; How to Get 10 Free Bids With A QuiBids Promo Code
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How to Get 10 Free Bids With A QuiBids Promo Code


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									How to Get 10 Free Bids With A QuiBids Promo Code

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 Quibids penny auction site offers 10 free bids in October

 New bidders can claim 10 free bids for use in any QuiBids penny auction.

Online PR News – 29-September-2011 The largest penny auction site in the USA, QuiBids, is running TV
commercials featuring a promotion code that gives the bidder 10 free bids. New bidders can claim 10 free
bids for use in any QuiBids penny auction.

The commercials advertise a promo code for QuiBids that bidders use to claim 10 free bids. The
confusion comes in when attempting to claim the free bids advertised on TV. During the registration there
are no fields that ask for any sort of code during the registration process and the page that offers a coupon
code redemption field does not work for the promo code advertised on TV.

It is not obvious how to redeem these free bids.

This lead PennyAuctionSites.com to uncover and list the exact steps needed to claim the maximum free
bids when signing up at Quibids. Learn exactly how to get the ten free bids advertised on TV by using the
promotion code.

PennyAuctionSites.com researched and completed the entire process of claiming these 10 free bids at
Quibids and discovered how to get free bids on Quibids .

It turns out that knowing the promo code is not enough to get the free bids. The reason for this is because
during the sign up process there is nowhere to enter a code of any sort. However, there is a secret and it is
not really that much of a secret that will allow you to get ten free bids just as advertised.

How To Get The Free Bids & Utilize The Promotion Code
First, you have to use a current quibids promo code for October, which is kept up to date in the review of
quibids.com at PennyAuctionSites.com. Secondly you need to be a new bidder who has recently registered
with the site and not taken advantage of other free bid offers. Finally, you will need to contact the Quibids
support team and ask for the free bids you saw advertised with the latest promotion code and assuming you
qualify and meet their full terms and conditions, you will get the free bids!

About Quibids.com
Quibids is an online pay per bid auction site through which consumers compete for the opportunity to
purchase products. They have been a member of the BBB since 9/22/2010 and currently hold an A- rating
at the time of this release. Quibids is the leading business in the emerging penny auction industry.

*100% guarantee.
*100% new products.
*Buy now option on all auctions.
*Auctions start at $0.01.
*Auctions use a pay per bid format.

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