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Mondrian (DOC)


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    Art Masterpiece: Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1942
                     Piet Mondrian
Keywords: Lines, Squares, Rectangles and Primary Colors
Grade:      Kindersteps
Lesson:     Geometric Shape Collage

Meet The Artist:
       Piet Mondrian was born in Holland in 1872. He’d be _______ years old if he were
         here today.
       When he was younger, he painted pictures of parks and nature.
       As he grew up, he decided to use only shapes and lines in his paintings.
       He liked to use shapes like squares and rectangles, patterns, lines and primary
         colors like red, yellow and blue.
       Mondrian loved music and listened to piano-jazz, boogie woogie while he
       He titled this painting Broadway Boogie Woogie because it reminded him of
         New York City. While he painted it, he listened to his jazz and thought about city
         streets, buildings and flashing lights.

Why do you think this painting reminds Mondrian of a city? (Younger students may not
grasp that it looks like a city grid looking down on it)
What do you see in this picture? (shapes)
What shapes do you see? (squares and rectangles – geometric shapes)
How many shapes do you see? Can you count them?
Are any of the shapes in a pattern? (repeated)
What colors do you see? Can you name some of them?
Do you see lines?
Which way do they go? (Up and down (veritical) side to side (horizontal)
Do you like to listen to music? (Play sample of music for students).
This is the sort of music Mondrian liked to listen to when he painted. Do you think you can
see the music in his painting?
How does this music make you feel?

Today we are going to listen to music and make our own pictures like Mondrian’s.
Activity: Geometric Shapes Collage

Preparation: Precut shapes before class.


White construction paper 9 x 12     Precut Squares and Rectangles in Primary
                                    Colors and Black, various sizes, widths ( 6-8
                                    per child)

Boogie Woogie Music/and or          Glue Sticks or White Glue
Jazz CD


Be sure to give full instructions before passing out the art supplies.
Tell the children they will be making their own collage of shapes like Mondrian.

       Referring to Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie ,
       Show the students how to arrange the geometric shapes on paper to create lines,
       shapes and patterns. Have them think about what colors they will use.
       Hand out white paper, help them to put their names on the back.
       Have students use squares and rectangles of paper to create Mondrian like artwork.
       They can cut off any ends that run off the side of paper, or an adult can do it for

       *Continue to play the Jazz music in the background while they work.

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