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Visiting Researchers


									                             Department of Electrical Engineering
                                   Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral scholars are students who:
    - Have obtained a Ph.D. within the last 3 years.
    - Are invited to work with an EE faculty member (for a maximum of 5 years).

Please see the Postdoctoral Studies section of the Stanford website for more information on the
postdoctoral student category.

Inviting a Postdoctoral Scholar
Please submit the following to Mimi Qian, in the Student Services Office, at least 8 weeks prior
to the start date of the appointment:

      o    Doctoral diploma. If postdoctoral fellows do not have a diploma, an official letter
           from their university showing the completion of doctoral degree requirement is

      o    A copy of the photo page of the postdoctoral fellow’s passport, showing their full legal
           name. *If the postdoctoral fellow is not US citizen, please include any previous visa-
           related documents such as IAP-66, DS-2019, US Visa stamps on passport, OPT
           application or OPT-EAD Card, any receipts of pending change of status petitions.

      o    Postdoctoral fellow’s email address (that is very important and will be used for the web
           form processing until the postdoctoral fellow arrives at Stanford.)

      o    A copy of their current C.V. (or resume).

      o    A recommendation form with the start and end dates of appointment, area of research,
           date of degree conferral, funding sources, signed by sponsoring faculty.

      o    Proof of support/funding attestation document (e.g. award letter or letter from
           the paying institution) if the postdoc will be paid directly by an agency, home
           country institution, PAVAMC, SUH, etc. If the postdoc will be paid by the faculty
           please provide the funding source with a current and active PTA number.

Webform Process

           Please refer to the Implementation Guidelines below for complete process

Initial Invitation
Once Mimi receives the information listed above, she will initiate the invitation to the postdoc via
the postdoctoral web forms, which will require the postdoc to go online and upload all the
required documents.

Mimi will then review these documents and submit the recommendation web form (an FYI will
be sent to the sponsoring faculty). Once approved by the department, the postdoc will login to the
portal to accept or decline the invitation. Once the postdoc accepts their offer, the transaction is
routed to the OPA for review and approval (an FYI is sent to the Bechtel center).
Reappointing a Postdoctoral Fellow

Submit reappointment letter signed by the faculty and postdoc as well as supporting documents to
Mimi. Mimi will process the changes via the postdoc web forms.

If the change is related to a salary change, the updated postdoc payment form is required. If the
payment is for separate academic years, please submit 2 payment forms (for each academic year).
Mimi will process the changes through GFS.

For DS-2019 extension, please send Mimi a copy of the new DS-2019.

Terminating a Postdoctoral Appointment

Send the termination form and the cancellation payment form to Mimi; she will process the
termination via the web forms and process the payment cancellation in GFS.

Benefits Session

All postdoctoral scholars must attend a mandatory Postdoc Benefit Session that is the opportunity
for new incoming postdocs to learn about the benefits offered to them.

                   Benefit Session Time: 10:00AM - 11:30 AM, Thursday
                   Postdoc Benefits Session location unless otherwise noted:
                Redwood Hall G-19, 243 Panama Street, Stanford, CA 94305

Once the Scholar has completed the benefit session, he/she must complete the Patent and
Copyright Agreement (SU-18).

International Scholar
Faculty who invite international scholars should consult the J visa page of the Bechtel
International Center for information concerning any required visa. Once the application packet
has been submitted to the student services office, the faculty administrator should proceed
J Scholar Visa Requests in Axess.

Paying a Postdoctoral Scholar
The University establishes minimum pay levels based on the years of cumulative research
experience a postdoctoral scholar has when appointed. More information on Stanford’s Funding
Guidelines can be found online. The postdoc registration fee is $125/quarter. If the postdoc’s
salary is paid through Stanford University, the registration fee will be covered by university
funds, otherwise the sponsored faculty will supplement it.

Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits
Scholars are entitled to receive a student photo identification card, which permits use of the
University Library at the same level as other non-matriculated students and use of recreational
facilities. Postdoctoral fellows are also eligible for a Stanford email account at no charge.
On-campus housing is available for postdoctoral scholars only after all matriculated Stanford
students have obtained housing. Given that student housing is extremely limited, for planning
purposes, it is best to assume that student housing will not be available for a scholar.
Implementation Guidelines for Initial Invitation
The EE Student Services Office is the liaison between the EE Faculty (or Faculty Administrator)
and the University’s Postdoctoral office. As such, it is the responsibility of the Faculty (or Faculty
Administrator) to gather the necessary materials for submission:

                Faculty Administrator                                 EE Student Services
                                                                         (Mimi Qian)
Collects all data as listed above and submits documents     Reviews, verifies and processes
to Mimi Qian.                                               invitation to Postdocs (Mimi begins the
                                                            online process of inviting the
                                                            postdoctoral fellow via the web forms).

Submits DS-2019 by using the unrestricted PTA for the
Visa Processing fee $125 and lists Mimi Qian as a
contact for the EE department in the DS-2019 request
Picks-up DS-2019 from the Bechtel Center and mails it
to the Scholar. Provides a copy of the DS-2019 to Mimi
Confirms the Postdoc arrival date to Mimi Qian.             Registers the Postdoctoral Scholar for
                                                            Benefit Session
Provides a copy of the J visa, I-94 card to Mimi Qian       Keeps I-94 card in the Postdoc file.
(once the Scholar is at Stanford).
Submits the unrestricted PTA for Postdoc health             Enters to the Postdoc health insurance
insurance if supported by outside funding or less than      system.
50% of university funding.
Submits the Postdoc payment form to Mimi Qian for           Completes the employment paper
salary payment if supported through the university.         work.
Submits the supplement form by using the unrestricted
PTA for Postdoc tuition $125/qtr if supported by            Processes payment in GFS.
outside funding.
Submits the amendment letter for any change (start          Submits the change web forms to OPA
date, salary, funding source, etc.) to Mimi Qian.           for approval.
Submits the reappointment letter when continuing a           Submits the change web forms to OPA
scholar’s appointment beyond the dates of                   for approval.
recommendation form.
Submits termination information to Mimi Qian at least       Submits the termination web form ti
30 days prior to the termination date.                      OPA for processing.
Submits the Postdoc payment cancellation form.              Process payment in GFS and requests
                                                            the termination checks.

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