   Sport Fishing: April 1 - Aug. 31.         cial harvest is allowed on Marsh
                                                             Island, State Wildlife and Rockefeller
                   spRinG bayoU                              refuges.
                   Sport Fishing: Same as outside
                   EXCEPT allowed after 2 p.m. during        Oysters: May be harvested by tong-
                   waterfowl season.                         ing (properly licensed) or by hand
                                                             collection from the natural reefs. One
                   Crawfish: March 1 - July 31.              gallon per boat or vehicle per day is
                   Recreational only, 100 lbs. per person    allowed and oysters must be opened
                   or group daily.                           at the reef and the shells returned to
                                                             the reef. Taking of oysters on the reef
                   RockeFelleR WildliFe                      is dependent upon Department of
                                                             Health and Hospitals’ approval and
                   ReFUGe, state WildliFe
                                                             may be closed at any time by the
                   ReFUGe (VeRmilion) &                      Louisiana Department of Wildlife and
                   maRsh island WildliFe                     Fisheries.
                   Trawling: prohibited.                     Vessels: Speed boat racing and
                                                             water skiing are prohibited. All boat
                   Trotlines, Jug Lines, Trammel and         traffic shall honor no wake zones and
                   Gill Nets and Traps: prohibited.          shall keep wave wash to a minimum.
                                                             Pulling boats over or around levees,
                   Commercial Fishing: All commer-           dams or water control structures is
 28                cial fishing and use of any commer-       prohibited. Jet skis and air boats are
                                          BoatinG safety

                                                                                                                                  BoatinG information
boatinG saFety coURse                          Any vessel at anchor must display        VisUal distRess siGnals
     No person born after Jan. 1,         a white 360-degree light at the highest            Any watercraft used on coastal
1984, shall operate a motorboat pow-      location visible to all points of the hori-   waters including territorial seas up to
ered by a motor in excess of ten          zon.                                          a point where the waters are less than
horsepower unless he/she has suc-                                                       two miles wide shall be equipped
cessfully completed a boating safety      FiRe extinGUisheR (mUst                       with USCG approved visual distress
class approved by the National            be UscG appRoVed)                             signaling devices. The following
Association of Boating Law                A vessel of any length must have a            watercraft shall be exempt when
Administrators (NASBLA). A person         fire extinguisher when it has any of          operating between sunrise and sun-
who has completed an approved boat-       the following:                                set:
ing safety class shall be in possession   • Inboard engine.                             • Recreational boats less than 16
of evidence of such completion when       • Closed compartments where por-                   feet in length.
operating such a boat.                         table fuel tanks may be stored.          • Boats participating in organized
     A motorboat may be operated if       • Double bottoms not sealed to the                 events, which have been permit-
any person on board or participating           hull or not completely filled with            ted by the Department of Wildlife
in any boating activity from the               flotation materials.                          and Fisheries or the U.S. Coast
motorboat is over the age of eighteen     • Closed living spaces.                            Guard.
and, if required to, has completed a      • Closed storage compartments in              • Open sailboats not equipped with
boating safety course.                         which flammable or combustible                propulsion machinery and less
     For information on Boating                materials may be stored.                      than 26 feet in length.
Safety courses, see the LDWF web-         • Permanently installed fuel tanks            • Manually propelled boats.
site at                 are installed and fuel tanks of 10
                                               gallons or more.                         diVeR-doWn FlaGs
peRsonal Flotation                                                                           Scuba divers and snorkelers must
deVices (liFeJackets)                     Ventilation system                            display a "diver down" flag that
     Boats under 16 feet in length             Any gasoline-powered vessels             marks their diving area. Vessels
must have a Type I, II or III wearable    (except outboards) that are construct-        should remain at least 100 feet away
USCG approved personal flotation          ed in a way that may entrap gasoline          from the flag. The diver-down flags
device on board for each person in the    fumes must be fitted with either a            are either red with a white diagonal
vessel, including anyone in a tow-        natural or powered ventilation sys-           stripe for Louisiana waters or a blue
behind activity.                          tem.                                          and white flag for federal waters.
     Boats 16 feet or longer must have
a Type I, II or III wearable USCG         backFiRe Flame                                boatinG accidents
approved personal flotation device        aRResteR                                           If involved in a boating accident,
for each person aboard or being               All vessels using a gasoline-pow-         the operator must stop his or her ves-
towed, plus a Type IV USCG                ered engine must have the carburetor          sel at the scene of the accident and
approved throw cushion or ring buoy.      or carburetors fitted with USCG               give assistance to anyone injured or
     All persons onboard a boat under     approved flame arrestors.                     minimize any danger caused by the
16 feet propelled by a handtiller out-                                                  accident, unless doing so would seri-
board motor must wear a Type I, II,       enGine cUt-oFF sWitch                         ously endanger his or her vessel or
III or V USCG approved personal                Boats under 26 feet that are pro-        passengers. Give his or her name,
flotation device while the boat is        pelled by a handtiller outboard motor         address and identifying number of the
underway.                                 manufactured with an engine cut-off           vessel in writing to anyone injured in
     Children 16 years old or young-      switch and greater than 10 horse-             the accident and to the owner of any
er must wear a properly sized and         power must have an engine cut-off             damaged property. Boat operators
fitted, USCG approved personal            switch link attached to the operator,         involved in an accident resulting in
flotation device at all times when        the operator’s clothing or, if worn, the      death or injury to a person or property
the vessel is underway with the           operator’s personal floatation device         damage in excess of $500 must report
main source of propulsion.                while underway.                               it to the Louisiana Department of
     All personal flotation devices                                                     Wildlife and Fisheries, the nearest
must be in serviceable condition,         mUFFleRs                                      law enforcement agency, or the state
readily accessible, and of the proper          All vessels must be equipped             police by the most prompt means of
size for the wearer.                      with an efficient muffler or exhaust          communication. As well a written
                                          system that is capable of adequately          report on an accident resulting in
naViGation liGhts                         muffling the exhaust of the vessel.           death or injury to a person or property
     Navigation lights must be dis-                                                     damage in excess of $500 must be
played between sunset and sunrise         hoRns/Whistles                                filed with the Louisiana Department
and during periods of restricted visi-        All vessels 16 feet and over must         of Wildlife and Fisheries within five
bility.                                   have a horn.                                  days. Accident reports are available
     Rowboats, canoes and pirogues            All vessels must have a horn in           from any regional Wildlife and
must have a white light to be dis-        periods of restricted visibility.             Fisheries office or on our website at:
played when operating between the                                                                     29
hours of sunset and sunrise.
BoatinG information                     rules of the road                                                          safety tips
                      The following regulations shall dic-       10. Vessels yielding right-of-way           FilinG a Float plan
                      tate the operation of vessels upon the         shall reduce speed, stop, reverse       • Before going out on a vessel
                      waters of the state and shall set forth        or alter course to avoid collision.         it is always a good idea to
                      a standard of operation. In construing         Vessel with right-of-way shall              leave a float plan.
                      and complying with these rules, due            hold course and speed. If there is
                      regard shall be had to all dangers of          danger of collision, all vessels        •   Leave it with a relative or
                      navigation and collision and to any            will slow down, stop or reverse             friend.
                      special circumstances, including the           until danger is averted.
                      limitations of the vessels involved,       11. Vessels will issue warning sig-         •   A float plan should describe
                      which may make a departure from the            nals in fog or weather conditions           the vessel, its registration
                      rules necessary to avoid immediate             that restrict visibility.                   number, size, hull color and
                      danger.                                    12. No mechanically propelled vessel            engine type. Note the boat
                                                                     shall be operated so as to traverse a       landing that is to be used to
                      1.   Vessels passing head-on shall             course around any other vessel              unload the boat and the area
                           each keep to their respective             underway or any person swim-                where you intend to fish
                           right.                                    ming.                                       with names of lakes and
                      2.   A vessel overtaking another ves-      13. In a narrow channel, vessels will           bayous, etc.
                           sel may do so on either side, but         keep to the right of mid-channel.
                           must grant the right-of-way to        14. Vessels approaching or passing          •   List the number and names of
                           the vessel being overtaken.               another vessel shall be operated            passengers and any cell phone
                      3.   When vessels are passing at right         in such manner and at such a rate           numbers and VHF radio call
                           angles, the vessel on the left will       of speed as will not create a haz-          sign of the vessel.
                           yield right-of-way to vessel on the       ardous wash or wake.
                           right.                                15. No vessel shall obstruct or inter-      Falls oVeRboaRd
                      4.   Motorboats shall yield right-of-          fere with take-off, landing or          • Don’t stand in a moving
                           way to non-motor powered boats            taxiing of aircraft.                       boat.
                           except as follows:                    16. All vessels shall be operated at
                           A. When being overtaken by                reasonable speeds for given con-        •   Don't sit on gunwales, seat-
                                 non-powered vessels.                ditions and situations and must             backs or bow area of the
                           B. For deep draft vessels that            be under the complete control of            boat.
                                 have to remain in narrow            the operator at all times.
                                 channels.                       17. No person shall, under any cir-         •   Don’t lean over the side for
                           C. When vessel is towing                  cumstances, operate a vessel in             any reason.
                                 another vessel.                     excess of an established speed or
                      5.   Motorboats must maintain a                wake zone.                              •   Always hold on to some-
                           direct course when passing sail-      18. No vessel or person shall obstruct          thing when moving in a sta-
                           boats.                                    or block a navigation channel,              tionary boat and never move
                      6.   A vessel approaching a landing            entrance to channel, mooring                about in a boat when it is
                           dock or pier shall yield the right-       slip, landing dock, launching               underway.
                           of-way to any departing vessel.           ramp, pier or tributary.
                      7.   A vessel departing shoreline or       19. Vessels shall keep at least 100         •   Always wear a personal flo-
                           tributary shall yield right-of-way        feet clearance of displayed div-            tation device when the boat
                           to through traffic and vessels            er’s flag.                                  is underway.
                           approaching shoreline or tribu-       20. Operator shall maintain a proper
                           tary.                                     lookout.
                      8.   Vessels will not abruptly change
                           course without first determining      NOTE: For a more comprehensive
                           that it can be safely done without    compilation of boating and vessel
                           risk of collision with another ves-   requirements, see the LDWF website
                           sel.                                  at for a print-
                      9.   If an operator fails to fully com-    able version of “Handbook of LA
                           prehend the course of an              Boating Laws and Regulations.” For
                           approaching vessel he must slow       more information on boating regula-
                           down immediately to a speed           tions or safe boating courses visit the
                           barely sufficient for steerageway     LDWF website or phone 225-765-
                           until the other vessel has passed.    2984.
                          Clean Water - do your part

                                                                                                                                   BoatinG information
                                           3.   Don’t throw anything overboard.        it’s the laW!
                                           4.   Bring cut fishing line ashore.              Federal and state laws prohibit
                                           5.   Avoid discharging bilge waste          the discharge of untreated sewage
                                                into the water.                        from vessels within Louisiana’s navi-
                                           6.   Be careful when fueling; try to        gable waters. This includes territorial
                                                prevent spills.                        seas within the three mile limit.
                                                                                       Federal and state laws also prohibit
                                                Boaters can legally and conve-         the discharge of sewage (treated and
                                           niently dispose of waste at properly        untreated) within No Discharge
                                           installed and operated marine               Zones.
     Clean water is important to all of    pumpout and portable toilet wash-           Recreational vessels with installed
us. One way for boaters and anglers        down stations.                              toilets must have an operable Marine
to help protect and improve the qual-           The Clean Vessel Act (CVA)             Sanitation Device (MSD) certified by
ity of our waters is to eliminate the      Grant Program reimburses marina             the U.S. Coast Guard. Portable toilets
overboard discharge of sewage.             owners up to 75 percent of the cost of      are not considered as installed and are
Sewage discharges are unsightly and        approved pumpout and washdown               not subject to MSD regulations.
may contain disease-carrying bacteria      station installations or improvements.      However, it is illegal to empty porta-
and viruses. The microorganisms can        For more information on boat sewage         ble toilets overboard.
contaminate shellfish beds and areas       disposal facilities or the CVA Grant             MSDs may have a Y-valve that,
used for swimming, fishing and ski-        Program, please contact the Louisiana       when in position, allows direct dis-
ing. The decaying of sewage can also       Department of Wildlife and Fisheries        charge of raw sewage. Boat operating
degrade aquatic habitats by depleting      at (225) 765-2864, or visit the             in U.S. territorial waters must have
oxygen in the water.                       Louisiana CVA web page by going to          the Y-valve secured in a closed posi-
                                 , clicking on          tion to prevent discharges.
be paRt oF the                             “Boating,” clicking on “Programs”                To report boat sewage violations,
solUtion                                   then clicking on “Clean Vessel              contact your regional Wildlife and
1.   Use shore-side toilet facilities      Program.”                                   Fisheries office, the U.S. Coast
     before going out on the water.
                                                                                       Guard, or the Louisiana Department
2.   Dispose of waste from portable
                                                                                       of Environmental Quality at (225) 219-
     toilets or on-board sewage hold-
     ing tanks properly.

The numbers on the map refer to the marinas with sewage disposal facilities listed below. The waterbodies they serve are in
parenthesis. Please call for hours, services offered, cost (if any) or other information.
                                                                                1.    Bowtie Marina, Lake Charles - $5.00
                                                                                      (Contraband Bayou) 337-478-0130
                                 9                                              2.    Cypress Bend Park, Negreet (Toledo Bend)
      13                     4                                                        318-256-4118
                                                                                3.    Downtown Marina, Houma - $5.00 (Bayou
                                                                                      Terrebonne/GIWW) 985-873-6428
                                                                                4.    Forsythe Point, Monroe (Ouachita River)
                                                                                5.    Lake End Park, Morgan City - $5.00 (Lake
                                                                                      Palourde) 985-380-4623
                                                                                6.    Marina Beau Chene, Mandeville - $5.00
           2                                                                          (Tchefuncte River) 985-845-3454
                                                                                7.    Marina Del Ray, Madisonville - $10.00
       12                                                                             (Tchefuncte River) 985-845-4474
                                                                                8.    Mariner’s Village Marina, Mandeville
                                                                                      (Lake Pontchartrain) 985-626-1517
                                                                                9.    Moon Lake Resort, Monroe (Ouachita
                                                                                      River) 318-322-2300
                                                         6                      10.   Northshore Marine Sales & Service, Inc.,
                                                       7 8 10                         Mandeville - $5.00 (Bayou Castine) 985-
               1                                                                11.   Orleans Marina, New Orleans (Lake
                              14                       11                             Pontchartrain) 504-288-2351
                                                                                12.   Pleasure Point Landing, Toro (Toledo
                                                                                      Bend) 318-565-4810
                                           5                                    13.   Plum Orchard Park, Doyline (Lake
                                                   3                                  Bistineau) 318-987-7275
                                                                                14.   New Iberia Boat & Sewerage Pumpout
                                                                                      Facility, New Iberia - $5.00 (Bayou Teche)
                                                                                      337-365-9493                                     31
boatinG inFoRmation
BoatinG information                     voluntary Gulf of mexiCo
                                     marine CommuniCations protoCol
                           The voluntary Gulf of Mexico          potential haZaRds to                      be visible from the sea surface.
                      (GOM) communications protocol is           FisheRmen When FishinG                    Perforating activities require elimina-
                      an agreed communications format            aRoUnd oFFshoRe oil                       tion of radio transmissions to help
                      that identifies methods of notifica-       and Gas pRodUction                        prevent an inadvertent triggering of
                      tion, recommended frequencies and          platFoRms                                 the explosive charges. Gas releases,
                      generally accepted two-way marine               Most offshore fishermen target       some of which may be poisonous (red
                      VHF radio protocols. It is for use in      oil and gas production platforms as       flashing light), have the potential to
                      GOM Outer Continental Shelf areas          their fishing location of choice.         drift to the water surface and envelop
                      and State Territorial Waters adjacent      Petroleum platforms, commonly             a vessel, where an open flame or
                      to Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and       referred to as “rigs,” provide recre-     spark could set off the gas.
                      Alabama.                                   ation for fishermen and scuba divers           Therefore, if asked by platform
                           The objective is to provide a         because they act as artificial reefs,     personnel to move to another struc-
                      common voluntary marine communi-           attracting and establishing aquatic       ture, please understand the request is
                      cations protocol for GOM resource          communities, including highly sought      made for your safety, the safety of the
                      users to use in alerting parties that      food and sport fishes. Also, offshore     personnel on board the platform and
                      will be interacting in the same general    facilities serve as navigation points     the safety of the facilities. Please
                      area. This protocol will provide a         for small marine craft. Manned facili-    observe common courtesy and move
                      common communication format for            ties can also provide a haven for small   to another location.
                      notification and feedback between          craft operators forced to abandon
                      offshore platform and rig operators        their vessels during storms or follow-
                      and others in responding to the safety     ing accidents.                                         example
                      needs of all GOM resources users.               Generally this interaction
                      Any vessel operator (commercial, for       between fishermen and offshore plat-         Contact Request: “Eugene Island
                      hire (charter/headboat), recreational      form personnel takes place without           313 “A” Platform, this is M/V Duck,
                      fishermen, sport divers and oil and        incident. However, periodically, a           M/V Duck, on Channel 16”
                      gas contractors and operators) pro-        fisherman or scuba diver may be              Response: “Eugene Island 313 “A”
                      posing to approach either fixed or         asked by platform personnel to move          back to M/V Duck. Switch to
                      floating drilling, production and sup-                                                  Channel No. ______.”
                                                                 to another location. This request is
                      port facilities or oil and gas transpor-                                                Follow Up on New Channel: “M/V
                                                                 generally made when certain poten-           Duck back; we are 5 miles out and
                      tation infrastructure should utilize the   tially dangerous activities are taking       in route to your location for ______
                      GOM communications protocol.               place onboard the platform and is            (offloading, fishing, diving, bird
                                                                 made for the safety of both platform         watching, etc) and request assis-
                      pRotocol                                   personnel and the fisherman.                 tance in determining your current
                           Any vessel approaching either a            Some of these potential hazards         facility status.”
                      fixed or floating offshore facility with   to fishermen occur when construction         Recognition: “Eugene Island 313
                      the intent of tying to or remaining        or maintenance activities are under-         “A” back; we have no current
                      around (within 1,500 feet of) that         way. These activities frequently             marine traffic or hazardous opera-
                      facility for any purpose, should con-      require use of marine support vessels        tions but expect a supply boat later
                      tact as far in advance as practical that   that limit access to the facility and        today.” If the facility was planning
                      specific facility using a marine VHF       require frequent movement and the            operations that might preclude safe
                      radio on Channel No. 16. All off-          possibility for entanglement in anchor       positioning of marine craft or if
                      shore facilities are identified by sig-                                                 potentially hazardous lifting or well
                                                                 lines or mooring hardware exists.
                                                                                                              work is scheduled, the operator
                      nage that identifies the Area, Block,      Platform cranes making lifts can             would so inform the vessel.
                      Platform and Operator.                     expose vessels and personnel to              Notification: “M/V Duck back; we
                           This protocol helps GOM off-          dropped objects, and overhead work,          are a 25 foot sport fisherman out of
                      shore facility operators identify ves-     such as blasting, welding and burning        Cocodrie with a total of five people
                      sels approaching or mooring and            or painting, can also potentially            on board and will approach your
                      gives shared resource users a com-         expose people and equipment to fall-         location at 0900 hours and estimate
                      mon communication tool. If vessels         ing debris and equipment. These              our stay at three hours.”
                      fail to establish communications, a        activity types are easy to see and the
                      facility operator is faced with the task   request to move is easily understood.        The approaching vessel has estab-
                      of evaluating the vessel's intent.         Some activities taking place on off-         lished contact, identified its intent to
                      Communications will help operators         shore platforms that may also be             approach or moor, its purpose, and
                      make a judgment on the activity and        dangerous are not as easily seen, and        estimated its time of arrival and time
                      help access if the vessel poises a         therefore, a request to move may be          at location. The operator is now
                      threat to the people or facility.                                                       alerted to the fact that the vessel is
                                                                 misunderstood. Activities such as
                                                                                                              approaching with the intent of being
                                                                 well perforating, poisonous gas              in the area and can validate actual
                                                                 releases (red flashing light) or emer-       activities by visually observing the
                                                                 gency shut downs that may require            vessel and its crew.
 32                                                              significant venting or flaring may not
          louisiana fish Consumption advisories

                                                                                                                                fish Consumption advisories
     The following information on                The Office of Public Health eval-        smaller fish to eat. Usually,
fish consumption advisories has been       uates chemicals in fish to determine if        younger, smaller fish are less con-
furnished by the Louisiana                 the fish are contaminated and pose a           taminated than larger, older fish.
Department of Health and Hospitals         health threat to children, pregnant        •   Eat fewer predator fish such as
(DHH). The Louisiana Departments           women, adults or (when indicated)              bass, gar or pickerel. Contaminants
of     Health      and     Hospitals,      subsistence anglers. A fish consump-           bioaccumulate in predator fish.
Environmental Quality and Wildlife         tion advisory is issued when unac-         •   Vary diet by eating a variety of
and Fisheries coordinate in the issu-      ceptable levels of chemical contami-           fish, shellfish, meat and poultry.
ance of advisories.                        nants have been found in the fish          •   Vary source of fish, seafood, meat,
     Unless the fish species is specifi-   filet.                                         poultry and wild game.
cally addressed in the details of these
advisories, please limit consumption       Fish consUmption
of all species in an advisory area to      adVisoRy                                       Consumption adviCe
four meals per month. Louisiana fish            Fish consumption advisories in             for Women Who are
consumption advisories are based on        Louisiana are based on chemical lev-           preGnant, nursinG or
the estimate that the average              els in the fish filet. Advisories are
Louisiana resident eats four fish          issued at very conservative levels to               miGht BeCome
meals per month (a meal is consid-         insure the safety of individuals con-            preGnant and for
ered to be half a pound of fish for        suming fish. Advisories provide guid-              younG Children
adults and children). If you or your       ance regarding fish consumption for              (epa and fda, 2004)
family members eat more than four          each species of fish. They do not tell
meals of fish a month from local           you to stop fishing or to stop eating
                                                                                          By following these three recom-
water bodies, you might increase           fish. Just be selective about the fish
                                                                                          mendations for selecting and
your health risks. You can contact the     you or your family eat. None of the
                                                                                          eating fish or shellfish, women
Office of Public Health toll free at       fish in Louisiana are contaminated
                                                                                          and young children will receive
1-888-293-7020 or visit www.dhh.           enough to cause harm after a single or
                                                                                          the benefits of eating fish and for more information        a few meals. The health risk comes
                                                                                          shellfish and be confident that
about eating fish that contain chemi-      from eating contaminated fish often
                                                                                          they have reduced their exposure
cals.                                      and regularly over a long period of
                                                                                          to the harmful effects of mercu-
     Readers should be aware that the      time.
                                                                                          ry. Follow these same recom-
information provided is a summary of
                                                                                          mendations when feeding fish or
the information available at the time      health adVice and
                                                                                          shellfish to a young child, but
of printing. Advisories may be             GUidelines
                                                                                          serve smaller portions.
changed or added at any time.                   Contaminants found in Louisiana
                                                                                          1. Do not eat shark, swordfish,
Additional information on mercury          fish can be grouped into two catego-
                                                                                               king mackerel or tilefish, as
and health advisories can be found on      ries: organic chemicals (HCB,
                                                                                               these contain high levels of
the Louisiana Department of                HCBD, PCBs and Dioxin) and metals
Environmental Quality’s Internet           (mercury, lead). Organic contami-
                                                                                          2. Eat up to 12 ounces a week
address at http://www.deq.louisiana.       nants build up in fish fat deposits and
                                                                                               of a variety of fish and
gov.                                       just under the skin, more than in the
                                                                                               shellfish that are lower in
                                           muscle tissue (filet). Metals are dis-
                                                                                               mercury. The five most
contaminants in Fish                       tributed evenly throughout the fish
                                                                                               commonly eaten fish that
     Almost everywhere you look in         and cannot be removed from the filet
                                                                                               are low in mercury are
Louisiana there is water, and where        by cooking or cleaning.
                                                                                               shrimp, canned light tuna,
there is water, people catch and eat
                                                                                               salmon, pollock and catfish.
fish. However, in a few Louisiana          hoW to RedUce
                                                                                               Up to six ounces a week of
waters, fish and shellfish have chemi-     oRGanic chemical
                                                                                               albacore (“white”) tuna may
cal contamination in amounts that          contamination in Fish
                                                                                               be consumed since this vari-
may be harmful to your health if you       •   Remove all organs and skin.
                                                                                               ety contains more mercury
were to eat too much over a long               Organs and skin can be high in fat
                                                                                               than light tuna.
period of time.                                and organic chemicals.
                                                                                          3. Check local advisories
     These contaminants are in the         •   Trim off fatty areas shown in
                                                                                               about the safety of fish
environment because of various rea-            black on drawing. This includes
                                                                                               caught by family and friends
sons such as natural deposition,               belly fat, side fat and back fat.
                                                                                               in your local lakes, rivers
industrial discharges, leaking land-           Organic contaminants concentrate
                                                                                               and coastal areas. If no
fills and misuse of pesticides. Fish           in fat.
                                                                                               advice is available, eat up to
take in the contaminants from water,       •   Bake or broil skinned, trimmed
                                                                                               six ounces per week of fish
sediments and food. Larger, older fish         fish on a rack or grill so fat drips
                                                                                               caught in local waters. Do
and fish that eat other fish tend to           off. Throw away drippings.
                                                                                               not consume any other fish
accumulate more contaminants than          •   When fish are poached or fried,
                                                                                               that same week.
smaller, younger fish.                         throw away the broth or oil. Keep
     CleaninG method to reduCe                                                  A “meal” is considered to be a half-pound (8 oz.)
    orGaniC Contamination in fish                                                  in size. Unless the fish species is specifically
                                                                                 addressed in the details of the advisory, please
                                                                                 limit consumption of all species in an advisory
                                                                                  area to four meals per month. Louisiana fish
                                                                                  consumption advisories are based on the esti-
                                                                                  mate that the average Louisiana resident eats
                                                                                four fish meals per month. If you or your family
                                                                                 eat more than four meals of fish a month from
                                                                                   local water bodies, you might increase your
                                                                                health risks. You can contact the Office of Public
                                                                                Health toll free at 1-888-293-7020 for more infor-
                                                                                            mation about eating fish that
                                                                                                 contain chemicals.

                loUsiana health/Fish consUmption adVisoRies (meRcURy)
                                                         RECOMMENDATIONS FOR
                                                                                                          ISSUE         LAST
LOCATION       BOUNDARIES            PARISH        Women of childbear-  Other adults and                  DATE        REVIEWED
                                                   ing age and children children over the
                                                    under the age of 7       age of 7
               Amite River from                                                 Limit bigmouth buffa-
                                                   Limit bigmouth buffalo,
               the Mississippi                                                  lo, largemouth bass,
                                         East      largemouth bass, spotted
               state line to its                                                spotted bass, white
                                      Feliciana,   bass, white crappie (sac-
Amite River    confluence with                                                  crappie (sac-a-lait),
                                     St. Helena,   a-lait), freshwater drum
               Lake Maurepas,                                                   freshwater drum (gas-
 Drainage      Colyell Creek, the
                                     East Baton    (gaspergou) and bowfin
                                                                                pergou) and bowfin
                                                                                                          07/01/04     03/10/04
  Basin                                Rouge,      (choupique, grinnel) con-
               Amite River                                                      (choupique, grinnel)
                                     Livingston,   sumption to no more
               Diversion Canal                                                  consumption to no
                                     Ascension     than one meal per
               and the Petite                                                   more than four meals
                                                   month combined.
               Amite River                                                      per month combined.
            Bayou                                  No bowfin (choupique,        No bowfin (choupique,
            Bartholomew from                       grinnel); Limit consump-     grinnel); Limit con-
   Bayou    the LA/AR state                        tion of other fish species   sumption of other fish     01/99;
                                     Morehouse                                                                         03/10/04
Bartholomew line to its conflu-                    to no more than one          species to no more than   05/29/03
            ence with the                          meal per month com-          four meals per month
            Ouachita River                         bined.                       combined.
            Bayou Bonne Idee                       No bowfin (choupique,        No bowfin (choupique,
            from its headwa-                       grinnel); Limit large-       grinnel); Limit large-
Bayou Bonne ters near Jones,                       mouth bass and freshwa-      mouth bass and fresh-
            Louisiana to its         Morehouse     ter drum (gaspergou)         water drum (gaspergou)    07/01/04     12/04/03
    Idee    confluence with                        consumption to no more       consumption to no
            the Boeuf River                        than one meal per            more than four meals
            east of Oak Ridge.                     month combined.              per month combined.
            Bayou Chene from
            its headwaters near
            Jennings to its con-
                                                                                Limit largemouth bass
            fluence with                           Limit largemouth bass
Bayou Chene Bayou Lacassine,         Jefferson                                  and bowfin (choupique,
                                                   and bowfin (choupique,
                                      Davis,                                    grinnel) consumption to
  & Bayou   and Bayou
                                                   grinnel) consumption to
                                                                                no more than four
                                                                                                          03/08/06      2005
 Lacassine  Lacassine from its                     no more than one meal
                                     Cameron                                    meals per month com-
            headwaters near                        per month combined.
            Lacassine to its
            confluence with
            Bayou Misere.
 Bayou de      Bayou De Loutre
 Loutre &      from the Arkansas
 associated    state line to its                                                Limit consumption of
               confluence with                     No consumption of any        all species to no more
    lakes      the Ouachita River
                                                   species.                     than two meals per
                                                                                                          05/29/03;    03/10/04
  (Phillips,                                                                                              07/01/04
               including Phillips,                                              month combined.
 Hatley and    Hatley, and
  Hudson)      Hudson Lakes
                                                         RECOMMENDATIONS FOR
                                                                                                            ISSUE         LAST
LOCATION      BOUNDARIES             PARISH        Women of childbear-    Other adults and                  DATE        REVIEWED
                                                   ing age and children children over the age
                                                    under the age of 7          of 7
                                                                                Limit bowfin
                                                   Limit bowfin
                                                                                (choupique, grinnel),
              Bayou des Cannes                     (choupique, grinnel),
                                                                                black crappie (sac-a-
 Bayou des    from its origin near                 black crappie (sac-a-lait)
                                      Acadia,                                   lait) or freshwater drum     10/97;
              Ville Platte to its                  or freshwater drum (gas-                                              04/11/02
  Cannes                             Evangeline                                 (gaspergou) consump-        05/29/03
              confluence with                      pergou) consumption to
                                                                                tion to no more than
              the Mermentau                        no more than one meal a
                                                                                four meals a month
                                                   month combined.
                                                   No bowfin (choupique,        No bowfin (choupique,
              Bayou DeSiard
                                                   grinnel); Limit consump-     grinnel); Limit con-
  Bayou       from its headwa-
                                                   tion of other fish species   sumption of other fish
              ters to its conflu-     Ouachita                                                              05/29/03     09/04/02
 DeSiard                                           to no more than one          species to no more than
              ence with the
                                                   meal per month com-          four meals per month
              Ouachita River
                                                   bined.                       combined.

                                                   Limit largemouth bass,       Limit largemouth bass,
                                                   spotted bass, black crap-    spotted bass, black crap-
              Bayou Dorcheat                       pie, freshwater drum         pie, freshwater drum
  Bayou       from the Arkansas                    (gaspergou), flathead        (gaspergou), flathead
              State Line to its       Webster      catfish and bowfin           catfish and bowfin                        2005
 Dorcheat                                                                                                   03/08/06
              confluence with                      (choupique, grinnel)         (choupique, grinnel)
              Lake Bisteneau.                      consumption to no more       consumption to no more
                                                   than one meal per            than four meal per
                                                   month combined.              month combined.
                                                   Limit largemouth bass,       Limit largemouth bass,
                                                   crappie (sac-a-lait),        crappie (sac-a-lait),
  Bayou                                            freshwater drum (gasper-     freshwater drum (gas-
              The entire length         St.                                                                 01/31/97;
                                                   gou) and redear sunfish      pergou) and redear sun-                  03/10/04
  Liberty     of Bayou Liberty       Tammany                                                                05/29/03
                                                   consumption to no more       fish consumption to no
                                                   than one meal a month        more than four meals a
                                                   combined.                    month combined.
              Bayou Louis from
                                                   No bowfin (choupique,        No bowfin (choupique,
              its headwaters to
                                                   grinnel); Limit consump-     grinnel); Limit con-
              its confluence with
                                                   tion of other fish species   sumption of other fish
Bayou Louis   the Ouachita River     Catahoula
                                                   to no more than one          species to no more than
                                                                                                            05/29/03     09/04/02
              including Lake
                                                   meal per month com-          four meals per month
              Louis (Lovelace
                                                   bined.                       combined.
                                                   No more than six meals
                                                                                No more than two
              Headwaters of            Acadia,     per year of bowfin
                                                                                meals per month of
  Bayou       Bayou Nezpique to        Allen,      (choupique, grinnel) or
                                                                                bowfin, or no more than
              the Mermentau          Evangeline,   no more than one meal                                    02/11/09
 Nezpique                                                                       four meals per month
              River                   Jefferson    per month of large-
                                                                                of largemouth bass,
              65.0 miles                Davis      mouth bass, from the
                                                                                from the advisory area.
                                                   advisory area.
                                                                                Limit bowfin
                                                   No bowfin (choupique,        (choupique, grinnel) to
              Bayou Plaquemine                     grinnel) consumption.        two meals per month;
   Bayou      Brule from its ori-                  Limit largemouth bass,       Limit largemouth bass,
              gin near Opelousas      Acadia,      crappie (sac-a-lait) and     crappie (sac-a-lait) and     10/96;
Plaquemine    to its confluence      St. Landry    freshwater drum (gasper-     freshwater drum (gas-       05/29/03
   Brule      with the                             gou) consumption to no       pergou) consumption to
              Mermentau River                      more than one meal a         no more than four
                                                   month combined.              meals a month com-
              Bayou Queue de
              Tortue from its
                                                   Limit bowfin                 Limit bowfin
  Bayou       headwaters near
                                     Acadiana,     (choupique, grinnel)         (choupique, grinnel)
              Cankton, La. to its
 Queue De     confluence with
                                     Lafayette,    consumption to no more       consumption to no more      07/01/04     03/10/04
  Tortue                             Vermillion    than one meal per            than four meals per
              the Mermentau
                                                   month.                       month.
              River east of Lake
              Arthur, La.
                                                         RECOMMENDATIONS FOR
                                                                                                            ISSUE         LAST
LOCATION        BOUNDARIES           PARISH        Women of childbear-    Other adults and                  DATE        REVIEWED
                                                   ing age and children children over the age
                                                    under the age of 7          of 7
               The entire length
                                                                                Limit consumption of
               of Big Alabama
                                                                                all catfish species to no
               Bayou from the          Pointe      Limit consumption of all
Big Alabama                                                                     more than two meals a
               boat landing at        Coupee,      species to no more than
                                                                                month; Limit consump-       05/29/03     09/04/02
   Bayou       Hwy 975 to near       Iberville,    one meal per month
                                                                                tion of all other species
               the Atchafalaya       St. Martin    combined.
                                                                                to four meals a month
               River Pilot
                                                                                Limit largemouth bass
                                                   Limit largemouth bass
                                                                                and bowfin (choupique,
Black Bayou Black Bayou Lake                       and bowfin (choupique,
                                                                                grinnel) consumption to
                                       Caddo       grinnel) consumption to                                  03/08/06      2005
   Lake     only                                                                no more than four
                                                   no more than one meal
                                                                                meals per month com-
                                                   per month combined.
                                                                                Limit bowfin
Black Bayou Black Bayou Lake                        No bowfin (choupique,       (choupique, grinnel)
                                     Ouachita                                                               05/29/03     09/04/02
   Lake     only                                   grinnel) consumption.        consumption to one
                                                                                meal a month.
                                                                                Limit bowfin
                                                 No bowfin (choupique,
                                                                                (choupique, grinnel) to
                                                 grinnel) consumption;
                                                                                two meals per month;
                                                 Limit largemouth bass,
                                                                                Limit largemouth bass,
                                                 white bass, crappie (sac-
                                                                                white bass, crappie (sac-    10/96;
 Black Lake    Black Lake only      Natchitoches a-lait) and freshwater
                                                                                a-lait) and freshwater      05/29/03
                                                 drum (gaspergou) con-
                                                                                drum (gaspergou) con-
                                                 sumption to no more
                                                                                sumption to no more
                                                 than one meal a month
                                                                                than four meals a
                                                                                month combined.
                                     St. James,     Limit bowfin                Limit bowfin
                                    Ascension,     (choupique, grinnel)         (choupique, grinnel)
               The Blind River                                                                              04/23/98;
Blind River    only
                                    Livingston,    consumption to no more       consumption to no more
                                    St. John the   than one meal per            than four meals a
                                      Baptist      month.                       month.
               The Boeuf River                     No bowfin (choupique,        No bowfin (choupique,
               from the conflu-      Caldwell,     grinnel); Limit consump-     grinnel); Limit con-
               ence with Lake        Franklin,     tion of other fish species   sumption of other fish
Boeuf River    Lafourche to the      Richland,     to no more than one          species to no more than
                                                                                                            05/29/03     03/10/04
               confluence with       Catahoula     meal per month com-          four meals a month
               the Ouachita River                  bined.                       combined.
                                                                                Limit consumption of
             The Bogue Chitto                      Limit consumption of all
                                                                                all bass species and
Bogue Chitto River from MS/LA          St.         bass species and bowfin
                                                                                bowfin (choupique,           08/96;
             state line to the      Tammany,       (choupique, grinnel) to                                               03/10/04
   River                                                                        grinnel) to no more than    05/29/03
             Pearl River            Washington     no more than one meal
                                                                                four meals a month
             Navigation Canal                      per month combined.
                                                                             Limit largemouth bass
                                                                             and crappie (sac-a-lait)
             The Bogue Falaya
                                                   No largemouth bass or     consumption to no more
             from its headwa-
Bogue Falaya ters to its conflu-                   crappie (sac-a-lait);     than two meals a
    and                                            Limit freshwater drum     month combined; Limit
             ence with the              St.
                                                   (gaspergou), spotted bass freshwater drum (gas-          05/29/03     09/04/02
 Tchefuncte Tchefuncte and the      Tammany,
                                                   and catfish consumption pergou), spotted bass
   Rivers    Tchefuncte from        Tangipahoa
                                                   to no more than one       and catfish consumption
             its headwaters to
                                                   meal a month combined to no more than four
             Lake Pontchartrain
                                                                             meals a month com-
                                                   No more than six meals       No more than two
               Caddo Lake Only                     per year of bowfin           meals per month of
Caddo Lake     -32,640 acres
                                                   (choupique, grinnel)         bowfin from the adviso-
                                                   from the advisory area.      ry area.
                                                    RECOMMENDATIONS FOR
                                                                                                    ISSUE         LAST
LOCATION BOUNDARIES              PARISH       Women of childbear-    Other adults and               DATE        REVIEWED
                                              ing age and children children over the age
                                               under the age of 7          of 7
             Calcasieu River
             from Hwy 26 to
             the Saltwater
                                                                         Limit largemouth bass,
             Barrier north of
 Calcasieu                                    No largemouth bass,        bowfin (choupique,
             Lake Charles, the   Calcasieu,
  River                                       bowfin (choupique, grin-   grinnel) and freshwater    11/20/00;
             West Fork           Jefferson
                                              nel) or freshwater drum    drum (gaspergou) con-      05/29/03;    03/10/04
 Drainage    Calcasieu River,     Davis,
                                              (gaspergou) consump-       sumption to no more        07/01/04
  Basin      Houston River,        Allen
                                              tion.                      than two meals per
             Hickory Creek,
                                                                         month combined.
             Beckwith Creek,
             English Bayou and
             Little River
                                                                         Limit bowfin
                                                                         (choupique, grinnel)
                                              No bowfin (choupique,
                                                                         consumption to no more
                                              grinnel) consumption.
                                                                         than two meals a            05/97;
Chicot Lake Chicot Lake only     Evangeline   Limit largemouth bass to
                                                                         month; Limit large-        05/29/03
                                              no more than one meal
                                                                         mouth bass consump-
                                              per month.
                                                                         tion to no more than
                                                                         four meals per month
                                                                         Limit consumption of
                                              No consumption of bow-     bowfin (choupique,
 Cheniere                                     fin (choupique, grinnel)   grinnel) to no more than
             Cheniere (Brake)                 and limit consumption of   two meals a month;
 (Brake)     Lake only
                                              largemouth bass to no      Limit consumption of
                                                                                                    07/01/04     03/10/04
  Lake                                        more than two meals        largemouth bass to no
                                              per month.                 more than four meals
                                                                         per month.
                                              No more than one meal
                                              per month of black
Clear Lake   Clear Lake -                     crappie, bowfin
  (Lake      2,944 acres           DeSoto     (choupique, grinnel),                                 02/11/09
Edwards)                                      largemouth bass, or big-
                                              mouth buffalo combined,
                                              from the advisory area.
                                             No more than six meals
                                                                         No more than two
                                             per year of bowfin
                                                                         meals per year of bow-
                                             (choupique, grinnel), or
                                                                         fin, or no more than
 Cocodrie                                    no more than one meal
             Cocodrie Lake -     Evangeline,                             three meals per month
                                             per month of large-                                    02/11/09
  Lake       6,099 acres          Rapides                                of largemouth bass or
                                             mouth bass, black crap-
                                                                         bigmouth buffalo, com-
                                             pie, or bigmouth buffalo
                                                                         bined, from the advisory
                                             combined, from the
                                             advisory area.
                                                                         Limit largemouth bass
                                              Limit largemouth bass or
                                                                         or bowfin (choupique,
  Corney                                      bowfin (choupique, grin-
                                                                         grinnel) consumption to
             Corney Lake only    Claiborne    nel) consumption to no                                05/29/03     09/04/02
   Lake                                                                  no more than four
                                              more than one meal per
                                                                         meals per month com-
                                              month combined.

 Crooked     Crooked Creek                    No more than one meal      No more than four
             Reservoir -                      per month of large-        meals per month of
  Creek      370 acres
                                              mouth bass from the        largemouth bass from
 Reservoir                                    advisory area.             the advisory area.
                                              No bowfin (choupique,
                                                                         Limit bowfin
  Grand                                       grinnel) consumption.
             John K. Kelley-                                             (choupique, grinnel) and
                                              Limit largemouth bass
  Bayou      Grand Bayou         Red River
                                              consumption to no more
                                                                         largemouth bass con-       05/29/03     09/04/02
 Reservoir   Reservoir                                                   sumption to two meals
                                              than one meal per
                                                                         per month.
                                                      RECOMMENDATIONS FOR
                                                                                                         ISSUE         LAST
LOCATION     BOUNDARIES            PARISH       Women of childbear-
                                                                     Other adults and chil-              DATE        REVIEWED
                                                ing age and children
                                                                     dren over the age of 7
                                                 under the age of 7
                                                                            No consumption of king
                                                                            mackerel greater than 39
                                                                            inches in total length;
                                                                            Limit consumption of
                                                No consumption of king
                                                                            king mackerel 39 inches
                                                mackerel; Limit cobia,
 Gulf of     Gulf of Mexico                                                 or less in total length to
                                   Coastal      blackfin tuna and greater                                09/04/97;
             waters off of all                                              no more than two meals                     2005
 Mexico                            Parishes     amberjack consumption                                    03/08/06
             coastal parishes                                               per month; Limit con-
                                                to no more that one
                                                                            sumption of cobia,
                                                meal per month.
                                                                            blackfin tuna and greater
                                                                            amberjack to no more
                                                                            that four meals per
                                                                            month combined.
             Henderson Lake,
             Lake Bigeux and
             all waters within
             the area bounded
             on the north by the
                                                Limit largemouth bass,      Limit largemouth bass,
             St. Landry/St.
                                                crappie (sac-a-lait) and    crappie (sac-a-lait) and
Henderson    Martin Parish line,
                                                freshwater drum (gasper-    freshwater drum (gasper-     01/31/96;
             on the east by the    St. Martin                                                                         12/04/03
Lake Area                                       gou) consumption to no      gou) consumption to no       05/29/03
             West Atchafalaya
                                                more than one meal per      more than four meals
             River levee, on the
                                                month.                      per month combined.
             south by Hwy
             3177 and on the
             west by the West
             Atchafalaya Basin

             The canal that is
             between the I-10
             bridges (between                   Limit largemouth bass,      Limit largemouth bass,
I-10 Canal   Whiskey Bay and                    black crappie and bowfin    black crappie, bowfin
             Ramah) and the                     (choupique, grinnel)        (choupique, grinnel)
and Work     canal known as
                                                consumption to no more      consumption to no more
                                                                                                         07/01/04     03/10/04
   Canal     Work Canal, which                  than one meal per           than four meals per
             runs north to south                month combined.             month combined.
             and intersects the
             I-10 Canal.

                                                Limit largemouth bass       Limit largemouth bass
                                                and bowfin (choupique,      and bowfin (choupique,
 Iatt Lake   Iatt Lake only          Grant      grinnel) consumption to     grinnel) consumption to      03/08/06      2005
                                                no more than one meal       no more than four meals
                                                per month combined.         per month combined.
                                                                            Limit consumption of
                                                No consumption of bow-      bowfin (choupique, grin-
                                                fin (choupique, grinnel).   nel) to no more than two
                                                Limit consumption of        meals a month; Limit         11/20/00;
Ivan Lake    Ivan Lake only         Bossier
                                                largemouth bass to no       consumption of large-        05/29/03
                                                more than one meal per      mouth bass to no more
                                                month.                      than four meals a
                                                                            Limit bowfin
  Kepler     Kepler Creek Lake                  No bowfin (choupique,       (choupique, grinnel)
                                   Bienville                                                             05/29/03     09/04/02
Creek Lake   only                               grinnel) consumption.       consumption to one
                                                                            meal per month.
                                                Limit largemouth bass,      Limit largemouth bass,
                                                flathead catfish, redear    flathead catfish, redear
  Lake                                          and bluegill sunfish        and bluegill sunfish
             Lake Vernon only       Vernon                                                               03/08/06      2005
 Vernon                                         (bream) consumption to      (bream) consumption to
                                                no more than one meal a     no more than four meals
                                                month.                      a month combined.
                                                                                                                                Fish consUmption adVisoRies
                                                       RECOMMENDATIONS FOR
                                                                                                        ISSUE         LAST
LOCATION BOUNDARIES                 PARISH       Women of childbear-    Other adults and                DATE        REVIEWED
                                                 ing age and children children over the age
                                                  under the age of 7          of 7
                                                 Limit bowfin                 Limit bowfin
   Lake                              Webster,    (choupique, grinnel)         (choupique, grinnel)
               Lake Bistineau                                                                            08/97;
                                     Bossier,    consumption to no more       consumption to no more                 09/04/02
 Bistineau     only                                                                                     05/29/03
                                     Bienville   than one meal per            than four meals per
                                                 month.                       month.
                                                                              Limit largemouth bass,
              Catahoula Lake,                    No largemouth bass,          white bass, freshwater
              Little River, Old                  white bass, freshwater       drum (gaspergou), flat-
              River, Black          Avoyelles,   drum (gaspergou), flat-      head catfish and bowfin
Little River/ River, Saline         Catahoula,   head catfish or bowfin       (choupique, grinnel)
              Lake, Larto Lake      Concordia,   (choupique, grinnel)         consumption to no more    11/20/00;
 Catahoula (Saline-Larto              Grant,     consumption; Limit           than two meals per        05/29/03
 Lake Area Complex), Shad            LaSalle,    white crappie consump-       month; Limit white
              Lake and               Rapides     tion to no more than two     crappie consumption to
              Associated Water                   meals per month com-         no more than four
              Bodies                             bined.                       meals a month com-
                                                 No more than six meals
                                                 per year of bowfin
                                                 (choupique, grinnel), or
                                                 no more than two meals       No more than three
               From headwaters
 Old River                                       per month black crappie      meals per month of
               to confluence with
                                                 or redear sunfish com-       freshwater drum, or no
 (Nibletts     Sabine River         Calcasieu
                                                 bined, or no more than       more than two meals
  Bluff)       10.6 miles
                                                 one meal per month of        per month of bowfin
                                                 freshwater drum, large-      from the advisory area.
                                                 mouth bass or spotted
                                                 bass combined, from the
                                                 advisory area.
               LA/ARK border
               to the confluence
                                                 No bowfin (choupique,        No bowfin (choupique,
               of the Tensas         Ouachita,
                                                 grinnel); Limit consump-     grinnel); Limit con-
 Ouachita      River including        Union,
                                                 tion of other fish species   sumption of other fish     07/92;
               any lakes that are   Morehouse,                                                                       03/10/04
  River                                          to no more than one          species to no more than   05/29/03
               inside the levee     Caldwell,
                                                 meal per month com-          four meals per month
               system or within     Catahoula
                                                 bined.                       combined.
               the Ouachita
               River flood plain

                                                 No bowfin (choupique,        No bowfin (choupique,
                                                 grinnel) consumption.        grinnel) consumption;
                                                 Limit bass, bigmouth         Limit bass, bigmouth
               The entire length                 buffalo and freshwater       buffalo and freshwater    01/31/97;
Pearl River    of the Pearl River
                                                 drum (gaspergou) con-        drum (gaspergou) con-     05/29/03
                                                 sumption to no more          sumption to no more
                                                 than one meal per            than four meals per
                                                 month combined.              month combined.
                                               No more than six meals
                                               per year of largemouth
                                               bass, or no more than
                                               three meals per month
               From headwaters                                                No more than three
                                               of carp, freshwater drum,
               of Saline Bayou in                                             meals per month of
                                               longear sunfish, or war-
   Saline      Bienville Parish                                               bowfin or spotted bass
                                   Bienville,  mouth combined, or no
               to, and including,                                             combined, or no more
Bayou and      Saline Lake in
                                     Winn,     more than two meals
                                                                              than two meals per
Saline Lake                       Natchitoches per month of black
               Winn and                                                       month of largemouth
                                               crappie, or no more than
               Natchitoches par-                                              bass, from the advisory
                                               one meal per month of
               ishes                                                          area.
                                               bowfin (choupique, grin-
                                               nel) or spotted bass com-
                                               bined, from the advisory
                                                      RECOMMENDATIONS FOR
                                                                                                       ISSUE         LAST
LOCATION BOUNDARIES               PARISH        Women of childbear-    Other adults and                DATE        REVIEWED
                                                ing age and children children over the age
                                                 under the age of 7          of 7

                                                                            Limit bowfin
                                                Limit bowfin
                                                                            (choupique, grinnel),
                                                (choupique, grinnel),
                                                                            flathead catfish, white
                                                flathead catfish, white
 Seventh   The Seventh Ward                                                 crappie (sac-a-lait) and
                                                crappie (sac-a-lait) and                                07/97;
           Canal (southwest        Vermilion                                freshwater drum (gas-                   03/10/04
Ward Canal of Abbeville)                        freshwater drum (gasper-                               05/29/03
                                                                            pergou) consumption to
                                                gou) consumption to no
                                                                            no more than four
                                                more than one meal per
                                                                            meals per month com-
                                                month combined.

                                                Limit bowfin                Limit bowfin
                                                (choupique, grinnel),       (choupique, grinnel),
              The Tangipahoa                    flathead catfish, large-    flathead catfish, large-
Tangipahoa    River from the                    mouth bass, spotted bass    mouth bass, spotted
              LA/MS state line    Tangipahoa    and freshwater drum         bass and freshwater        05/29/03     09/04/02
  River       to Lake                           (gaspergou) consumption     drum (gaspergou) con-
              Pontchartrain                     to no more than one         sumption to no more
                                                meal per month com-         than four meals per
                                                bined.                      month combined.

                                                Limit bowfin                Limit bowfin
                                                (choupique, grinnel)        (choupique, grinnel)
 Tew Lake     Tew Lake only       Catahoula     consumption to no more      consumption to no more     07/01/04     12/04/03
                                                than one meal per           than four meals per
                                                month.                      month.

              The Tickfaw
                                                Limit freshwater drum       Limit freshwater drum
              River (from MS/
                                                (gaspergou), largemouth     (gaspergou), largemouth
              LA state line to
                                                bass, bowfin (choupique,    bass, bowfin
 Tickfaw      Lake Maurepas),     St. Helena,
                                                grinnel) and white crap-    (choupique, grinnel) and   07/08/02;
              the Blood River,    Tangipahoa,                                                                       11/19/01
River Area                                      pie (sac-a-lait) consump-   white crappie (sac-a-      05/29/03
              Natalbany River,     Livingston
                                                tion to no more than one    lait) consumption to no
              Lizard Creek, and
                                                meal per month com-         more than four meals
                                                bined.                      per month combined.

                                                                            Limit bowfin
                                                                            (choupique, grinnel)
                                                No consumption of bow-
                                                                            consumption to no more
                                                fin (choupique, grinnel).
                                                                            than two meals per
                                                Limit consumption of
Toledo Bend The entire reser-                                               month combined; Limit
                                    Desoto,     largemouth bass and                                    07/19/01;
                                                                            largemouth bass and                     09/04/02
 Reservoir voir                     Sabine      freshwater drum (gasper-
                                                                            freshwater drum (gas-
                                                gou) to no more than
                                                                            pergou) consumption to
                                                one meal per month
                                                                            no more than four
                                                                            meals per month com-
 loUisiana health/Fish consUmption adVisoRies (otheR chemical contaminants)
                                                          FISH & SHELLFISH
    LOCATION                AREA           PARISH        CONSUMPTION ADVI-                POLLUTANT                 DATES
                                                         Fish/shellfish consumption of
                                                            no more than 2 meals a
     Bayou d’Inde                          Calcasieu,                                      HCB, HCBD,        (issued 1/87; reviewed
                            6 miles                       month; no swimming, water
                                           Cameron                                           PCBs             4/92, 10/94 and 7/99)
                                                         sports & contact with bottom
                                          East Baton         No fish consumption;                            (issued 8/83; reviewed
     Capitol Lake          0.12 miles                                                          PCBs
                                            Rouge           Sediment contamination                                   11/94)
                                                         Fish consumption of no more
Devil’s Swamp, Devil’s                                                                     HCB, HCBD,
                                          East Baton       than 2 meals a month, no                          (issued 10/87; expanded
 Swamp Lake, Bayou         7 sq. miles                                                    PCBs, lead, mer-
                                            Rouge           water contact sports, no                            advisory area 7/93)
     Baton Rouge                                                                            cury, arsenic
                                                           Instructions on proper fish
                                                         trimming, cleaning and cook-
                                                          ing must be followed. Select
                                                                                                             (issued 2/89, reviewed
                                                         one of the two options: large-
     Sibley Lake          3.4 sq. miles   Natchitoches                                         PCBs            6/94, revised 1/96,
                                                         mouth bass or crappie- 1 meal/
                                                                                                                reviewed 3/17/00)
                                                            week; or channel catfish,
                                                          stripped bass- 1 meal/month.
                                                          Do not eat shad, gar or carp.
   Wham Brake near                        Ouachita,                                                          (issued 11/87; reviewed
                          7.2 sq. miles                      No fish consumption              Dioxin
      Swartz                              Morehouse                                                          3/94, 11/96, and 11/01)
                                                          Fish consumption of all spe-
Bayou Lafourche (Hwy                       Ouachita,                                                          (issued 3/94; revised
                            2 miles                       cies of no more than 2 meals        Dioxin
 80 overpass to I-20)                      Richland                                                          11/96, reviewed 11/01)
                                                                    per month
    LOCATION                AREA           PARISH                                         POLLUTANT                 DATES
                                                         HEALTH ADVISORIES
                                           Calcasieu,     Long term fish consumption       HCB, HCBD,        (issued 4/92; reviewed
   Calcasieu Estuary        37 miles
                                           Cameron          may cause health risks           PCBs                    10/94)
 Bayou Olsen at Lake                                     Avoid sediment contact, fish/     Chloroform,       (issued 1/89, reviewed
                           0.5 miles       Calcasieu
      Charles                                            shellfish consumption limits     misc.chemicals             10/94)
                                            Tensas,       Long-term fish consumption
     Tensas River           83 miles                                                      DDT, Toxaphene          (issued 2/92)
                                           Madison,          may cause health risk
                                                           No swimming or sediment                           (issued 11/87); (revised
Bayou Bonfouca, Slidell     7 miles       St. Tammany                                        Creosote
                                                                  contact                                            12/98)

                       loUisiana aRtiFicial ReeF pRoGRam
      Fisheries scientists have long recognized that, on the continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico, oil and gas platforms pro-
  vided hard substrate, to which various marine organisms quickly attached. The resulting food chain formation served to attract
  many fish species, just as occurs on natural reefs.
      Oil and gas platforms are the destination of more than 70 percent of all recreational offshore fishing trips originating in
      The Louisiana Artificial Reef Program was established in 1986 to offset the loss of recreational and commercial fishing
  opportunities associated with the removal of offshore oil and gas platforms.
      To date, the Artificial Reef Program has constructed 61 offshore reefs utilizing the components of 256 oil and gas struc-
  tures. In addition, the program has created the world’s largest artificial reef from the Freeport sulphur mine located seven miles
  south of Grand Isle. The reef is in approximately 50 feet of water and has 30 feet of clearance. The program has also deployed
  40 armored personnel carriers and one offshore tug. Through the cooperation of civic groups, the department has created 22
  inshore reefs composed of shell, limestone and reef balls.
      The coordinates for the deployed structures and materials can be found on the LDWF web site at: http://www.wlf.louisiana.
  gov/fishing/programs/habitat/artificialreef.cfm or obtained by calling 225-765-2375.
Find Fishing regulations and information
           for all 50 states at:

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