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									                             facility matrix, l.l.c.                         616 788-1323

Surgical Centers:
Virginia Eye Clinic (VEC)
Norfolk, VA
34,000 SF
Developed for Visual correction surgery as well as hosting a full surgical unit on the
second floor and patient examination rooms on the first floor.

Claremore Medical Center
Claremore, OK
135,000 SF
On this campus I constructed two buildings and had plans to build a third. The first was a
medical office building with an attached radiology center which was able to pass clients
on to the second building a full surgical center. The surgical center housed 3 full
operating rooms and an additional procedure room along with the full patient recovery
area. The third building was scheduled to be a full cancer center but was not able to be
financed until some time in the future.

Orthopedic Consultants
Burnsville, MN
49,000 SF
This two story surgical building housed a full surgical area and radiology on the first
floor and had a medical office and physical therapy area on the second level.

Surgery Center of Eastern New Mexico
Clovis, NM
37,400 SF
Built across the road from the existing hospital, this building housed full radiology,
medical office and surgical area. Plans had been made to establish this as a second
hospital to the area.

Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institute (MERSI)
Cambridge, MA
27,000 SF +/-
This medical office and surgical center was built inside of and existing 8th floor office
space for Dr. Foster who is one of the predominate eye surgeons in the country.
                              facility matrix, l.l.c.                          616 788-1323

Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH
This project was performed in conjunction with Stryker surgical equipment to provide a
state of the art operating room that featured plasma screen viewing and full navigation
tools. We replaced three suites with these new rooms and surrounding support areas.

Oakwood Hospital
Dearborn, MI
Developed as a three phase project to completely renovate and add on to their existing
surgical area we performed phase 1 which was the renovation of one operating room and
the supporting areas. Funding was tight so the remainder of the project was placed on

Manufacturing Facilities:
Siemens Dematic
4247 Eastern Ave., Grand Rapids, MI
Performed Various renovations to this newly renovated manufacturing facility including
all issues associated with the building. This work included installing new docks, levelers
and doors, HVAC equipment and roofing of the facility.

555 Plymouth Ave., Grand Rapids, MI
Performed a series of tests and implemented corrective action to remedy issues associated
with using a crane in the facility which created loads on the exterior structure that were
not considered at the time of original construction or installation of the crane structure. I
also installed industrial air curtains in this facility to reduce winter air infiltration during
truck docking.

4203 Rodger B. Chaffee, Grand Rapids, MI
Setup new manufacturing and testing area for new product line including new supports,
electrical and mechanical to accommodate the new processes.

507 Plymouth Ave., Grand Rapids, MI
Performed multiple projects and repairs including replacing all of the docking equipment,
installing new compressed air systems, installed new energy efficient lighting and
structural repairs to the facility.

General Motors:
Lansing Grand River Plant
Installed new ventilation system to meet the requirements of the altering processes.
                            facility matrix, l.l.c.                         616 788-1323

General Office Buildings:
NorthShore Marine and Villas – Sales Office
101 S. James Street, Ludington, MI
Providing full Project Management services, Facility Matrix completed this high end
sales office build out inside of an existing building. Taking only 11 weeks the 1,600
square foot space was transformed from an abandoned dollar store to a high end sales
office and display area.

United States Bankruptcy Court
One Division, Grand Rapids, MI
Worked with City, State and Federal Government Agencies to develop, design and
construct a new home for the Bankruptcy Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This space
received a very high level of finish using top of the line products with rich wood cabinets,
casework and trim. Security was also a major concern which required many additional
features to be added to this facility as well as a host of technology implementations.

West Pointe Centre
Kalamazoo, MI
Coming in at the end of this project which was severely over schedule and over budget I
worked with contractors and tenants to bring the project in at budget and on a timeline
that worked with everyone involved.

Siemens Dematic:
425 Plymouth Ave., Grand Rapids, MI
Total renovation of an existing structure to house a new technology group for Siemens.
This building was outfitted with the latest technology infrastructure and a high level of
finish. All offices are independently zoned and the office area is blanked in a “white
noise” system to limit interruptions and allow discussions to be conducted without others

555 Plymouth Ave., Grand Rapids, MI
While separated into two distinct sections, this facility was completely renovated piece
by piece. While it was not possible to remove all of the staff from this facility we were
able to renovate the entire facility in 4 months by relocating a section of workers, making
our renovations and the repeating the process. Each section was completed in two weeks.

4203 Rodger B. Chaffee, Grand Rapids, MI
This was another total renovation of an existing facility which presented multiple
challenges including the transformation of a second floor storage area into a fully
functional office while renovating the office area below in the evenings.

507 Plymouth Ave., Grand Rapids, MI
One of the largest undertakings for Siemens, the two story portion of this facility was
completely renovated. In order to make this into a functional space the roof was removed
and a new roof erected in it’s place several feet higher. It was also necessary to set a new
                             facility matrix, l.l.c.                         616 788-1323

450 ton HVAC unit on the roof which required new supports and ductwork throughout.
In addition the space was completely transformed to a new office space and the exterior
wall was removed to install a new curtain wall system to provide for a clean “tech” feel.

I also performed many other renovations on this facility which included conference
rooms, print rooms, and educational centers. Each of these renovations required Asbestos
abatement to be performed and new technologies to be run throughout.

4147 Eastern Ave., Grand Rapids, MI
As my first assignment with Rapistan/Siemens, I came into the renovation of this facility
where 80% of the wall were removed and a new exterior system installed, 100% of the
existing office space removed and replaced with the latest office technologies and new
technology infrastructures installed. All of this was completed with 250 office workers
still in the building which created some interesting situations but ultimately resulted in a
beautiful, state of the art office and display area.

Montgomery, Alabama
As a newly acquired company, I was sent to update the office to conform with the
standards that me team had established. In a three week period we transformed the
facility from a small office, housing 30 people to a high tech. office housing 72 people
and increased their ability to perform their job functions by creating functional
adjacencies which they were unaccustomed to.

State Police Headquarters
4001 Collins Road
Renovated an existing office building to house the State Police and serve as their central
headquarters. Work included the installation of a central communications system, offices
and garage area. Work was performed as an Architectural service with extensive on-site

Sam Eyde Buildings
2501 Coolidge
2601 Coolidge
2651 Coolidge
3001 Coolidge
Prepared Architectural Documents for building and individual tenant buildouts.

Independent Bank
Ionia, MI
Performed Preventative maintenance on all of the facilities including the corporate
headquarters and all branch banks as well as developing the build out of spaces within the
corporate headquarters for bank operations as well as lease areas.

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