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					                            INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, INDORE
                      IET-DAVV Campus, Khandwa Road, INDORE, 452 017 (MP), India
                                 Tel: +91-731-2438736; Fax: 236 4182

                              INVITATION FOR TENDER
                       (For open tenders only –Non-transferable)
                                        Part –I
 To,Open Tender Enquiry No.            : IITI/EQP/CH-LAB/11-12/09/AKD
         Tender Due Date & Time         : 3rd November, 2011, 15.00 Hrs
         Tender Opening Date & Time     : 3rd November, 2011, 15.30 Hrs
         EMD AMOUNT                    : Refer Annexure I

1. The supplies/services as attached
Chemistry Lab                                            -       Annexure „I‟ is required.

Please find the following enclosed in this invitation.

       1.      Invitation to Tender (Part I)                     :
       2.      Tender (Part II)                                  :
       3.      General Terms & Conditions (Part III)             :
       4.      Techno-Commercial Bid (Part IV)                   :
       5.      Price Bid (Part V)                                :

        You are requested to return Part II, Part III and Part IV duly completed in one
envelope, and marked as Techno-Commercial Bid and Part V duly completed and
marked as Price Bid in another envelope. The two envelops are to be addressed to The
REGISTRAR, IIT, Indore and marked with our tender enquiry no, due date and opening
date on each envelope with your stamp as sender. The two envelopes may be put in one
envelope and addressed to the REGISTRAR, IIT, Indore and marked with our tender
enquiry number and due date and opening date on each envelope with your stamp
as sender. The combined envelope may be put in the tender box placed at Main Office,
IIT Indore / submitted by post to REGISTRAR IIT Indore before due date and time.

Note – Non-compliance of the above may disqualify your offer for consideration.

                                                                 Yours sincerely,

                                                             For Director, IIT Indore

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                                     PART II

Tender reference No. :

IIT Indore

     I/We agree to furnish required supplies/services as detailed in the Techno-
Commercial Bid (Part IV) or such portions thereof as you may specify in the
Acceptance of Tender/Supply Order at the prices given in the Price Bid (Part V) in
accordance with the General Terms and Conditions (Part III) governing the
contract/supply order enclosed here to duly accepted on receipt of order for the

     I/We agree to hold this offer open until ……………………………and shall be
bound to supply/commission/install the equipment and dispatch the same within the
specified period.

     I/We agree to supply and commission/install the equipment and complete the
whole of the work and hand over to the purchaser within the period of
………………….. weeks, from the date of receipt of an intimation from you regarding
acceptance of this tender/receipt of supply order.

                                                                  (                )
                                                               Signature of Tenderer
                                                                With Office Stamp

Station   :

Date      :

Name      :

Address :

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                                      PART III
1.    Preparation of Tender:
      (i)   The complete tender form should be returned intact whether you are
            quoting for any item or not. Page should be detached but when items are
            not being tendered for, the corresponding space should be defaced by
            mentioning “not quoting”.
      (ii)  In the event of space on the tender form being insufficient for the required
            purpose, additional pages may be added. Each such additional page must
            be numbered consecutively, should bear the tender reference number and
            be fully signed by you (the supplier). In such cases reference to the
            additional pages must be made in the tender form.

2.    Signing of Tender:
      (a)   The tender is liable to be ignored if complete information is not given
            therein regarding the particulars, data, specifications asked for in the
            techno-commercial offer (Part IV) at Schedule of Requirements. Specific
            attention must be paid to the delivery dates, technical specification, and
            also the general conditions of contract at Part III and other conditions
            mentioned at Part IV and Part V.
      (b)   Individual signing the tender or other documents connected with a contract
            must specify whether he signs as:
            (i)     A “sole proprietor” of the firm or constituted attorney of such sole
            (ii)    A partner of the firm if it be a partnership, in which case he must
                    have authority to refer to arbitration disputes concerning the
                    business of the partnership either by virtue of the partnership
                    agreement or a power of attorney.
            (iii)   Constituted attorney of the firm if it is a Company.
a.    In case if (ii) above a copy of the partnership agreement or a general power of
      attorney and in either case attested by a Notary Public, should be furnished to this,
      or an affidavit on stamped paper of all the partners admitting execution of the
      partnership agreement or the general power of attorney, should be furnished.

b.    In case of partnership firms, where no authority to refer disputes concerning the
      business of the partnership has been conferred on any partner, every partner of
      the firm must sign the tender and all other related documents.

c.    A person signing the tender form or any documents forming part of the contract on
      behalf of another shall be deemed to warranty that he has authority to bind such
      other and if, on inquiry, it appears that the persons so signing had no authority to
      do so, the purchaser may, without prejudice to other civil and criminal remedies
      cancel the contract and hold the signatory liable for all costs and damages.

3.    Delivery of Tender: The original copy of the tender form is to be enclosed in two
      separate envelopes, the envelope containing Part II, III and IV and marked as
      “Techno-Commercial bid” and another envelope containing only part V marked
      as “Price bid”. The two envelopes should be sealed and should bear address of
      the office, tender enquiry no, due date and time. The two envelopes should be put
      in one envelope and addressed to REGISTRAR, IIT Indore marked with our tender

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     enquiry number and due date. Right is reserved to ignore any tender who fails
     to comply with the above instructions.

     Bidder: Tenders are invited only from Original Equipment Manufacturers OR
     their authorized distributors/ dealers, Vendors are requested to attach proof to
     show that they are the authorized dealers of the brand that they are quoting for the
     manufacturers of the product.

     Quotations of internationally recognized brand from authorized dealers only
     will be accepted. Tender Documents will be available on institute website: the same can be downloaded and submitted along with a Demand
     Draft of Rs. 1000/- as cost of each tender document, for all vendors. Demand
     Draft should be enclosed with Techno-Commercial Bid.

     Earnest Money and cost of tender document - in the form of Demand Draft
     from any Nationalized Bank in favour of the Registrar, IIT Indore payable at
     Indore. Bids received without EMD will be rejected.

4.   Latest Hour for Receipt of Tender: Your tender must reach this office not later
     than 15.00 Hrs on the due date. Tenders sent by hand should be put in the tender
     box at Main Office, IIT Indore/ submitted by post to REGISTRAR IIT Indore

5.   Period for which the offer will remain open:
     (i)    Firms tendering should note the period for which it is desired that their
            offers should remain open for acceptance. If the day up to which the offer is
            to remain open is declared a holiday for Govt. offices, the offer shall remain
            open for acceptance till the next working day.
     (ii)   Quotations qualified by such vague and indefinite expressions such as
            “subject to immediate acceptance”, “subject to prior sale”, etc will not be

6.   Opening of Tenders: The firm shall be at liberty to be present or authorize a
     representative to be present at the opening of the tender at the time and date as
     specified in the schedule. The name and address of the representative who would
     be attending the opening of the tender on behalf of the firm should be indicated in
     the tender. Please also state the name and address of firm‟s permanent
     representative, if any. Generally, the techno-commercial offer will be opened on the
     day specified for opening.

7.   Right of Acceptance: This office does not pledge itself and reserves to itself the
     right of accepting the whole or any part of the tender or portion of the quantity
     offered and the firm shall supply the same at the rate quoted. The firm shall be at
     liberty to tender for the whole or any portion or to state in the tender that the rate
     quoted shall apply only if the entire quantity is taken from the firm.
8.   Items supplied are subject to inspection and acceptance and the supplier should
     collect/ replace the rejected items at his cost and risk.

9.   Delayed supplies: In case of delayed supplies, liquidated damages at the rate of
     0.5 percent per week of delay with a maximum of 5 percent will be levied. In
     case of further delay the institute shall cancel the P.O. at its own discretion.

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10.   Registration: Registration with any IIT is mandatory. In case a bidder is not
      registered with any IIT, their registration with any Central Govt.
      Organization/Public sector shall be considered. OR the bidder must be
      OEM/Sole distributor in India of OEM. Registration implies having provided
      equipment to any IIT.

 Proof of registration OR OEM certificate/ sole distributorship certificate MUST be

11.   No correspondence/discussion/visits whatsoever will be entertained on the
      subject unless specifically called by this office after opening the tenders for
      technical discussions/ price negotiations. Any violation of this will render the
      quotations invalid and the firm is liable to be blacklisted.

12.   Director reserves the right to call for techno-commercial/price negotiations. The
      company       should     depute      competent    representative     for     such
      discussion/negotiations whenever called for and he shall be competent to take on
      the spot decisions.

13.   Drawings/specifications sent along with this letter should be returned along with
      the firm‟s quotation or regret letter.

14.   The firm may give any of their commercial term, if required, in their techno-
      commercial offer only, and price quotation should contain only price.

15.   Please inform the Director in writing whether the owner of the firm or any of their
      partners/employees has close relations working with IIT Indore. This is for record

16.   The instructions about bidding given in this advertisement and the Tender
      Documents should be read thoroughly before bidding. Director, IIT Indore
      reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotations at any stage without
      assigning any reason whatsoever it may be.

17.   Office stamps of tenders must be affixed below their signatures.

                                                                      For Director, IIT Indore

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                                TECHNO-COMMERCIAL BID
                                        Part IV

1.      Tender reference No.      :
2.      Name of tenderer          :
3.      Due date & time           :
4.      Opening date & time       :
5.      The tender shall remain valid for acceptance for 120 days, from the date of
        tender opening.
6.      Amount of EMD Rs.____________ DD No.______________ dt._____________
        Note: EMD should be enclosed along with the Price Bid.
7.      Schedule of Requirements:

     Sl.NO.   Description & nature of     Qty        Place & dates on        Specifications (Attach
                Supplies/Services       Required    which delivery is to      additional sheets.
                                                         be made               Drawings etc. if
                                                                                 necessary )


1.   Give brief description of item/equipment/material with accessories. Items offered
     should conform to BIS (ISI) specifications or as explicitly stated. In case
     specifications offered are different, separate comparative technical specifications
     sheet shall be attached with details such as Sl.NO, specifications offered
     deviations if any, and remarks. Any product brief, test certificates available may
     be enclosed.
2.   List of spares, if applicable should be attached.
3.   Any optional, if offered, be provided with their full technical details including their
     use and advantage.
4.   Drawings: Drawings supplied by this office are to be returned along with your

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1.     The normal payment terms are 100% payment after inspection, installation and
       acceptance of stores at IIT Indore.
2.     Give details of installation and commissioning except price which will be only in
       price bid ( if applicable ).
3.     Warranty required is atleast 3 years for all the products supplied.
4.     Delivery desired is within 90 days from the date of releasing the supply order.
       Specify your delivery period.
5.     In case of delayed supplies, liquidated damages at the rate of 0.5 percent per
       week of delay with a maximum of 5 percent will be levied.
6.     Vendors should submit 10% of the order value as performance bank
       guarantee in favour of Registrar IIT Indore, payable at Indore for the duration of
       warranty/guarantee period before release of final payment.
7.     Delivery : Free delivery at IIT Indore
8.     Indicate mode of dispatch. Rail/Road/ Air/ Sea.
9.     In case equipment offered requires maintenance after the expiry of the warranty,
       please indicate approximate cost of comprehensive and on call basis
       maintenance and also availability of local support or otherwise.
10.    Please note clearly that faxed quotation is liable to be rejected.

                                            (Signature of Tender issuing authority)
                                                        For Director, IIT Indore

Tender Reference No.     :
Full Address              :

Fax                      :                                 Signature of Tenderer:
Name in Block Letters    :
Station                  :                                 Office Stamp          :

Date                     :

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                                INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, INDORE
                          IET-DAVV Campus, Khandwa Road, INDORE, 452 017 (MP), India
                                     Tel: +91-731-2438736; Fax: 236 4182

                                                  PRICE BID
                                                    PART V

1.            Tender reference No.      :
2.            Name of tenderer          :
3.            Due date & time           :
4.            Opening date & time       :
5.            The tender shall remain valid for acceptance for 120 days, from the date of
              tender opening.
6.            Amount of EMD Rs.                   DD No_____________dated __________
              Bank: ___________________________________________.
7.            Rates for items given in Techno-commercial offer at Schedule of Requirements
              are as follows. Adhering to the format given below is a Pre-requisite for
              considering your quotations:

     Sl.        Description                                   A/U      Qty        Unit price   Total
     No.                                                               offered                 cost
     (i)        Brief description, basic price without
                duties      if   any,   of    complete
                equipment/item/material     with    all
     (ii)       Customs duty, if any
     (iii)      Excise duty, if any
     (iv)       VAT/CST
     (v)        Installation and commissioning cost, if
     (vi)       Training cost, if any
     (vii)      Total cost (in figures & words)
     (viii)     For octroi if applicable, necessary, certificate will be issued
     (ix)       Any other

Note : Separate list should be attached where required in the same format giving details
       of each item and cost. However, total cost must be mentioned at Sl.No.7(vii)

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                        OTHER CONDITIONS FOR PRICE BIDS

1.     No unilateral revision in price will be admissible.

2.     Rates should be quoted in the accounting units (A/U) mentioned in this enquiry.
       Rates must be quoted clearly on free delivery basis at IIT Indore and total value
       is also indicated in words.

3.     Any optional indicated in techno-commercial bids must be priced separately.

4.     In case spares/accessories are applicable, their list and price should be clearly
       indicated separately.

5.     The price must be stated for each item separately. The percentage of reduction,
       in the unit price should also be quoted, should an order to that extent be placed
       with you.

                                                    (Signature of Tender issuing authority)
                                                          For Director, IIT Indore

Tender Reference No.      :
Full Address              :

Fax                       :                                  Signature of Tenderer    :
Name in Block Letters     :
Station                   :                                  Office Stamp            :
Date                       :

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                                               Annexure - I
                                           Chemistry Discipline
Tender No: IITI/EQP/CH-LAB/11-12/09/AKD                                                  Due Date: 03/11/2011

     Name of the
                                       Technical Specifications                           Qty          EMD
  1. Powder X-Ray      1. Powder XRD-Qualtitative, Quantitative analysis software          01        2,00,000.00
  Diffraction System      and Lattice parameter and distrortion software. Fast linear
                          1D detector should be quoted as option. ICDD PDF2
                          license should be quoted.

                       2. High Resolution XRD using Cu Kα1 Optics with Rietveld
                          Software. Since the Optics generating Cu K α1 will eat up
                          lot of incident photons please quote for high intensity Xray
                          source (Rotating Anode Generator). Higher power will be
                          preferred. Smallest reproducible step size: 0.0001° (2
                          theta) or Lower.

                           Vendor should quote for the lowest FWHM optics possible
                           with the facility to do samples in both reflection and
                           transmission mode.

                          ICSD License should be quoted.

                       3. Thin Film Analysis (Multilayer coatings including Single
                          Crystal Coatings, Rocking Curves, Reflectivity etc) with
                          necessary software. Please quote also for appropriate
                          Stage, incident and Reflected Optics to do the above

                           The sample should be horizontally mounted to avoid the
                           usage of vacuum chuck or magnets.

                       4. SAXS Attachment should be quoted for both reflection and
                          transmission samples with software to do the particle size
                          and pore size distribution.

                       5. Various variable temperature attachments should be
                          quoted from Liquid Nitrogen to 1500 Deg C. The sample
                          environment should be vacuum, Nitrogen or Air. The
                          software controlling the temperature programming should
                          be integrated to the Powder XRD software.

                       6. Latest Computer with Windows Software and color laser
                          printer should be quoted.

                       7. Vendor must quote essential spares for generator and
                          control electronics for un-interrupt operations for five
                          years. The supplier of the instrument must confirm in
                          writing that the spares for the entire instrument will be

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                            available for a period of at least ten years after the
                            installation of the instrument.

                        8. Chilling Plant: Suitable Water Chillier unit to run the XRD
                           system continuously, from reputed indigenous supply.

                        9. UPS: Supplier should also quote the 15 KVA online power
                           rating ups unit for uninterrupted operation for at least 30
                           minutes during the power failure.

                        10. Training: Necessary training should be provided on site
                            after installation of the system.

                        11. Warranty:      The    complete     instrument    excluding
                            consumables should be under warranty for a period of one
                            year from the date of installation. In case of breakdown
                            during the warranty period, a competent service engineer
                            of the supplier should make as many visits as are
                            necessary to rectify the problem and replace the faulty
                            parts. But it should be repaired within 48 hours from the
                            date and time of complaint lodged by the user. The
                            supplier should provide all spares required for making the
                            instrument operational. If in case during the warranty
                            period any item or spare is to be replaced, then all such
                            warranty replacement parts should be replaced on
                            dispatch duty paid (DDP) basis by the vendor.

                        12. Performance Guarantee: Peak position accuracy of
                            2Theta angle of at least ±0.01° must be demonstrated at
                            site against NIST standard, without which installation will
                            not be considered complete.

                        13. Users List: Number of installation of the quoted model in
                            India with names and addresses of the institutes/
                            Laboratories should be provided.

                        14. The supplier has to take the full responsibility for any kind
                            of hardware/software damage during transfer. The shifting
                            will be solely the supplier's responsibility and price for
                            relocation should be quoted.

2. Circular Dichroism   1. Light source : 450W Xe lamp, water-cooled                             1,00,000.00
                        2. Wavelength range: 165nm - 900nm.
                        3. Wavelength accuracy: •± 0.2 nm (165nm – 500nm) :•±
                          0.5 nm (500nm – 900nm).

                        4. Wavelength Repeatability : •± 0.05 nm (165 – 250 nm) :
                            •± 0.1 nm (250 – 500 nm).

                        5. True Spectral Bandwidth: 0.01 to 4 nm.

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6. Slit Width: 1 to 3000 μm.

7. Stray light: less than 0.0003% at 200nm.

8. Baseline stability: +/- 0.03 mdeg / hr.

9. CD full scale: ± 10mo/200mo/2000 mo.

10. CD resolution : 0.0005 mo (at ± 10 mo full scale)
                : 0.01 mo (at ± 200 mo full scale)
                : 0.1 mo (at ± 2000 mo full scale)

11. RMS noise : 0.030 mdeg at 185nm, 0.020 mdeg at
    200nm, 0.020 mdeg at 500nm (16 second oversampling,
    1nm bandwidth)

12. Photometric accuracy: ± 0.01 Abs

13. Cell holder: Peltier Single Cell Rectangular Cell Holder
    with suitable Water Circulator.

14. Rectangular Cells: 1mm, 2mm, 5mm, 10mm and
    rectangular quartz cell with detachable window 0.5 mm
    pathlength (one pair each).

15. Cell spacer: Cell spacer for 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2mm and 5
    mm rectangular cells (one pair each).

16. Solid state (powder) CD measurement unit: (a) Accessory
    can be easily installed and removed, no alignment is
    necessary. (b) The integrating sphere is useful not only for
    detecting diffused reflectance of powder samples but also
    for diffused transmission of pellet samples. (c) Wide range
    measurement region: 185 nm - 900 nm. (d) DR
    measurements require minimum sample preparation, only
    dilution with suitable diffuser and proper grinding and
    quickly provide qualitative information.

17. Nitrogen gas flow meter: 0 to 25 L/min.

18. Software: Fully controlled from windows based PC,
    secondary structure analysis, Denatured protein analysis,
    multi-wavelength variable temperature programming,
    curve fitting analysis and system validation program.

19. Data Station: A branded PC with all necessary hardware
    and legal operating software required to operate the
    specified CD. Minimum configuration for PC: CPU (Intel
    core i5 processor), 3 GHz/4 MB L2 Cache, 4 GB RAM,
    500 GB HDD, DVD/R/W, 20'' LCD display and Laser jet

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                       20. Optional  accessory:          LD     (Linear       dichroism)

                       21. Training start up: Training for 5-6 people to be provided
                           at IIT-Indore.

                       22. Users List: Number of installation of the quoted model in
                           India with names and addresses of the institutes/
                           Laboratories should be provided.

                       23. Warranty: 2 years from the date of installation.

3. Atomic Force        Our Institute is planning to acquire a high-resolution AFM/STM      01       1,60,000.00
Microscope with all    system that has been designed to fully address the current
standard accessories   and future requirements set by AFM/STM applications in
                       Nanoscience        and     Nanotechnology       research    (for
                       measurements on nanotubes, nanofibers, biological samples,
                       nanodots, nanoparticles and thin films). This AFM needs to
                       have a design which allows combination with all common
                       scanning probe microscopy techniques with latest advanced

                       1. Required System Hardware Attributes:
                       1.1 The system should have a „Sample Scanning'
                            configuration for lowest noise and best image resolution.
                       1.2 The system should accept sample size up to 15mm in
                            diameter and 5mm in thick.
                       1.3 The sample stage should provide mechanical translation
                            of the sample in X & Y up to 2mm.
                       1.4 The system should include the below AFM modes as
                            standard and necessary accessories for ready operation
                           Contact mode
                           Lateral Force mode
                           Non-Contact mode / Intermittent Contact mode / Tapping
                           Phase Imaging
                           Dual-piezo drive Torsional mode
                           Torsional Dynamic Friction Mode
                           Electrostatic force microscopy - The EFM and
                           topography images should get displayed simultaneously
                           in real-time as acquired line-by-line.
                           Magnetic force microscopy- The MFM and topography
                           images should get displayed simultaneously in real-time
                           as acquired line-by-line.
                           Force-Distance measurements
                           Force Volume Mode
                           Surface Potential Microscopy - Surface Potential
                           Microscopy should be offered in two complementary
                           implementations:      A     dual-frequency,   single-pass
                           technique as well as a single-frequency, two-pass

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     technique employing lift mode.
     Piezoresponse Mode
     Peak Force Tapping mode
     Scanning Tunneling microscope (STM)
     Conductive AFM mode

2. Scanners
     The system should be included with both small scanner
     with a range of 0.5um x 0.5um or less, and Large
     scanner with range of 120um x 120um x 5um or more
     with liquid spilt resistance arrangement.

3. Optics
     The system should include a real time Optical Viewing
     Option. The optical path is on-axis, straight and
     unobstructed, and provide at least a 450X magnification
     and 1.6um spatial resolution.

4. Required SPM Controller Hardware & Software
     The controller must use all digital signal path electronics
     for delivering electrical stimuli to the cantilever and
     monitoring the cantilever‟s motion and position
     Must produce data sets with up to 5,000 x 5,000 pixel
     density to see tiny features in one single scale.
     Must allow simultaneous collection of up to 8 data
     channels simultaneously accommodating additional
     channels like adhesion map, modulus map, elasticity
     map on top of the conventional channels.
     Must allow customizable input/output signal paths
     through signal access module on controller (14 BNC
     connectors) using FPGA.
     Must include the ability to perform LiftMode where
     topography is determined on the first pass over a scan
     line and a second parameter (which may not be related
     to topography such as the Magnetic Field or Force
     Modulation information) is determined on the second
     pass. The second pass uses the topography information
     from the first pass to maintain a constant tip-sample
     separation, thus allowing operating parameters such as
     amplitude, phase or frequency detection to be changed
     on the two passes.
     Must provide fully software-controlled, digital Q-control of
     the cantilever‟s Quality factor.
     Must provide Thermal Tuning of cantilever resonance of
     2MHz or above to cover the widest range of cantilever
     Must provide at least 3 user accessible lock-in amplifiers:
     two independent high speed lock-ins (with a minimum
     range of 1KHz to 5MHz), one mid-range lock-in) (with a

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     minimum range of 0.1Hz to 50KHz).
     Must be possible to use the internal lock-in amplifiers to
     monitor Harmonic oscillation signals during Tapping
     mode operation.
     Must be possible to acquire the full spectrum Harmonics
     (from harmonic 1 to minimum 17) during tapping mode
     operation. The system must be possible to reconstruct
     force-distance curves from this harmonic spectrum
     realtime, during tapping mode imaging as an optional
     Must include sampling up to 50MHz without external
     electronics. It must be possible to define the start of this
     sampling by user-defined triggers.
     Must provide ability to apply up to10V bias to the AFM tip
     or sample.
     Must provide real time adjustment to all scanning
     parameters – scan rate, scan size, scan offset, gains and
     Must support optional signal access module to get
     access to all signals.
     Must support use of micro-actuated cantilevers for fast
     scanning (up to 10Hz).
     Must provide graphical user interface to collect, save and
     analyze AFM/STM data sets.
     Must use 3 DAC‟s for each scan axes (16 bits each): total
     of 9 for all scan axes.
     Must include ability that provide automatic optimization of
     critical imaging parameters including setpoint, gains,
     scan rates and Z limit in both air and liquid environment.
     During this operation, cantilever resonance need not
     required to be tuned but should preserve conventional
     imaging rates of < 10minutes per image.
     The system should include Fast scanning option using
     dedicated micro-actuated cantilevers.
     For all operating modes provided, the electronics and
     software must be integrated into the AFM controller.

5. Required AFM System Performance
     Must have vertical noise floor of <0.3A RMS
     (demonstrable) using all scanners.
     Must use software linearization of scan field to within 1%
     Thermal tuning of cantilevers to 2MHz in air or fluid to
     determine cantilever‟s resonant frequency and spring
     constant (demonstrable).
     Fast scanning up to 10Hz using micro-actuated
     cantilevers (demonstrable).

6. Required Easy of Use Features
     Includes a fully automated tip engage routine.
     Includes the ability to change cantilevers without

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    removing scan head.
    Includes the ability to change scan size, gains and other
    scanning parameters in realtime during scanning.
    Liquid cell
    It is important that the liquid cell provided for imaging and
    conducting experiments in liquid medium be easily

8. Vibration isolation system

    The offered system must include branded vibration
    isolation table and acoustic enclosure for minimization of
    external vibrations for optimal instrument performance.
    The specifications for vibration isolation table are: Active
    damping (0.6-200 Hz), > 200 Hz passive damping.

9. UPS and computer

    A suitable online UPS for 2 hr minimum backup along
    with batteries, connection cables, and other accessories
    should be supplied with the instrument. The instrument
    should be supplied along with a high-end (CPU: Intel
    core i7 processor, 3 GHz/4MB L2 Cache, 4 GB RAM,
    500 GB HDD, DVD/R/W), branded computer system
    (with two 24" LCD monitors) having licensed operating
    systems (MS Windows with installation CD) and other
    necessary softwares in original. One color LaserJet
    printer should be supplied with the system.

10. Spare parts and accessories

    The offered system must include all necessary toolkits
    and accessories for SPM including screwdrivers,
    tweezers, sample plates etc.
    The offered system must include calibration gratings for
    scanner calibrations in X, Y and Z axes.

    The set of supplied cantilevers must include at least the
    100 probes - for contact AFM;
    50 probes - for intermittent contact AFM;
    50 probes - for STM;
    10 probes - for SKM/SCM;
    10 probes - for MFM

11. Non-system requirements
     The vendor must have a local service support
     organization based in India providing on-site services
     within 48 hours. In case of each day delay, the warranty
     of equipment has to be extended by 30 days. This
     requirement has to be documented by manufacturer‟s

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     Any cost for warranty replacements to be borne by
     manufacturers or their support agencies. This
     requirement has to be documented by manufacturer‟s
     The manufacturer or support agencies should be able to
     supply consumables and spare parts in Indian currency
     after warranty.
     Operation and Application training must be provided by
     local service support organization. Training must be
     conducted in English.
     All technical justifications should be supported by factory
     printed catalog, application notes and proof materials.

12. Installation, Training & Warranty

    The system must be installed, demonstrated at IIT Indore
    facilities at no additional charge. A comprehensive training
    of the end-users is required. Five years warranty on all
    parts and labor including freight charges from the date of

13. Reinstallation at permanent IIT Indore site

    The supplier has to take the full responsibility for any kind
    of hardware/software damage during transfer. The shifting
    will be solely the supplier's responsibility and price for
    relocation should be quoted.

14. Users List
Number of installation of the quoted model in India with names
and addresses of the institutes/ Laboratories should be

15. Optional items/modes:
    Quantitative Nano Mechanical Measurement mode
     This mode must include the ability to unambiguously
        map       quantitative   nanomechanical      properties,
        including modulus and adhesion, at high resolution
        (<10nm), at conventional AFM imaging rates (<10
        minutes per image), and over a wide modulus range
        (at least 1 MPa to 50 GPa). Conventional
        nanoindentation, higher harmonics imaging, and
        Dual/multi-frequency AC imaging modes are not
        acceptable substitutes.
     This mode must also continuously monitor and display
        the tip-sample interactions (i.e. the „force-distance‟
        curves), and extract, display and save the adhesion,
        elasticity modulus, dissipation and peak force.

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