Database Project by liuhongmei


									Database Project                      _____ points                  Due: _____________

The goals of this project are:
1)    to discover how the use of databases can help organize and manage special project
2)    to identify entities and the relationships between entities by creating an ERD
3)    to identify required attributes of the entities and normalize the database
4)    to describe in detail your view of the completed project
5)    to create the tables and write sample queries, forms and reports

Goal 1:                                                      20 % of the possible points

Briefly describe your career objectives after completing the MBA degree. “Think outside the
box” and identify a special project that an individual with your career objective might be required
to manage. How can a database help you organize and manage this project?

Goal 2:                                                      15% of the possible points

What are the entities about which you need to maintain information? Briefly describe these
entities. Include the discuss of the few of the sample attributes in order to more clearly describe
the entities. Identify the relationships between the entities. Explain any M:M relationships and
resolve them. Draw the final Entity-Relationship Diagram. Identify the primary key for each
entity. If you wish, you may also identify the foreign keys.

Goal 3:                                                      15% of the possible points

Identify all of the attributes about which you will need to maintain data. Normalize the database.
Only include a description of the final, normalized database. Identify the primary and foreign

Goal 4:                                                      20 % of the possible points

In this section, describe your vision of the final database project. Include sample
screens/reports (which can be sketched in Word/powerpoint). Explain the navigation between
screens, components on the screen. This does not require any knowledge of ACCESS or its

Goal 5:                                                      30% of the possible points

In this section, you will need to use ACCESS and demonstrate a basic knowledge of the
capabilities of the ACCESS database. Create your normalized database and enter sample
data. Print the sample data for each table. Write, explain and document at least:
         1.      Two sample queries
         2.      One form with a subform
         3.      One report with data groupings
In your sample tables, queries, forms, and reports, you need to include at least 4 of the
         1.      A computed field
         2.      The lookup wizard
         3.      Logical Operators: OR, AND
         4.      Parameter query
         5.      Basic macros
         6.      Customization of the form/report created by the wizard

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