States with Single Payer Bills

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					State           Bill Name and #s       Sponsors                   Bill status                     State single-payer organization      Website                            OPS Contact
                California Universal
                Health Care Act/ SB                                                           Health Care for All California, Single   Don Bechler: 415-
California      810                    Sen Mark Leno              Active/ introduced Feb 2011 Payer Now                               810-5826

                Colorado Health Care Sen.Irene Aguilar/ Rep
Colorado        Authority Act S11-168 Kefalas                     introduced feb 2011             Health Care for all Colorado      Dave Bean:

                                                                                                Health Care for everyone                                                  Lynne Ide
Connecticut                                                                                     Connecticut                                                               203-639-0550
                                                                  No current bill. Have had one Health Care-Now Georgia and
                Prev bill: Georgia                                in past (first introduced in  Georgians for a common Sense
Georgia         SecureCare                                        1992)                         Health Plan                   (has results of Lewin Study from 2003)
                                                                                                                                                                  Rita Valenti
                                                                  bill for system design passed
                                                                  but not implemented/
                Hawaii Health                                     planning bill will be         Health Care for All Hawaii and PNHP        Stephen Kemble:
Hawaii          Authority Act??                                   reintroduced 2011             Hawaii Chapter                      PNHP Hawaii- no website     

                Health Care for All                               bill will be re-introduced this                            ,             Sonja Rotenberg:
Illinios        Illinois Act/ HB 311   Rep. Mary Flowers          session                         Illinois Single-Payer Coatition
                Maryland Health                                                                   Healthcare-NOW of Maryland; PNHP                                        Eric Naumberg:
Maryland        System Act/ SB682      Sen. Pinsky                Bill introduced 2011?           Maryland chapter?              
                Act for Improved
                Medicare for all in    Sen Jamie Eldridge, Rep                                                                                                            ??? E.D of Mass-Care: Benjamin Day:
Massachusetts   Massachusetts          Jason Lewis                                                Mass-Care                       
                                                                                                  MN Universal Health Care Coalition/
                MN Health Plan SF8/ Sen. John Marty, Rep. Jeff                                    Greater MN Health Care Coalition,,,
Minnesota       HF 51               Hayden                        active/introduced 2011          PNHP-MN                                      Amy Lange
New Jersey
                New Mexico Health                                                                 Health Security for New Mexcians
New Mexico      Security Act                                      active/ introduced 2011         Campaign                                  Mary Feldblum:

New York                               Rep Richard Gottfried                                      single-payer new york                   Mark Dunlea:

                Health Care for All    Sen. Michael Skindell, Rep will be reintroduced spring
Ohio            Ohioans Act            Robert Hagan               2011, currently redrafting      Single Payer Action Network Ohio           Kurt Bateman
               Affordable Health Care                            draft form/ will be introduced Health Care for All-Oregon; Oregon                                Peter Shapiro:
Oregon         for all Oregon          Rep. Michael Dembrow      2011                           Health Action Campaign     
               Family and Business
               Healthcare Security Act
Pennsylvania   SB400                                             considering rewrite           Health Care for All Pennsylvania         Chuck Pennacchio 215-828-5055
                                                                                               Vermont for Single Payer, Vermont
                                                                 Presented by Gov Shumlin      Citizens Campaign for Health,
Vermont        H202                                              Feb 2011                      Vermont Workers Center              Betty Keller <>

                                     Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-                                                                                                  Roger Fulton,
               Washington Health     36); Rep. Sherry Appleton                                                                                          , (206)463-
Washington     Security Trust        (D-23)                      active/ introduced 2011       Health Care For All - Washington       0079
                                                                 considering rewrite, not
Wisconsin                                                        currently active                                                                                 Jim Wrich: 608-345-1559,

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