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Lost in Translation


									The Fountain of Youth

Communicating with the next
A quick survey…
   How long were online last week?
   Do you blog?
   Which do you prefer: MySpace or
   How many photos are in your Flickr
   Did you Google, YouTube or Second
  Life this weekend?
Figuring out the right message


        I don’t have enough time.

           I don’t know how.
CoolPeopleCare’s Audience

   50% of users between the ages of 18-34
   Female/Male Ratio: 73%/27%
   75% spend more than one hour online each day
   85% volunteer an hour or more each month
   81% said they would like to volunteer more

Choosing the right message
    Who is currently coming to your Web
   Who would you like to come to your
   Web site?
   Do the lists match?
   Which list is more important right now?

Your ideal audience
   What do they look like?
   How do they act?
   How would you categorize them?
        Loyal donors
So What?
Why does Gen Y need to hear my
So What:

A new kind of network
    Starbucks has replaced the church as
   the third place.
    LinkedIn has replaced chambers of
    Online communities have replaced real
So What:

A new kind of influence
   Blogging statistics:
     Currently, there are over 70 million blogs.
     Over 120,000 blogs are created every day.

   Social networking:
     Facebook boasts over 41 million members, and is
     growing faster than MySpace.
     Facebook is growing fastest in people over the age
     of 25.
So What:

A new kind of leader
    Gen Y is motivated to enter the social
   sector in a different way than Baby
    Gen Y is more anxious about life/work
    Gen Y will experiment with different
   organizational forms.
                              Source: Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly
So What:

Now more than ever
    According to Deloitte and Touche, over
   1/3 of our work force will need to be
   replaced in the next 20 years.
    According to the Bridgespan Group,
   nearly 640,000 new senior managers
   will be needed in the nonprofit sector in
   the next 10 years.
Now What?
How do I get the right message to
the right audience?
Now What:

Get digital
    While direct mail may work for some, online
   communications work best for Gen Y. They've
   likely moved around over the last few years,
   so even if you have their address on file,
   chances are it's outdated by two or three
   moves. And, with many 20-somethings using
   their inbox and social networking accounts to
   keep track of what's important, your
   message needs to get online to get
Now What:

Get relevant
    Once you're online, you've got to make your
   message relevant to your readers. AdSense
   has made most ads people see on Web sites
   relevant to the content, so your message
   must blend in with their interests and
   passions. But, it also has to make sense in
   the context of their lives. Don't ask them to
   commit hours every week for a year
   during a time of life that is full of
   exploration and transitions.
Now What:

Get simple
    Attention spans are decreasing faster than
   the icecaps. If you can't say it in less than
   100 words, you won't have any takers. Your
   initial message only needs to result in the
   next step, not every step. Your first goal
   should be to get them to respond with the
   next appropriate action, whether that is
   visiting your Web site, filling out some
   information, or taking a survey. After that,
   simplify your message so they take
   another step.
Now What:

Get practical
    Don't ask for a big donation. Don't invite
   them to a stuffy cocktail reception. Instead,
   ask them to do something during a
   commercial break or while they're killing time
   before getting to work. Ask them to spare
   you some pocket change. When appealing to
   younger donors and volunteers, you want
   to create loyalty so they keep coming
   back once they have more time and
Now What:

Get original
    You've got to stand out in a crowded
   marketplace that isn't thinning out anytime
   soon. Not only do you have to compete with
   other nonprofits nearby, but if you're asking
   for just a few bucks, you're competing with
   iTunes, Starbucks and anything else that is
   reaching into the shallow pockets of
   Millennials. An original and creative idea
   (think sticky) has a better chance of
   getting these folks to take the next
Now What:

What to keep in mind
    Technology and the Internet are a
   strategy, not a solution
    Use processes that are both digital and
    Embrace, don’t fear, the ever-changing
   world of technology
    Work with strategic partners to ease
   the learning curve

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