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					  Ohio School Based
Health Care Association

  Engaging partners in a
    statewide agenda
         Partnerships Driven Local to State

   Where we started: Grassroots-up model of partnerships
    reflecting the partnerships seen at the local level
   In other words, “Who do our centers partner with?”
   Drove statewide introductions and education for partnership
    groups per the OSBHCA Strategic Plan, including:
     NASBHC and other state associations
     Ohio Association of Community Health Centers (FQHCs)
     Ohio Hospital Association
     Ohio Children’s Hospital Association
     Voices for Ohio’s Children/Covering Kids and Families
     Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success
     Ohio School Nurses Association
        Partnerships Driven Local to State

   More partnerships:
     Ohio Action for Healthy Kids
     Community Learning Centers-Local to Cincinnati
     Ohio Nurses Association
     Ohio Afterschool Network
     Ohio Nurses Association
     Ohio School Social Workers Association, Counselors, etc.
     Dental-huge need
     Family and Children’s First Councils-huge need
     Ohio PTA-huge need
     School people: teachers, administrators, superintendants, education
      service councils, early learning, etc.
     State Department outreach
     Researchers/University partner outreach-especially stemming from
      other partnerships!
           How OSBHCA Engages Partners

   Sometimes it’s a coffee or a lunch for an introductory
     Continuous follow up breeds new opportunities
     A simple phone call or addition of a new relationship contact to an
      email list
   Other ways to engage:
       Joint meetings for advocacy or continuing education
         OSBHCA has done 3 in two years, yielding higher results in
          attendance and overall meeting quality
         MOU needed at the beginning so all partners know benefits,
         Mantra is currently that there isn’t a meeting we typically do
          without engaging other collaborative partners
      How OSBHCA Engages Partners

 Other   ways to engage:
  Advocacy   efforts: joint statehouse days previously and in future
  Staff and membership volunteering on
   committees/boards/leadership teams of these groups
  Promotion of partnership groups news and events
  Research: Coordinated School Health effort in Ohio-getting
   SBHCs to the table
  Letters of Support for grants-giving and receiving

  Inviting  participants to be on OSBHCA Board
    It’s all about getting the right people on the bus!
        Why We Engage: Huge Benefits!

   Resources and Rewards:
     OSBHCA has    contract staff and receives grant funding
      and other budget consists of CE receipts and small pot of
      membership dollars
     Other groups have paid affiliates or statewide
      networks/regions, but may lack association structure or
      general Board leadership
     If you can develop a relationship that puts the cause
      before the people involved-the best partnerships-
      engaging can become a way of sharing staff and resources
      to accomplish so much more!
       Challenges to Statewide Partnerships

 Blending of Agendas
 Continuous Communication-can be a full-time job
 Keeping in-line with the goals of the organization: “How
  Big do We Make our Tent?”
 Keeping the partnerships effective at the local level
     If the local partnerships drive the state association, how are state
      partnerships benefiting individual centers/regions and what is the
      expectation/communication flowing from state to local?
     Volunteer engagement-if a new partner is developed, challenges arise in
      asking individuals at the local level to get involved as well-what’s the
      compelling reason they should?

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