ORGASMIC by yaofenji


                                            B I O G R A P H Y

         Orgasmic is a DJ’s DJ, a man of impeccable taste and ethics, a lover of extreme musical risk-
taking, fascinated by cultural youth movements.
         In the early 90’s he discovers rap, new jack swing and the blossoming rave scene. After a couple
of years of party experiments he invests in a pair of turntables and starts emulating the turntable wizardry
of his scratch dj heroes.

        Already a long time friend of Teki Latex, he joins the newly-formed TTC as a part time DJ
alongside DJ Fab in 1998. Soon after, he co-founds cult alt rap act Le Klub Des Loosers which he parts
way from after two singles to focus on his involvement with TTC, with whom he tours extensively as a full
time member. He provides cuts and production, notably the 2 singles for the band’s last album (“36 15

         In the mid 2000’s he develops a new sound for TTC rapper CUIZINIER, producing almost entirely
his successful trilogy of street albums “Pour Les Filles” (2005, 2006 and 2008) based around intricate
reworks of pop classics, often with an uptempo twist. These productions, based on 90s dance classics
melted into new rap beats, foresee a lot of today’s popular chart topping beatmaking styles.
         Orgasmic also has two solo mixtapes under his belt: “Orgasmic Le Toxicologue Est Secrètement
Amoureux De Vous” (2002) showcasing his turntablism background, electronica crushes and
plunderphonics rap remixes of the time, pre-dating the blog craze by at least 3 years. In 2005 he wraps
“The Rise And Rise of Orgasmic”, documenting the exciting boom of Atlanta rap and mixing it effortlessly
with past, present and future dance music. These mixtapes enable him to embark on legendary Institubes
tours, including the infamous Hooligan Disco tour across the North America alongside labelmates Drop
The Lime, Surkin and Para One, as documented by Para One’s movie “One More Song”.

         Closely following local dance music scenes he directs two vinyl compilations with Jean Nipon :
“Eurogirls” (a selection of 18 Baile Funk tracks) in 2006 and “Eurogirls Go To Baltimore” (a mini album of
classic and brand new Baltimore club-inspired tracks, some produced by the pair) in 2008.

         One year later he becomes a co-founder and co-A&R of SOUND PELLEGRINO, a digital-only
label originally part of the Institubes network, with long-time friend and TTC member Teki Latex, shortly
after releasing the very successful single “The Sixpack Anthem” which will prefigure the Sound Pellegrino

        Orgasmic and Teki Latex form dj and production duo SOUND PELLEGRINO THERMAL TEAM,
a moniker under which they’ve toured almost every continent and major club in the world (Barcelona
Razzmatazz/Loft, Smart Bar Chicago, Studio B & Hiro Ballroom in New York, Social Club Paris, Gent I
LOVE TECHNO, Osaka onzieme, Brussels Fuse and Libertine, Bern Club Bonsoir, London Warehouse
Project and Fabric, Volar Hong Kong, to name a few).
         Their latest adventure is the newly-founded SOUND PELLEGRINO PODCAST, their iTunes
chart-topping weekly show during which they play mostly exclusives and upcoming stuff from the label
and its huge extended family.

       Since late 2010, Orgasmic also performs as UFFIE’s tour DJ.

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