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									Issue 3                                                                                                                                      	           November 23, 2009
  Basket Tosses, Soccer Balls,
        and Mile Runs
  The Most Athletic Teacher
                    By: Amanda Jefferson and Sarah Nichols
Hey! Who knew that we have really athletic teachers at this school?!?!? Okay, I’ll ad-
mit that I did know that, but I digress. Two of the most outstanding athletic teaches
at our amazing school are Coach Brubaker (sound familiar?) and Mrs. McMenomy.
How do I know this tidbit of information, well y’all voted, that’s why.
              Both teachers felt honored that they won this “prestigious” award, but
Mrs. McMenomy was... “Well pretty shocked, because I haven’t been working out as
regularly now that I’m not coaching cheerleading, but of course honored!” While
Brubaker loves getting in and running around, playing mostly soccer, ultimate, foot-
ball, racquet sports and tether ball, McMenomy likes to do more of the watching/
walking combo (watching her son play ball while she walks); her favorite “doing”
activities are elliptical and tennis.
               So why is the most athletic teacher athletic? “A sound body makes a
sound mind. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and competition,” notes Brubaker,
while Mrs. McMenomy takes a different approach to exercise, “it is so important
to be athletic obviously so my pants fit, but mostly because it makes me strong, my
heart strong, and gives me more energy. When I exercise, I’m setting a good healthy
body image for my children. God just intended for us to do physical activity.” Both
teachers think it is important to be athletic as a good influence to their families
and the students they teach. Brubaker remarks, “It is very important for students
to be athletic so they will be healthy and live a long time. You can also work harder
academically and are less stressed when you are active; it helps your whole being.”
McMenomy agrees saying, “Students should enjoy this time when they can play
sports at a competitive level and with organization. They should take advantage of
the time they have and the resources provided to better themselves, while having few                                                                                            made in photoshop by Cassie Cofield
other responsibilities.”

                    D y n a m ic Dr a k e                                                                     They told me to take my pants off
                                                             By: Colleen Colvin and Angela Edge                                                        By: Jonpaul Bruner
                                                                                                              Friday the 13th, the luckiest day of the year. All the students were planning on taking this day on the
                                                           Do you know Drake Corbin? He’s a normal
                                                                                                              chin and dressing a little more comfortable. Nothing inappropriate, nothing offensive, just pj’s.
                                                         freshman here at JCCHS–But he’s not so
                                                                                                                            Somehow, the administration was alerted and over reacted like everyone knew they would,
                                                         average anymore! Drake has been selected for
                                                                                                              leaving everyone with the same question “Really?!”.
                                                         the Georgia Student Advisory Council. Every
                                                                                                                            Being punished for being comfortable is nothing other than asinine. Teachers and ad-
                                                         year in late spring, students all across the state
                                                                                                              ministration have their blue jean days; let us have our pj’s. To send a student home, to put one of our
                                                         choose to go through a long application pro-
                                                                                                              much loved students in iss for something so ridiculous is childish.
                                                         cess before possibly getting selected for this
                                                                                                                            In response to this statement, the administration might ask “Why do it if it’s so ridicu-
                                                         prestigious honor. Jackson County’s very own
                                                                                                              lous?” The answer is simple. It’s because we’re tired of the daily grind, the “punishment”, the idioc-
                                                         Drake Corbin of grade nine got accepted to
                                                                                                              racy. We do ridiculous things to bring us back to reality. We have very little freedom, and you wonder
                                                         the SAC. We caught up with Drake and asked
                                                                                                              why so many people stare blankly into space during class.
                                                         him a few questions about his acceptance.
                                                                                                                            This article is not to “attack” or offend any certain member of the administration, but to
  “The Student Advisory Council is a council of students formed by Kathy Cox [State Superinten-
                                                                                                              open their eyes, and open the student’s eyes. We (students) have done something every other week,
 dent of Schools] to improve the Georgia education system,” Drake told us. Drake states that he
                                                                                                              whether it be a game or wearing something silly, only to “relieve” ourselves. Let kids be kids while we
 wanted to be on the council because he wanted the chance to help out Georgia. He also said it looks
                                                                                                              still can, before we become numb to life.
 really good for college applications. “The kids on the council are just average students, though some
 are dynamic,” he further explained. Since the whole purpose of the SAC is to better Georgia educa-
 tion and to make significant changes to the school system, we asked Drake what he would like to see
                                                                                                                                The Administration Defense
 changed. “I would like to see more personalized classes and getting more choice on the courses that                                                     By: Lex Mosely
 you can take,” Drake replied.
                                                                                                              In the business world, the adults have a dress down day where they are able to wear jeans instead of
 There is no doubt that Drake will be doing great things for our school and Georgia. This student

       The Sound of Progress
                                                                                                              their nice dress pants (like what the teachers do here at school). So, I asked if teachers can wear jeans
 has one very bright future.
                                                                                                              instead of dress pants, then why can’t we, the students, wear pajamas instead of jeans? McGhee’s
                                                                                                              answer was that we are not kids, but “young adults”, and wearing pajamas would not help “prepare us
                                                                                                              for the future” in our jobs, and that pajamas at school are “inappropriate at this age”. “Even the most
                                                                                                              normal, appropriate pajamas, could reveal too much of the body, which is never acceptable,” and
                                           By: Preston Brooks                                                 this brought him to his second point: it is against the school’s code of conduct/dress code. Basically,
The first study on the effect of music on the human brain was later coined as the “Mozart Effect.”            those are the rules, and that it’s “never ok to break the rules”; Friday the thirteenth was no exception.
Because of this, portable mp3 players hit the office , and the music industry has, in recent years,                        McGhee also wanted to let students know that all the kids who got ISS were the kids who
skyrocketed itself to fame. But what actually happened in the experiment that changed our standard            came to school in proper dress code and then pulled off a sneaky stunt: they changed into pajamas
of living to include music?                                                                                   after the administrators had already cleared them to enter the building.
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Issue 3                                                                                                                                       	          November 23, 2009
                                  Europe on a Shoestring                                                                                                     Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship:

                           Follow-up on Travel after High School
                                       By: Nicole Heaslip                                                                                                    Amount: $1500 scholarship
                                                                                                                                                             Deadline: January 11, 2010
               My adventure to Europe is only a year and a half away and I still don’t have a job. Instead of applying
  for jobs everywhere I find myself spending my days after school on my friend’s back porch complaining about the
                                                                                                                                                             To be eligible, must
  dilemma in which I find myself.
                                                                                                                                                             · Be a legal resident of Georgia
          Europe is an expensive place to spend even a small amount of time and I’m staying for six months. Needless
                                                                                                                                                             · Be a citizen of the United States, a national, or a
  to say, I’m more than a little stressed. Marrying a rich guy is always an option, but that wouldn’t say much about my

                                                                                                                                                             permanent resident who meets the residency require-
  character, so I guess I’m job hunting this weekend.
                                                                                                                                                             ment listed above, and provides documentation from
          The sooner I find a job, the sooner I can leave. Obviously, I won’t have much money to work with so how
                                                                                                                                                             the Immigration Naturalization Service.
  can I save money while I’m there? The thing I have to worry about the most is living expenses. A hotel is out of the
                                                                                                                                                             · Have applied or been accepted for enrollment
  question because I can’t afford to pay for luxury. Unfortunately, I will have to stay in hostels which are often shared
                                                                                                                                                             in a qualified institution of higher education. This
  with up to 10 other people on bunk beds. I’m just going to look on the bright side and think of it as a bonding op-
                                                                                                                                                             includes posts secondary vocational institutions.
  portunity with complete strangers. Maybe I’ll make friends.
                                                                                                                                                             · Shows promise of continued academic
          Another expensive necessity is a Eurail pass (European train). A three month pass costs 1,089 USD! That’s
                                                                                                                                                             achievement.*A student attending a military academy
  about enough to feed me for the entire six months (if I spend five USD on food a day). If Europe weren’t so big, I
                                                                                                                                                             is ineligible to receive a Byrd scholarship.
  would be walking.

       Fine Arts
                                                                                                                                                             Gates Millennium Scholars Scholarship:
                                                                                                                                                             You must be something other then white such as
                                                                                                                                                             African American, Native American, etc.

           Drama                                                          Band            By: Samantha Kennett                                               ·MUST have a GPA 3.0 or higher
                                          Like the football team, the marching band too is winding down their season.                                        ·MUST be a legal permanent resident of the United
         A Christmas Carol               No more “on the field action.” Other than the Athens Christmas Parade that                                          States.
    December 9 – 12 at 7:00 PM          they are participating in on December 3rd, the marching drums and horns will                                         ·Show leadership abilities through several different
Presented by the Drama Department         be packed away and the concert music and horns will come out. The band’s                                           ways
                                                    first concert is the Christmas Concert on December 14th.                                                 ·Meet the Federal Pell Grant criteria and have ALL
                 and                                    Also starting up with concert season are the Jazz Bands: Jazz I,                                     three required forms completed (Nominee Personal,
                                         Jazz II, and Jazz Combo. Jazz I practices Tuesdays through Thursdays morn-                                          Nominator, and Recommender Forms.)
The 2009 Annual Christmas Concert        ings, Jazz II practices Mondays after school, and Jazz Combo practices Friday                                       ·Preferred to have all this submitted online.
     December 12th and 13th                                 mornings. Their first concert is in February.
                                                      On December 12th, over fifty students will be auditioning for Dis-                                     ·DUE JANUARY 11, 2010
 Performed by the JCCHS Chorus
                                         trict and All State band. They will perform a prepared etude and major scales
                                           that are previously practiced, as well as sight read an etude, all while being       Kroger’s Earning plus Learning for High School Seniors Scholarship
                    As I am writing this “lil ed” aka Christina Romo is finishing up some final edits for this edition           Amount: $25,000 in scholarships for the selected 25 finalists. Amount varies.
                     beside me. This past month has definitely been the most stressful month I think that I’ve ever had                                 Deadline: February 1, 2010
                     to endure. I have learned that everything has a deadline, even if it doesn’t hold the
                                          title. A perfect example of this was the day that I found out that my Hope                                       To be eligible, students must:
                                          GPA was borderline. Yes I have sat through countless lectures from Dr.                                       • Be graduating high school seniors
                                          Wyrick but no I never checked my Hope GPA. Not only was I shocked when             • Have a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4-point unweighted scale (or equivalent on another
                                          I saw how low my GPA was but then I realized that it was to late.	                                                            scale)
I have had four years to bring my GPA up but when I found out during my senior year I was devistated. Deadlines                        • Be U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States
have a way of sneaking up on you and sometimes when you find out, it’s too late to do anything about them. I encour-        • Be pursuing continued education from an accredited two or four year college, univer-
age all of the underclassmen to start caring. If you’re thinking about going to college then care about your grades. Care                                  sity, technical or trade school
about every step that you take in high school, it all counts! I hope that all of you learn from this now and not your                                     • Have taken the SAT or ACT
senior year of high school. You want your senior year to be fun and not have to worry about anything. As Preston                            • Provide a sealed transcript submitted with application
would say “hakuna matata”.                                                                                                   • Include a submission of creative expression of the 2009-2010 theme “Active! Mind.
                                                                                                                                                             Body. Community.”

    You can now find

                                                                                          The Creeper’s Guide to
  our newspaper on the                   - Columnists -
 school’s website! So go                Brittany Bryant
       check it out.                      Angela Edge
                                        Hillary Hudgins
                                         Colleen Colvin
                                         Brandy Peebles
                                         Brent Vanfleet
                                                                                             People Watching
                                        Kyle Funderburk                                                                           By: Cassie Cofield	
      - Advisor -                      Samantha Kennett
                                                                        	            Stuck	waiting	for	a	ride	from	school	or	the	mall?	Instead	of	getting	frustrated	and	sending	angry	complaint	texts	to	your	
    Natalie Peterson                    Jonpaul Bruner                  friends,	you	could	try	out	watching	all	of	the	people	around	you.		You	go	to	zoos	or	aquariums	to	observe	the	way	animals	live,	right?	
                                        Curly Compton                   It’s	just	as	amusing,	if	not	more,	and	free.	People	watching	can	be	a	sort	of	art	form.	Humans	are	very	complex	and	have	stranger	
   - Editor-in-chief -                     Josh Evans                   mannerisms,	so	you’d	never	be	bored.
                                                                        The first rule in people watching is you have got to be inconspicuous. If the subject of your attention spots you staring them down,
    Hilary Bradford                        Seth Snyder                  they’ll get creeped out and flee. It’s best to hide behind a book, cell phone, or laptop. Act like you’re staring off into space if you hap-
                                        Preston Brooks                  pen	to	make	that	awkward	eye	contact	with	the	subject.	
                                                                        	            The	second	rule	is	you	need	to	choose	an	appropriate	location	to	exercise	your	observation	skills.	Some	good	places	are	
  - Assistant Editors -                   Tyler Ladanyi                 parking lots, food courts in malls, a long bus ride on the highway, or cafes. A good activity to exercise your creativity is summing up
     Kasey Dixon                         Nicole Heaslip                 their life story in a few words. A few examples of this would be “failed marriage”, “burned out frat boy”, or “hard-working single
    Christina Romo                        Alex Shuman                   mother raising well rounded children”. Yeah, judging someone is wrong, but not when you’re doing it just to be malicious.
                                                                                     The third and final rule is to realize that this is not stalking and you are not a freak. Watching someone is not following
                                       Crystal Stichcomb                them around all day and memorizing their daily schedule. Don’t go overboard with it. This is a fun activity meant to be a tool to fight
 - Layout Designers -                    Cassie Cofield                 away	the	demon	of	boredom.	It’s	also	not	freaky	to	observe.	If	you’re	uncomfortable	with	people	watching,	think	of	movies.	People	
   Stephaine Vickery                     Sarah Nichols                  who make movies are like archivists of human activity. You’re participating in artificial people watching when you go to the theater.

      David Serna                                                        Remember, everyone does it. As Jack Johnson once beautifully sang “Well I’m just people watching the other people watching me
                                                                        and we’re all people watching the other people watching we.”

Issue 3
                                                                                                                                                                             Page 3

                                                                                                                                                                    November 23, 2009

                                     Life As We Knew It
                                     By:	Brandy	Peebles                                                         Capitalism: A Movie Review
                                                                                                                      By:	Preston	Brooks
                                     	            Life As We Knew It gives you a whole new perspec-           “I am here to make a citizen’s arrest of the Board
                                     tive on life as we’ve never known it before. Imagine walking                  of 	Directors	of 	AIG.”		-Michael	Moore
                                     home from school one day, with assignments from four classes
                                     in	eighty-five	degree	May	weather,	worrying	about	how	you	can	
                                     possibly pass your math test on Friday. Now imagine the very next
                                     day when the temperature is below zero, chaos is in the streets, and
                                     when you look to the sky, all you see is the immense moon loom-                       From the infamous director, activist,    beloved capitalism.
                                     ing above you.                                                           and producer, Michael Moore, another movie                         Another plus for Michael is his bal-
                                                  Written in the form of a teen’s diary, this book is a       spawns in his endless pursuit of uncovering the       anced organization. The movie moves from seri-
                                     page turner. With an intriguing storyline and a realistic heroine for    truth (and of course how he thinks mistakes           ous, to saddening, to hilarious, and back again.
                                     the main character, it’s a great read for anyone: the character-driven   should be corrected). Capitalism: A Love Story,       Moore exposes a dark side of our economy,
                                     plot	and	events	will	keep	you	guessing	until	the	final	page.             like all of his well known movies, attacks Moore’s    with on-site videos of victims to foreclosure,
	            Miranda is a sixteen year old girl whose daily routine consists of 92’s in history and check-    deep seeded enemy of poverty, and critiques           pay	deduction,	financial	Coup	D’Etat,	and	again,	
ing Brandon Erlich’s fan site. That is until an asteroid is scheduled to hit the moon. Little did she know    our economic structure. In Capitalism, Moore          many interviews to prove his points against the
that this asteroid would not only sky-rocket the moon out of orbit but also her life.                         makes collaboration out of his past movies, in an     profit-driven	capitalism.	Hilarious	protests	are	
             Suddenly the world begins to change: tsunamis, earthquakes, and negative degree weather          attempt to answer his ultimate question: Who are      used, like in his other movies, to poke fun at the
are killing thousands daily and those who survive feel like they are on a rollercoaster heading towards       we, and why do we behave the way we do?               subject	matter.	In	this	film,	Moore	circles	Wall	
the end of the world.                                                                                         	            The	film	starts	off 	with	clips	of 	     Street with crime scene tape, using a megaphone
             Miranda, her mother, and two brothers struggle to survive in this new world. She cannot          past infomercials and advertisements, which           to project his claim, that he is making a citizens
turn to anyone because everyone is struggling to keep their heads above the rising water of this crisis.      are exclaiming over the wonderful capitalism          arrest for all those using our tax dollars.
             When Miranda is not hungry, freezing, or worrying about her family, she writes in her            (almost portraying it as brainwash). We see the                     While all of his words cannot
diary. She wonders: When will this end? How much worse could things get? How long can their                   development	of 	America,	or	more	specifically,	       be taken as pure fact, everyone could learn
food last? What will happen when the temperature keeps dropping? How much longer can they                     the development of capitalism. Moore makes it         something from Moore’s movies, and especially
survive? And what if there is no survival- if this asteroid was not only sending the moon towards the         blatantly obvious that, unlike many of his oppo-      Capitalism: A Love Story. Touching on topics
earth…but the world closer to the apocalypse?                                                                 sition, he doesn’t view capitalism as an American     such as Alan Greenspan, “Real Estate Vultures”,
                                                                                                              characteristic, even going so far as to inspect the   Dead	Peasant	Insurance	(please	spend	some	
                                                                                                              original constitution in hopes of seeing an eco-      time researching this one), Religious intervention
                                                         Goin’ Classic:                                       nomic clause in it. Needless to say, there wasn’t     with	capitalism,	Plutonomy	and	Aristocracy,	the	
                                                        Violent Femmes                                        one. Moore is well known for his inter-personal       2008 Stock Market Crash, The Bank Bailout, and
                                                         By:	Cassie	Cofield                                   interviews with completely relevant people. In        FDR’s	2nd	Bill	of 	Rights,	this	movie	is	an	open-
                                                                                                              his Fahrenheit 911, Lila Lipscomb (from his own       opener. I recommend that everyone, no matter
                                                                                                              hometown Flint, Michigan) was interviewed over        what side of the political spectrum or your
                                                                                                              her change in heart after her son dying in the        opinion on Moore is, see this movie. For more
                                                                                                              war, in Sicko many interviews with people under       information, please visit Capitalismalovestory.
                                                                                                              socialized healthcare, and Moore continues his        com or Michaelmoore.com. Capitalism: A Love
	             The	80’s	were	filled	with	many	experimental	looks,	generic	hair-band	metal,	and	lots	of 	       legacy with even more interviews of victims of        Story	is	released	on	DVD	on	December	29th	of 	
keytars. Very few bands stood out in that decade, but amongst all the glitz and hard drugs there were         capitalism. The main point to be made is that         this year. As of this point, the movie has hit the
the	Violent	Femmes.	This	trio	of 	unconventional	musicians	kicked	off 	1983	with	an	album	that	every-         the average American citizen knows very little        screens generating $9,095,191.
one has come to adore still to this day. Gordon Gano, the innocent devout Baptist from Milwaukee,             about the insurmountable consequences of our
put	all	of 	his	frustrations	into	the	Femmes’	first	album.	Mix	confusion	and	angst	with	some	awesome	
acoustic bass guitar and you have the one and only Violent Femmes’ self titled album.                                                          The Sound of Progress
              It starts with the very well known “Blister in the Sun” which channels all of Gano’s trou-                                            By:	Preston	Brooks
bles and personal conquests with a girl into a very catchy and upbeat song. It was the one that helped
the album’s sales skyrocket eight years after its release. The album continues with the raw acoustics                                                  (continued from front page...)
and profane language that young people everywhere treasure. These songs can give a frustrated, love-          The study concluded that listening to Mozart had little to no effect on the brain processes. College
drunk, and somewhat potty mouthed teenager something to relate to. The closer of this self titled             students tested their IQs, both with and without Mozart music; With Mozart, their IQs raised an
album of glory is “Good Feeling”. It is one of the few songs with subject material that doesn’t make          average of a few miniscule points for about 15 minutes. There have been many studies preceding this,
you	want	to	kill	yourself.	Despite	this,	it	can	double	as	a	non-traditional	break	up	song	that	makes	life	    and	all	but	a	few	contradicted	these	results,	showing	significant	differentiation.	But	a	mass	opinion	has	
so much harder to bear. Overall, this album is a work of genius that gives you the warm fuzzy feel-           been	dictated,	concluding	that	no	effect	is	sufficient	to	consider	the	Mozart	Effect	valid.
ing/cold stab of despair that only music can bring.                                                                       So then what could possibly come out of adding music to the workplace, or even school? If
                                                                                                              it	scientifically	doesn’t	provide	more	intelligence	for	the	listener,	why	SHOULD	music	be	allowed?	
This is one of my favorites because it’s the little bit of eccentric that the music world needs. Everyone     To begin with, while the IQ differences aren’t substantial, emotional changes are. Some people claim
should at least give it a listen.                                                                             that their emotions are decided from the music they listen to. Some people claim the attitude they are
                                                                                                              in decides the type of music they listen to. Either way, music and attitude seem to go hand-in-hand.
                                                                                                              I personally feel that both apply. Is it not true that when your favorite song comes on, your thought
                                                                                                              processes change and you are happy? What’s so wrong with being happy these days?

   Holiday Calendar
           Stone Mountain Christmas
                                                                                                                          Of course, its good to note that not every instance involving music is positive. In fact, most
                                                                                                              students, I feel, would take advantage of any sort of musical entertainment and stop working diligently
                                                                                                              to enjoy themselves. I’m sure that this is the original reason for abolishing music in school, and there
                                                                                                              is some truth behind that. It’s easy to become distracted with music blasting in your ear, whether you
                                                                     Lights at Lake Lanier
                Stone Mountain                                                                                realize it or not.
                                                                      Lake Lanier Islands
      November	14th-	December	30th,	all	times                                                                             There are more things to be said in favor of music though. Another situational positive is
                                                                   November	22-	December	30
                  Sleigh Rides                                                                                returning	to	distractions.	Distractions	are	everywhere,	especially	in	a	room	full	of 	attention-span-lack-
                                                                    Athens parade of Lights                   ing	teenagers.	If 	everyone	is	talking,	it’s	even	more	difficult	to	do	your	work	than	with	music	blasting	
                Stone Mountain
                                                                            Athens                            in your ear. Some would say, omit the talking and the problem is solved, but its just not that easy. That
         November	14th-	December	30th
                                                                     December	3rd	at	7p.m                     is	unfair	to	group	work,	to	social	conversation,	and	to	valuable	educational	opportunity.	People	need	
               Snow	angel	fireworks                                    A Christmas Carol                      to talk back and forth. It provides us with stress-relief, comprehensions assistance, and personality
                 Stone Mountain                                       Atlanta Civic Center                    building techniques. So how do you solve a crisis like this? How do you ensure both social positives
           November	14th-	December	30th                         December	15-20,	2009,	times	vary              and productivity?
                Polar	Express	4d                                                                              												Teacher	Discretion.	Those	two	words	are	a	step	towards	solving	the	student	vs.	Administration	
                 Stone Mountain                                                                               issue. Teachers, unlike administration, actually teach the students on a daily basis, and therefore know
                                                                       Atlanta Fox Theatre
           November	14th-	December	30th                                                                       students personally enough to decide what is positive. In every single case, music is not a necessary
                                                                      	December	12th,	2p.m
                                                                                                              tool to enhance a learning experience, but there are times when it helps a good deal. Teachers are the
           Radio City Christmas Spectacular                          Christmas Laser show                     only adults with mature decision-making skills and enough hands-on experience to judge when music
                 Atlanta, Fox theatre                                  Stone Mountain                         could be appropriate. From this class, journalism (where we are all working at different stages to de-
           November	19th-	December	6th                           December	12th-December	23rd                  velop the school newspaper), I see a real need of music. To drown out noise, talk, typing, and to really
                     8p.m-11p.m                                                                               center your thought processes on whatever you are writing.
                                                                                                                          You see, music has the potential to be a wonderful tool, if it is used in good means. Ideally,
 The	band	will	be	performing	in	the	Athens	Parade	of 	Lights.	So	come	support	your	Pan-                       students would be more pleased, and pleased students should mean better work ethic. I think JCCHS
                           ther	Band	December	3rd	at	7	p.m.                                                   should	adopt	and	experiment	with	my	above	stated	“teacher	Discretion”	rule,	and	test	for	results	
                                                                                                              before	punishing	potentially	beneficial	ideas.
                                                                                                                                                                    Page 4

Issue 3                                                                                                                              	           November 23, 2009

PLAYOFFS! Don’t Talk                                                                             H e y ! G u e s s W hat You Missed
   About Playoffs                                                                                          F r iday Night?
                                                                                                                                               By: Brent VanFleet
                             By Kyle Funderburk
                                                                                   In the beginning of the school year, I wrote a degrading        close to beating Buford in the playoffs—history was being
	            It was eight years ago when Jim Mora, then coach of the India-        article (to say the least) about the Jackson Co. fans. If       made.
napolis Colts, uttered the word PLAYOFFS! During a post game interview he          I remember correctly, I claimed them to be “fake” and                       The season was not what many envisioned
was asked if the team could make the playoffs, he went ballistic in what is now    “disloyal.” Boy—I was pretty close to nailing it. Before I      after the 3-0 start, but the Panther football team posted
commonly seen on Coors Light commercials.                                          get on my “rant,” I want to thank many who deserve it.          a record of 4-6, our best record in 12 years. Also, with
             For the past several years the entire college football world has                     I want to thank the band, the cheerleaders,      the win over Stephens Co. it penciled in the first victory
uttered that word playoffs. Fans from every corner of the country have been        the small group of students and parents who were in             against them in school history. History aside, this was
vocal about wanting a playoff in college football.                                 the stands. You were the individuals who supported the          arguably the best game in JCCHS history. Just ask those
             And it’s not just the fans, after the 2007 season University of       football team through the glorious 3-0 start as well as the     who witnessed it.
Georgia President Michael Adams led the charge with several other university       losses that came along during the season. In my mind, you                   Darien Rollins, senior safety and receiver,
presidents to go after the BCS. A few years before that SEC Commissioner           are just as important as the players out on the field. Thank    carried the team on his back with a receiving, rushing and
Mike Slive brought the idea of a four team playoff to the NCAA and BCS.            You.                                                            passing touchdown; an extraordinary feat that rarely hap-
And both those attempts still didn’t work.                                         Now—the moment you have all been waiting for…..                 pens on any level of football. You could have seen it all
             Even congress has looked into the BCS controversies. In 2005                        On the week of our last football game, I          but you didn’t. You decided to not come or go to another
Joe Barton, who was chairman of the congressional committee that looked            heard something that absolutely astounded me.                   school’s game.
into the BCS controversy, called the system “deeply flawed”. He went on to                       “Are you going to the Jefferson game,” I heard                I understand that some may have had personal
say “Too often college football ends in sniping and controversy, rather than       from a student. You are kidding right?                          issues and could not attend but for the others who said,
winners and losers,” and “The current system of determining whose No. 1            It shocked me.                                                  “Oh, it’s an hour away,” that is a lame excuse. I bet if we
appears deeply flawed.”                                                                          I have never been to a school (remember           were undefeated like East Jackson or Jefferson you would
             If you don’t completely know the issue here is quick history of       I have been to 13) that chooses another high school             have found your way to The Reservation.
the Bowl Championship Series. In 1998 the Bowl Championship Series was             over their own especially with it being the last game of                    After the 3-0 start, it just seemed everyone
started, replacing the old format for championships where if the number one        the season. Like I said before, the football team is what       was enthusiastic and excited for what the rest of the
team beat whoever they played they were champs if they lost the number two         represents the student body. When I heard this ridiculous       season was to bring. Yet, as the players glanced into the
team had a chance if they won.                                                     question, I was furious; but when I look back on it—it          stands week after week, the crowd began to shrink, I think
             Instead of a fair and organized system they came up with orga-        was your loss.                                                  they actually saw a tumbleweed flying past the real fans
nized chaos. Their idea was that they would take champions of each of the                        See while some of you were watching the           and the remainder of the empty stands. Which brings me
“big six” conferences (SEC, Pac 10, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, and ACC) and 2       Jefferson and East Jackson—which by the way was a               to the question, where were the so called panther fans
“At Large” teams to play in each BCS bowl championship game.                       death sentence for one of them because neither will come        then?
             After the last week of the regular season the BCS was supposed
to pick two out of eight teams to play for a championship, but some times
another team claimed to deserve a shot at the BCS national championship.
             For instance the 2003 USC Trojans were 12-1 and they finished
first in the AP poll but didn’t have a chance to play in the BCS championship
game. Instead Oklahoma who lost in the Big 12 Championship game played in
the national championship game and loss to LSU.
             A year later Auburn won the SEC title and was 13-0 after the
SEC Championship Game but was past over by Oklahoma and Southern Cal
because USC and Oklahoma started the year first and second and Auburn was
outside the preseason top ten.
             Then their was 2007 where Georgia was ranked fourth going into
Conference Championship week where West Virginia and Missouri both lost
and Georgia should’ve slid up to second to play Ohio State for a National Title
instead SEC champs LSU went up to second because Georgia didn’t get to
play for a SEC title.
             Elsewhere in 2007 Hawaii went 12-0 in the regular season and
made the BCS bust but because they weren’t in a big six conference they didn’t
get to play for a national title, now given they did get the tar beaten out of
them by the, should’ve been national champion, Georgia Bulldogs.
             Then what about Utah’s argument in 2008. They as well were
12-0 in the regular season and went to the Sugar Bowl to play Alabama but
instead of sharing the same fate as Hawaii did a year before they embarrassed
Alabama, finished 13-0 and were the nation’s only unbeaten.
	            And when Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma all finished in a three
way tie for first the Big 12 South last year the BCS was called upon to sort out
the mess. And when they picked Oklahoma all the fans in Austin, Texas were
angry because they’re Longhorns whipped Sooners in the Red River Shoot out.
             Then if they picked Texas all the fans in Lubbock, Texas would
have been furious and continued to cry out what about the Texas vs. Texas
Tech game where we all can still see Michael Crabtree catching the ball inside
the five and somehow managed to tiptoe his way down the sideline as he ran
into the end zone for the game winning touchdown.
             The bottom line is that the BCS needs to change, and that doesn’t
include adding another game like they did in 2006 when they added the BCS
National Championship Game as a different bowl game.
             So far we are headed down the same path with Florida, Alabama,
Texas, TCU, Iowa, Boise State, and Cincinnati all undefeated and several oth-
ers are in a position to make it to the National Championship game. Under
the BCS system several teams are going to be very disappointed come bowl
             But change won’t come until at least 2015 because BCS resigned
the deal saying that they would stay with this system for another six years.
Even all of Obama’s talk about reforming the BCS and starting a sweet sixteen
style playoff can’t get past the signature on the contract.
             And so it seems we are stuck with this format for six more years.
Six years of teams having great eleven and twelve win seasons and not mak-
ing the BCS National Championship Game. Six more years without one true
National Champion.
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Issue 3                                                                                                                                            	          November 23, 2009

 UpComing Sports                                    A Step in the Right Direction                                                        80’s. To add on to their accomplishments, they won their first homecoming
                                                                                                                                         game since (well let’s just put it this way) Coach Billy Kirk was a child.
                                                                                    By: Brent VanFlet                                    “The feeling you have when you are exhausted from going all out during a
                                                     After a cold and frigid night at The Reservation, the Panther football team         game and you look up and see you have more points on the scoreboard than
                                                     finished their season beating Stephens Co in dramatic fashion with a last           the other is unreal,” Williams said.
                                                     minute touchdown. The football team improved their record to 4-6, the best          The school got state recognition with the Fox 5 Team of the Week. Many
                                                     record in 12 years. According to many of the players, this season was not           believed this brought the community together because people from all over
Basketball:                                          about the final record, but about the “firsts” for the high school.
                                                      “As a team, this season was a huge success, even getting the four wins we
                                                                                                                                         Jackson Co. voted for days, to make sure we won. The football players were
                                                                                                                                         grateful and glad to be a part of something as exciting as the Fox 5 Team of
           By: Stephaine Vickery
                                                     had this year,” Senior Zack Sticher said.                                           the Week.
Basketball tryouts were the highlight of the
                                                     This year brought a whole new look to the JCCHS Panther squad such as                “It’s great to have the community behind you. Williams said.
year for some – and a disappointment to oth-
                                                     new uniforms, a new pre-game chant and the sledge hammer—Excalibur.                 When the seniors graduate, the upcoming seniors have big shoes to fill: the
ers. Over 60 boys and girls came out, but only
                                                     Before each of the games, the Panthers huddled around a cement block with           Panthers have moved to division AA. Their new opponents are Jefferson and
17 per team made the cut.
                                                     their opponent painted on it. Then, one of the seniors would obliterate it          East Jackson. This is something that Kirk has waited for since he got the job.
             The boys’ team is preparing for
                                                     with Excalibur to get the players pumped and focused.                               “I have waited three years for this. They can’t hide anymore,” Kirk said.
the season with optional morning workouts
                                                     “The new traditions were great this past year,” Captain Rob Williams said. “It      Coaches and players said they have an expectation to live up to. Winning is
from 6:00a.m. to 7:45a.m. and a strict after
                                                     really got us fired up.”                                                            no longer a long shot, as the football players would say “it can be done.”
school practice schedule for a couple hours
                                                     The fan’s favorite was the pre-game chant: “We’re gonna fight till’ we can’t        “This year we did well, but next year we have to exceed that expectation,”
everyday. The girls as well are getting geared
                                                     fight anymore,” the football team would yell.                                       junior lineman Josh Campbell said.
up by practicing everyday with intense condi-
                                                     “It really pumps up the crowd, we all scream our heads off,” one fan said.          Can coach Kirk and the Panthers keep the progress going and do something
tioning workouts.
                                                     “We love it!”                                                                       that has not been done in a long time—a winning season? Only time will tell;
            Returning members Macy Latty
                                                     This season, the Panther football team went 3-0 for the first time since the        next season will definitely be one to look forward to.
and Danni Cunningham are ready to start
working hard for what they hope will be a
winning season.                                                     Brittany ’s Legit                                                                   Outdoorsmen November
                                                                                     By: Kyle Funderburk
  By: Hilary Bradford
                                                                 The past three years have been huge for Jackson County’s girls cross country
                                                    team. They have made it to state and finished high at region each of these last three
                                                                                                                                                                              By: Hillary Hudgins
It’s one of the most misunderstood sports in        years. One girl has run beyond and basically dominated every one she has faced. I’m
our school and also one of our strong points.       talking about Brittany Aikens.                                                                     I am hoping the hunters reading this have had the opportunity
For the past three years we have had many                        She has been running cross country since she was in eighth grade and said             to bag a deer, male or female. This deer season has, and will be,
state placers including two state champions.        she remembers when she realized she could run and “didn’t have to keep her butt on                 a good one. The deer are moving a lot more now that the cold
Finally it has rolled around to that time of        the couch all day”. She can also remember winning which shouldn’t be to hard, this past            weather has arrived. The deer have clearly started moving more on
year, it’s wrestling season.                        season Brittany won six races including a first place finish at the region championship            the property I hunt in Greene County. With this much movement
This wrestling season we’re adding new faces        meet.                                                                                              I think the rut may here within the next few days. The rut is the
to our team. With around seven freshman              Out of all of them she said that the Riverside Meet this past October was her best                time when female does are in estrus and when mating occurs. The
starting, this season is surely a fresh start for   where she ran a 19:15 and broke her own school record. Yes people she is human even                bucks are moving around to find the does and they end up cross-
us. Our first tournament will be held this          with all the wins she has racked up over the past three years she still feels pressure,” a         ing lines with a hunter. This is why many mature bucks are killed
Saturday, November 21st, at Altoona. While I        lot” she said, “so nervous I could throw up”.                                                      during this time. It’s not simple to hunt during the rut. No one can
know most of you won’t make it out for that                      And about going to state? She said the course and the whole state cham-               pin point exactly when the rut is or we would all have trophy bucks
one I STRONGLY encourage you to come                pionship meet feeling is all familiar and that there wasn’t as much pressure the third             hanging on our walls. We can use the information from previous
out to our first home meet of the season.           time around. Her greatest accomplishment she would say was finishing seventh at state              years, but every season is different. There are many factors that
This much anticipated meet will be held in the      amongst all the great runners across the state.                                                    contribute to the rut: the size of the deer heard, male to female
Gordon Street gym, where the East Jackson                        Her run to beast status wasn’t an easy one ether. She said that she runs              deer ratios, the weather, and even moon phases. You have to go on
Eagles will be paying us a visit. The more          everyday “rain, snow, sleet, hail” she’ll run through anything. And what about the other           instinct, trust your gut, and use what you have seen or experienced
faces we have in the stands the better so come      girls? She says she likes them and thinks they’re all great runners and supports them all.         in the woods. It truly is the prime time of the season. However, if
out Tuesday the 24th so support our Panther         And next year? She predicts another great run to state. Only time will tell if Brittany will       you’re in the woods every weekend of the season, your bound to
wrestling team!                                     end her illustrious tenure at Jackson County with a state championship.                            be hunting during the rut. Good luck this season!

                                                              Local News
                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 6

Issue 3                                                                                                                                              	           November 23, 2009
                                 Download Your Future
                                     By: Seth Snyder                                                                                                                            A special thanks to Akins
	             You are 17, young, and reckless, but most of all excited about graduation. Everything in
your life is about to change, you are stressed about college, and trying to piece together some sort of                                                                          Ford Dealership in Jef-
plan in order to survive this final year of high school. There are so many things going on with your                                                                            ferson for showing their
friends, and your family life is getting a little hectic. You are trying to take in as much as possible, and
suddenly a thought crosses your mind. What am I actually going to do when I graduate?                                                                                            support for our school
              With the economy the way it is, many teenagers are afraid of not being able to find a                                                                             by giving up a brand new
stable place of work where they can succeed and enjoy their lives. The average teenager is poorly
informed about all the job opportunities in their community. It would be wise to find out all the                                                                                     drivers ed car.
information now, before it’s too late right? Of course, everyone knows that. The problem is where
to find this information. Let me give you a hint, it starts with a G, and ends with CIS. That’s right
valued student! It’s GCIS.com! GCIS is a website stuffed with all sorts of career information, just be
sure to get the password from a media specialist in the library.
              Whether you want to believe it or not, it is becoming ever more difficult to get a great
paying job that fits to your skills without a college education. According to GCIS, one of the fastest
growing industries in today’s economy is the computer industry. At this day in age, almost every
business in America relies on some sort of computer system. Whether it’s advertising, design, con-
struction, or just creating a database used to organize financial information. Computers are key in a
successful business. Imagine the work force as a fully functional human body, computer technology
is like blood to the human body. It is the vital life force necessary in order for any industry to operate
              The good news is that there is a huge demand for computer specialists, and there are
plenty of schools providing the proper education. ITT tech. is a technical college that is becoming
very popular due to all of the available “one on one” computer classes that are provided to students.
From web site design, to computer programming, the odds are if it requires a computer, ITT tech                                                                                                                Photos by:
has what you need to get some great experience in the technological field. Other great schools                                                                                                                Alex Shuman
include Collins College, Devry University, and of course UGA.
              Okay, so there are tons of colleges that provide computer training, everybody knows that
right? Some students may not know that there are plenty of computer classes here at JCCHS. Some
of our available classes are, business document processing, computer applications, desktop design,
and java programming. All of these classes are great places to obtain a basic understanding of differ-
ent computer programs, arming you with the necessary weapons to fight the recession in the work
              No matter what you decide to pursue, make an effort to grasp as much computer training
as you can while you are young. Who knows, you may surprise yourself with your own success.

                                 Student Representation
                             by: Curly, Hillary Hudgins, and Josh Evans
            As students we want to be represented fairly and by organizations that will help us to
achieve our goals as a student body. We need to be led by those willing to work to help us achieve
our goals. As of this moment we have three student led groups: Student Government, Student
Council, and the Student Advisory Committee.
      The Student Council is a body of students that dosent hold elections. Mrs. Roberts wants the
council to be run like the English Parliament: she wants every individual or group to be represented.
Since everyone’s voice should be heard by other students, teachers, and staff they ask that a repre-
sentative from every club, class, student group is sent to the Student Council. “We try to make the
elements of student life, and school wide events better by taking suggestions from their peers into
getting everyone’s voice heard.” stated Mrs. Roberts. Suggestions for school events, changes in the
agenda, as well as student activities are discussed, implemented, or presented to the JCCHS staff and
Administration for their opinion on the matter. Mrs.Roberts has only heard from 40% of the clubs
on campus and if we, as students, want our voices to be heard we need to participate.
      Our Student Government that we elected has yet to do any thing productive. We elected fellow
students to help change things around the school. They haven’t changed anything, they hardly ever
meet, so in all honesty we have just given them the ability to put it on their college applications
without actually doing anything. As for the Student Advisory Committee they helped change things
the past few years, but as of this year nothing.
      If we want to leave a mark on our school being involved is necessary. We can’t just elect people
to sit around and do nothing. We need to become involved and make and effort to change our school
for the better.

                                                                            A Premature Epilogue: Graduating Early
                                                                                         By: Preston Brooks
For some of us, senior year is no more special than any other year of the drama-filled, redundant                           Another obvious positive is the inescapable, horrifying, agonizing, grievous, burdensome
block scheduled, and seemingly endless work of high school.                                                    time you have to wake up. I, personally, wake up at 6am every morning in order to prepare for school,
             Parents always tell you that high school days are the best, simply because after them, you        and waking up later is always welcomed. Plus, what could possibly be better than Taco Bell for brunch,
are alone in the real world. Anyone who feels they are irresponsible and do in fact need excessive             or even a home-cooked meal? Definitely not Cafeteria food. For those of you attending prom, you
years of getting hardly anything done would agree, but I ostracize myself here. I can easily imagine           no worries. All early-graduates are still fully able to attend. And finally, early graduates can still walk in
not being tied down to the repressive 7 hours a day, everyday except for weekends and summer - It’s            May, with the normal grads.
all about cramming in as much information as possible, with more memorization than actual learning.                         Though, of course, there are those who find refuge in leaving high school as late as pos-
Hardly do I see any pros in continual attendance of high school, and thankfully, the option to graduate        sible. These points were addressed by Mrs. Hanzel, as such: You miss out on your last semester of
early is given.                                                                                                high school, you might possibly get stuck with 3 academics in first semester (to acquire all the neces-
             For those of you who anticipate early graduation, begin soon. This privilege requires you         sary credits), and you would be missing participation in spring activities and sports. To some, these
to have 28 complete credits by December of your senior year; this means either don’t fail, or make it          negatives outweigh the positives. To others, these are miniscule drawbacks.
up over the summer. Alongside these prerequisites, the classes you take must fulfill either your Tech                       My point is, hardly are there any negatives that even remotely compete with the vast num-
Prep Degree or your College Prep Degree (and in some cases, the Dual Seal). You will find that in              ber of positives of graduating early. In fact, I myself cannot think of a single one. Unless you just love
order to acquire the classes, every year will invariably become more difficult, but “Good things come          going to high school, I suggest you invest time into pursuing early graduation.
to those who wait…” says the old proverb. You see, one of the exceptional pluses to graduating early,
assuming you are furthering your education, is that you get to leave this petty day-in-day-out schedule.       “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”             -Dr. Seuss
“In College, you aren’t just a student, but a customer, and that makes all the difference,” as Michael
Tillotson, an ex-JCCHS student and now attendee of GSC put it.

                   NatioNal News
                                                                                                                                                                                Page 7

Issue 3                                                                                                                                                   	           November 23, 2009

                                                                                                                                                    When iPod Ruled the World
                                                                                                                                                                 By: Samantha Kennett														

                                                                                                                                   	               Just when you thought they had done it all, Apple one-upped itself
                                                                                                                                     again. Not only is their 5th generation iPod Nano’s screen slightly larger, it now
                                                                                                                                   comes with a built in video camera and microphone! The camera can record hours
                                                                                                                                   of video at 30 frames per second. There are fun, new capabilities such as different
                                                                                                                                      settings like black and white or thermal that allow you to spice up your videos.
                                                                                                                                    The videos taken are just the right size that can be easily uploaded to youtube or
                                                                                                                                   According to users, one of the problems that have been encountered is the place-
                                                                                                                                   ment of the camera. It is located at the bottom of the iPod on the back where you
                                                                                                                                    would usually have your hands. The easiest way to record is to hold it sideways in
                                                                                                                                   landscape view. In addition, the camera itself does not have any type of stabilizer.
                                                                                                                                    So unless you have a steady hand, the video is a bit shaky. As far as sound quality,
                                                                                                                                          at short distances it works well, but it is difficult to hear at longer ones.
                                                                                                                                                Other than a new camera, the Nano also now has FM radio and a pe-
                                                                                                                                   dometer. The radio has somewhat of a TiVo characteristic to it: you can pause and
                                                                                                                                   rewind live radio up to 15 minutes. Fifth generation iPod Nanos can be purchased
                                                                                                                                                   with 8 and 6 GB capacities at prices of $150 and $180.
                                                                                                        Credit to apple inc.
                                                                                                        Made by: Cassie Cofield
This	5th	generation	iPod	Nano	is	available	now	and	can	be	purchased	with	8	and	6	GB	capacities	at	prices	of	$150	and	$180.

                                   The Fight over Peace
                                      By: Christina Romo                                                                 Current Winners of the Nobel Prize
The Nobel Peace Prize is perhaps on of the most prestigious prizes in existence, known all over the
world, and considered a true honor if received. Usually reserved for someone who has made vis-                               Name                                                  What they won for
ible strides in making right the world’s problems, people around the nation were shocked when US
President Barack Obama received the honor for his work in diplomacy. Many people questioned this                                                                      For groundbreaking achievements con-
decision. What has Obama done to win it?                                                                                                                Physics
                                                                                                                       Charles K. Kao                                 cerning the transmission of light in fibers
                                                                                                                                                                      for optical communication.
We must look to the creator himself to answer this question.
                                                                                                                      Willard S. Boyle                  Physics       The invention of an imaging semicon-
             Mr. Alfred Nobel, a prominent scientist and inventor, left a large amount of his will to the           and George E. Smith                               ductor circuit - the CCD sensor
establishment of the Nobel Prizes. In his will, he outlined the requirements that each nominee, and
subsequently each winner, should meet. In regards to the Nobel Peace Prize, he wrote:                           Venkatraman Ramakrishnan,             Chemistry       For studies of the structure and functions
“during the preceding year [the nominee] shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity                Thomas A. Steitz, and Ada                            of the ribosome
between nations…or promotion of peace congresses.”                                                                       E. Yonath
             Though President Obama fits the basic criteria, speculation rages on with varied responses.         Carol W. Greider, Elizabeth          Physiology      For the discovery of how telomeres are
Some believe his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy has made him worthy of the honor.                   Blackburn, and Jack W.                 or          protected from progressive shortening by
Others continue to fire back, saying he has not made any strides on improving diplomacy, just merely
                                                                                                                          Szostak                      Medicine       the enzyme telomerase
talked about it. Yet another group of people say that it was awarded prematurely, saying maybe he
could make strides in the near future, but has yet to do so.                                                                                          Literature       With the concentration of poetry and
             President Obama said the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s decision to award him the prize                        Herta Müller                                  the frankness of prose, depicts the land-
has “surprised and deeply humbled him.” Obama, who was nominated early on in his presidency, has                                                                       scape of the dispossessed
since stated that the award was less a response to his achievements, but rather a “call to action” regard-
                                                                                                                                                        Peace          For his extraordinary efforts to strength-
ing diplomacy. The 5-person Nobel Peace Prize committee, based in Norway, has been noted in the
                                                                                                                        Barack Obama                                   en international diplomacy and coopera-
past for strongly supporting multilateralism, which is when nations work together to solve interna-
tional problems.                                                                                                                                                       tion between peoples
             The Nobel Peace Prize, unlike the other Nobel Prizes, carries a sort of social standing with               Elinor Ostrom                                 Analysis of economic governance, espe-
its name. In the past, the Nobel Peace Prize has been the subject of political controversies, such as                        and                     Economics
                                                                                                                                                                      cially the commons
those of fellow Democrats Jimmy Carter and Al Gore. Though other presidents have won the prize in                       E. Williamson
the past, Woodrow Wilson was the last president to win the award while still in office.

                                           By: Tyler Ladanyi
            Ethan looked up to his new friend, waiting for him to greet him like he did everyday. There        often times kept inside.
was no one else Ethan’s age on the bus, and the teenager was the only person he could talk to; all the
others would brush Ethan away, not wanting to deal with the four-year old. Today however, his new                        Perhaps the biggest cause of depression is abuse, especially abuse during the earlier years of
friend was surrounded by a few other teenagers. Ethan waited patiently, hoping to get a response. Af-          life. Frequent insults and abuse not only damage the victim psychologically, it harms the people around
ter nearly an hour on the bus they turned to the child, “Go away, Ethan,” one of them said, “we don’t          them. In some cases, neglect gives the person the belief that he or she is worthless. That person feels
want you around us.”                                                                                           that they are used as a tool for the desires of the abuser. “I am not worthy of being loved,” the victim
                                                                                                               tells him or herself, “I have no reason to be happy.” Many people have origins in the past that can
           What Ethan felt was simply a part of life that everyone experiences, but when I saw his             cause one of the worst problems in the human psyche, but even chronic depression can be under-
disappointed face I regretted what had been done. Even at early childhood we face depression. Ethan            stood and resolved.
felt rejected, but I had no reason to care because he was a kid, he would recover from it in an hour
or so. The kids who are constantly rejected by their parents, the teen who is abused by her boyfriend                    Some physicians view the issue simply as a condition caused by weak signals of neurotrans-
and the man who finds failure in everything he does all face something similar, but they struggle with         mitters in the brain. They believe that depression is an issue repairable by anti-depressant medication.
something more difficult and more magnified. Depression is a psychological problem that can last for           However, the issue faced can be resolved without risky medication. In any situation, whether it is a
years. The depressed become de-motivated, gloomy, and they lose interest in what they once enjoyed.            fear of failure or the death of a loved one, the subject should never be kept alone. Friends and family,
Without understanding from the people around them, depression takes a long time to heal                        psychologist and school counselors are there to help and listen. For someone who is facing depression,
                                                                                                               the thing that will repair their problems the most effectively is the understanding of good people.
Rejection as a child is one of the most difficult things to experience. It is often times a learning experi-
ence –the child needs to know his boundaries- but when a child is rejected the care of his parents or                     I have been blessed to know a few people who are truly supportive. These people are wise
the love of his family, depression can seem to become fixated in his personality. Known as dysthymia,          enough to know not to be judgmental. There isn’t fear, no matter how bad someone looks or how they
this form of depression is often times ignored and left uncared for. Rejection can continue as we grow,        act, that these people will say something crudely judgmental to them. The biggest healer of depres-
and it occurs constantly at school. Some people don’t realize what they’re doing when they frequently          sion, sadness and many worldly problems is understanding. Be supportive to other people, there are
criticize the same person. You may understand the tension that builds in a room after someone makes            people who have given up and need someone to talk to . In many cases, their depression can only be
a harsh comment about your friend, followed by a wave of derogatory laughs from the others. This               resolved with the understanding of mature, kind friends.
will make the person feel misunderstood. I have known many great, kind people who are afraid to say
anything in front of a crowd for fear of failure. The depression that stems from rejection and failure is
          What Romo Says
                                                                                                                                                                Page 5

Issue 3                                                                                                                             	          November 23, 2009
                                                                      The End Trend         By Christina Romo
December 21st, 2012…
            The end is coming, and we have been warned. Mass hysteria has gripped the nation with news: the coming years will bring the human race’s ultimate demise. Our end has been
predicted a million ways by a million different people in every culture imaginable.
But here’s the thing: this is the millionth time it has happened.
 Is this not a classic case of a boy calling wolf ? Time and time again, the extinction of the human race has been foretold.
            Something we might have forgotten is the infamous year that we all lived through, but few of us remember: Y2K, otherwise known as the new Millennium, or the year 2000. In
addition to being a landmark year of the human race, it was also the predicted end of the human race. Fueled by a million bloggers and spectators alike, rumors grew larger and larger until
that fateful New Year’s Eve. And of course, when the clock struck midnight, nothing exploded. Nothing ended with a deafening roar. And there was no mass human extinction. The predicted
“end” had passed.
             2012, a movie recently released, showcased the end of the world in a wild show of complete destruction and mind exploding computer graphic effects. That includes crushing
bridges as if they were nothing but paperclips, and folding whole cities like they were omelets in a frying pan. While most of the people who made 2012 the #1 movie of the weekend bought
a ticket to simply see a movie with high quality visuals, it seems that some people actually thought they were buying a ticket to view the future. The movie has only further frightened audiences
into believing the end is looming.
            Of course, the movie alone does not deserve the blame. Is it really Columbia Picture’s (the studio that distributed the movie) fault that they banked in something people were inter-
ested to see? No, of course not. The blame is placed almost entirely in the people who believe, embrace, and spread the rumors.
            Where do the rumors originate? Where else: the Internet. If I’ve learned one thing about the internet, it’s that you shouldn’t believe anything you hear and less than half that you
see. Think about the crazy things you see and hear on the slew of questionable websites available. What I am saying is that, basically, the internet is not the most reliable source for the biggest
news in the history of mankind.
            Though to me these tall tales are almost laughable, the reactions and emotions that others around the country are experiencing as a result of these stories is deeply troubling. Ac-
cording to an NPR interview with a Nasa astrobiologist David Morrison, he has been debunking rumors ever since they started.
             “People are afraid of things like the changing polarity and dark dust clouds. It’s just all vapor! It’s all irrelevant. The world is not ending any time soon,” he explains. But the things
that really are disturbing are the letters people send him for help. He further talks about these letters which include notes from people contemplating suicide, thinking then they can escape the
end of the world. All I can say to that is that they need to stop and take a deep breath to relieve their anxiety. I think that some people are all are too quick to believe anything they hear.
What I have never understood about these rumors is that people contuniue to get scared over things they hear on the internet and ignore the facts from people as knowledgable as David Mor-
            The “end” has been predicted before. Has it been right any of those times? No. So why would it be this time? When 2012 comes, it will go out like any other year: with everyone
still standing.
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