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									Answering the Question: What Causes Gout?

In answering the question; what causes gout, let’s take a look at just what gout is, as taking on an
understanding with what gout is sure to facilitate the answering process of the “what causes gout” question.

Basically gout is a known type of metabolic arthritis, which means it is a disease which affects the joints as
well as other joint areas of the body. What causes gout is that of a congenital disorder of uric acid
metabolism. Basically, gout entails the depositing of uric acid crystals or monosodium urate, on the articular
cartilage of joints, tendons and the areas of tissue surrounding them.

The presence of these uric acid crystals cause the pain experienced by gout patients, basically standing as
one of the main what causes gout reasons. In some cases, gout conditions are so intense that excruciating
pain is experienced by gout patients on a regular basis, with this sensation of pain even lasting for hours,
some even lasting for days. As a condition, gout is one that is no-nonsense, and stands to be rather serious,
and should be given the exact degree of attention it deserves to have.

In some gout cases, the deposited uric acid materials are known to grow in size, with some of them growing
large enough to actually burst through the skin, causing the development of skin sinuses, excreting a white
chalk-like substance. Also in some cases, the skin surrounding the affected areas would grow to become
very very sensitive to pressure, equating something as light as a very thin blanket to a world of pain for such
gout conditions in gout patients.

Other gout symptoms would include low grade fever, as well as nausea, but aren’t exactly prevalent in all
gout conditions. Typically, gout first strikes the big toe or big toes of persons. Other joint areas like the heel,
the instep, the knees, the arms, the wrist, the fingers, and even the spine, are all susceptible to the disease,
but in 75% of all first gout attacks, it is the big toe or toes that get highly affected. One of the “what causes
gout”, aside from the body’s inability to do away with uric acid crystals, would also include poor blood
circulation. There are known cases of gout in patients who had injured their toes, for example, leading to
rather poor blood circulation conditions, eventually leading to a gout condition.

Bottom line, uric acid deposits stand to be the main in the “what causes gout” realm of questions. As a
disease, gout is simply serious, and should be given the serious attention it deserves.

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