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                                                                  ANDY BAKER
                                                                  Nashua Group New CEO
                                                                 Andy Baker joined Nashua Mobile as the New Chief Executive
                                                                 Officer on 1 March 2011 and was then appointed as CEO of
                                                                 the newly formed Nashua Group within the Reunert Group on
                                                                 29 March 2011. The Nashua Group encompasses Nashua
                                                                 Mobile, Nashua Office Automation, Nashua Communications
                                                                 and Pansolutions/ Nashua Electronics.
                                                                 Andy’s work experience includes 12 years at DHL, during this
                                                                 time he served as Regional Managing Director for Southern
                                                                 Africa, he then became CEO for DHL Turkey based in Istanbul.
                                                                 After a year in Istanbul he moved back to South Africa to
                                                                 head up Altech Netstar, thereafter he became Group Chief
                                                                 Operating Office for the Altech Group and was in this role
                                                                 for three years. At Altech he oversaw the 28 operating
                                                                 companies based in over 14 countries, the biggest division
                                                                 being the Telecommunications division, thus providing him
                                                                 with four years exposure to the industry before he joined the
                                                                 Nashua group.

A brief interview was done with Andy Baker to get view on his strategy and thoughts of Nashua Mobile
and the newly formed Nashua Group as well as the ICT industry as a whole. Get a glimpse of the
Nashua Group’s new CEO below:

Q: With the formation of the new Nashua Group                    voice and data, a managed PABX system, local area networks
what is your priority at the current moment for the              and so on. The key, and most importantly being, offering all of
Group?                                                           these services on one invoice at the end of the month.
Our priority and our focus is on our customers overall
needs and requirements. The formation of the Nashua              Q: Where will the most significant growth occur in
Group was to provide a converged sales offering to our           Nashua Mobile over the next year and what will be the
loyal customers and to all potential new customer’s.             most important product/ development?
The priorities include; the streamlining of our sales and        The real battle ground over the next 12 to 24 months is data.
marketing teams to reflect customer buying behaviour;            The revenue for data will shift drastically over this time.
ensuring that we offer a converged solution to our
customers, and; ensuring that our customers receive              Q: What is your vision for the Nashua Group over the
the best service offering for their individual needs.            next 5 years?
                                                                 The data and communication space is on the cusp of
Q: What do you consider to be a priority for Nashua              unprecedented change over the next two years. We want to
Mobile at the current moment?                                    position ourselves to take advantage of this change and aim
There are a couple of things that I deem to be a priority.       to become a major player in the ICT Industry for both our
The first one being the need to make sure we are                 business and consumer customers.
at the forefront of the market.           With our offering of
convergence it enables us to properly place ourselves in         Q: What do you consider to be your most important
front of the pack in this shifting environment.                  attribute?
Secondly, we need to ensure that we stay ahead of                I have lots of energy and can get by on very little sleep. I have
anticipated changes in the industry, for instance the shift      unbridled enthusiasm for work and for life in general. It is very
of Lease Cost Routing (LCR) over to VoIP (Fixed Voice).          important to me to love what you do and if you don’t love what
This change is critical, we need to ensure we manage it          you do go and find what you love to do.
very carefully and professionally.
Thirdly, to make sure we are properly differentiated in          Q: Why have you chosen Nashua as your place of work?
the market place through our service and our ability to          Within the IT and Telecommunications industry we are in very
deliver on our customers needs.                                  exciting times with all the new changes to the industry. The
Lastly, to be structured according to our customer’s             landscape is shifting at a very increasing rate. With our new
needs. We must ensure that our Business is structured            converged offering I believe we are bringing something unique
based on the buying behaviour of our customers.                  and highly beneficial to the market which will place us on a
For instance a Top End Corporate Customers buying                different scale in comparison to our competitors. I am excited
behaviour is very different from an individual looking for       and enthused to be part of the Nashua Team and it has a
a contract for their child. Corporate customers have a           great team with people with a lot of experience.
need for a converged offering, including fixed and mobile
                                                                                                                 Sep 2011

Following on from Reunert’s (Nashua Mobile’s holding       customers to ensure that all issues are handled and
company)      purchase      of   ECN Telecommunications,   resolved efficiently and effectively.
Nashua Mobile is pleased to add ECN Business Call to
our product portfolio.                                     ECN strives to be at the forefront of technical
ECN’s Business Call is a comprehensive and cost            innovation. ECN’s technical personnel continually
effective telecommunications solution which offers         develop innovative new products and value added
potential customers the option of replacing their          services to improve the value proposition for its
existing voice service provider.                           customers.
ECN has rolled out a leading carrier grade IP-based        Nashua Mobile will be partnering with ECN initially to
Next Generation Network (NGN) country wide. ECN            convert existing Least Cost Routing (LCR) customers
offers customers a low cost, high quality IP based         from their traditional GSM based solution to ECN
telephony solution that integrates seamlessly with         Business Call. Not only will this allow customers
traditional PABX’s.                                        to enjoy an even greater saving on calls that they
                                                           currently enjoy, but it will also allow customers to
Many of South Africa’s top companies use ECN as their      achieve savings on local, national and international
telecommunication service provider in order to reduce      calls.
their monthly telecommunications bill by as much as        In coming months, Nashua Mobile and ECN plan
40%. These substantial savings are achieved with           to launch additional products and services to both
competitive outbound call rates, attractive rebates        consumer and business customers.
paid on inbound calls and lower infrastructure costs.

ECN’s Business Call allows customers to replace their
existing legacy infrastructure with more modern and
cost effective IP infrastructure. This ensures that
customers are reliably connected to ECN’s network at
all times.

Once connected, customers are able to take full
advantage of ECN’s competitive outbound call rates
to realise substantial savings on their call spend. In
addition, ECN can port existing land-line numbers
directly onto the ECN network, meaning that incoming
calls will also be routed over the same infrastructure.

Complementing the financial savings, ECN provides a
solid and reliable technical support structure. ECN has
a state of the art Network Operations Centre (NOC)
that pro-actively monitors customer lines and the core
network. Parameters such as connectivity, capacity
and latency are monitored 24/7/365.

Service delivery is key to ECN to ensure a high level of
customer satisfaction at all times. ECN achieves this
by operating an internationally recognised helpdesk
system which enforces support processes and best
practices. Issues are professionally dealt with by ECN’s
dedicated customer care personnel, who engage with

                                                                                                  Sep 2011
Sep 2011

An increasing number of Nashua Mobile subscribers are switching to BlackBerry smartphones. One of the drivers
behind BlackBerry’s success is the ease of use of the various messaging functions. In order to further improve the user
experience, BlackBerry have built in a number of short-cuts to speed up typing, allowing you to type and find that elusive
e-mail faster and navigate through your messages better. Here are just some of the handy short-cuts to use with your BlackBerry.
 Working with Text
 To:                                                                            Do:
 Highlight a line of text                                                       press the shift key and slide your finger up or down on the trackpad.

 Highlight text character by character                                          hold the shift key and slide your finger left or right on the trackpad.

 Cancel a text selection                                                        Press the escape key.

 Cut highlighted text when typing;                                              press the shift key and the backspace/delete key.

 Copy highlighted text when typing;                                             press the alt key and click the trackpad.
 Paste highlighted text when typing ;                                           press the shift key and click the trackpad.
 Search Shortcuts
 To:                                                                            Do:
 Search for text in a presentation attachment, you must view the presentation   press S.
 in text view or in text and slide view;
 Search for text in an attachment or on a web page;                             press F.

 Search for text in a presentation attachment, you must view the presentation   press S.
 in text view or in text and slide view;
 Typing shortcuts
 To:                                                                            Do:
 Insert a full stop                                                             press the space key twice. The next letter will be capitalised.

 Capitalise a letter                                                            hold the letter key until the capitalised letter appears.

 Type the alternate character on a key                                          press the alt key and character key.

 Type an accented or special character                                          hold the letter key and slide your finger left or right on the trackpad.
 For Example: to type ü ; hold U and slide your finger left until ü appears.
 Release the letter key when the accented or special character appears.

 Type a number in a number field                                                press a number key. You do not need to press the alt key.

 Type a number in text field                                                    hold the alt key and press the number key.

 Turn on Num lock                                                               hold the alt key and press the number key.
 Turn off Num lock                                                              press the shift key.

 Turn on Caps lock                                                              press the alt key and the right shift key.
 Turn off Caps lock                                                             press the shift key.
 Insert Symbols
 To:                                                                            Do:
 Insert an at sign (@) or a full stop (.) in an email address field             press the space key.
 Type a symbol                                                                  press the symbol key, type the letter that appears below the symbol.

                                                                                                                                             Sep 2011
2011 is the year of the tablet. Tablet computers will break down the door to the mainstream this
year, following the breakthrough success of Apple’s iPad launch in 2010. According to the Yankee
Group adoption of tablet computing around the world is outstripping that of HDTVs, handheld gaming
consoles and MP3 players. The analyst firm expects the tablet market to grow in value from $16
billion in 2010 to a massive $46 billion in 2014, despite the fact that the average price per unit will
nearly halve over that time frame.

Many industry watchers predict that tablets will change the way that consumers access data for work
and fun while staying mobile and accessing their social networks.

South Africa, where the iPad was officially released at the end of January, is finally seeing a slice of
the action this year. Samsung has also already released its Galaxy Tab to the local market. In July
we saw the local launch of the Motorola Xoom (chosen as the product of the year at the recent
Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas), the Huawei Ideos, Acer Iconia and the HTC Flyer.

BlackBerry’s offering – the PlayBook, combining the BlackBerry mail and security functionality with the
ease of use of a larger touch-screen device was launched in late August 2011.

Expect to see a plethora of other devices, including the the next generation of iPads and many other
Windows and Android tablets during late 2011 and early 2012.

Nashua Mobile is offering a comprehensive range of tablets either bundled with handsets or as stand-
alone data devices. Contact your closest Nashua Mobile outlet for more information.

                                                                                           Sep 2011

                                                      • HTC Sense experience optimized for tablets
                                                      • 1.5GHZ Snapdragon processor
                                                      • Qualcomm’s second generation processor is twice as fast as the previous
                                                         generation processor
                                                      • 7-inch TFT display with 1024x600 resolution
                                                      • 32GB internal storage, micro SD slot for further storage
                                                      • 5 MP autofocus camera with flash and 1.3 MP front-facing camera
                                                      • 4000 mAh battery capacity

        ADVANCED MY GIG 1                               MTN Broadband 2GB                              Smartdata 200MB
•	1GB data p/m                                 •	2GB	data p/m                                  •	200MB data p/m
• Free	4GB Nashua Mobile email box             • Free 4GB Nashua Mobile email box              • Free	4GB Nashua Mobile email box

Once off SIM & connection fee: R196
                                       x 24    R359.00
                                               Once off SIM & connection fee: R239
                                                                                      x 24     R405.00                               PM
                                                                                                                                     x 24
                                                                                                   Once off SIM & connection fee: R224


                                                                                                      • Android Honeycomb Os
                                                                                                      • 30 Gb Memory,
                                                                                                      • 1GB dual-Core Processor,
                                                                                                      • 2Mp Front/5Mp Rear Facing Camera
                                                                                                      • 10.1”,16:10 Display
                                                                                                      • Webcam With Google Talk

          ADVANCED MY GIG 1                               MTN Broadband 2GB                                 Smartdata 200MB
  •	1GB data p/m                                  •	2GB	data p/m                                      •	200MB data p/m
  • Free	4GB Nashua Mobile email box              • Free 4GB Nashua Mobile email box                  • Free	4GB Nashua Mobile email box

 Once off SIM & connection fee: R196
                                        x 24      R399.00
                                                      Once off SIM & connection fee: R239
                                                                                            x 24      R405.00
                                                                                                       Once off SIM & connection fee: R224
                                                                                                                                          x 24


                                                                                                         • Android 2.2
                                                                                                         • 7inch WVGA Capacitive Touch Screen
                                                                                                         • Micro SD Slot
                                                                                                         • Voice and Data

       EVERYDAY OFF-PEAK 120                                 MTN AnyTime 100                                   Casualchat 100
 • 120 everyday off-peak minutes p/m             •    R100 inclusive value p/m                         • 100 off-peak minutes p/m
 • MYMEG 100MB data bundle                       •    25 SMSs p/m                                      •	 Smartdata 100MB (x 12 months)
   (x 12 months)                                 •    Includes CLI
                                                 •	   MTN Broadband 75MB
                                                      (x 12 months)

 Once off SIM & connection fee: R196
                                        x 24      R179.00
                                                      Once off SIM & connection fee: R239
                                                                                            x 24      R169.00
                                                                                                       Once off SIM & connection fee: R224
                                                                                                                                          x 24

                                                                                                                                                 Sep 2011
Nashua Mobile is offering 8ta’s                “What’s more, the backing of Telkom
cellular services and products to its          means that 8ta is ideally positioned to be
subscriber base countrywide.                   a major player in a converging
                                               telecommunications landscape. We look
8ta, a division of Telkom, is South Africa’s   forward to seeing what sort of bundles
fourth and newest mobile network               and products the company will be able
operator. Nashua Mobile has added              to offer in the convergence space in the
8ta’s offering to its portfolio in line with   years ahead.”
its commitment to offering its customers
access to the widest possible selection        The first 100,000 8ta customers to sign
of the best products and services from         up for a contract will get free calls to a
South Africa’s leading networks.               nominated Telkom number for 24 months
                                               – an offer that provides a taste of what
8ta’s full range of postpaid and prepaid       could be coming down the line from
products are available from Nashua Mo-         Telkom and 8ta in the months and years
bile’s national network of dealers and         to come.
franchised stores. Nashua Mobile cus-
tomers that opt for 8ta can choose from        Stephen Blewett, executive for marketing
a flexible set of offerings tailored for a     and sales at 8ta, says that a partnership
range of budgets as well as an extensive       with Nashua Mobile will enable 8ta to
selection of handsets from leading man-        extend its reach into the market by giving
ufacturers like Samsung, Nokia, Black-         it access to the Nashua Mobile customer
Berry, HTC and Motorola.                       base and retail infrastructure.

Says Chris Radley, Nashua Mobile’s             “As one of the largest independent
Managing Director: “We are delighted           service providers in South Africa,
to offer our customers even more choice        Nashua Mobile is a perfect partner
by adding the 8ta products and services        for our business,” he adds.
to our portfolio. 8ta offers some compel-
ling, competitively priced voice and data      “We look forward to working with Nashua
products for consumers.                        Mobile to grow our subscriber base in the
                                               years to come.”
                                                                                             500MB free
                                                                                              per month
    for the first three months*

                                                                   1st in SA!
               including BlackBerry®
                  Internet Service
                  worth R49 FREE                                                                                                   AMAZING!

                                                                                 •	   Free calls to a landline number

* R139           monthly subscription
for 21 months including BIS worth R49.
                                                                                      Unlimited Internet browsing
                                                                                      90	minutes	8•ta to 8•ta / National landlines
                                                                                      15	minutes	8•ta to other SA Mobile Operators
                                                                                      Free SIM and connection
                                                                                 •	   Send	5	SMSs	and	receive	50	free	SMSs	for	that	day


                                                                                                Wi-F i

                                                                                  Email          Wi-F i     YouTube     Facebook     Twitter

 Ts and Cs apply. For full terms and conditions please refer to
              S RE S
                                                             stal to email bi
                                             Convert your po
                                                           obile  will donate
                                             and Nashua M
                                                            Trees for Africa
                                             R10 to Food &                   billing
                                                            billing to email
                                              • Switch YOUR

   Nashua Mobile is set to present a cheque of R383,480.00 to Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA), bringing the total
   donations it has made to the environmental organisation over the past three years to more than R1m.

   FTFA is South Africa’s national greening social enterprise that contributes to climate change action, food
   security and greening.

   In a drive to convert its customers to electronic billing, Nashua Mobile in September 2008, committed to
   donate R10 to FTFA for every customer that opted to receive electronic rather than paper bills.

   Thanks to the success of this project, FTFA has already been able to plant over 7,200 trees across the nation
   and train 126 unemployed people in disadvantaged communities. With the latest cheque, FTFA will be able to
   plant a further 4,261 trees throughout South Africa.

   Says Tim Walter, executive head of marketing at Nashua Mobile: “By converting more than 100,000 customers
   from paper-based to electronic billing we have already significantly reduced our carbon footprint. By donating
   some of the money we are saving in our shift from paper billing to FTFA, we hope to help make South Africa a
   significantly greener country.”

   “As more customers continue to move away from paper-based bills, they are helping to save numerous trees
   and countless litres of water, as well as to reduce solid waste and toxic air pollutants,” he adds.

   Jeunesse Park, Founder of FTFA says that the funds raised through the project are being used to plant
   much-needed trees in disadvantaged communities, helping to improve quality of life. The social, health and
   environmental benefits of greening are manifold.

   “Trees supply oxygen, water vapour, food, shelter and fuel, and are an efficient way to offset the carbon
   emissions that contribute to global warming. Their presence in the community is essential to human health and
   happiness,” Park adds.

   Projects have been identified for 2,000 of the trees that FTFA will be able to plant with the latest cheque. On 18
   July, 1,000 trees were planted in Tembisa in celebration of Mandela Day. Then, on 24 September, FTFA plans
   a big walk and a cycle to Soweto to plant 1,000 trees for Heritage Day.

   Through the Trees for Homes Nashua Mobile Project, 2,450 trees have been planted in Cosmo City, 1,718
   trees in Barberton in Mpumalanga, 570 trees in Riverlea near Soccer City, 500 trees in Orlando East, 440
   trees in Mogale City, 500 trees in Rustenburg, 500 trees in Bloemfontein and 500 were planted in Waterloo
   in KwaZulu Natal in March 2011.

   About Food & Trees for Africa
   FTFA is South Africa’s national social enterprise that started in 1990 to address sustainable development through greening, climate change action, sustainable
   natural resource management and food security programmes. FTFA has distributed almost 4 million trees, facilitated over 2 500 organic food gardens for the
   poorest in South Africa and launched the first carbon calculator and the Carbon Protocol in this country.

   FTFA’s Trees for Homes programme, which has planted over 708 000 fruit and indigenous trees to date and trained and given stipends to 8 000 community
   educators, spreads awareness of the need to conserve, plant and maintain trees, upholding the United Nations’ aim for this International Year of Forests, which is
   to raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests.

                                                                                                                                                                        Sep 2011
Nashua Mobile is in the process of removing the        their SIM cards, they can do so by sending a formal
international   roaming,  calling   and   forwarding   request to Nashua Mobile by emailing clientservices@
functionality on customers SIM cards in a proactive or calling 0861 412 412.
effort to protect them from fraudsters who steal SIM
cards and use them to run up massive international     Nashua Mobile is working closely with the network
phone bills.                                           operators to put further measures in place to curb this
                                                       sort of fraud.
This is in response to the growing incidence of
international call forwarding fraud, where thieves     In the meantime, Nashua Mobile advises you to:
use stolen SIM cards to place international collect
calls against the subscriber’s account. Unwary         •	 	    Report	the	loss	or	theft	of	a	voice	or	data	SIM		
cellphone subscribers that fall prey to this scam              card immediately.
could be saddled with bills of thousands of Rands.     •	 	    Advise	Nashua	Mobile	if	you	believe	your	SIM	
                                                               card has been tampered with in any way.
Nashua Mobile has alerted all customers via SMS        •	 	    Remove	any	call	forwarding	activated	on	your		
to be aware of international call forwarding fraud             phone by entering ##002# and then press dial.
and to ensure that all lost and stolen SIM cards are   •	 	    Ensure	that	the	call	forwarding	option	on	your		
reported immediately.                                          SIM card isn’t activated without your knowledge.
                                                       •	 	    Activate	a	SIM	card	PIN	on	your	cell	phone	
Nashua Mobile is in the process of removing                    under security settings. Ensure that your phone
all international roaming, calling and forwarding              is locked when not in use, should the phone be
functionality from all customers that have not used            stolen while it is unlocked, the SIM card PIN
this functionality over the past 12 month period and           will serve no purpose.
will notify the customers via SMS. All customers       •	 	    Always	ensure	to	check	your	monthly	billing	and	
that have made use of the international roaming                activities on your account and report any
and calling functionality within the past 6 month              inconsistencies to Nashua Mobile immediately.
period will receive a SMS requesting them to           •	 	    When	requesting	a	new	SIM	card	to	be	
contact Nashua Mobile should they still require the            activated, ensure that the international
functionality before it is automatically removed.              roaming/ calling and forwarding functionality is
If customers want to reactivate their international            deactivated at the same time.
roaming, calling and forwarding functionality on

                                                                                                     Sep 2011
                         YOUR CONVENIENCE.

                                                                     Select the information you require using a short
                                                                     code below and SMS it to 32940.

                                                                     •	BD	[Bank	Detail]	-	our	details	for	your	deposit.
                                                                     •	ON	[Own	Number]	-	Forgotten	your	cell	number?	We’ll	send	it.
                                                                     •	UP	[Upgrade]	-	When	am	I	eligible	for	one?
                                                                     •	CA	[Current	Airtime]	-	What	is	my	current	Airtime	invoice	balance?
                                                                     •	LI	[Last	Invoice]	-	What	was	my	last	invoice	amount?
                                                                     •	MB	[Mobile	Balance]	-	What	is	my	current	Airtime	invoice	balance,	
                                                                     	 	ast	closed	invoice	amount	and	how	many	free	minutes	do	I	have?
                                                                      SMS charged at R1.00

Nashua Mobile
Contact Information
Client Services
0861 412 412
Monday to Friday, 7am to 9pm
Saturday, 8am to 5pm and
Sunday and Public Holidays, 9am to 5pm

Corporate Support Desk
0860 312 312
Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
Saturday 8am to 1pm

VoIP Product information
087 655 0000
Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

0861 531 531
Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
Saturday, 8am to 1pm

Upgrades (Renewal of contracts)
011 207 8012
Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
Saturday 8am to 1pm

* All offers are valid until 6 October 2011, while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply. For full Terms and Conditions visit

                                                                                                                                  Sep 2011

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