FTTx Drop Cable

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					FTTx Drop Cable

Product Features :
                                                   Cable’s Structure:
    Tiny slit on both sides to allow
    easy strip
    Normal sheath or low smoke,
     zero halogen and fire retardant
     Steel wire or FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastic) as strength member provide
     excellent crush resistance and tensile strength
     Bend optimized design for bending sensitively applications such as FTTx
     and premise network
     Complies with IEC 60793-1, IEC60793-2, IEC 60794, EIA/TIA 598B

Optical Characteristic:
        Parameter                      Condition                                      Value

          Fiber                                                               Singlemode Fiber

                                       @1310nm                                   ≦   0.4dB/km
                                       @1550nm                                   ≦   0.3dB/km
     Zero Dispersion
  Zero Dispersion Slope                                                      ≦   0.090ps/nm .km

    Cutoff Wavelength                                                             <   1260nm

       Mode Field                      @1310nm                                    8.6 ± 0.4µm
     Diameter(MFD)                     @1550nm                                   10.0 ± 0.5µm
                             100turns;Φ50mm @1310nm                                ≦   0.05B
   Marcobending Loss
                             100turns;Φ50mm @1550nm                                ≦  0.10dB
    Fiber Curl Radius                                                             ≧     4m

    Cladding Diameter                                                             125 ± 1µm

    Coating Diameter                                                              245± 5µm

FTTH Drop Cable Data Sheet                                              ZT International Limited
Doc. No.: D2008-08                                                      Email:
Mechanical Characteristic:

                    Parameter                                          Value

                    Fiber Count                                     1 or 2 SMF

            Tight Buffer Fiber Diameter                                900µm

                 Strength Member                             Steel / FRP ( 0.4mm x 2)

                  Sheath Material                                   LSZH / PVC

                 Cable Dimension                                  2.0mm x 4.0mm

                   Cable Weight                                    18 ± 5 kg/km

                                     Installation                   100 ~ 180N
Max. Allowable Pulling Force
                                     Operation                       40 ~ 90N

                 Crush Resistance                                400/200 N/10cm

                                     Operation                     -20 ~+70
                                                                       ℃         ℃
                                     Installation                   -5 ~+50
                                                                       ℃         ℃
Ordering Information:

    Order No.         Fiber Count           Strength member material    Sheath Material
  FTTH-08001                                                                         PVC
  FTTH-08002                                                                         LSZH
  FTTH-08003                                                                         PVC
                                                    Steel wire
  FTTH-08004                                                                         LSZH
  FTTH-08005                                                                         PVC
  FTTH-08006                                                                         LSZH
  FTTH-08007                                                                         PVC
                                                    Steel wire
  FTTH-08008                                                                         LSZH

                                                                           Special cable design or

                                                                           different fiber type is

                                                                           available upon request

FTTH Drop Cable Data Sheet                                       ZT International Limited
Doc. No.: D2008-08                                               Email:

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Description: FTTx access network technology is mainly used for optical fibers, ranging from regional telecommunications infrastructure equipment room to the user terminal equipment, central office equipment for the optical line terminal (Optical Line Terminal; OLT), customer premise equipment for the optical network unit (Optical Network Unit; ONU) or Optical Network terminal (Optical Network Terminal; ONT). Fiber to the user according to the distance to the classification can be divided into fiber-to-switch box (Fiber To The Cabinet; FTTCab), fiber to the curb (Fiber To The Curb; FTTC), fiber to the building (Fiber To The Building; FTTB) and fiber FTTH (Fiber To The Home; FTTH) service, etc. 4 form. U.S. operator Verizon will FTTB and FTTH fiber to the station together (Fiber To The Premise; FTTP). These services may be referred to FTTx.