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									                                        SOMET 2007
                         International Conference on
               New Software Methodologies Tools and Techniques
                                             Conference venue:
                 CNR Institute of Cognitive Studies and Technologies
                                     Rome, Italy

                                     Rome November 7-9, 2007

                        Conference Registration Form

participant's name:         __________________________________________________

affiliation:                __________________________________________________

mailing address:            __________________________________________________

city:                       ________________________            postal code:    ____________

country:                    __________________        telephone:        __________________

telefax:                    __________________        e-mail:           __________________

circle applicable fee                before 22.7. 2007              after 25.7.2007    on si te registration
Regular participants*                Euro       500                 Euro       550          Euro      600
Student*                             Euro       250                 Euro       300          Euro      350

Accompanying pers ons                Euro       200                 Euro       250          Euro      300

Conference Registration include s:

Coffee breaks, Lunches, Social E vent and Conference Dinner
Conference doc umentation and associated materials (only for regular and student participants)
For extra copies of the proceedings, please submit your request on site.
* Each paper should have one registrations to be accompanied with the CRC(Camera Ready Copy)
   submission by July 22. The type of payment should accompanied the registration form. Papers without
   registration and payment will be not considered.
   All registration payments will be confirmed by July 25th together with the CRC confirmation as well.
   After July 25th the registration fee will be all up by 50 Euros, and again on site will be up by 50 Euros. This
   is all related to management issues. So I econurage you to do the registration with the CRC submission
   before or after within few days.
* For Student you need to provide a letter from you department on your affiliation as student for approval
and be submitted with the registration form payment.
SOMET 2007
                     International Conference on
           New Software Methodologies Tools and Techniques

                                    Rome November 7-9, 2007

                                Hotel Reservation Form

arrival date (dd/mm/yy): _________________       departure date (dd/mm/yy): _____________

____ # adults   ____ # children     special requests: ______________________________

Please compile one form per room requested.

Deposit for hotel reservation                   Euro    150

a fixed hotel booking fee of Euro 10 will be added to the total hotel room fare

Please note that deposit is compulsory in order to allow reservation.
Reservations received after October 1st 2007 cannot be guaranteed (A utumn is high season in Rome)

kind of accomodation requested (prices per room per night including breakfast)

__   3-star hotel (2 minutes walking distance from conference venue)      single room Euro 120 min 135 max
     Hotel "Villa Torlonia", via B.Eustachio 7/A tel. +39 06 440 2630     double room Euro 150

__   4-star hotel (15 to 20 minutes walkin g distance from conference venue)     single room   Euro 125
     Hotel "Art Deco", Via Palestro 19                                       double room       Euro 160
http://www.romeby.com/artdeco/pages/profile.h tm
                                        SOMET 2007
                     International Conference on
           New Software Methodologies Tools and Techniques

                                      Rome November 7-9, 2007

For those who prefer to pay by Credit Card:
For security reasons please fax this payment form to: +39 06 4452845

                                        Payment Form

registration fees                           Euro   ________

deposit for hotel reservation               Euro   ________

total amount to be paid:                    Euro   ________

enclosed:                          __    certified cheque
                                   __    copy of bank draft receipt
                                   __    VISA/Mastercard

credit card number:      ________________________            expiration date: ____________

name on card (capital letters):   ____________________________________________

cardholder place and date of birth:     _______________________________________

cardholder signature:    __________________________________________________

cancellation after October 1st 2007 subject to penalty fee

If the payment style is by Check or Money order then Please, return this form with complete payment
details to:

Coophotels Roma - Via Palestro, 30 - 00185 Rome, Italy
Tel. +39 06 4464763 - +39 06 4464399 - Fax +39 06 4452845
e-mail: coophot el@tiscalinet.it
For bank draft, please use following bank details for Coophotels (swift):

Banca Antonveneta
Country : IT Check Digit: 76 Cin: D Abi: 05040 Cab: 03206
Account : 00000011121V
Payment reference: SOME T 2007
Bic-Bank Identifier Code : ANTBIT21A 32

IBAN Code: IT76D050400320600000011121V

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