Restructuring External Partner Presentation by xiangpeng


									New Developments in Red Cross
     Emergency Services
•Granite Chapter- 2 Maitland Street, Concord
 *Regional Coordinating Chapter
•Great Bay- 273 Corporate Drive, Portsmouth
•Manchester- 1800 Elm Street, Manchester
•NH West- 83 Court Street, Keene
•NH Gateway- 28 Concord Street, Nashua
Reasons for Restructuring:

Provide better service to external partners and clients
 Provide better guidance and development to volunteers
 Foster Unity of service while keeping local connections
Increase volunteer opportunities
Align with State Restructuring
Utilize chapter strengths
Economic constraints
The New Structure
 Readiness Phase

  Your Red Cross Team!
Regional Emergency Service Director
Ian Dyar-


•Manage Emergency Service Programs for New Hampshire
•Liaison to State Government and EOC
     •Collaborates with DHHS on ESF 6 activities
•Coordinate with Tri-state and National Red Cross initiatives
•Coordinate Red Cross State Disaster Consortium
Planning and Exercise Manager
Ashley Pushkarewicz-


•Development of disaster response plans, processes and procedures throughout the state.
•Design and implement local & state-wide staged disaster exercise programs.
•Provide technical support to internal departments, government, businesses, community groups
and non-profits with respect to disaster planning, preparedness and continuity of operations
• Ensure a system of disaster operations evaluations, and develop and implement performance
improvement plans.
•Participate on state and area committees and related task forces related to disaster planning
• Coordinate International Services outreach
Response Manager
Doug Hewitt-


• Manage personnel and material resources to ensure immediate and effective
emergency response
•Establish and maintain active and engaged local Disaster Action Teams.
•Identify gaps and develop strategies to meet staffing needs
•Provide development opportunities to department staff and volunteers to build depth and create
a foundation for succession planning.
• Assist in recruiting, recognizing and engaging volunteers
• Coordinate Service to Armed Forces outreach
Readiness Manager
Zack Sullivan-


•Develop and maintain an inventory of Emergency Services assets statewide
•Ensuring volunteer readiness by coordinating availabilities in alignment with response needs
for the region
•Responsible for establishment of supporting agency partnerships
•Responsible for establishing and maintaining a statewide online training schedule, ensuring
that the schedule is made available to volunteers/ partners on a timely basis
•Ensures that all equipment and systems are in place prior to activation, and takes the lead role
to ensure that all equipment and systems remain functional during activation
•Manage volunteer deployments to support operations outside of the region
                     Red Cross Structure- Response Phase

Small Local Responses- (house fires)
•Nothing has changed
•Disaster Responses coordinated by local Disaster Action Team Volunteers
•Contact local chapter 24/7 365 days a year!

Large scale or events that effect multiple chapters
• The structure has not changed- we are just doing it better!
•Initiated by local disaster action teams
•Quickly transitions into Disaster Relief Operation
•Disaster Relief Operation allows the Red Cross to provide the appropriately trained
leadership, staffing, and material resources needed to meet client needs effectively and
• For large operations relief and recovery services are provided from Disaster Relief
Operation not chapters
   Slow and Steady Wins The Race, Next Steps…

 • Outreach to external partners
 • Maintain response capabilities
 •Assess gaps and improve state and local capacity

Get’ r done…but also have fun….
     New and Exciting Partnership Opportunities- We Need You!

•   Building Local Volunteer Capacity
         •Ready When The Time Comes Program
•   Planning and Exercising together
•   Help us be “your local Red Cross”- we will talk with and train anyone
•   Building and strengthening local COADS
•   Cross Training
•   Expanded Youth Programs
•   Updating town shelter agreements and developing regional sheltering plans
•   FNSS
Failure is not an option…..

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