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    The age of fiber: FTTx heralds the ultra-broadband era

    The age of fiber
    FTTx heralds the ultra-
    IPTV, HDTV, 3D services, and video conferencing are among the applications that epitomize the new ultra-
    broadband era and demand great things from broadband access networks. FTTx has emerged as a high
    capacity, wide coverage, and low cost solution that is eco-friendly and can smoothly bear video services.
    Backed by mature technology, reduced costs, government support, and increasingly open policies, FTTx is
    the new optimum choice for operators.
                                                                                     By Zhou Feng & Liu Zhonglin

9   SEP 2010 . ISSUE 57
                                                                                                                   Huawei Communicate

                                                                                               billion pounds for its fiber-to-the-curb
                                                                                               (FTTC) network, with deployment
                                                                                               scheduled for 2012. In March 2009,
                                                                                               Deutsche Telekom (DT) announced a
                                                                                               3-year investment package totaling 10
                                                                                               billion euros in fiber optics, new mobile
                                                                                               communications technologies and IT
                                                                                               processes. The German operator is
                                                                                               also seeking to increase the number of
                                                                                               FTTH users to 4 million by 2012.
                                                                                                   In the Asia-Pacific region, Japan had
                                                                                               already passed 13 million households
                                                                                               with FTTH by the end of 2009 to
                                                                                               decisively lead the region’s FTTx field.
                                                                                               In 2006, Singapore initiated its 700–
                                                                                               million-USD iN2015 strategy to
                                                                                               construct a nationwide FTTH network
                                                                                               during 2010–2012.
                                                                                                   In the Middle East, the UAE
                                                                                               announced that Abu Dhabi is now the
                                                                                               world’s first capital to be entirely wired
                                                                                               with fiber. As a regional technology
                                                                                               leader, Etisalat plans to construct a
                                                                                               nationwide FTTH network by 2011.
                                                                                               Additionally, nationwide fiber networks
                                                                                               are currently – and rapidly – being built
                                                                                               in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and
                                                                                                   FTTx network construction in China
                                                                                               began in 2007. The big three – China
                                                                                               Mobile, China Telecom, and China
                                                                                               Unicom – have all initiated massive
                                                                                               FTTx deployment schemes, totaling
                                                                                               tens of millions of lines. In 2010, China
                                                                                               kicked off its ambitious plan to converge
                                                                                               telecommunications, broadcasting and
                                                                                               the Internet, which is underpinned
                                                                                               by a 1 5 0 b i l l i o n R M B ( a b o u t 2 2
                                                                                               billion USD) investment to boost fiber

broadband era
                                                                                               broadband rollout over three years.
                                                                                               Thanks to government support, FTTH
                                                                                               construction in China sits confidently
                                                                                               poised for large-scale inception.
                                                                                                   However, FTTx rollout is not a cut
                                                                                               and dried exercise in simplicity: Service

           lobal Industry Analysts              Global trends testify to the above             providers require guaranteed fair and
           predicts that the number of     analysis: In the U.S., Verizon is planning          open network access, the networks
           FTTH/B users will reach         to extend its FiOS service to 18 million            themselves need to be rapidly deployed
           183.9 million by 2015, and      homes with a GPON-based FTTH                        to be viable, and CAPEX and OPEX –
that this upsurge will be powered by       network. In Europe, BT has accelerated              as ever – have to be minimized. Etisalat,
greater bandwidth demands, the growth      its optical network rollout, and has                Singapore’s Nucleus Connect and China
in bundled services, and the replacement   a l re a d y b e g u n d e p l oy i n g F T T H .   Mobile provide us with valuable lessons
of copper with fiber.                      The British giant has earmarked 1.5                 from their FTTx deployment endeavors.

                                                                                                                      SEP 2010 . ISSUE 57       10
     Cover Story
      The age of fiber: FTTx heralds the ultra-broadband era

     Etisalat: building a                            Highly reliable, easy to maintain,
                                                  and friendly to full-service operations,
                                                                                                  Increased single node capacity
     flagship network                             GPON is also Etisalat’s preferred           requires highly reliable equipment. The
                                                  choice for the enterprise market; when      Huawei OLT adopts active/standby
                                                  connected to its 3G base stations, an       mode for the main control unit, uplink
        Boasting impressive skyscrapers and       access network is created for home,         unit, and power supply to provide
     a plethora of luxury hotels, the UAE is      enterprise, and mobile services.            360-degree protection. Thanks to 1+1
     a place of miracles. Its rapid economic                                                  protection for the interfaces, system
     development has doubled its population       Higher capacity, fewer                      reliability reaches 99.999%.
     in just 7 years till 2010, and the region    exchanges                                       To ensure rapid network deployment,
     constantly attracts wealthy globetrotters,                                               Etisalat used Huawei’s test lab to
     including models, movie stars, artists,         Prior to FTTH deployment, Etisalat       precisely mirror and simulate the
     and business executives.                     used various types of access equipment      network environment and perform
        Inevitably, these factors strain the      and required a large number of copper-      an extreme capacity test on FTTH
     region’s telecom services, and pose          based central offices, each covering        deployment. By the end of 2009,
     challenges for Etisalat, the Middle          a radius of less than 6km. Complex          Et i s a l a t h a d d e p l o y e d a n F T T H
     East’s leading integrated telecom            networks are difficult to maintain and      network exceeding 1.4 million lines to
     operator. Etisalat supplies over 32          increase OPEX. Consequently, Etisalat       create one of the world’s largest GPON-
     million customers in 14 countries with       prioritized simple network architecture     based FTTH networks.
     mobile, fixed line, Internet, and cable      during the FTTH planning stage,
     TV (CATV) services. To consolidate           realizing that it could leverage GPON’s     Fast ODN deployment
     its leading position, the operator           wide coverage to build a higher capacity
     recently quickened its pace in the           FTTH network with fewer exchanges.             According to its agreement with
     broadband access field. When it comes           Fiber access can extend to 20km,         the government, Etisalat will cover
     to technology choice, both ADSL              and a single office can serve tens of       Abu Dhabi and 80% of the UAE with
     and ADSL2+ fail to meet increasing           thousands of users. Etisalat’s analysis     FTTH by the end of 2010, before
     bandwidth demands, and VDSL2                 culminated in an action plan to             realizing 100% national coverage in
     inefficiently covers remote and scattered    replace its copper lines with fiber         2012. Rapid ODN deployment is key
     residential communities. The UAE             through FTTH, and cut 2/3 of its            to achieving this goal.
     already benefits from rich fiber resources   legacy central offices. Huawei’s high          To deploy the ODN more efficiently,
     that connect most buildings. Based on        capacity convergent OLT can support         Etisalat is now using double-layered
     this, Etisalat turned its eyes to GPON-      over 16,000 users with only a single        fiber division boxes. Outdoor and
     based FTTH.                                  subrack, which fully satisfies Etisalat’s   indoor engineering is clearly delineated

     Aiming to offer rich, high-quality broadband services to
     guests from all over the world, Etisalat and Huawei deployed
     a SingleFAN FTTx solution that will deliver diverse broadband
     services, including voice, high-speed Internet access and HD
     IPTV to Burj Khalifa, the tallest ever man-made structure.

11    SEP 2010 . ISSUE 57
                                             Huawei Communicate

by layer to define responsibilities and
reduce faulty operations. Etisalat has
also introduced a full product series
with high-level protection to meet the
UAE’s extreme climate. The dustproof
outdoor cable transfer box features a
protection level of IP65, and operates
effectively even at 80°C. The indoor
products are also dustproof, and provide
enhanced service connection rates.
   To boost engineering efficiency,
Etisalat partnered with Huawei to train
1,000 network deployment staff in
under four weeks. The two developed
a scientific subcontractor management
system, and updated indoor network
deployment processes to clarify
   To respond to different scenarios,
such as new or old buildings and
buildings with or without ducts, Etisalat
flexibly applied Huawei’s solutions to
double engineering efficiency.

Connecting the world’s highest
   On January 4, 2010, Burj Khalifa,
the tallest ever man-made structure,
was officially opened to the public. The
828m building represents a marvelous
achievement in human history, and
indicates the government’s decision
to diversify its economic portfolio.
The building boasts 1,044 luxur y
apartments, 49 floors of offices, and a
160-room Armani hotel.
   Etisalat was tasked with the
challenging job of providing
communication services for the building.
Aiming to offer rich, high-quality
broadband services to guests from all over
the world, Etisalat and Huawei deployed
a SingleFAN FTTx solution that will
deliver diverse broadband services,
including voice, high-speed Internet
access, and HD IPTV.
   The building’s opening ceremony was
framed by a spectacular firework display,
which not only marked the grandeur
of Burj Khalifa, but also its strong
technological positioning that embraces
the ultra-broadband era with FTTx.

                                               SEP 2010 . ISSUE 57   12
     Cover Story
      The age of fiber: FTTx heralds the ultra-broadband era

     Nucleus Connect:                                In April 2009, Nucleus Connect was
                                                  selected to design, build and operate the
                                                                                                    and VLAN switching. As a result,
                                                                                                    VLANs need not be re-planned when
     connecting an                                active infrastructure of the Next Gen             RSPs are changed. By selecting the
                                                  NBN. David Storrie, CEO of Nucleus                OLT that supports hierarchical QoS,
     “intelligent nation”                         Connect, believes that ensuring fair              the operator can deliver differentiated
                                                  and open access for RSPs and reducing             service offerings.
        Singapore launched the Intelligent        CAPEX are among the key factors to
     Nation 2015 (iN2015) master plan in          success. How did Nucleus Connect                  Lower CAPEX and faster
     2006, with the aim of exploiting the         achieve these technically?                        deployment
     true potential of ICT over the next
     decade. With government support, the         Fair and open access                                  According to the government’s
     master plan seeks to deploy and upgrade                                                        p l a n , t h e F T T H n e t w o rk w i l l b e
     the nation’s fixed and mobile networks,         Traditionally, operators deploy                commercialized by the third quarter of
     and deliver broadband access to over         networks and provide services, while all          2010 and then cover 95% of the nation
     90% of households.                           the network resources – including the             by June 2012. Nucleus Connect had a
        The Next Generation Nationwide            VLAN, MAC, and multicast addresses –              tight schedule for network deployment.
     Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN)             are internally assigned by operators.                 An FT TH network with large-
     is the fixed part under the iN2015              Un d e r o p e n a c c e s s , i t i s t h e   capacity offices and fewer network nodes
     master plan. The Next Gen NBN boasts         Operating Company (OpCo) who                      would help to simplify O&M, while
     a nationwide, open FTTH network that         uniformly plans network resources for             reducing costs on equipment room
     provides 100Mbps access and 1Gbps            RSPs. Given that RSPs frequently join             rental and O&M. Nucleus Connect
     and beyond for residential users and         and leave the network, the OpCo has to            decided to use high capacity OLTs to
     enterprise users.                            constantly reallocate network resources.          reduced CAPEX.
        As a crucial component of iN2015,         The OpCo also needs to implement                      Partnering Huawei, Nucleus Connect
     the network will carry existing and          hierarchical QoS to ensure fair access            planned and deployed a nationwide
     future data and communication services,      and bandwidth usage. As a result,                 broadband network with an end-to-end
     including voice, IPTV, VOD, high             network traffic can be controlled based           solution, including the Metro router,
     speed Internet access, leased line service   on user, service and RSP.                         OLT, and Ethernet switch.
     for enterprises, and mobile broadband           Nucleus Connect selected a solution                Nucleus Connect also built an
     services.                                    that realizes flexible flow classification        integrated network management system

13    SEP 2010 . ISSUE 57
                                                                                                             Huawei Communicate

Following 16-month preparation, on Aug 31st of 2010, Nucleus Connect
officially announced that it has commenced commercial operations to
power infinite possibilities onboard Singapore’s Next Gen NBN. As its
CEO David Storrie comments, “Today marks a historical moment not
only for Nucleus Connect but also for Singapore’s infocomm future as
we transform Singapore into a global city, an intelligent nation.”

(NMS) for network operation and                  After acquiring fixed-line assets and a       To effectively explore the enterprise
service provisioning. The NMS provides        3G license, China Mobile has been busy       market, China Mobile Zhejiang and
adequate northbound interfaces that           converging its fixed and mobile services     Huawei have innovated a new service
can rapidly connect with the third-           in readiness for full service operations.    portfolio, three examples of which are
party OSS/BSS. Moreover, the NMS              To cultivate a leading position in this      listed below:
supports unified management of data,          ne w business area, China Mobile                 Convergent private branch exchange
transmission, and access devices to           Zhejiang needs to transform itself and       (PBX): A virtual PBX supports various
achieve visualized service provisioning       address a range of challenges.               terminals and provides the following
and E2E service configuration. As a              Despite being a mobile leader, China      services: uniform phone number, voice
result, the service provisioning efficiency   Mobile Zhejiang has yet to develop           portal, corporate phone directory, short-
has been improved.                            a fixed network. Doing so requires           number dialing, voice PBX, call center
   Following 16-month preparation,            a highly experienced partner, which          service, corporate management, and
on August 31st of 2010, Nucleus               prompted the operator to join hand           contact member management.
Connect officially announced that it          with Huawei. Utilizing Huawei’s strong           Enterprise communication assistant:
has commenced commercial operations           R&D and E2E network capabilities,            Includes VoIP, conference calling,
to power infinite possibilities onboard       China Mobile Zhejiang has successfully       and data sharing. This service boosts
Singapore’s Next Gen NBN. As its              planned and deployed its cutting-edge        conferencing efficiency and reduces toll
CEO David Storrie comments, “Today            network and OSS through which it             call fees.
marks a historical moment not only            provides high-grade services.                    Convergent virtual private network
for Nucleus Connect but also for                                                           (VPN): Enables fixed telephony, soft
Singapore’s infocomm future as we             Focusing on enterprise users                 terminals, handset-sharing for the same
transform Singapore into a global city,                                                    number, and automatic call-switching.
an intelligent nation.”                          Accounting for 85% of the customer        These functions combine to ensures that
                                              base of its virtual private mobile network   all incoming calls are answered quickly.
                                              (VPMN), government and enterprise                By studying domestic and
China Mobile Zhejiang:                        users form a huge potential market for
                                              fixed services offered by China Mobile
                                                                                           international experiences and its own
                                                                                           network and market positioning, China
full-service access                           Zhejiang. Through FMC, China Mobile          Mobile Zhejiang selected IMS and
                                              Zhejiang can sharpen its competitive         GPON to build its full-service access
made easy                                     edge among high-end customers.               network.

                                                                                                                SEP 2010 . ISSUE 57    14
      The age of fiber: FTTx heralds the ultra-broadband era

     Flexible FTTx access solution                ICT solutions thanks to its built-in         lower the skill requirements, and
                                                  router, firewall, anti-virus software, and   eliminate the need for intensive training,
        Construction, however, still created      IP PBX. The OT928, which provides            thus reducing costs and complexity.
     many problems. Firstly, China Mobile         broadband and E1 private lines, is              Based on the actual circumstances
     Zhejiang realized that it had to meet        designed for large enterprises with LANs     surrounding its live network, China
     varied market demands, with a GPON           and PBX.                                     Mobile Zhejiang deployed centralized
     that provides access for different              The Huawei FT Tx solution                 network management across the
     customer groups. For example, large          incorporates several QoS mechanisms          province. As a result, the NMS helps
     enterprises prefer legacy fixed phone        and provides a configurable service          pre-deploy network elements, and
     numbers and a PBX. Trade-oriented            priority for MANs to ensure E2E QoS.         realize the automatic commissioning
     small SMEs favor a one-stop ICT              The ONU supports VLAN translation            and acceptance of ONUs en masse.
     solution, while small and medium             and QoS remarks and, once applied            Engineers only need to visit the site
     manufacturers require just voice and         as the enterprise gateway, can help          once for installation tasks, after which
     broadband access.                            China Mobile Zhejiang realize uniform        they can commission and accept
        Secondly, the GPON should provide         network planning and management.             site equipment through the NMS.
     hierarchical QoS and flexible access for     The Huawei convergent OLT directly           As ONUs can be plug-and-play, the
     various services, including broadband        connects to the MAN and MSTP                 deployment workload was lowered and
     private line, E1 private line, VPN, voice,   to reduce the number of convergent           work efficiency was enhanced.
     and communication assistant. Thirdly,        devices.                                        By the end of 2009, China Mobile
     many enterprises have internal networks                                                   Zhejiang had successfully deployed
     with planned VLANs and class of              Centralized network                          over 250,000 FTTx lines and attracted
     service (CoS). As a result, ONUs are         management                                   nearly 40,000 subscribers. By building
     needed to simplify and unify network                                                      a full-service access network with IMS
     access.                                         ONU management and ser vice               and GPON, China Mobile Zhejiang
        China Mobile Zhejiang selected            provisioning differ in full-ser vice         has entered the enterprise market
     Huawei based on the latter’s flexible        and mobile networks. China                   with differentiated services, and has
     and customizable GPON and FTTx               Mobile Zhejiang faced the issue that         successfully transformed itself into a
     solutions, complete ONU product              maintenance personnel would have             full-service operator.
     series, rich services and functions, and     to rapidly learn new technical skills to
     superior access scenarios. For example,      realize successful service provisioning      Editor: Liu Zhonglin
     the MA561x series suits SMEs with            and smooth network maintenance. As
     its high density voice and broadband         most maintenance personnel still need         The electronic version and subscription information are
     access capabilities. The SRG also meets      to improve their skills in fixed networks,    available at Questions
                                                                                                and suggestions may be directed to the editor concerned.
     the demands of SMEs for one-stop             the operator opted to simplify O&M,

     By the end of 2009, China Mobile Zhejiang had successfully
     deployed over 250,000 FTTx lines and attracted nearly
     40,000 subscribers. By building an access network with
     IMS and GPON, China Mobile Zhejiang has successfully
     transformed itself into a full-service operator.

15    SEP 2010 . ISSUE 57
                                                                                                                      Huawei Communicate

Huawei test lab for E2E FTTx solutions
                                                                                                                                   By Wu Rui

   FTTx is not merely a simple                        layer server, router, convergence switch,
combination of network elements like                  PON device and terminal. A mirrored
optical line terminal (OLT), optical                  network can be established and test cases
distribution network (ODN) and                        can be run on the network, verifying
optical network unit (ONU), but                       feasibility on the live network.
requires E2E planning, design and                        The lab has a mirrored network
solution-based testing.                               environment and high fidelity network
   Huawei has been constantly                         simulation for global operators
expanding its product series, while                   including British Telecom, Deutsche
building a state-of-the-art test lab to               Telekom, France Telecom and Etisalat.
support E2E FTTx solutions testing.                   The mirrored network or simulation is
T h e l a b h e l p s Hu a w e i t o b e t t e r      updated according to the network of
understand customers, provide better                  operators, providing timely backup for
services and meet the increasing demand               network upgrades, troubleshooting and
for large-scale FTTx deployment.                      introducing new features.

User experience-based                                 Large-capacity limit test
                                                         Etisalat first deployed FTTH in 2006       FTTx requirements for the next three
   Technically speaking, communication                and is now one of the largest GPON-           years.
devices are generally verified through                based FTTH networks in the world.
black-box testing on an individual                    Presently, China, Japan, and South
basis or through code-based white-                    Korea are also actively expanding their       A professional test team
box testing. In FTTx networks, new                    FTTH deployments.
applications constantly emerge and the                   Although the PON OLT features                  In addition to strong hardware
requirements are higher for E2E FTTx                  large capacity and high density, a live       capability for full-service testing, the
solution testing. For this scenario, the              network can be more complex than              lab is staffed with a professional test
Huawei test lab focuses on the quality of             originally anticipated. For example,          team utilizing advanced techniques
an E2E FTTx solution, while enhancing                 abnormal packets, simultaneous user           to understand and fulfill customer
user experience.                                      online/offline, network upgrades, service     requirements. This highly experienced
   Fo r H D v i d e o s e r v i c e , b e s i d e s   provisioning and data synchronization         team of engineers continuously develops
other KPIs, factors like image quality                can severely impact OLTs under heavy          automation and simulation technologies
and channel switching times are also                  traffic. The OLT should be carrier-class,     geared to help operators enhance user
important for a good user experience. In              and its capability needs to be verified in    experience.
the FTTx deployment, user experience                  an advanced simulation environment                In the lab, a large number of devices
is related to the actual cabling,                     and through limit tests.                      and testing instruments run 24/7,
site surveys, feedback, and service                      In a large-capacity FT Tx limit            and the automated tests greatly boost
provisioning. During simulation testing,              test, the lab can provide 4,000               efficiency. By collecting, analyzing, and
exceptions are recorded to improve the                optical network units and more than           abstracting traffic data, the lab simulates
solution.                                             500 MxUs. Reinforced by software              the traffic at different time periods and
   The test lab for the E2E FT Tx                     simulation, the lab can simulate the          automatically adjusts the traffic volume.
solution is fully equipped with a                     traffic on OLTs at full capacity and then     All test cases can be implemented in a
network management system, upper-                     offer a solution to take care of operators’   high fidelity simulation environment.

                                                                                                                          SEP 2010 . ISSUE 57     16

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