Participation Form - Mansfield University of Pennsylvania by yaofenji


									For Students:

ALL PARTICIPATING GRADUATES (only complete if you graduated in August
2011, or are graduating in December 2011 and already submitted an Application for
Graduation online via WebAdvisor for December 2011. Your program evaluation in
WebAdvisor will indicate “Ant Completion Date: 12/11” at the top if you submitted
the Application for Graduation for December 2011.)

MUST RETURN THIS FORM BY October 10th, 2011
   Name: _______________________

   Phone: _______________________


You will automatically have 4 “unassigned” reserved seats once we receive this form
and if your form is returned by October 10th you will be on a priority email list to
receive the first email regarding availability of extra seats.

       Return to:          Ms. Mary Lou Stroud

                           Room 510, North Hall
                           Mansfield University

                           Mansfield, PA 16933

                           Or send as attachment to

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