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					Different Types of Herbs Used in Homeopathic Treatment of Gout

Gout is a type of joint disease (arthritis) caused by high levels of uric acid that later on form into crystals
that pile up along the joints. This condition can cause much discomfort as well pain and this is why
specialists have come up with alternative treatments to combat this disease.

Homeopathic treatment of gout is now becoming popular because of its methods that do not involve
medications or surgeries. It can treat or combat gout during its early stages as well as focus on healing the
entire body.

Physicians who practice homeopathic treatment of gout usually takes one step of treatment at a time to
determine which will work for the patient. This method can take some time but discovering the right
treatment method can be very beneficial for most patients.

Normally, a small dose is taken by the patient for a period of time. The physician will leave it alone until it
works for the patient. The duration of the treatment will be determined by the type of homeopathic treatment
administered and how well it works. And if it does not work, that method will be discarded immediately and
the physician will proceed with another form treatment.

Below are the different types of herbs used in homeopathic treatment of gout:

· Bryonia

This treatment is good for substantial pain as well as tenderness of the joint. Pain is most felt when walking
or when it is touched, which is why a person who is in gout pain might want to be left alone.

· Colchicum

This herb used in homeopathic treatment of gout is similar to bryonia because it also focuses on pain on the
big toe or the heel. This method works for many gout sufferers since the most commonly affected part are
the feet. This is very effective especially when the big toe is red, swollen and tender.

There are other herbs used in homeopathic treatment of gout that are useful for mild pain. Rhus
Toxicodendron is good for patients with stiff, painful and swollen joints. However, moderate movements of
the joints should also be done so flare-ups are not as sore with contact. Another homeopathic treatment for
gout is Berberis Vulgaris that is also good for pain in different parts of the body. It helps alleviate overall
body pain when walking or moving.

Homeopathic treatment of gout should not be performed alone. To know more about this method of
treatment it is best to consult a licensed homeopathist.
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