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									   7th GEO Capacity Building
       Committee Meeting
         Tashkent, Uzbekistan
            3-4 June 2008

CB-07-01a Task report
          AEMET Spain
1. Background and objective
GEO CB Strategy - 4.6 Priority Action: Engaging donors on Earth
  observation capacity building priorities
Ex-CB-07-01a: Organise a Capacity Building Symposium
The Seville Roadmap: Mobilizing resources for implementing GEOSS (CBC-5)

OBJECTIVE: Develop and implement the Seville roadmap to engage Donors.
  The Seville roadmap aims to support the implementation of the GEO
  Capacity Building Strategy by positioning GEO as a coordinated
  resource mobilization mechanism and honest broker serving EO users
  and potential resource providers as a convenient gateway to the GEO

                        CB-07-01a Task Report
2. Milestones achieved to date
07Q1     Start
07Q3     1st GEO-Donor Symposium: Seville
07Q3     CBC-5: Elaboration of the Seville Roadmap
08Q1     CBC-6: Scheme of Seville Work Plan Draft.
         The following steps to follow were considered and prioritized:

       1. Establish criteria for identifying pilot projects;
       2. Identify pilot projects for donor consideration;
       3. Identify potential resource providers and their attributes;
       4. Produce communication and marketing materials that could be
          adapted as needed;
       5. Identify Champions

                           CB-07-01a Task Report
3. Expected milestones for 2008: Implementation of the Seville

A. Criteria for identifying pilot projects: DONE
 1. To achieve its goal, project needs improved access to EO (EO as a
     component in a value chain)
 2. Should impact one or more of nine SBA in a quantitative and highly visible
 3. Project will demonstrate the value of GEOSS
 4. Project supports the MDGs or sustainable development requirements of
 5. Project can demonstrate concrete results within three years
 6. Project could appeal to multiple resource providers & partners
 7. Requested funding can be quantified
 8. Project implemented by one or more GEO Member or Participating
 9. Must have an outreach program embedded in the project
 10. Project must be sustainable and replicable

                          CB-07-01a Task Report
3. Expected milestones for 2008: Implementation of the Seville

B. Identify pilot projects for donor consideration: ON GOING
1.    Task participants and the GEO Secretariat to review projects
      presented at Seville Symposium in light of the above criteria
2.    CBC Co-chairs and the GEO Secretariat to initiate a discussion with
      the UIC.
3.    Task participants to develop a basic scheme on how to present a
      project to a donor (template project).
4.    CBC Co-chairs and the GEO Secretariat to develop an expression
      of interest to be circulated to GEO
5.    GEO community to present projects in accordance with criteria and
      templates circulated.

In the meantime: select two or three pilot projects to approach donors.

                         CB-07-01a Task Report
3. Expected milestones for 2008: Implementation of the Seville

C. Identify potential resource providers and their attributes: ON GOING
•   CBC Co-chairs and Task participants to review, amend and increase the
    resource provider registry developed for Seville symposium
•   Registry to categorize resource providers according to interests and SBA’s
•   In the long term resource providers will be associated with identified projects

D. Produce communication and marketing materials that could be
   adapted as needed: ON GOING
    GEO Secretariat to develop donor and project specific outreach and
    marketing material.

E. Co-chairs to Identify Champions: NOT YET STARTED

                           CB-07-01a Task Report
4. Extent of Participation/Recommendations for additional

   “The implementation of the Seville Work Plan belongs to GEO members, the
   CBC and other Committees and the Secretariat. The roles will be defined
   in the Work Plan, although coordination from the Task Team will still be

 Need of contributors from different SBA and regions.
 No specific profile is needed, everyone is able to contribute.
 Experience in mobilizing resources or to have contacts with donor
  community is desirable.
 GEO National Groups could add value to CBC Member contribution.

                        CB-07-01a Task Report
5. Coordination points with other GEO Work Plan tasks

CB 07-01c: elaboration of the Performance indicators for GEO’s resource
UIC: to connect with the final beneficiaries of the resource-mobilization.

All Committees & Task Teams:

 Needed a better integrating resource mobilization and CB concerns into
  their work.

 Support from the mobilizing resources task team to complete their tasks
  and projects.

                          CB-07-01a Task Report
6. Potential risks that may impede completion of task

 Wrong approach to resource providers: understand the donor!
 Lack of commitment on its implementation: deadlines needed!
 Small number of contributors:
           - Inadequate user/donor network
           - SBA and regional gaps
           - Incomplete information
           - Narrow overview of the task
 Information not shared.
 Outcomes and actions not reviewed and updated.

                     CB-07-01a Task Report
7. Potential Contributions to the CB portal /GEO Portal - Expected

 Marketing and communication kits.
 Inventory of donors relevant to GEOSS.
 Inventory of the resource-mobilization capacities and contacts of GEO
 Inventory of training opportunities for funding proposals.
 Inventory of funding sources and tools.
 “The GEO Web portal should provide a mechanism for dissemination
  of information to foster donor engagement. Specifically, it should
  encourage donors towards well established institutional development
  needs and priorities in the Earth observation community”.

                        CB-07-01a Task Report
8. Expected date of completion of task
      Resource mobilization should be a permanent task.
      Some outcomes could be delivered before GEO-V, although a constant
      review & update of them will be needed (list of donors, new projects,
      new training opportunities, etc).
9. Expectations of task lead from CBC
I.    Shared ownership of task in CBC.
II.   Increase the number/commitment of task contributors.
III. Assist task members when required (contact resource providers,
     share information, etc).
IV. Link CBC with national GEO structures & organizations.

                         CB-07-01a Task Report
EU Commission:
2009 Call for Proposals - Environment Theme (FP7).

"Action in the domain of EO to support capacity building in GEO“:
establishing a Capacity Building advisory capability in support of
Earth Observation (EO) activities.

Publication: Summer of 2008, deadline around the end of the year.

Possible response from the GEO CB community to this issue in detail at
the next CBC meeting.

                       CB-07-01a Task Report
Thank you!

CB-07-01a Task Report

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