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					St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church
             Dana Point, CA

     June 19, 2011   †   The Most Holy Trinity
                                St Edward the Confessor
                                    Catholic Church
    Phone: 496-1307 ~
                                Fax: 496-1557
                                                            (949) 496-1307
    Monday-Friday      8 am - 8 pm
                       8 am - 5 pm
                       8 am - 5 pm
                                                    33926 Calle La Primavera
    Saturday        8:15 am & 5:30 pm (Vigil)
                                                   Dana Point, California 92629
    Sunday          7:30, 9:00, & 11:00 am
                    12:30 & 5:30 pm          
    Mon– Friday     8:15 am & 5:30 pm
    Eve of Holy Day 5:30 pm
    Holy Day        8:15 am, 5:30 & 7:30 pm
    (Confession)                                  Sacrament of the Sick
    Wednesday         7:00 – 8:30 pm              In the event of serious illness or medical emergency, Anointing
    Saturday          4:00 – 5:00 pm
    (and by appointment)
                                                  of the Sick and Eucharist may be arranged by contacting the Par-
                                                  ish Office. Call (949) 257-8017 for a medical emergency
    PASTORAL MINISTERS                            after 8 p.m.
    Rev. Steve Sallot - Pastor
    Extension 2880                                Sacrament of Baptism
    Rev. Chris Heath—Parochial Vicar              Parents of infants requesting information about Baptism may
    Extension 2109                                contact the Office of Religious Education. Infant Baptisms are
    Rev. Loc Tran - Parochial Vicar               celebrated on the first and third Sunday of each month following
    Extension 2206                                catechesis for parents and godparents of candidates.
    Rev. Mario Juarez – Parochial Vicar
    Extension 2870                                Celebration of Christian Funerals
    Deacon Ron Tiberi Extension 2505              At the time of death, a family member should contact the parish
    Business Office—429-2874                      office, as soon as possible, to arrange the date and time for the
    Accounting—429-2873                           Funeral Liturgy.
    Christian Service—496-1572                    Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
    Mary Baur, Director
                                                  Adults requesting information about full initiation and commun-
    Website—481-4000                              ion with the Roman Catholic Church (the sacraments of Bap-
    Laurie Saine, Assistant to the Pastor
                                                  tism, Eucharist and Confirmation) may contact the Office of Reli-
    Music – 496-1307, extension 2872              gious Education.
    Rick Dellefield, Director
    Parish School – 496-1241
                                                  Sacrament of Matrimony
    Sharon Rands, Principal                       The Sacrament presumes active sacramental participation on the
    Preschool – 240-8485                          part of one or both persons. Couples must begin preparation
    Cheryl Pickrel, Principal                     for their Sacrament at least six months prior to their proposed
    Faith Formation – 496-6011                    wedding date. Please call the Parish Office for more information.
    Office of Religious Education
    Donna Couch, Director                         Eucharistic Adoration
    Gloria Fetta, Director of Family Ministries   On the first and third Monday of each month we gather in
    Neil Sampson, Confirmation Coordinator        prayer and praise before the Blessed Sacrament. The Diocesan
    Aimee Martinez, Coordinator Sunday
                        Children’s Ministry
                                                  intention is that of an increase of vocations to the priesthood
                                                  and religious life.
    Youth Ministry – 496-9719
    Gary Foote-Coordinator                        Please visit our website,, for more
    Parish Ministries — 496-1307                  information.
I   Neil Sampson, Coordinator, Extension 2229
                                                   Parish Ministries
                                   To assist you in discerning a ministry or for more information,
                       please contact Neil Sampson, Parish Ministry Coordinator at (949) 496-1307, ext 2229
Liturgical Ministries:                                                         Outreach & Support Ministries:
Altar Guild                   Mary Ann Connolly         (949) 240-1164         Binky Patrol                  Mary Howe               (949) 249-2066
Altar Server                  Deana Progar              ((949) 525-7092        Blood Drive                   Greg Montevideo         (949) 493-7605
Alter Server (scheduling)     Tom Littlejohn            (949) 489-5595         Support Group for             Margaret Prendiville    (949) 496-7312
                                                                               Chronic Illness (HELP)
Art & Environment             Deana Progar              (949) 525-7092
Eucharist Minister            Rocco Falabella           (949) 240-8037         Christian Service             Mary Baur               (949) 496-1572
                                                                               (Food Distribution)
Eucharist Minister to the
                              LaVerne Klopp             (949) 496-1307 x2207   Detention Ministry            Diane Wetherbee         (949) 489-8016
Sick & Homebound
                                                                               English & Spanish Lessons     Maria Simmons           (949) 661-8827
Lector                        Maureen Walker            (949) 374-0506
Media Ministry                Faith Formation           (949) 496-6011         Faith in Action               Ellen Loretta           (949) 290-5441
Music Ministry                Rick Dellefield           (949) 496-1307         Knight of Columbus            Paul Sampson            (949) 429-6461
Usher                         Rob Wagner                (949) 842-2277         Respect Life                  Don Walz                (949) 493-3134
                              John Di Mare              (626) 824-6084         Social Justice                Jo & Mel Mothershead    (949) 487-2020
Youth Music/Faith Out                                                          St. Vincent de Paul Society   Maria Simmons           (949) 496-1307
                              Tim Horrigan              (949) 496-1307 X2501
Loud                                                                           Tijuana Ministry              Suzanne Luke            (949) 496-1307
Faith Formation:
                                                                               Parish Enrichment:
Adult Formation               Donna Couch               (949) 496-6011
                                                                               Bereavement                   Gerry Holbert           (949) 492-5754
Bible Study                   Donna Couch               (949) 496-6011
                                                                               Finance Council               Randy Redwitz           (949) 753-1514
Children’s Sunday Liturgy of
                             Aimee Martinez             (949) 496-1307 X2500   Hospitality                   Esmeralda Troge         (949) 362-7495
the Word
Confirmation                  Neil Sampson              (949) 496-1307 X2210   Mary’s Corner Gift Shop       Suzanne Luke            (949) 496-1307
Elementary Children’s Reli-                                                    Pastoral Council              Fr. Steve Sallot        (949) 496-1307 x2880
                            Gloria Fetta                (949) 481-0882
gious Education
Infant Baptism Ministry       Aimee Martinez            (949) 496-1307 X2500   Serra Club of South OC        Carol Lavigne           (949) 240-7621
Insight (Grade 9-12)          Gary Foote                (949) 496-9719         Stephen Ministry              Catherine Hallett
                                                                                                                                     (949) 496-1307 X2503
                                                                                                             Dan Nichols
Outlet (Grade 6-8)            Gary Foote                (949) 496-9719
                                                                               Web Ministry (Stedcast)       Laurie Saine            (949) 481-4000
RCIA                          Donna Couch               (949) 496-6011         Welcoming Committee           Neil Sampson            (949) 496-1307X2229
Sunday Sacramental Prepa-
                          Aimee Martinez                (949) 496-1307 X2500
ration                                                                         Community & Social
Family, Faith & Prayer Enrichment:                                             Guess Who’s Coming to         Donna Rosen             (949) 661-2514
Adoration Society             Deana Progar              (949) 525-7092         Dinner
Circle of Praise              Pam Conway                (949) 661-0158         Cub Scouts                    Mary Litwinski          (949) 240-0727
Cursillo                      Dan Abalos                (949) 366-3710         Girl Scouts                   Kristen Stovesand       (949) 249-4968
Disciples of Divine Mercy                                                      School and Preschool Ministries:
                              Deana Progar              (949) 525-7092
                                                                               Consultative School Board     Jackie Brady            (949) 291-6152
Families of Nazareth          Ann Marie Eckl            (949)230-0476
                                                                               Campus Ministry               Gloria Fetta            (949) 481-0882
Legion of Mary                Margaret Maistrou         (949) 215-9897
                                                                               Family Photo Fundraiser       Nicole Soltis           (949)547-0993
Marriage Enrichment           Joe & Rosemary Sinacori   (949) 496-3478
                              Bob & Mary Dausch         (949) 481-1102         Fiesta with Friends           Lisa Gipe               (949) 248-7383
                                                                               Golf Tournament               Kathy & Robt. Hancock   (949) 488-8323
Natural Family Planning       Meredith Thomas           (949) 493-5914
Our Lady's Blue Army          Ann Mintie                (949) 496-4653         Monarch Main Event            Sue Buckley             (949) 493-8256

Serenity Days                 Donna Couch               (949) 496-6011                                       Tara Newkirk            (949) 690-7136

Spiritual Direction           Donna Couch               (949) 496-6011         Parent Guild Org. (PGO)       Linda Cook              (949) 487-1395

St. Anne’s Circle             Charis Williams           (949) 481-6194         Consultative Preschool        Christy Pagel           (949) 443-1418
Surf and Scripture            Kevin Perkins             (949) 370-6924
                                                                               School Religion               Rikki Daniels           (949) 388-9705
Tuesday Bible Study           Elizabeth Smith           (949) 837-2141         Committee
Two Hearts Prayer Group       Pam Conway                (949) 661-0158         School Volunteers             Mary Payne              (949) 581-7785
Where Profession Meets Faith Dennis & Jane Galligani    (949) 276-7382         Scrip Program                 Sara Brechbill          (949) 498-2044
Women of Wisdom               Shirley Filadelfia        (949) 496-1307

Young Adult Prayer Group      Chris Kampmeier           (949) 973-6106
         For a list of descriptions, visit and click on Ministries or pick up a Ministry Directory.
                                       San Felipe de Jesús                                         Chapel
                                     26010 Domingo Ave
                                     Capistrano Beach, Ca 92624
                                     (949) 496-1307 (St. Edward)

                                     Victor Samano, Deacon
                                     (949) 493-8918 (oficina de San Felipe)

                                     San Felipe Chapel Office Hours
        MISAS EN ESPAÑOL             Mon., Tues., Thurs.: 5:30—9 p.m.
        Sábado 5:30 p.m.             Sunday: 8:30 a.m.—1:00 p.m.
   Domingo 10:00 y 11:30 a.m.                MASS IN ENGLISH
   Día de Obligación 7:30 p.m.                                                           Ministries/Ministerios
                                            Sunday 8:00 a.m.
    Primer Viernes 7:30 p.m.
                                          SACRAMENT OF PENANCE            Baile Folklórico Dance   Javier Martinez      (949) 394-3912
                                          AT ST. EDWARD CHURCH            Caballeros de Colon/
                                                                                                   Juan Avila           (949) 495-1359
      Miércoles 7:00 p.m.                                                 Knights of Columbus
                                          Wednesday 7:00 p.m.
       Sábado 4:00 p.m.                                                   Capo Community
                                           Saturday 4:00 p.m.             Mariachi Program
                                                                                                   Rosa Ceja            (949) 830-1560
          LA ADORACION                                                    Cenaculo Misionero       Anita Uribe          (949) 728-0283
    al Santisimo Sacramento                      ADORATION
                                                                          Choirs/Coros             Vidal Ruelas         (949) 606-6240
  cada primer viernes del mes,          of the Blessed Sacrament
                                                                          Eucharistic Ministry
         8am—7:00pm                     1st Friday of every month,        (English)
                                                                                                   Jeanne Exworthy      (949) 496-4115
                                              8am—7:00pm.                 Ministros Eucarísticos
  EDUCACIÓN RELIGIOSA HORARIO                                                                      Luis Rodriguez       (949) 400-0206
  Lunes y Martes 5:30-8:30pm               RELIGIOUS EDUCATION            Faith Formation/
                                                                                                   Martha Samano        (949) 493-8918
                                             (949) 493-8918               Educación Religiosa
                                                                          Jóvenes Para Cristo      Osvaldo Sandoval     (949) 297-4302
            BAUTISMOS                            BAPTISMS                 Lectors (English)        Jeanne Exworthy      (949) 496-4115
Pláticas: primer martes de cada      The 2nd Saturday of each month       Lectores (Spanish)       Rafael Ocampo        (949) 275-6689
mes. Bautismo: segundo sábado         at 11 a.m. The class is the 1st     Marriage Encounter/
                                                                                                Jose & Raquel Sosa      (949) 249-8521
           de cada mes                 Tuesday of the month from          Encuentro Matrimonial
                                              6:30—8:30 pm.               Mendoza Choir/Coro       Cruz Mendoza         (949) 302-4110
                                                                          Mission Hospital Health
  QUINCEAÑERAS EN SN. EDUARDO            To arrange baptisms,             Ministry
                                                                                                  Miguel Martinez       (949) 364-7723
   Tercer sábado de cada mes           marriages and other events         Osorio Choir/Coro        Teresa Osorio        (949) 981-6269
                                              please contact              Quinceañera              Raquel Mares         (949) 456-5988
             BODAS                        San Felipe de Jesús             R.C.I.A./R.I.C.A.        Martha Rodriguez     (949)842-7186
        Llamar 6 meses                       (949) 493-8918               San Felipe Choir/Cora    Oralia Benetiz       (949)842-9512
        con anticipación                  Registration forms are          Ushers/Ujieres           Alberto Sierra       (949) 388-8650
                                                                                                   Maria Dolores Padilla (949) 973-7210
                                     available at the church or online
                                                                          Vidas en Transformacion Bertha Cardenas       (949) 257-9030
             EMERGENCIA                   at            Youth Choir/
                                                                                                   Rosa Ceja            (949) 830-1560
En caso de una enfermedad seria,                                          Coro Juvenil
emergencia        médica,      un                EMERGENCY
fallecimiento o por la necesidad     In the event of serious illness or            Contribuciones Semanales
de recibir la unción de los enfer-   medical emergency, Anointing                         Meta                        $ 4,000
mos y la Eucaristía, llame a la      of the Sick and Eucharist may be                     Utimo domingo:              $ 2,567
oficina de Sn. Eduardo el            arranged by contacting the St.
                                                                                           2011 PSA
Confesor al (949) 257-8017 para      Edward Parish Office. Call (949)                 San Felipe de Jesus
una emergencia después de las        257-8017 for a medical emer-         PSA Goal                       $ 18,000
                                                                          Amount Pledged                 $ 8,228
8pm.                                 gency after 8:00 p.m.                Amount Paid                    $ 4,323
                                                                          Pledges                             46
                June 19, 2011                   †     The Most Holy Trinity

                                   Traces of Grace


To hear someone, who for many decades, had gone to daily Mass with his beloved wife and not receiv-
         ing holy Communion for he is of the Lutheran faith tradition.
To hear him now express his desire to receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
To hear him now profess his belief in the Real Presence of the Lord.
To hear him profess the Nicene Creed.
To have him participate in the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick for his wife of 58 years.
To hear his wife expressing her delight and joy that he now shares her Catholic faith.

Two Saturdays ago, eleven people showed up at the home of Sverre (Sam) and June Fossheim: their
son Greg, parishioners, and a couple of neighbors. Sam was received into the Catholic Church. He was
so happy.

At a little past six that evening, June returned to her Maker.
It has been a special privilege for those of us who were part of this.

Fr. Loc

                  St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church

                              Fiesta 2011
                          We thank you!
          On behalf of St. Edward the Confessor Parish community, we would like to
          express our heartfelt gratitude for your recent generosity to our 2011 Fiesta
             carnival. Thanks to you, this year’s Fiesta was a tremendous success.
            The proceeds raised from Fiesta will be used to enhance our parish faith
           formation program by benefiting many of our 6,000+ parishioners, and for
               our parish school to assist in its ongoing efforts to keep Catholic
       education affordable for all families. Thanks to your generosity, we can continue
          making a difference in the lives of many of our students and parishioners.
            On behalf of all the parishioners and students that will benefit from your
         recent generosity – thank you for contributing to the success of Fiesta 2011!

                             To our donors a special thank you!

                                    Booth Sponsorships
                     ADM The Arnold Family Assured In-Home Care The
        Bost Family Callahan & Blaine The Delaney Family Timothy J. Delaney DDS,
         Inc. The Delis Family Elevated Resources Inc. The Fitzgerald Family Frank
            Godino DMD Interior Office Solutions La Jolla Group J Serra Catholic
       High School Killer Dana Knights of Columbus Laguna Psych Long and Delis, A
           Professional Lawyers Corporation The McCaffrey Family Robin and Rob
      Morris and Family The O'Connor Family O'Connor Mortuary The Ober Family The
            Rowlett Family & Rowlett Law Group Salt Creek Grille Santa Margarita
    Catholic High School The Valdivieso Family The van Oordt Family The Viscomi Family

                           Best wishes from your Fiesta Committee

      June 19, 2011               †        The Most Holy Trinity

                                      Ministry News
                                                                  KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS
 The Priest and Staff of                                             HANDI-KNIGHTS
St. Edward the Confessor                          The Handi-Knights is a program to help those in our parish and
                                                  the community with Household repairs that they are unable to
                                                  do because of physical or financial limitations. If anyone has
                                                  the need for help call Paul Prendiville 584-4149.
                                                                  FEEDING THE HUNGRY
                               Wish all           For some 20 years, a group of Christian volunteers, in-

                                Dad’s             cluding members of St. Edward the Confessor and San
                                                  Felipe de Jesus, have been serving meals to the homeless
                                                  and working poor in the Capistrano Beach area. In 2006
                                                  the group incorporated under the name of Welcome

                              Happy               INN (Interfaith Needs Network), a non-profit entity un-
                                                  der Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. If interested in
                                                  serving or you want more information, you can call
                              Fathers             Madeline Wineberg, 212-3755 or go to
                               Day                          —————–————————–——
                                                             CATHOLIC FAMILY LIFE WEBSITE
                                                                      CIRCLE OF PRAISE
                                                  Join us every Wednesday, in the Church Cry Room,
                                                  after the 8:15 a.m. Mass, for Charismatic Prayer. Call
                                                  Pam Conway, 661-0158 for more information.
Surfin’ Scripture                                           —————–————————–——
                                                          THE ADORATION SOCIETY INVITES YOU
 Lectio Divina On The Beach                        To make a special commitment to come and spend
                                                     one hour a month (or every other week) as a People
                                                     of God on the 1st. and/or 3rd. Mondays of the
      Discuss the upcoming Gospel, and               month.
            what it means to you                   To come and worship with our Eucharistic Lord in the
      Enjoy coffee, donuts, and fellow-              Exposed Blessed Sacrament during our 24-hour Ado-
       ship in God’s Beauty around us                ration.
       All ages and denominations are              To pray at a consistent hour for Vocations to the
                  welcome!                           Priesthood & Religious Life, and to pray for your Fam-
 Every Saturday during summer                        ily and Peace in our world.
     June 11th - August 27th                       To a spiritual work full of faith, hope and love - con-
   T-Street Beach @ 7:30AM                           templative prayer.
                                                   Please email Deana Progar at
                                                                to sign up or call 525-7092
 Map and information at
    or call Kevin Perkins at (949) 370-6924.
                                                               SPANISH/ENGLISH CLASSES
                                                  Spanish Classes meet every Tuesday at the Dana Point
                                                  Yacht Club, 24399 Dana Drive. No Charge! Beginners
                                                  classes from 11am—1pm; advanced classes, 12—2pm.
                                                  Maria Simmons 661-8827.

                             St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church

                                                     Please Pray For...
                                       The Sick                                        In Memoriam
                 Kathleen Rudel              Armando Altamirano
                 Peggy Miller                Sabina Monroe
                 Tom Chiarello               Maryann Martin                                Lorraine Ostrin
                 Kevin Allen                 Molly Comito                                  June Fossheim
                 Gordon Dye                  Gloria Cardenas
                 Bob Dunbar                  Steven Marino
                 Rose Mendoza                Jim Donley
                 Ernie Smith                 Laurie Anderson
                 David Armstrong             Marcus Harris
                 Betty Johnson
                 Dan Mc Ginn
                                             Nancy Mires
                                             Kathleen Prenovost
                                                                                      Mass Intentions
                 Mary Norman                 Joseph Marzella
                 John Dupuis                 Angelina Monary                 Sunday      June 19
                 Steve Baur                  Lewis Dawson                   7:30 a.m.    Fathers Day Novena
                 Margie Davis                Roberto Virata                 8:00 a.m. SF Harold Klein †
                 J. C. Ruelas                Stan Okun                                   Alberto Garcia †
                                                                                         Edward Dolendo †
                      Please remember in your prayers…                                   Pete Cuellar †
                              Our armed forces and their families.          9:00 a.m.    Wilson Jordan †
                                                                            11:00 a.m.   Michael Tintle †
                                        Pray For Peace.                     12:30 p.m.   Lawrence Crochet †
                    If you or a family member are ill and would like to      5:30 p.m.   John Maduell †
                    be included in our prayers or are in need of a          Monday       June 20
                    priest, please contact the parish office at 496-1307.   8:15 a.m.    Ralph Mitre †
                                                                            5:30 p.m.    Fathers Day Novena
                                                                            Tuesday      June 21
                                Deceased                                    8:15 a.m.
                                                                            5:30 p.m.
                                                                                         Fathers Day Novena
                                                                                          Mary Yelich †
      Jun. 19: Nancy Mintie (1995), George Davis (2003),                    Wednesday June 22
               Renee Wedel (2007), Michael Cunningham (2009)                8:15 a.m.    Arlene Hagan †
      Jun. 20: Craig Surmeier (1972), Lawrence F. Clark (1996),             5:30 p.m.    Fathers Day Novena
               Ralph Mitre (2005), Anna Agnes Stanley (2005),               Thursday     June 23
               James Russo (2006), Sheri Lynn Sommer (2006),                8:15 a.m.    Fathers Day Novena
               Douglas Main (2007)                                          5:30 p.m.    Raymond Day †
      Jun. 21: Anthony Eddo (1983), Ethel Meglin (1988),                    Friday       June 24
               Margaret Novak (2007)                                        8:15 a.m.    Dick Soderlund †
      Jun. 22: Marguerite Klinefelter (1984), Joseph Brosnan (1991)         5:30 p.m.    Fathers Day Novena
               Rosemary B. Fintor (2000)                                    Saturday     June 25
      Jun. 23: Carmen Maria Rumps (1997), Walter DeStories (2006),          8:15 a.m.    Fathers Day Novena †
               Guillermo Palacio (2009)                                     5:30 p.m.    Robert Wakin †
      Jun. 24: Julia Aughe (1987), Jane Pendergast (2009)                   Sunday       June 26
      Jun. 25: Fredrick Montoya (1970), Lawrence Montoya (1970),            7:30 a.m.    Ruth Groboski †
               Ana Rosa Stanley (2002)                                      8:00 a.m. SF Madge Charlton †
      Jun. 26: Adeline Kane (1975), Ortencia Rico (1975),                                Patricia Fagg †
               Antonia Ramirez (1976), Ingrid Loera-Mandl (1987),                        William James Fagg †
               Helen Hauer (1989), Megan Dammeyer (1996),                                William Francis Fagg †
               James Ferreras (1998), Mary Bush (2005),                     9:00 a.m.    Helen Doyle †
               Erving Grosch (2006), Ranie Martini (2009)                   11:00 a.m.   Mel Progar
                                                                            12:30 p.m.   Fathers Day Novena
VII                                                                          5:30 p.m.   Maxine Vroman †
                      June 19, 2011              †   The Most Holy Trinity

            Good Stewards All                                         Daily Schedule
                                                     7:30 a.m.— Monday-Saturday Rosary, Morning Prayer
                                                               (Liturgy of the Hours)
       In the month of April, 2011                   8:15 a.m.—Mass—Monday through Saturday
                                                     5:15 p.m.—Evening Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours, except
     St. Edward and San Felipe de Jesus                        Sat.)
                                                     5:30 p.m.—Mass (Saturday is Sunday’s Liturgy)
             ministries provided:                     We invite you to celebrate daily Mass with us!
Baptisms:    30 Individuals
Weddings :
              7 Couples
              1 Young Woman                                             Scripture Readings
Bereavement:  5 Funerals
                                                     Monday:         Genesis 12:1-9; Matthew 7:1-5
Christian Service ...                                Tuesday:        Genesis 13:2, 5-18; Matthew 7:6, 12-14
Food Distribution *: 122 Families                    Wednesday       Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18;
                    (181 adults, 149 children)                       Matthew 7:15-20
Services provided:     46                            Thursday:       Genesis 16:1-12, 15-16;
Referrals provided:    30                                            Matthew 7:21-29
                                                     Friday:         Isaiah 49:1-6;
        * Food Distribution is sponsored by                          Acts of the Apostles 13:22-26;
      St. Vincent de Paul and administered by                         Luke 1:57-66,80
      St. Edward’s Christian Service Ministry.       Saturday:       Genesis 18:1-15; Matthew 8:5-17
                                                     Sunday:         Deuteronomy 8:2-3, 14b-16a
                                                                     1 Corinthians 10:16-17; John 6:51-58
         Your Contributions …
Last week/ month
 Last Week ……………………….                    $ 18,533                          Wedding Banns
Parish Pay (monthly)-May ……...….         $ 82,433

Last year—same week/month                                 Matthew Mc Kenna & Karla Elia, June 25, 2011
                                                          John Malaney & Colene Florence, July 2, 2011
Same week 2010. ………………….. $ 20,891
                                                           Brad Weber & Katie Schmeltzer, July 2, 2011
Last Year’s Parish Pay —May 2010 … $ 67,541             Chad Worozaken & Alejandra Perdices, July 9, 2011
         Thank you for your generosity!                   Brian Lendin & Amber Steadman, July 9, 2011

                                                                Weekly Calendar
             2011 Annual PSA                           Monday         June 20
        St. Edward the Confessor and                   8:45 a.m.       Cursillo, Cry Room
              San Felipe de Jesus                      Tuesday        June 21
       Combined PSA Goal          $211,000             6:00 p.m.      Blue Army, Church
                                                       Wednesday      June 22
                                                       8:00 a.m.      Life Scan, Knight Hall
       Pledges:                        444
                                                       8:45 a.m.      Circle of Praise, Cry Room
       Amount pledged:                 $ 177,056       1:00 p.m.      Families of Nazareth, Cry Room
       Amount paid:                    $ 137,185
                                        St. Edward The Confessor Catholic Church

                                      From the Office for Parish …         Faith Formation
                               Our office is located on the Knight Hall side of the rectory . We can be reached
                                           by calling 496-6011 or on the web:

                     Tuesday morning Bible                                   On-Line Registration for
                      Study will begin on                                    Religious Education
                       Sept. 20, 2011, with                                  Classes for the 2011-12
                       the study of the                                      year will begin in late
                      Letter of James.                                       June. Keep checking the St.
                                                                             Edward website to complete your on-
                     From January-April
                                                                             line registration. Simply go to
               2012, the group will study                           click on Faith For-
     The Psalms. All are invited. For more                                   mation you will be directed from there!
     information, please check the Parish
                                                                             Questions? Call 496-6011
                web-site, or call 496-6011.

                                   Congratulations to our nearly 200 parish children who celebrated their
                                                  First Holy Communion this spring.
                                                            Our First Communicants are:
                            Dominic Busch        Nicholas Drossel       Audrey Kavanagh      Taylor Medina       Julia Schulze
                            Matthew Bystry       Sydney Dunn            Cameron Kooper       Andy Melian         Taree Sellers
                            Sophia Calkins       Jenna Egan             Sergio Kopelev       Adam Memenas        Helena Shaver
                            Melvin Campos        Kathryn Egan           Grace Krumplitsch    Emma Minier         Abigail Sheehan
     Elise Abel             Lia Cerruti          Diego Flores-Casados   Chandler Kuri        Natalie Misri       Ava Sinacori
     Wyatt Ackerman         Remy Charles         Melissa Foley          Isabella Lamothe     Sara Morrissey      Cooper Sisley
     Bryan Acuna            Mateo Chi-Sing       Miranda Forero         Mason Lapena         Moises Moscaira     Katlyn Sowers
     Anthony Aguilar        Caroline Christl     Camille Freeman        Annie Larson         Claire Mullen       Jillian Stafford
     Ryan Allain            Jade Ciesla          Michael Fregoso        Gina LeCause         Maxine Murphy       Jack Stanley
     Natalia Almazan        Roxanne Clark        Ella French            Nicole Leonard       Peyton Murray       Mariah Stensby
     Aedan Anderson         Ethan Coleman        Ryan Georgi            Logan Lewis          Jacob Nelms         Ryan Stensby
     Noah Andrew            Emily Collins        Thomas Gerardo         Ryan Lukes           Cora Nordheim       Lauren Stovesand
     Paige Apperson         Isabelle Comes       Tori Ghyzel            Jill Lundgren        Matthew O'Connor    Matthew Streuter
     Kennie Arriola         Gianna Comoglio      Lauren Gillbank        William Lundgren     Grace O'Malley      Andrew Sulick
     Julie Baltazar         Luke Conniff         Maria Gonzalez         Heather Maitino      Ryan Patrick        Ryan Tarbutton
     Melissa Bank           Abigail Cox          Mario Gonzalez         Jennifer Maitino     Braden Pegan        Luke Thornton
     Jason Bannister        Dominic Cox          Savanna Goodpaster     Luke Malecka         Martin Perez        Sigrid Tierney
     Janice Barajas         April Cracraft       Jonathan Goodwin       Kirsten Malecka      Lauren Peters       Nikolaus Tinsley
     Rebecca Baum           Tiffany Cracraft     Kyle Griffin           Catalina Marin       Samuel Peters       Isabella Tosches
     Ian Bechler            Gage Crawford        Madilyn Gutowski       Morgan Marks         John Pietrusiak     Liam Trotter
     Connor Bell            Heather Crayton      Madison Haji           Ashlin Martin        Rylan Pike          Ella Villar
     Ashley Bellavia        Natalie Creech       Henry Hamilton         Makenzie Massey      Clement Porter      Eve Viramontes
     Sara Kate Besanceney   Samantha Cruz        Lauren Hancock         Matthew Massey       Jacqueline Renaud   Andrew Vollero
     Luke Blackwill         Gabriella Dalgaard   Mason Hannegan         Cayley Matthews      Kelly Rodgers       Natalia Von Gierke
     Bryce Blattman         Julian Damikolas     Nicole Harris          Michael Maurer       Caden Rodgers       Sarah Wadman
     Isabella Bookataub     Will Daniels         Braden Hassett         Braden Mc Geagh      Jack Rogers         Hunter Walwyn
     Mia Bost               Phillip De Gree      Juliet Heal            Brandon Mc Geagh     Sebastian Ruiz      Jake Waterman
     Brock Bowman           Sean Delaney         Kelsey Hendricks       Caden Mc Glinn       Madison Sailer      Tyler Whitman
     Maximiliano Bowman     Adam Diersing        Jonathan Hetherton     Kaitlin McClure      Brandon Sanchez     Carissa Wiles
     William Brady          Alyssa Difilippo     Katherine Hoagland     Aidan McDowell       Eric Sanchez        Justin Wilfert
     Jack Brewer            Ava Dilger           Haley Hughes           Matthew McGreevy     Nicholas Sanchez    Ella Williamson
     Anhika Bui             Madison Doan         Ethan Hunt             Matthew McWilliams   Sophia Sash         Madeline Wolford
     Brayden Burnes         Annaliese Doran      Elaine Johnstone       Sarah McWilliams     Jeremy Sauerbaum    Mia Wood

                          June 19, 2011             †         The Most Holy Trinity

                    (HELP, EMPATHY, LOVE, & PRAYER)            Knights of Columbus
                 SUPPORT GROUP FOR THOSE WITH ANY                      Charity, Unity, Fraternity, Patriotism
             Please join us June 27th from 4 p.m. to 5:30                Golf Tournament
p.m. in the church meeting room to pray together and                 Aliso Viejo C.C. August 29, 2011
discuss practical treatment and issues such as nutrition,
exercise, rest, and stress relief. If you need information
                                                                   $100.00 discount for a Foursome
                                                                  Sponsor Opportunities: Mike Chapman 547-0767
regarding referrals or home or hospital visits, please call
Maggie Prendiville, RN, MS at 496--7312.                                  $150.00 single $500.00 Foursome
              —————–———————                                               Contact Jim Shipe to play at 413-7672
                                                                          Mail check with player(s) contact info to:
                                                                            131 W. Ave. Cadiz, San Clemente, CA 92672
                                                                          Visit our website at
                                                                  Join a Cause Bigger than Yourself
"Charity will never be true charity unless it takes jus-                         (1.8 million brothers have)
tice into account ... Let no one attempt with small              Catholic gentlemen from 18 & up can help our community.
gifts of charity to exempt themselves from the great                  Please contact Tim Kosor, Membership Director
duties imposed by justice."                                                949-378-1599 ·
Pope Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris , #49                                         ———–———————

Join our Social Justice Ministry. Next                                                 Respect Life
meeting will be in the fall.
                  STEPHEN MINISTRY                                   THE HUMANITY OF THE UNBORN
     “Christ Caring for People through People.”               The abortion debate will not go away. The fundamen-
             Next Sunday we will be commissioning four        tal issue at stake is not reproductive freedom but the
             new Stephen Ministers at the 11:00 am            desire to extend human rights to all—even the small-
             Mass. Come celebrate with us; and offer          est and most vulnerable human beings among us.
             them your prayers and support as they be-        Those who continue to ignore or deny the humanity
             gin their new role. The Stephen Ministers        of the unborn are increasingly on the defensive be-
             here at St. Edward are care givers; we are       cause new technologies are opening the window into
trained to provide one-on-one care to our parish mem-         the womb. What we find there is not tissue to be dis-
bers that are in need of a special person to listen and       carded, but human lives worth protecting.
share their burden. For confidential inquiries, contact us                   ————–———————
at (949)496-1307 x 2503 or email us at stephenminis-                                                 Serra Club of S. Orange County
                                                                 Fostering Vocations to the Priesthood & Religious Life
              SOCIETY of ST. VINCENT de PAUL                                       Rev. Paw Lwin
             Our SVdP Conference here at St. Edward is                             Parochial Vicar - St. Timothy's
             again participating in the Society's Summer                         Serran Guest Speaker
             Camp Program for children of low income fami-                  Monday, June 20th after 5:30pm Mass
             lies.                                                          St. Edward Catholic Church
             Kids from the local community receive a free           Serrans meet the 3rd Monday of each month
             physical exam, camping; gear as needed and are       after the 5:30pm Mass with dinner, guest speaker
bussed to SVdP's Circle V Ranch Camp in the Los Padres                  and prayer at St. Edward in Dana Point.
National Forest above Santa Barbara on Lake Cachuma.                 If you care to promote Vocations within our
The Summer Camp Program is financially supported by the                       community, please join us.
L.A Times Family Fund, the Carrie Estelle Doheny Founda-          Say ‘”YES’ to the Lord. He maybe calling you.
tion and participating SVdP Conferences.                            For More Information: Contact Carol Lavigne
                                                                     (949) 240-7621
                HELP US HELP OTHERS                                             WWW.SERRA.ORG
     St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church

                                Around the Diocese
                                           For girls in the 4th-8th grades
                                                Our camps feature:
                        Athletics – Basketball, cross country/track, lacrosse, soccer,
                        softball, tennis, volleyball, water polo
                        Adolecence 101 Workshop – Study skills, time management,
                        goal setting, and self-esteem
                        Tech & Toon – Where art and science collide! Understand-
                        ing physics through Flash animations and multimedia labs.
                        Introduction to Guitar – Learn to play your favorite songs
                        on your acoustic guitar. Boys are welcome to enter the guitar
                        Come explore new activities and enjoy the fun and friendships
                                         of camp at Rosary High School!
                                     Camps run June-August, sign up today!
                          A brochure is available both online and in the main office.
               (714) 879-6302

                                      MARRIED COUPLES RETREAT
                                            “Love is a Decision”
                                               July 8-10, 2011
                        Give your spouse the gift of your time. Come spend
                        some quiet time together away from the world to reflect
                        on God’s gift of LOVE.
                        Directed by Fr. Patrick Brennan, C.P.
                                 Deacon Manuel and Chela Valencia
                                 Deacon Brian and Sherry Clements
                        Cost: $340 per couple
                        Deposit $100 to secure reservation
                        Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center 700 N. Sunnyside Ave.,
                        Sierra Madre, CA 626-355-7188 ext. 107
                                    “CHRIST’S HEALING PRESENCE”
                                            MASS OF HEALING
                                     Monday, June 27, 2011, 7:15 p.m.
                               St. Angela Merici Catholic Church, Brea, CA.
                                          Fr. Mike Barry presiding.
                              Further information call Marine 562-697-0297.
                          NEW WORDS...DEEPER MEANING, SAME MASS…
                                     ST. KILIAN CATHOLIC CHURCH
                                           TUESDAY EVENINGS
                        Potluck and fellowship! Gathering at 6 p.m., dinner be-
                        gins at 6:30; speaker at 7:30-8:30 p.m. Barbecue chicken
                        patties and hamburgers are provided by the parish. Bring
                        a salad, side dish or dessert, to share.
                        During the month of June Father Bruce Patterson topic
                        will be “Introduction to the New Roman Missal”.
                        For more information call 586-4440.
                        Coming July 5th: Fr. Gregory Boyle, “Tattoos on the
                        Heart”: The Power of Boundless Compassion.


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