Mineral Properties Foldable Activity by yaofenjin


									                       Mineral Properties Foldable Activity

   Goal: to create a foldable that summarizes the 8 characteristic properties of minerals.

   1. Take a sheet of paper and make a vertical or “hot dog” fold in it, dividing it in half.

   2. Next, without reorienting the paper, fold the paper down towards you in a horizontal
      or “hamburger” fold, dividing it in half again. Repeat this twice more and then, unfold
      these last three folds. If you have done this correctly, you should have a half sheet of
      paper with eight horizontal strips.

   3. Label the eight strips with the 8 characteristic properties of minerals as follows:
      color; streak; luster; cleavage and fracture; hardness; crystal shape; density;
      and special properties.
   4. After you have labeled the eight strips, take a scissors and carefully slice the creases
      between each strip (There are a total of 7 creases.). Make sure to cut through the
       TOP LAYER of paper ONLY!!!
   5. Lift the flaps one at a time. On the LEFT HAND SIDE of each strip, write a ONE
      SENTENCE SUMMARY DEFINITION of each mineral property.
   6. On the RIGHT HAND SIDE of EACH strip, list the SUPPORTING DETAILS for
      each property and give EXAMPLES (ex. Give the TYPES of lusters, fractures, crystal
      systems, and special properties/Give the Moh’s Hardness scale/Give the formula for
   7. If time, you may illustrate your foldable for extra credit.

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