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									Herman Cain for Veep
By Armstrong Williams
For NewsUSA

I continue to be impressed with Herman Cain. And after the kind of week
he’s had – first during Thursday night’s GOP debates, and then winning
Florida’s straw poll – it’s beginning to show this guy has given the
presidency a lot of careful thought. And his views are resonating with the
That’s what it takes to win this nomination – consideration over not just
what it will take to pull this economy out of recession, but what to do about
the other big problems we as a society face. You see, Cain doesn’t fixate
on one thing. It all has a purpose, fits together.
That’s what comes through when you’re a veteran CEO. I see those same
traits in him as I do in me when I run my business. It’s almost a black-and-
white picture. I say “almost” because public policy is inherently grey. But
even then, Cain seems to understand and appreciate the nuances of what
he or the next President will face.
So, why the title of this blog as Cain for VICE president? I just doubt he
can win. The deck seems stacked against him. Not because of the color of
his skin (isn’t it great, by the way, that in these times, we can say such
things without hesitation? That’s progress.), but rather, he lacks the
network and infrastructure to pull off the upset.
But even if he can’t go all the way and secure the GOP nomination, the
ultimate winner should definitely take a look at this man for his #2 spot.
What a powerful ticket partner Cain would make; a successful business
man who also takes time to study foreign relations and other executive
mandates. Yet he doesn’t lose sight of the common sense that escapes
Washington by the ton each and every day.
And unlike other so-called second tier candidates such as Jon Huntsman
or Rick Santorum, there’s no desperation in Cain’s voice. He’s not trying
to out-shout his peers on the stage. He has points to be made, and he’ll
wait his turn to make them. But when it does come around to him, his
responses are equally demonstrative and purposeful. His thoughts on
Social Security last Thursday and how to reform the program, for example,
showed the consideration he’s given these intractable issues we face.
Like I said, I continue to be impressed with Mr. Cain.

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