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									eBook Writers and Readers Wanted Alive There is a quite exciting contest going on that
numerous of you will be interested in understanding about. I'm delighted to write about it for
fans of Ezine articles because soon after all, this is THE place for writers and readers. Dan
Poynter, Founder of Para Publishing and author of more than 125 successful books such as the
famous Self Publishing Manuals Volume 1 and two, has broken new ground introducing the
Global eBook Awards. This is the initial year for this award, so I want to spread the word about
this exciting chance for eBook recognition. An authority on book publishing, he is also the
leading authority on eBook publishing. Book covers, Dan's seminars and his stories have been
seen in The Wall Street Journal, on CNN and in U.S. News and World Report. For aspiring
writers everywhere, Dan Poynter has supplied the stimulation and motivation to send us to our
journals, typewriters and later, our PCs to put descriptive words together to form a function of
art. It may have been a poem, a song, a short story we crafted it could have been fiction or non-
fiction that sprang from the creative center of our beings. The point is he painstakingly showed
us how to do what every single writer aspires to do: get published. Co-author of the wildly well-
liked Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Jack Canfield, states that early consultation with Dan
was \"one necessary ingredient\" to the series good results. Thousand of ideal-selling authors
concur. EzineArticles has given writers a quite exclusive voice. I'm conscious of other post
directories on the Net but like Dan Poynter's tireless (and yes, profitable) efforts on writers'
behalf, EzineArticles is an extremely beneficial resource to assist in realizing our writing
dreams. What much better location than EzineArticles to encourage thousands of published (or
soon-to-be-published) authors to sharpen their pencils or dust off their keyboards? NOW. The
Global eBook Awards was produced simply because Dan believes it's time to recognize
eBooks. He and his Team have created this program so that the eBooks entered are brought to
the attention of their target audience to attract additional readers. In other words, this program is
developed to create publicity that a lot of eBook authors might not otherwise achieve. The web
site is a excellent resource on everything related to eBooks. The Global eBook Awards is open
to eBooks from authors, publishers, illustrators, and photographers written in the English
language from any country. The deadline for entry is JUNE 30, 2011. Get all the details at
somekeyword Are you nonetheless writing or maybe nonetheless editing and have been
performing so for months - or years? Or, maybe you have got various chapters written or a
terrific outline ready, well, IT IS NOT TOO LATE. Think about this your call to action! Let this
contest be your inspiration to start writing or let it be your motivation to total what you've began.
As the Nike slogan so famously demands \"Just Do It.\" ebooks

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