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									                                             Tri-Valley Macintosh
                                                 Users Group
                                                       P.O. Box 11564
                                                   Pleasanton, CA 94588

  “helpING haNds”
     MarCh 11                                   MeMBershIp
                                                                                              Volume 25, No. 3
 (Thursday aT 7 pM)                              TO TMuG                                     Izak Mutlu, Editor
Room J-1 (behind the Library)
                                             Membership to TMUG is $15 a year                   March 2010
                                             and allows participants the full use of
  How To Better Use                          • The lending of product training
   Snow Leopard
   (Mac OS 10.6)
                                               videos and CD’s and book library
                                                                                              MarCh 18
                                             • Reduced rates on some training
                                               classes and seminars
Please note: This meeting is now on
the second Thursday evening of each
month (that is usually one week before
                                             • Monthly special offers extended
                                               by various vendors for computer
our regular meeting) at 7 PM. We will
be using the same room as before.
                                               hardware, software, and accessories
                                             • An 8 page monthly newsletter sent
For the March Hands On we will go over         electronically.                         This month we are honored to have
in more detail the points contained in                                                 ProSoft Engineering come to our
last month's regular meeting's Keynote       Additionally, TMUG membership             meeting and demonstrate their
presentation on Snow Leopard. Don't          covers a wide range of expertise          current product line up. Their product
worry if you don't have Snow Leopard as      from the very novice to experts and       line (under ProSoft) includes great
many of the ideas will work with earlier     everything in between. The members        products like:
operating systems.                           can always find someone with good
                                             information to exchange at any              •   Data Rescue (Emergency
The meeting will cover areas like how to     knowledge level. Frequently, we also            Hard Drive Recovery and File
install Snow Leopard and then customize      hold special informational meetings for         Recovery)
the various options to your liking to make   newcomers to the Macintosh world.           •   Drive Genius (Maintain,
it much more effective just for you.                                                         Manage and Optimize your
                                             Direct your membership inquiries to             Hard Drive)
We will try them on the old eMacs that       Bob Dougherty at            •   Data Backup (Easy, powerful
are in the classroom. We also have a Mac                                                     and flexible backups)
Manual with lots of good information that
we will go over as time allows. Bring your                                             Also, under their JoeSoft product line
questions.                                         TMuG                                they have:

Please RSVP directly to Joanne and let her
know what specifically you would like to
                                                MeeTING NIGhTs                           •   Hear (Your sound + music
learn with Pages. It will help her prepare                                               •   Klix (Digital picture recovery)
better for your needs.                       TMUG meets on the third Thursday of         •   Stox (Stock research software
                                             each month beginning at 7:00 PM in              for tracking and analysis)
Questions on other topics are always                                                     •   Jax (Real life meets digital
                                             the Library of the Amador Valley High           life).
invited. Please contact Joanne Berven at     School, located at 1155 Santa Rita directly with your
suggestions for future topics, as well as    Road, Pleasanton, CA. The upcoming        ProSoft Engineering have been
suggestions and recommendations that         Thursday meeting 2010 dates are 4/15,     very supportive our club and have
you may have for the "Helping Hands"         5/20, 6/17, 7/15, 8/19, 9/16, 10/21,      presented to us numerous times. They
sessions.                                                                              normally provide us great discounts
                                             11/18 and 12/16. Mark your calendar.      as well as free products to win from
                                                                                       the raffle.
The upcoming "Helping Hands" meeting         A map to the TMUG meeting site can
dates are Thursday evenings at 7-9 PM        be found on page 2. Alternatively, you    It is also a good time to bring
on 3/11, April no class, 5/13, 6/10, 7/8,    can see the map at our web site http://   a friend along. Your friend will
                                                             enjoy our casual meeting and will
8/12, 9/9, 10/14, 11/11 and 12/9. Mark
                                                                                       have a chance to see what we are
your calendar.                                                                         all about.
     dIreCTIONs TO TMuG                                                                   If You Must Use Snail Mail ...
          pleasaNTON                                                                   laBels & addresses v 1.3
                                                                                                 By BeLight Software
                                                                                                Reviewed by Frank Petrie
                                                                              Whenever I receive correspondence via snail mail, I'm always
                                                                              impressed when the envelope has been printed out using a
                                                                              computer. Why? Because I'm easily amused. And because it looks
                                                                              so professional. Sort of makes a person like myself feel important.
                                                                              And that's why there's Addresses & Labels.

                                                                              "Labels & Addresses is a home and office tool for printing single
                                                                              or multiple labels and envelopes using a data from a print list. This
                                                                              program helps to design and print envelopes, postcards and diverse
                                                                              labels, such as address, shipping, file folder and barcode labels."

                                                                              A program that will let me use those three leftover address labels
                                                                              that are left on dozens of Avery sheets! Great!

                                                                              THE PULP

                                                                              Integration with Address Book, Entourage and others. Create return
                                                                              labels, shipping labels, handling labels and, naturally print on your
                                                                              envelopes from your generated print lists. Customizable a thousand
                                                                              ways to Sunday. Can even pick barcodes by country. Choose the
                                                                              label from which you want to start.

help lINe                                                                     As far as label stock, Labels & Addresses supports over a dozen
                                                                              manufacturers from Avery to Xerox labels. They also support
                                                                              different postcard and envelope stocks. You can create bar code
                                                                              labels. So, if you're a small business owner, you can create your own
Use the “Help Line” to find                                                   price tags with bar codes, prices and product names.
the right TMUG resource to
help you with all Macintosh                                                   With all this control, it's not surprising what you can do with art
related hardware or software                                                  on your labels. This includes "Art Text." The amount and choices
questions. If you are stuck                                                   of templates is very impressive. Customization tools give you
trying to figure out that new                                                 an amazing amount of control of personalizing your art and its
software that you bought or that hardware is not doing what                   backgrounds. And, of course, Art Text isn't just for labels. You can
you want it to do, help is readily available.                                 create postcards, CD covers, name badges ("We don't need ...") and
                                                                              much more with the built-in image editor.
You can contact Bob via phone (925) 556-3302 or via email
at                                                            Their site has several videos that will help you learn the software's
                                                                              workflow. There's also a resource
              TMUG Bulletin Board                                             page to get you started on your
Alternatively you can use our TMUG Bulletin Board by posting
your question that will be read by all our members and receive                THE RIND
responses promptly from many of them on how they approached
your problem specifically.                                                    Sorry, folks. You're going to have
                                                                              to read a little if you want to milk
If you need help with the TMUG Bulletin Board please contact                  every possible feature from Labels
Ron Griffeath at (925) 846 8363 or via email at
                                                                              & Addresses. But it's worth it.
                   CluB CONTaCTs:                                             SUMMARY
Joanne Berven (294 8247)             Ron & Marilyn Griffeath                  If you have some serious business to perform, Labels & Addresses
“Saturday Hand On” (nevreb@          (846 8363) Libraries, Bulletin           is what you need. This software can do some real heavy lifting. And                         Board Moderator (griffeath@
                                                        at this price, with all of its features, it's a steal at twice the price.
Jim Dibiase (462-9395) Treasurer
(               Izak Mutlu (830-8838)                    Now, if only I had someone to write to.
                                     President, Editor, Vendor
Bob Dougherty (556 3302)             Programs (            RATING : 10 out of 10 (and then some)
Membership, Help Line (arsi@                           Max Schell (447 5128)                    Author: BeLight Software <>
                                     Director, Email reminders
Dave & Barbara Edwards               (                    Requirements: Mac OS X v.10.4 and higher
(209-835-4519) Directors,                                                     Price: $49.95US
(davidedwards0761@                                                            Test Rig: MacBook 1.83Mhz, 4GB RAM, hp deskjet 940c
             TMUG Insider                                                March 2010                                        Page 2
                                           ThIrsTy pOCkeT                                                 CreaTe uNIque
                                        By Thirsty Pocket Labs                                         MarGINs aNd TexT
                                         Reviewed by Frank Petrie                                       flOws IN paGes
                        Remember when eBay hit the scene? Quick money to be made from             Have you ever wanted to create a document
                        stuff lying about the house. At first, a simple marketplace. But now,     where the margins follow graceful curves,
                        bells and whistles, templates, special lighting hardware to capture       or the text is broken up by a wandering
                        the best pictures of your item for sale! I just want to sell something!   invisible line that meanders down the page?
                                                                                                  If so, and if you use Pages, here’s a really
                        "Thirsty Pocket offers [an] innovative selling and shopping solution      simple way to create those effects.
                        to eliminate the complexities and lengthy time required to post and
                        purchase items on other on-line sites such as eBay and Craigslist.        For curved margins, you can do this simply
                        Smartphone users no longer need these cumbersome, awkward sites.          by placing an oval (Insert -> Shape -> Oval)
                                                                                                  on your page. Click the Inspector button in
                        Thirsty Pocket provides pain-free posting and convenient, fun             the toolbar to show the Inspector window,
                        shopping."                                                                then click on the Wrap tab (third from the
                                                                                                  left). With the oval still selected, click the
Get back to simplifying tasks. Isn't that what Apple is about? And particularly with the          ‘Floating (doesn’t move with text)’ button,
iPhone?                                                                                           and then check the ‘Object causes wrap’
                                                                                                  box below that.
                                                                                                  Make sure you can see the page layout in
Thirsty Pocket is an almost embarrassingly simple way to sell items with little time or           Pages (View -> Show Layout), then drag
effort involved. It 'one ups' the simplicity of                                                   the oval to the edge of your page, sliding
Craig's list while adding photos (shot from your iPhone, no less) to your classified ad.          it past the margin as much as necessary
First, pick your item to sell. Second pick a category. Push the button to take a picture of       to get the curve effect you’re looking for.
said item for the ad (if you insist you can pull one from your photo library). Third, push        Once it’s in position, click on the Graphic
the button an put it up for sale.                                                                          tab in the Inspector window, and
                                                                                                           set both the Fill and Stroke pop-up
That's it. Honestly. Simpler than Craig's List!                                                            menus to None. This will make
                                                                                                           your oval invisible, but it will still
THE RIND                                                                                                   affect the layout of the text. You
                                                                                                           can repeat this process on the other
Nada. Nada. Nada.                                                                                          margins, and nothing says you
                                                                                                           have to use only ovals—feel free
SUMMARY                                                                                                    to experiment with other shapes.
This is another one of those iApps that are what I refer to as 'electronic                                  But what about breaking apart
paper clips.' They're indispensable. And if you don't have an iPhone, Thirsty                               your text with a meandering line?
Pocket will be available to other phones and internet devices shortly. Keep                                 The process is the same, but the
checking the site.                                                                                          secret is to use pen tool—Insert
                                                                                                            -> Shape -> Draw with Pen. Draw
So, Thirsty Pocket. Free. Dead simple. What are you waiting for?                                  a line with as much or little curvature as
                                                                                                  you like, positioned roughly where you’d
RATING : 10 out of 10                                                                             like it to split your text. Click the mouse
                                                                                                  repeatedly to add points to the line; when
Requirements: iPhone 2.1 software update                                                          done, click the first point again, or just
Price: Free                                                                                       press Escape.
Test Rig: MacBook iPhone 3G

     MOve CursOr whIle paGING ThrOuGh fIles                                                       Once the line is drawn, check that the Wrap
                                                                                                  tab has the line set to float and to cause wrap
                                                                                                  (just like with the oval), then move it to its
Here’s a quick tip for those who like to navigate open documents via the keyboard. In             final position. Finally, use the Graphic tab
many OS X applications, including TextEdit, pressing Page Up and Page Down don’t                  to set the Stroke pop-up menu to None (the
actually move your cursor position within a document. Instead, they move only the view.           Fill pop-up should already be at none) to
So if you click on the first line of a TextEdit file, then press Page Down three times, and       make the line invisible.
then type something, the window will jump back to the first line, and that’s where your
typing will appear.                                                                               You can also change the Extra Space
                                                                                                  setting in the Text Fit section of Wrap tab
To move the cursor position with the view point, press and hold Option before pressing            in the Inspector to make things flow more
Page Up or Page Down. This will move the cursor into the line in the middle of each               nicely. As seen in the above image (that’s
screen as the display moves up or down a screenful at a time. Now when you start typing,          a portion of a sample document filled with
the typing will appear on that center line of the current screen, instead of on the last line     lorem ipsum placeholder text), the end
you happened to click.                                                                            result can be intriguing, and if used in the
                                                                                                  right way, can make a text-filled page a
This trick does not work in every application, though, so you’ll have to experiment to find       little less boring to view and read—just
those where it does.                                                                              don’t overdo it.

           TMUG Insider                                         March 2010                                          Page 3
                                    fOur MeMOry Card MaINTeNaNCe TIps
                                                     By Dave Johnson, PC World

 Learn the best ways to upload                      that you transfer all our photos from your      because you stumbled across Bigfoot
                                                    camera to your Mac first, then assess           having a banjo competition with the ghost
photos, delete your pictures, and                   and delete unwanted photos from your            of Les Paul. A second card eliminates the
  maintain your memory card                         computer's hard drive.                          need to selectively delete photos on the fly,
                                                                                                    or reduce the photo size or quality to cram
There was a time when I'd explain the               Format your card regularly                      more on a card.
basics of digital photography by describing         Once you have copied your photos from
the memory card as "digital film." These            your memory card to your computer, where        A spare card can also rescue you on those
days, digital cameras have been around so           they will presumably be backed up (you do       rare occasions when your memory card
long that some people have never used a             conduct regular backups, right?) you can        fails.
film camera, so that comparison is getting          clean up your memory card.
a little dated. Nonetheless, flash memory                                                           Know your card's life expectancy
cards play a critical role in photography,          There are a lot of ways to do this. You can     Memory cards are one of our most
holding your digital photos until you can           open the memory card in Finder, select          wonderful modern inventions, because
get them onto your Mac for more permanent           all the files and folders, and press the        they store a massive amount of information
storage. Once you have the choosen the best         Delete key. This is fast and easy, and I do     with no moving parts. That means you can
memory card for your                                            it frequently, especially if I've   drop them, sit on them, even accidentally
camera, the next step                                           already got the memory card         run them through the washing machine and
is knowing how to take                                          inserted in my computer and         most of the time they'll keep on ticking.
proper care of it.                                              have just finished downloading
                                                                the photos. Another option is to    Nonetheless, they're not indestructible, and
Whether you're just                                             return the memory card to your      they have a limited lifespan. Memory cards
getting started in                                              camera and press the button or      can be written to a set number of times only,
digital photography or                                          menu option to delete all your      so your cards will eventually stop working.
have had your camera                                            photos. This is fine as well—it's   Since you can't easily track the number of
for years, these are                                            essentially the same as deleting    times you're written data to your memory
some important tips                                             the photos using the Finder.        cards, a more practical alternative is to
for how to handle your                                          The advantage to this approach      expect your card to work for about 8-10
camera's memory card.                               is that if you have "protected" any photos      years. I write the month and year that each
                                                    (generally using the button with the key        of my memory cards enter service using a
Don't delete photos with the camera                 symbol on your camera), they will remain        black marker directly on the front of the
This runs counter to conventional wisdom,           safely on the memory card.                      card. As the cards approach their expiration
but as a general rule, I think it's a bad idea to                                                   date, I recycle and replace them. Sure, they
prune unwanted photos from your memory              Finally, you can format the card. Your          still have some life in them, but they're
card using the camera's Delete button.              camera has a formatting command built in        cheap enough that I'd rather buy a new
                                                    and it takes only a few seconds to format       card than lose a slew of photos because I
First, there's the power management angle:          a memory card. If you have any protected        waited too long and used the card right to
It takes precious battery life to review and        photos you're trying to preserve on your        its failure point.
delete photos from your camera. Would               memory card, make sure you have them
you rather delete a few bad photos or have          saved elsewhere since this will nuke the
enough juice to shoot some more pictures?           entire card.
Second, there's the fact that it's really           Formatting the card clears out digital debris
                                                                                                          paGes hOT TIps
hard to assess your photos on the camera.
The LCD is so small—and the overall
                                                    that builds up on your card, which improves       Placing an image Behind
                                                    performance. Some people format their
brightness and colors so inaccurate—that            memory card after each and every photo                   your Text
you're better off discarding unwanted               session. You can do that—there's no harm
photos on your computer, when you have              in it—but if you delete your photos using       To personalize your word processing
the benefit of seeing everything on your            your camera's Delete button rather than its     documents, you can add an image in the
monitor.                                            Format command, it's a good idea to format      background, behind your text flow. Copy
                                                    your card occasionally, such as after every     an image you like (for example, one
Third, there's the risk of accidentally             five or six times you download                             from a Pages '08 template)
deleting a photo you want when handling             and delete your photos.                                    and paste it on your page.
the awkward controls of your camera.                                                                           With the image selected, make
You might not notice you just deleted a             Have a spare                                               sure the Floating button is
great photo of Elvis disembarking from              It's a good idea to have more than                         selected in the Format Bar.
a UFO, and that would be a shame. And               one memory card. These days,                               Place, resize, and rotate your
if you make a mistake during the delete             memory is pretty cheap, so you                             image if necessary, and from
process, it's easier to undelete a photo on         can carry a second or third card                           the Format Bar select 20%
the computer—just retrieve it from the              in your card bag "just in case."                           Opacity. With the image still
Trash. To recover a deleted photo from              Just in case of what?                                      selected, choose Arrange >
a memory card, you need to use a photo                                                                         Send Object to Background
recovery program.                                   For starters, you'll want a spare                          and your image will display
                                                    in case you fill up your card and                          lightly behind your text.
So, the bottom line: I highly recommend             need to take some more pictures

             TMUG Insider                                          March 2010                                        Page 4
                                arCade hOOps BaskeTBall                                               phOTOshOp’s 3d
                                        By Skyworks Interactive                                      pOsTCard feaTure
                                          Reviewed by Frank Petrie                                Did you spend the extra for an "Extended"
                                                                                                  version of Photoshop CS4? If so, your copy
                        Here I find myself,                                                       of Photoshop sports a new 3D menu that
                        once again writing       THE PULP                                         you’ve never touched.
                        a review of a
                        Skyworks. game.          I was very happily surprised that I was, with    You’ll get your money’s worth today. This
This time it's World Cup Air Hockey˙.            a bit of practice, able to re-create the spin    3D Postcard trick lets your extra Photoshop
                                                 that I used to put on the puck in order to       investment finally pay off. This is a great
"World Cup Air Hockey˙ brings the arcade         have it deflect off of my opponent's mallet      trick for adding a sense of dimension to
classic to your iPhone/iPod touch!"              and into the goal.                               your portfolio when you need to show off
                                                                                                  flat screenshots, webpages, or examples of
I get this eery feeling that these people        As always, you can customize the music           printed projects. Adjust your flat object in
followed me around in my bar                     by selecting from three different tracks.        3D space, add an appropriate shadow and
hopping days and took a lot of notes. Were                                                        you’re set!
there notes good enough?
                                                 THE RIND - Nada.                                 1. Select a Photoshop layer you want to
                                                                                                  convert into a postcard.
THE JUICE                                                                                         2. Choose 3D > New 3D Postcard From
                                                 SUMMARY                                          Layer.
World Cup Air Hockey˙ first allows you                                                            3. Select the 3D Rotate Tool (shortcut: K)
to pick the country that you represent           If you're addicted to the actual game, your      and start rotating your art.
and your opponents country. Once done,           jaw will hit the floor when you experience       Experiment and have some fun. It will feel
you then choose from three game modes:           this iApp. As the graphics are naturally         odd at first, but once you starting playing
Practice, Tournament and Head-to-Head.           up to                                            around with this feature, you’ll discover all
Of these three, I find my self playing                                                            sorts of fun ways to put it to use.
mainly practice as it's straightforward; I       Skyworks' unimaginable standards, but the
play the iPhone and resembles closest the
actual games that I played.
                                                 dead on recreation of the actual experience
                                                 is amazing. Practice mode will let you
                                                                                                   see seleCTION INfO IN
                                                 actually improve your game!                             ITuNes 9
Your objective is to be the first player to
score seven goals. Again, you can either         Again, Skyworks has set the benchmark for        Here’s a quick iTunes 9 tip that may make
confine your high scores to your device or       arcade games. I have found this true of all      your life easier if you burn a lot of CDs,
put them out on the network and see how          of their products that I have tested. I highly   or otherwise need to know the size of a
they measure up t others.                        encourage you to visit their site and check      selection in iTunes. In older versions of
                                                 out their catalogue.                             iTunes, if you wanted to know the play time
Head-to-Head mode lets you take on an                                                             for a group of songs, you had to drag those
opponent, a living one at that, and play         Skyworks, thank you for taking me back to        songs into a new playlist.
each other on the same device. Your              the halcyon days of my 20's!
viewing angle is switched to an over-the-                                                         In iTunes 9, that step is no longer necessary.
head mode, thereby allowing both players         Now, the only thing left to complete the         Simply select your songs, and as your
a good view of the action. Since we tend         recreation is a cold bottle of Rolling Rock.     selection grows, the status display at the
to play these games when we're waiting                                                            bottom of the iTunes window will update
for the bus or some other solo activity, I                                                        in real time, showing the item count, total
can't imagine using this mode very much,         RATING : 10 of 10                                play time, and total size of your current
perfect as it is. But then again, maybe you're                                                    selection.
more of a social animal.                         Product: Arcade Hoops Basketball
                                                 Author: Skyworks Interactive, Inc. <www.         If you’re trying to fill a CD, either based
Think of Tournament Mode as the Sweet  >                                   on data size or minutes of play time, this
Sixteen of virtual air hockey.                   Requirements: iPhone, iPod Touch                 new “live” status display makes it a much
                                                                                                  simpler process.
         draG phOTOshOp seleCTIONs
            BeTweeN dOCuMeNTs
'm always delighted when I discover basic Photoshop techniques I missed
along the way. We all know you can drag selected pixels from one window
into another. Somehow I missed that if you drag that same selection while
using one of Photoshop's selection tools, you can drag the selection itself
(with no pixels) over into a new document.
I must have known this at some point, but I'd obviously forgotten because I
have a clumsy method I've used for years when I needed to copy selection
outlines between documents. If this little tip saves anyone those extra
steps, then revealing my personal ignorance was worth it.

            TMUG Insider                                        March 2010                                          Page 5
                                        MaC Os 10.6 sNOw leOpard TIps
                                                 By Rob Griffiths,

 Four hints about Mail and                       anything with it. Instead, you’d have to         show the Ken Burns effect, and then hold
                                                 modify it into a Finder-friendly layout,         on the final image for a bit before fading
          Spaces                                 i.e. smb://CoolServer/joeuser/demos.             out. This is something that was relatively
                                                 Mail in 10.6 has solved this problem—            trivial in iMovie HD, but as I discovered,
In today’s hints blog, I’ve got a grab bag       Windows-style file paths are clickable, and      it’ss far from trivial in iMovie. (It’d be
of four shorter hints, of which two work in      when clicked, they will automatically get        trivial if iMovie let you create a still from
both 10.5 and 10.6, and two are 10.6 only.       converted into Finder-friendly URLs.             a Ken Burns-modified image in iMovie,
Three of the hints cover Mail, while one                                                          but you can only create stills from movies,
covers a nifty Spaces trick.                     Finally, if you send e-mails with a lot          not other stills.)
                                                 of links, you can save yourself a bit
The Spaces                                       of typing time in 10.6’s Mail app. In            After fighting it for a few hours, I gave up
trick, which                                     previous releases, if you wanted a URL           and asked the Twitterverse for assistance.
works in                                         to be clickable in the recipient’s email         Twitter user 2mutch came through with the
both 10.5 and                                    application, you had to include the http://      solution, although it was complex enough
10.6, lets you                                   bit in front of the site’s address. In 10.6’s    that it required an e-mail exchange—140
easily switch                                    version of Mail, you can save those seven        characters just wasn’t enough room for all
between                                          keystrokes for use at a later date—they’re       the details.
any of a                                         no longer needed. Instead, just type in the
program’s                                        URL proper, and Mail will make sure it’s a       If you want to get this pause-move-pause
open                                             clickable link when it sends it out.             effect in iMovie, here’s how to do it—the
windows,                                                                                          steps may seem confusing in text, so I’ve
across all                                       You may be wondering, though, why Mail           also included a little demo movie that
Spaces. For instance, assume you have            doesn’t show the clickable links as you’re       shows exactly what you need to do.
Safari windows open in Spaces 1, 3, and 5        composing your message. While it doesn’t
on your machine. You can see all of these        do this by default, you can make it do just      Add the still you want to modify to your
windows by using the Spaces overview             that. Open a new message composition             project, and set up the Ken Burns effects
window (F8), or by using Control and the         window, then Control-click on the message        as you’d like them to be.
arrow or number keys to jump to a given          body. From the contextual menu, select
space.                                           Substitutions -> Smart Links (assuming it’s      Duplicate the still twice (Edit -> Copy, then
                                                 not already checked). Once enabled, you’ll       Edit -> Paste twice), so you have a total of
But if you want to quickly cycle between         see your URLs convert to clickable links as      three copies of your still.
all of those Safari windows, regardless          you type them, so you can see exactly what
of which Space they’re in, try this: click       the recipient will see.                          In the first image in the series, which will be
Safari’s Dock icon. Each click will cycle                                                         the “before” still, edit the Ken Burns effect
you to another Safari window, moving             Thanks to Sean Ahern, timcrawf, Skurfer,         so that the End effect’s size and position is
between Spaces as necessary. You may not         and the ever-popular Anonymous for               identical to that of the Start effect.
use this trick every day, but consider it just   today’s grab bag of OS X goodies.
one more Space-switching shortcut to add                                                          In the last image in the series, which will
to your toolkit.                                                                                  be the “after” image, click the small two-
                                                                                                  headed circular arrow to flip the Start and
Sticking with the “works in 10.5” theme,           Create pause-zoom-pause                        End effects.
today’s second hint is about deleting
messages in Mail without automatically              effects in iMovie stills                                                 Set the End
previewing the next message in the list.                                                                                     effect’s size and
                                                 Although I typically use Final Cut Express                                  location to be
One way to do this, which we’ve covered          for my video projects, I recently had a                                     equal to that of
before, is to remove the preview pane (by        really short project to do for the family,                                  the Start effect.
dragging the divider bar to the bottom of        so I thought I’d give iMovie another trial.
the Mail window).                                Although I did get the project done, I found                              If iMovie would
                                                 myself fighting iMovie’s interface at nearly                              simply support
However, what if you like to use the             every step.                                                               the creation of
preview pane, but wish you could delete a
message without immediately having the                                                                                     a new still from
                                                 One thing in particular that I wanted to do                               a still that’s had
next one show up there? Here’s the secret:       was use the Ken Burns’ effect (animating         the Ken Burns’ effect applied, this entire
press Option-Delete instead of Delete,           still images through crop, zoom, and move        process could be greatly simplified—just
and Mail won’t immediately populate              actions) with a pause on the “before” and        apply Ken Burns, then use the first and last
the preview pane with the next message.          “after” images. By default, when you apply       frames of the animation to create new stills.
Instead, you can manually select whichever       Ken Burns’ effects in iMovie, they start as      Even better would be total control over
message it is you’d like to read next.           soon as the still image is displayed, and then   Ken Burns, allowing the user to specify the
                                                 are auto-timed to end when the still image       start time, duration, and end time for the
Moving on to the two 10.6 Mail hints,            vanishes. Depending on the type of pictures      effect. Who knows; maybe we’ll see this in
both involve URLs, and the first is more         you’re showing, this can be disorienting.        iMovie ‘10? If you know of simpler ways to
of an observation than a hint. In the past,
if someone sent you a Windows-style path                                                          accomplish the same thing in iMovie, feel
                                                 What I wanted to do was have the image           free to share in the comments.
to a file server, you couldn’t directly do       appear fixed for a certain time period, then
            TMUG Insider                                        March 2010                                          Page 6
                                                                            MaC 911
                                                 By Christopher Breen, Sr. Editor, Macworld Magazine
                        I want to be able           Those of us known for our devotion to the       make one of your own by choosing iPhoto:
                        to Podcast live on          Mac are often asked the Desert Island           Preferences, clicking on the Keywords tab
                        my radio show.              question. You know what I mean: "If you         in the resulting window, clicking on the
                        In other words,             were stranded on a desert island with your      plus sign (+), and then typing a keyword.
                        the calls from              PowerBook (or, soon, MacBook Pro),
                        my listeners will           which applications would you want with          Now create a smart album based on that
                        come in directly            you?"                                           keyword or rating. With the photos in the
to the computer; I'll mix them with my                                                              smart album, select that album and choose
microphone's audio, and then send the               Seems to me that if you were truly marooned,    Share: Burn. You'll be prompted for a blank
whole thing out as my Podcast signal. What          you'd likely use your laptop to bash in the     disc. Click on Burn when you're ready to
do you recommend?--Walter R. Haessner               huskier variety of coconut. So I'd like to      go, and iPhoto will burn your photos to the
                                                    propose a more realistic scenario: Let's say    blank disc or discs.
Many people I know forgo the phone lines            you've just wiped your PowerBook's drive
for this purpose and instead use the voice-         because you're sick and tired of the way        If these photos are precious to you, I'd
over-IP (VoIP) program, Skype. Why?                 applications abruptly quit, your hard drive     suggest backing them up more than once
Skype's results sound far better than those         is stuffed with things you've accumulated       -- and to media other than CD-R or DVD-R.
of a phone routed through a recording               over the past two                               The Export command in the Share menu
device or a mike held up to a speakerphone.         years, and everything                           allows you to save your files to a hard drive.
Plus it's free if you're talking over the           seems to be moving                              I don't believe CD-R and DVD-R are the
Internet to someone who also has Skype.             so slooooowly. After                            "forever" media some claim.
It also doesn't require a lot of convoluted         installing Mac OS,
cabling.                                            which applications                              With your photos safely archived, you can
                                                    would you install to                            now delete them from your iPhoto library.
You'll need some help, however, capturing           make your laptop                                To do so, select all the photos in your smart
the audio from Skype and from your                  ready for prime time?                           folder and choose Photos: Move To Trash.
microphone. Two applications can do this-                                                           Your photos will be placed in iPhoto's
-Ambrosia Software's WireTap Pro ($19)                                                              Trash. To delete them from your drive,
and Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack Pro                                                                 control-click on iPhoto's Trash entry in the
($32). Each has its advantages.                     My iPhoto library has become                    Source list and choose Empty Trash.
                                                    overburdened with 3,000-plus photos from
WireTap Pro is easier to set up than                my digital life documentary. What I really
Audio Hijack Pro.                                   want to do is remove groups of photos and       Trim your Mail folder: I was running
Just launch the                                     put them on my backup drive or a CD. Can        out of disk space on my PowerBook, and
program, select                                     you give me a safe method for doing this?       it occurred to me to look through my old
File: Mac Audio                                     -- Via the Internet                             Entourage mail to see if I could clean things
& Microphone,                                                                                       up there.
and click on the                                    The trick to doing this is using a smart
Record button;                                      album. To begin, find some way to identify      When scrolling through my Sent Items
your Mac will                                       the pictures you want to archive and then       folder, I realized that I had tons of old sent
record both the                                     delete from your library. If you'd like to      messages with attachments. Presumably,
signal from your                                    archive older pictures, this is a cinch.        I have copies of all those attached files
mike and any and                                    Just select File: New Smart Album, and          somewhere else, so I don't really need them
all sounds your                                     configure the resulting sheet to read Date      in Entourage. I sorted the Sent Items folder
Mac generates, including the voice of the           Is Before X, where X is the date you've         by Attachment, selected all the messages
person you're speaking with over Skype.             determined as the dividing line between         that had attachments, and then selected
The disadvantage to this setup is that              the photos you want to keep on your Mac         Message: Remove All Attachments.
WireTap Pro isn't choosy about what it              and the ones you want to archive. iPhoto
records. As I said, it will record any and all      will create a smart album that contains the     To further trim Entourage's database,
sounds your Mac plays, so if iChat makes            photos you'll archive.                          I archived a lot of old mail into a new
its bubbly sound or Entourage announces                                                             mailbox, dragged that mailbox to the
new mail with a chime, WireTap will record          If you want to archive photos by content,       desktop to create an .mbox file, backed that
that too.                                           you'll have to find another way to sort them.   file up, and trashed the original mailbox in
                                                    One way is to use ratings, and another is to    Entourage. Finally, I quit Entourage and
Audio Hijack Pro avoids this issue by               use keywords. To assign ratings to a group      relaunched it while holding down the
recording from targeted applications only.          of photos, select the photos that will be       option key. When the Database Utility
In this case, you can direct Audio Hijack           archived and then control-click and choose      appeared, I chose the option to compact the
to recordjust your voice and any audio you          the rating you want from the My Rating                                      database. When
receive via Skype. Intercepting Skype's             command in the contextual menu.                                             the Database
audio with Audio Hijack is a bit more                                                                                           Utility finished,
complicated than with WireTap Pro, as you           To assign keywords to a batch of photos,                                    my database
have to muck around within the Effects              select those photos, click on the Keyword                                   was a third less
portion of the program, but Audio Hijack's          icon (the small key icon) at the bottom                                     bloated than
user manual provides clear instructions.            left of the iPhoto window, and drag the                                     when I started.-
                                                    photos to the keyword you wish to assign.                                   -Jack Stephens
                                                    If there's no appropriate keyword there,

            TMUG Insider                                           March 2010                                         Page 7
                                             CONTrOl MusIC playBaCk IN
                                              keyNOTe preseNTaTIONs
                          While audio         little gray bar on the bottom of the speaker    scrubber, see the time elapsed, and
                          features are        icon's area, with a pause button and a time     adjust the volume.
                          still lacking in    scroller (the circle that goes across the bar
                          Keynote, there      with time, like in iTunes).                     I use this a lot with the presentations
                          is something                                                        of music for friends at parties -- I put
                          that makes it       Make the speaker icon even bigger,              the song over the album art. It's handy
                          better (at least    and more                                        if you want to play a song, and just put
                          in Keynote '08      controls                                        it over the album art (make it as wide
                          and Keynote         appear.                                         as the album and line up the bottom
  '09). When you drag an audio file           At 400px                                        of the audio with the album art) and
  onto a slide, Keynote gives you a little    and up,                                         you've got a good looking controller.
  speaker icon to let you know there's        everything is
  something there that makes a noise          shown. You                                      Also, if you want to put it along
  or two. Well, make that little speaker      can (from                                       the bottom (or any edge), turn off
  135px or bigger on that slide and start     left to right)                                  the constrained proportions in the
  your presentation.                          start the                                       inspector, and make it at least 400px
                                              song over,                                      wide by 45px tall (if you just want the
  You, of course, can't actually see the      rewind,                                         pause and time bar, keep it at 36ox
  speaker, but know the general area of       pause/play,                                     tall). This is very useful for parties, or
  where you plopped it down. Now drag         fast forward,                                   if you want to have more freedom over
  your mouse over that invisible speaker,     go to the end                                   audio control while presenting.
  and something appears. You'll see a         of the song, adjust the time with the


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