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                              GENRE TEST
Directions: Fill in each blank with a word from the word bank.
            Use each word only once.

       fiction              nonfiction           mystery
       historical fiction   science fiction      fantasy
       autobiography        fable                poetry
       drama                informational text   tall tale
       realistic fiction    fairy tale           short story
       folktale             myth                 biography

   1. _____________ writers use science and technology to create
      extraordinary plots in which the seemingly impossible becomes

   2. _____________ is a story that has been passed down from one
      generation to the next orally.

   3. A ____________ is an account of a person‟s life written by someone

   4. ______________ is a story that describes real-life problems or

   5. A _____________ often features a fight between good and evil.

   6. _____________ is written from an author‟s imagination and is usually
      intended to entertain.

   7. _____________ are stories written in verse.
   8. _____________ explains how to do something.

   9. A _____________ is literature that can usually be read in one
10. _____________ is factual writing which provides information about
   a particular topic.

11. A ____________ was created long ago to explain natural occurrences
    that were puzzling; also involved gods, goddesses, and heroes.

12. A ____________ is a form of literature commonly known as plays
   that are either a tragedy or a comedy.

13. A ____________ is a story based on puzzling crimes or suspenseful

14. A ____________ is usually written with animals as the characters;
   teaches a moral at the end.

15. A ____________ is a humorously exaggerated story.

16. A ____________ contains characters and events that could not
   exist in real life and have no basis in science; may contain magic,
   witches, etc.

17. An _______________ is an account of a person‟s life written by
   that person.

18. ______________ is based on actual people, events, or periods in
   history, but may contain made-up characters.
   Directions: Fill in the blank with a genre from the word bank.
                Use each genre only once.

              historical fiction     mystery                 myth
              biography              poetry                  drama
              science fiction        informational text
              autobiography          fantasy

   19. ____________________
       Enrich Weiss immigrated to the United States with his parents and
   four of his brothers in 1878. He was only four. Seeing famous illusionist
   Dr. Lynn‟s act as a boy gave Weiss the magic bug, and he soon began
   practicing sleight of hand. Taking the name Harry Houdini, he started a
   magic act in 1891 at the age of 17.
       Over the years, Houdini escaped from prison cells, crates tossed from
   boats, and safes dangling from cranes high above city streets.
       The following is my exclusive interview with the magician.

      Sometimes magic can happen when you least expect it. Ivan froze.
   Magic was not an easy habit for the boy to break. He had loved it since
   he was 5, when his mom taught him his first card trick. He loved it every
   time she‟d ordered something new for their “Houdini Aisle”, as she
   affectionately called aisle 3 in Espy‟s.
      Eloise Espy had tried to teach her son about another kind of magic.
   She had called it mysticism, the magical connection between things

    21. ______________________
       A face haunted Cameron – a woman‟s face. It was there in the white
heart of the dying campfire; it hung in the shadows that hovered over the
flickering light; it drifted in the darkness beyond.
       A sound disturbed Cameron‟s reflections. He bent his head listening.
A soft wind fanned the paling embers, blew sparks and ashes and thin smoke
away into the enshrouding circle of blackness. Then a sharp clink of metal on
stone and soft pads of hoofs in sand prompted Cameron to reach for his gun
and to move out of the light of the waning campfire.
       22. _______________________
       A man invites some friends to his house for a dinner party. He
informs them that Time is the fourth dimension, and he intends to prove it.
He produces a miniature time machine and asks one of his guests to pull a
       When the lever is pulled, the object vanishes, supposedly into the
future. The guests are doubtful, though, even when their host shows them
his unfinished, full-sized contraption. They leave the party unimpressed. A
week later, the man invites them back for a much grander presentation.

      23. _______________________
      I went for a walk on a night that was cold,
      And I met a tree that was tall and was old.
      The night air was windy and „round
             the clouds rolled.
      “Sit down,” the tree said, and a
             story was told.
      He told of the tales
      Of hunters and bears,
      How he‟d given shade
      To anyone there.

       24. ________________________
       The year is 1290. At age 13, Catherine lives in a charming English
castle with her noble family, her nanny, Morwenna, and a lot of animals.
Urged by her brother Edward, she begins to keep a journal of her daily life.
Everything is as it ought to be for Catherine. . . and she hates it that way!

      25. _______________________
      Before this Earth existed, there was only water. It stretched as far
as one could see, and in that water were birds and animals swimming around.
Far above, in the clouds, there was Skyland. In that Skyland there was a
great and beautiful tree. It had four white roots which stretched to each
of the sacred directions, and from its branches all kinds of fruits and
flowers grew.
      There was an ancient chief in the Skyland. His young wife was
expecting a child, and one night she dreamed that she saw the Great Tree
uprooted. The next morning she told her husband the story.
      26. _________________________
      For some reason, I equated “American-ness” with “whiteness”
throughout my childhood. Calling myself “Korean-American” instead of a
categorical “Korean” was seen as a treacherous sellout, as if I unconsciously
wanted to be white more than anything else.
      My parents generation called me a “banana”: yellow on the outside,
white on the inside. But I was insistent on this hyphenated identity, mainly
because I was a type of American – a cultural hybrid.

       27. _________________________
       Illusionists have amazed audiences with linking rings and scarves up
their sleeves for centuries. Their slight of hand, however, is no match for
the true sorcerers – magicians who live in fiction! Wizards and witches read
about by candlelight and whispered about in school yards open the
imagination to the possibilities of magic. If it weren‟t for legends of fairies
and genies, nobody would believe something as ludicrous as a magician pulling
a rabbit out of an empty top hat.

      28. _________________________
      SCENE 1

       Narrator 1: The final bell of the day echoes through the halls of
Scotland High. Three cheerleaders huddle together on a quiet football
       Cheerleader 1: Ready?

      Cheerleader 2 and 3: OK

      Cheerleader 1: At 5 p.m. let‟s meet right here.

      Cheerleader 2: When the debate team bus returns.

      Cheerleader 3: We‟ll greet Mac Glamis with a cheer.

EXTRA CREDIT – Give an example (title) of the following genres either
from the notes or the folders.
   1. fantasy –                           4. myth –
   2. drama -                             5. historical fiction –
   3. fairy tale -                        6. short story -