Teenagers are too materialistic by xiangpeng


									Teenagers are too materialistic.

FOR:                                             AGAINST:
  Materialism makes children less safe.          Children will always pressure their parents
Firstly they are carrying an expensive           to have the latest thing; phones are only
fashion item that makes them a target for        one example of this. Parents can always
criminals. Millions of people are robbed of      say “no” or set limits on what they can
cell phones, Ipods etc. every year,              spend. With modern payment plans
sometimes with violence. Secondly, many          children can be given a set amount of credit
children spend so much time talking on the       for calls and texts. Learning to work within
phone or texting that they are less aware of     financial limits is an important part of
what is going on around them. Each year          growing up. In any case, many young
young people get run over crossing the           people have part-time jobs so they are
street because their attention was on their      spending their own money on gadgets such
phone conversation or music, not the             as mobile phones, ipods, etc, not their
traffic. Materialistic gadgets are a             parents’.
distraction from the real world, preventing
children from interacting with those around
them. Constant talking, texting, and games
playing take the place of proper socializing.
Young people grow up without good
manners, unable to relate to those around
them in a normal way. They also become
fat and lazy, as phone use crowds out
healthy activity such as sport or playground

Mobile phones are too expensive for              Mobile phones are now a valuable part of
children. Even if basic models are cheap to      student life. Because parents feel their
buy, calls are expensive and charges soon        children are safer carrying a phone, they
mount up. Many young people run up big           are more likely to allow them to travel to
bills their parents have to pay. A few rich      school on their own rather then driving
families might be able to afford this, but for   them. This promotes greater independence
many parents the hours their kids spend on       for the children, while taking traffic off the
their cell phones are an uncontrolled            roads which is environmentally-friendly.
expense they cannot cope with. Others are        Like many other things (girls! boys! the
under peer pressure to get the newest, most      view out of the window!) mobiles and
stylish phone or ipod or game with all the       music can be distracting in class but this
latest gadgets. Banning children from            doesn’t mean they should be banned. Many
having these gadgets would take away             schools allow phones and ipods to be
these problems from ordinary financially-        carried providing they are turned off in
stretched families.                              lesson.
TEENAGERS are in danger of becoming            Anything can be abused, including pencils
future shopaholics because of their            and paper. New technology always carries
materialistic attitudes.Dittmar gave out 195   some risks but we should not be rushed
questionnaires and found many of the           into panic measures. Children got hold of
teenage respondents believed that if they      pornography, gambled and bullied each
owned more things they'd be happier, and       other long before mobile phones were
that by having material possessions they       invented. These problems won’t go away if
achieved major goals, such as power,           we ban phone use – they can only be dealt
identity and status. She also discovered       with through good parenting and moral
there was no difference between girls and      education. In the meantime, parents can get
boys when it came to materialistic values      phones and any other materialistic gadget
and spending patterns.                         which block inappropriate content, and
                                               ensure their children do not have credit
                                               cards to pay for it.

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