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                  !!! Zamontuj plik EeeXP2.iso na wirtualnym napędzie !!!

                           USB_PREP8 (Provided in the download link below)
                             PeToUSB (Provided in the download link below)
                            Bootsect.exe (Provided in the download link below)
                                           Windows XP CD with SP2
                   If using Nlite remember to keep the manual installation files.
                                  A computer with Windows XP/Vista - x86
      Note: The following steps need to be performed on any system that meet the
                     "require ments" before attempting this guide.

                                               Step 1:
           Extract downloaded files (usbinstall) into one folder (ex. C:/EeeXP)
                             Format the USB Stick using PeToUSB.exe.

                                               Step 2:
                                          Open the following file :
                                    Then Press any key to continue
Leave all windows open and open another command prompt window from Start > Run > cmd

                                               Step 3:
                  In CMD go to the directory where bootsect.exe is located.
                                   Ex: (dla c:/bootsect/bootsect.exe)
                                                cd bootsect
 ["cd" means Change Directory. It's a DOS command to change to the desired directory.]
                                                Then type:
                                           bootsect.exe /nt52 G:
                        [G: is the disk letter for the USB flash drive.]
The correct boot sector will now be written to the USB stick. [Now your pc can boot from the
                                      USB flash drive.]
“Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes.” Will display, when this task is

                                        Step 4:
 Close the cmd window for bootsect and petousb windows, make sure the usbprep8 window is
                                        still open.

                                        Step 5:
 Press 1 and then enter. Browse to the location XP setup files, CD/DVD Drive with disk for
Press 2 and enter a letter not curre ntly assigned to a drive on your PC, this is used for temp
        files and will be removed once the entire process is complete, default this is T.
                  Press 3 and enter the drive letter of your USB flas h drive
                                 Press 4 to start the process
                 You will be prompted to format drive T, Press Y then enter.
When the format is complete press enter to continue, The program will now copy files to the
           temp drive it created. Press enter to continue when files have copied.
              You will be asked to copy the files to USB drive yes/no, click yes.
     When prompted if you would like to USB drive to be preferred boot drive, click yes.
                 Click yes to un mount the virtual drive (Te mp drive eg T:).
                                 Close the usbprep8 window.

                                        Step 6:
Make sure the USB flash drive is the primary boot device, put the usb flash drive into your
                                EeePC and boot from it.
                     You will have two options, Select Text mode setup.
                               Format the HDD using NTFS
When complete you will be prompted to reboot, If the GUI setup does not start first time reboot
    the EeePC and press ESC to launch the boot menu, select the USB flash drive and
                                       Boot from it…
         When prompted with the original menu with two options select GUI setup.


                           Plik z chomika:


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             WIN_7_Nakladka (100237 KB)
            Vista Inspirat 2 + dodatki.rar (80624 KB)
             Windows_7_Activador.7z (1816 KB)
           Windows XP dla ekspertów.pdf (38648 KB)

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                        !!Zarabianie Internet!!
                       ALLEGRO - mega paka
                 ESET Smart Security 4 PL + Serial
                        HTC DIAMOND
   Instalacja Windows XP z pendrive lub innego dysku przenośnego

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