How To Make EASY MONEY With HI5 by wuyunqing


									                 How To Make EASY MONEY With HI5

I am sure you have all heard of social bookmark giant Digg and the famous
MySpace, squidoo and other social book mark websites. However, during my
months online I know a secret method that I have found that can make you
easy money.

Firstly heres a bit of background about Hi5

   ●   Hi5 is one of the top 50 most-trafficked sites on the Web, as ranked by

   ●   Hi5 has over 50 Million members

   ●   Current Alexa traffic rank for hi5 is 27

   ●   Hi5 is the 7th Most Visited site on the Internet

In other words Hi5 id growing each year and the traffic is huge! It is similar to
MySpace but I believe hi5 is more targeted and geared towards different

So now I will get into this idea straight away before moving on.
The idea is simple – In order to make easy money off Hi5 you need to find out
peoples interests and how you can use their interests to your advantage. For
example, click on Groups on the HI5 homepage and as you can see there are
several types of niches.

There are niches that appeal to Health and Beauty, Pets, Entertainment and
several others. The niche that I would focus on is the one for “Pets”.

Before you begin make sure you have the following

   ●   A Valid Ebay Account
   ●   A Hi5 Friend Adder (trial version is available and you can purchase the
       full one

   ●   Paypal Account
   ●   A report that relates to your niche
   ●   A squeeze page for your report/e-book to direct people to download your

Once you have the tools you are ready.

Create your profile

The first thing I would do is to create a profile that relates to your niche. So if
we chose pets – then I would create a profile, make it look as realistic as

You do not have to use a real name, just as long at it looks authentic.

Find Your Niche/target market

Once you have done that its time to find your niche or target market. As you
can see on the homepage there is a link for “groups”. Click groups and then
you will see a breakdown of several different niches within the hi5 page.
Choose a niche.

If it was me I would choose the “Pets” niche. Once you have done that it is
time to make sure you pick the right group. If you go on the Hi5 groups pet
section now you can see there are niches for dogs, cats and other animals.
Also look at the number of members. For example, Dogs has over 11,000
members. I would choose 3 different groups. Cats, Dogs or horses.
Once you have done that it is time to ask yourself the question

“Is there a problem that you can solve?”

For example, most people are very eager to help pets and always make sure
people are not cruel to animals. Therefore, if you can create a short report or
e-book that gives information about subjects like this then you can have a
short product ready to sell to your niche.

You should also ask yourself if there is a charity that you can bring to attention
to this niche.

Adding your friends

It is now time to add your friends using the hi5 adder program. Please note
that this there is a full version and a trial version available. You can request
up to a certain amount of friends per day so be careful. The safest option is to
have just over 300 friends per day as a send request to make things easier.

To be accepted a message like this would be an excellent way of being

“Hello, this is Antonio. I just joined the Dogs Group. I thought it would be nice
to add a fellow dog lover to my buddy list. Feel free to leave me a message
sometime and I will do the same” :)

I would add as many friends that relate to your niche as possible using the hi5
adder program.

Create the Report/E-book

The next step is to fulfil the gap – make your report and solve their problem!

I would just make a basic report on dogs or cats and give useful tips on how
you can train them to become better pets.
If you are struggling just find a cheap ghost-writer to write the e-book for you.

Set up Auction

Once you have your report or e-book ready set up your auction. The best place
is to go on ebay and click on “Everything Else” Information products>Other.
EBAY will make you sign up with Mission Fish (free), a charity. Its best to
choose your charity. Also note that about $10 are donated to the charity. Make
sure you set your “buy it now” price to $20 so that you make $10 profit every
Do not worry about the listing and how it should be presented, as long as it
looks good and have some pictures of dogs or cats that relate to it.

How To Handle the Orders

Ebay are most likely to ask you how you intend to handle orders. I would use
an auto responder account with an opt-in page - expanding your list in the
process and gaining leads. This is optional but I would recommend it.

Write the Bulletin on Hi5

Next step is to write the bulletin in a non-spammy way. Make sure it does not
look as though it is spamming the site. Keep it straight to the point.

$20 Auction – cats and dogs lovers need this

With a message I would put

“Hello everyone, I am running an auction for cats and dogs. All 50% of the
sales will go to (http://yourcharity). All you do is buy this $20 e-book and you
can contribute in helping saving their lives and make the world a better place”.

Thankyou :)


That is all that is needed.

Setting up hi5 on Auto-Pilot

You can also set up your hi5 adder on autopilot. For example, you might want
to do a follow-up bulletin or do this every 2 days to remind everyone.

How to promote your product

   ●   Promote this in blogs, forums, and other sites
   ●   StumbleUpon
   ●   Articles
       You do not really have to use the charity option but I thought I would
     choose this as it sounds easier and hi5 is one site that has never been
     mentioned on the warrior forum.

The key is to find passionate people with a similar interest and make them
take action.

Thankyou for purchasing this report, I hope you have lots of ideas now.


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