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									University of Huddersfield: Blackboard helpsheets

Logging into
Blackboard is the name of the University’s virtual learning environment (VLE), a system
which allows you to access materials and communicate with other students and staff
using the Internet.

Blackboard is used across a wide range of modules within the University. This guide
outlines how you log in to the system.

1. Log in to any PC using your normal user ID and password.

        If you are unsure of how to do this on campus, refer to the Library and Computing
        Centre Information sheets or ask at the Student IT Support Helpdesk.

        If you are accessing Blackboard from home or work, connect to the Internet in the
        normal way.

2. Find and open the internet browser application (e.g. Internet Explorer or
Netscape Navigator). On campus this will be Microsoft Internet Explorer and
will be accessible on the desktop, utilising the icon shown here:

3. If you are on campus, the University of Huddersfield student home page contains a
link to Blackboard:

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University of Huddersfield: Blackboard helpsheets

Otherwise, near the top of the screen, in the white box with the word Location or
Address next to it, delete any text which is already there, type and
press Enter (It’s not usually necessary to type the http:// at the beginning of this web

4. You will then see the University online learning information page which will look
similar to this.

Important messages for online learning users are posted on this page.

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University of Huddersfield: Blackboard helpsheets

5. After a short time, which may vary depending on whether
there is a message that users need to read, you will be re-
directed automatically to the e-learning login screen.

6. You will then see the user login screen asking you for your Blackboard username and
password. Enter these details and click the ‘Login’ button.

In case of difficulty refer to the online help page at: (campus access only)
or contact the help desk.

If you forget your password please contact the Student IT Support Helpdesk.

You are advised to change your password as soon as possible from the default
password that you are given on enrolment.

7. You will then be logged into your own personal Blackboard homepage showing the
modules for which you are currently registered.

Refer to the Information Sheet - The Blackboard Interface for further information
about using Blackboard.

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