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Gout holds the reputation of being one of the most common types of arthritis, experienced by many,
regardless of age. As a condition, gout is no laughing matter as it is quite a painful condition, which those
afflicted with gout suffer much from.

Gout is basically a metabolic arthritis caused by the congenital disorder of uric acid metabolism. Basically,
with gout, what happens in that patients is that uric acid crystals end up getting deposited into the joint areas,
or a joint area, of their body, causing pain, with some cases, these deposits growing in size enough to burst
out through the skin, excreting a white chalk-like substance.

As a disease, gout is curable, with various types of cure for gout options to which those afflicted with the
condition could resort to. A cure for gout could come in the form of FDA approved drugs, or could come in
the form of home remedies, which, as a class of cure for gout, have shown promising signs as remedies for
gout. Here two of the home remedy classes of cure for gout.

Cherries as Cure for Gout

Though not exactly a cure for gout, cherries are known to be quite beneficial when taken in by gout patients,
lessening the instances of gout pain attacks. Regardless if one were talking about the sweet or sour variety of
cherries, it doesn’t matter, as Cherries are practically quite effective as a “cure for gout”, one which has not
hard scientific evidence as to why, but shows results of patients who benefit from it.

No real argument there, as the testimonies of cherry’s effectiveness as a “cure for gout” comes from gout
patients themselves.

Charcoal Bath

As charcoal is known for its ability to draw toxins from the body, a charcoal bath stands to be one of the
home “cure for gout” options, which many gout patients hail to be quite effective as well.

As most gout, if not all, conditions start with the big toe or toes, one could soak one’s foot, or both one’s
feet in a charcoal concoction, made of half a cup of charcoal powder and water, mixed to a pasty
consistency. By then, one could gradually add hot water, while one’s foot is submerged in the mix. Soaking
one’s foot in this mixture for about thirty to sixty minutes is known to greatly benefit gout conditions.

So there you have it. Two of the popular home remedy class of “cure for gout” options which many gout
options have hailed to be quite effective, if not beneficial.

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