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									The Realm of Gout and Pseudo Gout

Gout and Pseudo Gout are two different things, as the name pseudo gout would already imply. Gout is gout,
while Pseudo gout isn’t exactly gout, but is a condition which is rather often confused with gout, as the
symptoms of Pseudo Gout is quite similar with that of a gout condition.

Basically, gout and pseudo gout are diseases which fall under the realm which arthritis delves into. Gout is a
form of metabolic arthritis, caused by the formation of uric acid deposits, termed as uric acid crystals. The
prevalence of these uric acid crystals are found in the articular cartilage of joints, tendons, and in the tissues
surrounding the said areas of the body. Gout is basically a painful disorder, as aside from the joint pains
which gout patients experience, the skin areas of affected gout areas also tend to be rather sensitive. At times
acute gout conditions would subject gout patients to pain scenarios gained from even something like a very
very light blanket covering the gout affected area. In acute gout conditions, these pain experiences could last
for hours, and even for days, in some truly acute gout conditions.

While that is gout, pseudo gout is another disease. Pseudo gout is actually Calcium Pyrophosphate
Deposition Disease or CPPD. Pseudo gout, or CCPD, is basically a rheumatologic disorder which has
different and varied clinical manifestations. This is due to the precipitation of calcium pyrophosphate
dihydrate crystals which build up in the connective tissues of the body.

Again, as the symptoms of pseudo gout appear to be quite similar to that of gout, the two diseases are often
mistaken for one, with pseudo gout often mistaken as a gout condition.

Though not exactly a medical fact, one way of discerning, via the symptoms exhibited by pseudo gout and
gout, which is which, is to take not of which area of the body first feels the pains of either diseases. Seventy
five percent of all first time gout attacks involves pain in the big toe, or big toes. This statistic comes a
relevant information, should one be questioning if whether he or she has pseudo gout or gout. Either way, by
knowing where the pain first struck, one could inform one’s administering physician, helping him or her
understand just what the pain one is feeling is; either if its gout or pseudo gout.

So there you have it. The realm of pseudo gout and gout.

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