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									                ITER FILM and RAI CINEMA
                     in production with


                    (THE CALL)

                      a film by
the journey of two women from betrayal to love...
           an Italian Argentinian co-production


                                                  credits not contractual
                                                                    LA LLAMADA
                                                                        (The Call)

The ardent and sudden passion between two women in Buenos Aires, Lucia and
Lea, suspended lives, bonds without pleasure. Both Italian, but completely
opposite, an initiation journey that takes them literally to the "ends of the earth". In
the distant wild immensity of Argentina's Patagonia they struggle with the
wreckage of a boat and each with her own secrets, in the embrace of a tango that
shatters conventions and roles, in search of the broken threads of their lives. A
story in which love, for better or for worse, is master of all.

                                                                      credits not contractual

                                 LA LLAMADA (The Call) - a film by Stefano Pasetto – p. 2
                           director's note
La Llamada (The Call) is a story of betrayals, some only apparent,
others real.
True betrayals all take the "obstinate and negative" way: a doctor who
does not treat, a stewardess who cannot fly, a girl who loves animals but
works in a slaughterhouse, a boat that will not sail, a beginner piano
student though at ninety years of age.
The story opens with Lucia who feels betrayed by Bruno, and in fact she
is right. He betrays her, though, not with his colleague Irene, in so much
as through his lack of intimacy in his own marriage. He betrays his wife
Lucia by treating her emotional suffering clinically and entrusting her to
a colleague.
Lucia, on the other hand, betrays her husband. Not with Lea, in so much
as with her courage to completely surrender to life. Her decision to
suddenly turn away at the ultimate crossroads and to leave Bruno and
his world behind (and the hospitalization that would take her body
hostage) is far more scandalous than the adultery actually committed
within the conventions of a male chauvinist society.
Lea betrays Marco and his promises of marriage, but not with Lucia, in
so much as with the oedipal figure of her own father. And her father, in
turn, betrays his daughter (for the umpteenth time) with the umpteenth
Finally, Lea betrays Lucia at the end of their affair, yet even this is an
affirmation of life, an invitation to movement. In short, what all the
characters in La Llamada affirm is this: to betray someone, or to be
betrayed, may be hell, but to betray yourself is the beginning of the end.

                                                       STEFANO PASETTO

                                                                 credits not contractual

                            LA LLAMADA (The Call) - a film by Stefano Pasetto – p. 3
           directed by STEFANO PASETTO
            screenplay STEFANO PASETTO
                          VERONICA CASCELLI

director of photography GUILLERMO "BILL" NIETO

                 editor ALESSIO DOGLIONE

           art director ROMINA DEL PRETE
             costumes CHIARA FERRANTINI
                 music ANDREA FARRI

                 produced by

              executive producer
              ROSANNA SEREGNI

        an Italian Argentinian co-production

            in production with

                                                   credits not contractual

              LA LLAMADA (The Call) - a film by Stefano Pasetto – p. 4


                                      credits not contractual

 LA LLAMADA (The Call) - a film by Stefano Pasetto – p. 5
                                                      STEFANO PASETTO

Director Stefano Pasetto was born in Rome in 1970. After obtaining his
Arts degree with a thesis on Krzysztof Kieslowski, he studied at the
National Film School of Rome from 1996 to 1999.
Pasetto has directed several shorts (Sisters, I Don’t Need Anything, Once
for Your Eyes... Once for Your Lips, The Joke), that have been screened
and awarded at important international film festivals such as Cannes,
Oberhausen, London, Rome and Turin. He has also directed
documentaries such as Waiting in the Wings, Ancient Water, and Italian
Women Rebels of the 20th Century (a series of ten documentaries for
Stefano Pasetto has also worked as screenwriter and editor, and is a
contributor to several film magazines. Turtles on Their Backs / Tartarughe
sul dorso (2005) was his first feature film.

                                                                   BILL NIETO
Cinematographer Bill Nieto studied at the Universidad del Cine and is
today one of Argentina's foremost directors of photography. He has
worked on films such as Leonera, El bonaerense, Nacido y criado directed
by Pablo Trapero; Lucía Cedrón's Cordero de Dios; Ulises Rosell's
Sofacama; Alejandro Chomski's Hoy y mañana, and Géminis by Alberti

                                                                 credits not contractual

                            LA LLAMADA (The Call) - a film by Stefano Pasetto – p. 6
                                                                             ARTURO GOETZ
     • Silver Condor, 2007, Best Supporting Actor for “Derecho de Familia”
     • Silver Condor nomination, 2009, Best Supporting Actor for “El Nido Vacío”
     • Argentinean Academy Award nomination, 2008, Best Supporting Actor for “El Nido Vacío”
     • Argentinean Academy Award nomination 2009, Best Actor for “El Asaltante”
Rompecabezas by Natalia Smirnoff (2009) as Roberto
... aka "Puzzle" - USA
Los condenados by Isaki Lacuesta (2009) as Raúl
... aka "The Condemned" - International (English title)
El cuarto de Leo by Enrique Buchichio (2009) as Juan
... aka "Leo's Room" - International (English title)
La Llamada (The Call) by Stefano Pasetto (2009) as Dr. Rauch
En nuestros corazones para siempre by Javier Daulte and Sandra Gugliotta (2009)
La ventana by Carlos Sorin (2008)
... aka "The Window" - International (English title), USA
La sangre brota by Pablo Fendrik (2008) as Arturo
... aka "Blood Appears" - International (English title)
El nido vacío by Daniel Burman (2008) as Dr. Sprivak
... aka "Empty Nest" - International (English title), USA (new title)
Una novia errante by Ana Katz (2007) as Father
... aka "A Stray Girlfriend" - International (English title)
El asaltante by Pablo Fendrik (2007) as Ramos
... aka "The Mugger" - International (English title)
El otro by Ariel Rotter (2007) as Escribano
... aka "The Other" - International (English title)
Derecho de familia by Daniel Burman (2006) as Bernardo Perelman
... aka "Family Law" - International (English title), USA
Cama adentro by Jorge Gaggero (2004) as Guest
... aka "Live-In Maid" - International (English title), USA (DVD title)
La niña santa by Lucrecia Martel (2004) as Dr. Vesalio
... aka "The Holy Girl" - International (English title), UK, USA
Four Aims and Flyin' Shoes by Ty Roberts (2001) as Gustavo
El camino by Javier Olivera (2000) as Francisco Irureta
... aka "The Road" - USA
Plan by Santiago Calori (2000)
El amateur by Juan Bautista Stagnaro (1999) as Concejal
Cómplices by Néstor Montalbano (1998) as Comisario
                                                                             CÉSAR BORDÓN
La Llamada (The Call) by Stefano Pasetto (2009) as Bruno
La mujer sin cabeza by Lucrecia Martel (2008) as Marcos
... aka "The Headless Woman" - International (English title), UK, USA (festival title)
Fierro by Liliana Romero and Norman Ruiz (2007) (voice)
El niño de barro by Jorge Algora (2007) as Octavio
... aka "The Mudboy" - International (English title)
"Romeo y Julieta" TV series.... Father Antonio (1 episode, 2007)
Cautiva by Gaston Biraben (2003) as Raúl
... aka "Captive" - International (English title)
Rosarigasinos by Rodrigo Grande (2001) as Policia Zalaberry
... aka "Gangs from Rosario" - International (English title)
Ojos que no ven by María Cecilia de las Barreras and Beda Docampo Feijóo (2000) as Fiscal
... aka "What Your Eyes Don't See" – USA
El censor by Eduardo Calcagno (1995) .... Perseguidor 1
... aka "The Eyes of the Scissors" - International (English title)              credits not contractual

                                         LA LLAMADA (The Call) - a film by Stefano Pasetto – p. 7
                                                                           FRANCESCA INAUDI

     • Nastro d'Argento nomination, 2005, Best Actress for “Dopo Mezzanotte”
     • Nastro d'Argento nomination, 2007, Best Supporting Actress for “N, Io e Napoleone”
Matrimoni e altri disastri – directed by Nina Di Majo - (2010) as Beatrice
Noi credevamo – directed by Mario Martone - (2010) as Young Cristina
"Tutti pazzi per amore" TV series.... Maya Marini (22 episodes, 2008-2010)
"Crimini" TV series as Melinda (1 episode, 2010)
Io, Don Giovanni – directed by Carlos Saura - (2009) as Costanza
... aka "I, Don Giovanni" - International (English title)
La Llamada (The Call) – directed by Stefano Pasetto - (2009) as Lea
Generazione mille euro – directed by Massimo Venier - (2009) as Valentina
Questione di cuore – directed by Francesca Archibugi - (2009) as Carla
... aka "A Matter of Heart" - International (English title)
"Distretto di polizia" TV seriesas Irene Valli / ... (7 episodes, 2006-2008)
Gli arcangeli – directed by Simone Scafidi - (2007) as Marlena
Viaggio in Italia - Una favola vera – directed by Paolo Genovese and Luca Miniero - (2007)
as Margherita
N (Io e Napoleone) – directed by Paolo Virzì - (2006) as Mirella
... aka "N.: Napoleon & Me" - International (English title)
Non prendere impegni stasera – directed by Gianluca Maria Taverellio - (2006) as Mariella
4-4-2 - Il gioco più bello del mondo (2006) as Francesca (segment "La donna del Mister")
La bestia nel cuore – directed by Cristina Comencini - (2005) as Anita
... aka "Don't Tell" - UK (festival title), USA
L'orizzonte degli eventi – directed by Daniele Vicari - (2005) as Marta
L'uomo perfetto – directed by Luca Lucini - (2005) as Lucia
Dopo mezzanotte – directed by Davide Ferrario - (2004) as Amanda
... aka "After Midnight" - International (English title)

                                                                     GUILLERMO PFENING
Paco by Diego Rafecas (2010) as Ignacio
La Llamada (The Call) by Stefano Pasetto (2009) as Marco
El último verano de la Boyita by Julia Solomonoff (2009) as Héctor
... aka "The Last Summer of La Boyita" - International (English title)
Fontana, la frontera interior by Juan Bautista Stagnaro (2009)
... aka "Fontana, the Interior Frontier" - International (English title)
El vestido by Paula de Luque (2008)
Un Burma blanco by Mariano Galperin (2008)
El resultado del amor by Eliseo Subirla (2007) as Martín
Nacido y criado by Pablo Trapero (2006) as Santiago
... aka "Born and Bred" - International (English title), UK
Como un avión estrellado by Ezequiel Acuña (2005)
Todos los días un poco by Pedro Fallace (2005)
Caíto by Pablo Ambrosini and Guillermo Pfening (2004)
Sangre by Pablo César (2003)
Perro amarillo by Javier van de Couter (2003)

                                                                                 credits not contractual

                                          LA LLAMADA (The Call) - a film by Stefano Pasetto – p. 8
                                                                    SANDRA CECCARELLI
Daughter of Franco Ceccarelli, guitarist of the famous Italian group Equipe 84, Sandra started her acting
career playing Stefania Sandrelli's daughter in the 1984's "Segreti segreti" by Giuseppe Bertolucci. She
attended the Academy of Fine Arts and worked as an illustrator. Between 1995 and 1997, Ceccarelli
studied acting with Carlos Alsina and Giorgio Albertazzi. After some years dedicated to the theatre, she
starred in Ermanno Olmi's "Il mestiere delle Armi" (2000) and Giuseppe Piccioni's "Luce dei miei
occhi" (2001).

  • Volpi Cup and Pasinetti Award (Venice Film Festival, 2001) Best Actress for “Luce dei miei
  • Nastro d'Argento, 2002, Best Supporting Actress for “Il Più Bel Giorno della Mia Vita”
  • David di Donatello nomination, 2002, Best Actress for “Luce dei Miei Occhi”
  • David di Donatello nomination, 2005 for “La Vita che Vorrei”
  • EFA, 2005, Best Actress for “La Vita che Vorrei”

La Llamada (The Call) – directed by Stefano Pasetto (2009) as Lucía
 "Donne assassine" TV episode as Chiara (1 episode, 2008)
 Il resto della notte – directed by Francesco Munzi (2008) as Silvana Boarin
... aka "The Rest of the Night" - International (English title)
 I demoni di San Pietroburgo - directed by Giuliano Montaldo (2008) as Nataliya Ivanovna
... aka "The Demons of St. Petersburg" - International (English title)
 Family Game – directed by Alfredo Arciero (2007) as Lisa
 Peopling the Palaces at Venaria Reale – directed by Peter Greenway (2007)
 Piano, solo – directed by Riccardo Dilani - (2007) as Jolanda
 "Il vizio dell'amore" (1 episode, 2006) - Il navigatore (2006) TV episode
 Libertas – directed by Veljko Bulajic - (2006/I) as Countess Desa
 Kronprinz Rudolf – directed by Robert Dornhelm - (2006) (TV) as Empress Elisabeth 'Sisi'
... aka "The Crown Prince" - International (English title) (DVD box title)
 Klimt – directed by Raoul Ruiz (2006) as Serena Lederer
... aka "A Viennese Fantasy à la manière de Schnitzler" - International (English title) (subtitle)
 Tu la conosci Claudia? – directed by Massimo Venier (2004) as Silvia, l'ex-moglie di Giacomo
 La vita che vorrei – directed by Giuseppe Piccioni (2004) as Laura/Eleonora
... aka "The Life I Want" - International (English title)
 La forza del passato – directed by Piergiorgio Gay (2002) as Anna Orzan
... aka "The Power of the Past" - International (English title)
 Il più bel giorno della mia vita – directed by Cristina Comencini (2002) as Rita
... aka "The Best Day of My Life" - International (English title)
 Luce dei miei occhi – directed by Giuseppe Piccioni (2001) as Maria
... aka "Light of My Eyes" - International (English title)
 Il mestiere delle armi – directed by Ermanno Olmi (2001) as Nobildonna di Mantova
... aka "The Profession of Arms" - International (English title)
 Tandem – directed by Lucio Pellegrini (2000) as Sabra
 Guarda il cielo: Stella, Sonia, Silvia – directed by Piergiorgio Gay (2000)
... aka "Watch the Sky: Stella, Sonia, Silvia" - International (English title)
 Tre storie – directed by Piergiorgio Gay and Roberto San Pietro (1998) as Martina
... aka "Three Stories" - International (English title)
Segreti segreti – directed by Giuseppe Bertolucci (1985) as Renata's daughter

                                                                                    credits not contractual

                                        LA LLAMADA (The Call) - a film by Stefano Pasetto – p. 9

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