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									Audi Cars Shedding Pounds for A Healthier Future

Is Audi trying to be the next biggest loser? It’s no secret that losing weight is better for
your health, and apparently Audi has committed to incorporate this new trend
companywide. But it it’s not Audi employees who will be battling the scale, it’s the new
Audi cars. Evidently healthy weight loss isn’t just for people anymore.

Audi plans to begin engineering new models that are more lightweight and consequently
more eco-friendly than their past counterparts. By shedding pounds, the new models
conserve resources, produce less waste, and are capable of more efficient fuel mileage to
work towards a greener, healthier future for both the brand and its consumers.

Audi Q7 and Audi A6 Slated for a Lightweight Redesign
Among the Audi car models that will be significantly trimmed down is the Audi Q7.
With many other SUV models getting consistently larger and heavier, Audi aims to cut
the Audi Q7 by as much as 770 pounds, totaling an impressive 15% of its current weight.

The Audi A6 is another popular model that is consistently shedding pounds. The 2011
Audi A6 weighed up to 175 pounds less than past models thanks to an aluminum hybrid
body design containing over 20% aluminum. Even after this impressive update, the 2012
Audi A6 will be even more lightweight than the 2011. Other popular models that will be
losing weight include the Audi A4, Audi Q5, and Audi TT.

With a rich history of pioneering lightweight design, Audi is confident in their ability to
keep their commitment. Audi lightweight engineering starts with the body, but
incorporates all parts of vehicle design and manufacturing. Since 1994, Audi has been
using lightweight aluminum alloy body parts and frames, that are able to provide the
necessary strength and reliability, but at a more eco-friendly weight. Audi also relies on
more compact engines, exhaust systems, and fuel tanks.

Benefits of Lightweight Vehicles
There are many positive aspects of lightweight vehicles that drivers will appreciate.
Obviously, a lighter car is capable of better gas mileage. However, in addition to
improved fuel economy, lightweight cars are also capable of better performance. With
less mass to move, lighter cars can achieve a faster acceleration and shorter stopping
distances more easily.

Learn More at Commonwealth Audi in Santa Ana, California

Orange County drivers can learn more about Audi’s weight loss strategy at the
Commonwealth Audi dealership in Santa Ana, California. At Commonwealth Audi, the
staff is dedicated to providing customers with the best car buying experience in Orange
County, and is happy to share information about past or current models and Audi brand
technologies. Whether you are a fan of the Audi A4, Audi A6, Audi Q7, or Audi TT,
there is a model and style for every driver.
Orange County Audi fans should stop by the Santa Ana dealership today to schedule a
test drive and experience each one for themselves. They can also visit Commonwealth
Audi online at With a history of innovative
engineering strategies and a commitment to pursuing more eco-friendly designs, Audi is
proud to help build a better healthier future for us all.

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