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					 Inside                      Oct. 10, 2005                             Oklahoma City Community College

                This Week
  • Sooner fans not number 1, editorial, p. 2.
  • Ability Awareness Week planned, p. 9.
  • Illest football team wins, sports, p. 12.
  • Trash cleared by students, p. 14.

Controversy                                                       A day in someone else’s life
arises in illegal
student issue
                        By Richard Hall
                          Staff Writer

 C     urrently, more than 200 students enrolled at OKCCC
       aren’t legal American citizens, yet are paying in-state
tuition and are eligible to receive state financial aid.
  Oklahoma law states undocumented residents are allowed
to receive in-state tuition and financial aid as long as they
have attended a state high school for three or more years,
graduated from high school and have signed an affidavit prom-
ising to legalize their status as soon as they’re eligible.
  Since 2001, eight other states have voted to allow in-state
tuition and financial aid for undocumented immigrants who
meet the criteria, including California, Texas, New Mexico

                     See “Students,” page 11

Acting president
focuses on plans
                                  This would include estab-
  By Christiana Kostura         lishing programs to help
         Editor                 Oklahoma City’s growing His-
                                panic population, Sechrist

 T     echnology and commu
       nity    out-
reach are Dr. Paul
                                  “I think we really have to
                                          recognize that, at
                                          our doorstep, we
Sechrist’s main                           have a growing ex-
goals while in the                        panding Hispanic
position of acting                        population that is
president         at                      going to be the next                                                                 Photo by Christiana Kostura
OKCCC.                                    generation of stu-        “You get overlooked quite a bit,” said Jennifer Cochnaver, sophomore occupational
  He said while he                        dents at Oklahoma       therapy student (top left), referring to the way disabled students are sometimes treated
doesn’t have any                          City Community          at OKCCC. Cochnaver is part of Professor Reeca Young’s Occupational Therapy
plans to change                           College.”               Assistant class that took part in an exercise to help able-bodied students understand
the direction of the                        Sechrist said         what it’s like to navigate the halls of OKCCC in a wheelchair. Classmates Nyree
college while in his                      OKCCC also will         Chandler, sophomore (bottom left); Niki Morgan, freshman (bottom right) and Tiffany
                         Paul Sechrist
current position,                         help other areas of     Barnes, sophomore (top right) agreed with Cochnaver.
he would like to continue the community in need.
moving forward with plans         “We want to be responsive
made under OKCCC Presi- to all our areas of community                   Test Center hours extended
dent Bob Todd’s direction.      that are growing.”
  “I think we want to acceler-                                   The Test Center will extend its hours from Oct. 10 through 14 for midterm
ate our plans to respond to                                          test-takers. Extended hours will be Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.
our changing dynamic of our         See “Sechrist,” page 16      to 11 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students must be in the Test Center
institute,” Sechrist said.                                                      one hour prior to closing to receive an exam.
2 • PIONEER • Oct. 10, 2005

                                                 Editorial and Opinion
                       Editorial                           Offender editorial offensive
          Boom or                                          To the editor:
                                                             When dealing with an
                                                                                          to the logic imposed on a
                                                                                          healthy mind.
                                                                                                                           thought, thorough study,
                                                                                                                           and better understanding

                                                           unthinkable crime, it’s of-      We want rapists to pay         beyond mere reaction.
                                                           ten tempting to not think.     and we want them to stop           As an afterthought food
                                                           A reactionary response         so we punish pragmatically       item for thought, could it be
    As if the University of Oklahoma football game         feels good and, because it     and stigmatize and vilify of-    that our collective fear and
  Oct. 1 wasn’t enough excitement, a manic engi-           tends to be based in hyper-    fenders. We often wish to        shame regarding sex and
  neering student had to go out with a bang.               bole from the start, seems     ruin or end their lives in the   our bodies is partially to
    The event goes to show one thing: Sooner foot-         like it only affects the bad   process based on the laws        blame for the extreme and
  ball is more important than personal safety. After       people.                        of conscious decisions. But      enigmatic nature of sex
  the explosion happened, stadium officials were vigi-       The reality is we are com-   ask yourself the following       crime and victim hood?
  lant in their efforts to keep game-goers safe — ex-      plex creatures in a complex    question: “Could I rape             —Albert John Stichka
  actly what I would expect by some form of authori-       world who require complex      someone if I so chose?”                     OKCCC Student
  tarian entity.                                           answers.                         To say a violent sex of-
    The day after the game, I talked to a consider-          If we want to pretend to     fender must pay for his or
  ably large group of people who were at the game          be rational creatures build-   her actions is one thing,
  when Joel Hinrichs III’s bomb went off. The ma-          ing a permanent social sys-    but to then shut down the
  jority of them sat apart from each other, in differ-     tem we need to examine ex-     mind and introduce the hy-              Vol. 34 No. 8
  ent sections of the stadium, yet all of them said        actly why we do things and     pocrisy that the rapist has       Christiana Kostura............Editor
  they heard and felt the explosion.                                                                                        Richard Hall.............Staff Writer
                                                           what will come from those      a sick and diseased mind
    They also all told me the same thing — officials                                                                        Matthew Caban..........Staff Writer
                                                           actions.                       unlike your own is a crime.
  didn’t announce the explosion to the fans, which                                                                          John Savage...........Staff Writer
                                                             The best reasons I have        Only one reality can ex-
  is less than estimable.                                                                                                   Holly Jones...........Photographer
    Telling 80,000-plus people a bomb went off less        found for punishment are       ist, if one is to assume pun-     Caroline Ting........Ad Manager
  than a block from the stadium wouldn’t have made         avoiding future offenses,      ishment is based on willful       Melissa Fuller.....Online Editor
  them any safer. It simply would have given people        gaining what was lost, and     and sane disobedience.            Ronna Austin.........Lab Director
  an opportunity to make up their own minds if they        deterring future offenders.      What is a sex offender to       Sue Hinton.......Faculty Adviser
  wanted to stay at the game or not.                         The opinion voiced by the    learn in so diseased and
                                                           editor, whether her action     disoriented a mind as to             The PIONEER is a publica-
    Of the same group of people I spoke to, several                                                                         tion of Oklahoma City Com-
  said they didn’t know the cause of the boom they         opinion or bait for reader     require violations of privacy
                                                                                                                            munity College through the
  heard and shake they felt until they arrived home        responses, seems to at-        and human rights if their         Division of Arts and Humani-
  later that night.                                        tempt to fit into the first    thought processes are dis-        ties. It is published weekly
    Some even said, while listening to post-game           and last category.             eased and disoriented?            during the fall and spring se-
  chatter on the radio, no one mentioned it.                 Here is where the issue        To sum up my argument,          mesters and the eight-week
    And those who found out about the explosion            gets tricky.                   I offer the following: either     summer session.
  while still at the game praised their cell phones for      We at the same time wish     you are the rapist or the            All opinions expressed are
  the information, since friends and family called or                                                                       those of the author and do not
                                                           to extend the ethical          rapist is deaf to the punish-
                                                                                                                            necessarily represent those of
  text messaged them with the news.                        boundaries of rightful and     ment and you are a tyrant         the publisher.
    As far as television goes, only a couple times dur-    just punishment to accom-      disposing of unworthy life.          The PIONEER welcomes let-
  ing the game did local NewsChannel 4 break into          modate the derangement of      I’m not calling for amnesty.      ters to the editor and encour-
  the game to report on the incident, but only briefly.    an individual while holding    I’m only asking for careful       ages the use of this publica-
  Fox Sports Network, which broadcasted the game,                                                                           tion as a community forum.
  was generous enough to lend a scrolling line of                                                                           All letters must include the
  text at the bottom of the screen to let those sitting                                                                     author’s name, address,
  at home know what had transpired.                                                                                         phone number and signature.
    Considering the care the Oklahoma City bomb-                                                                            However, the PIONEER will
  ing still receives, it would have seemed the OU                                                                           withhold the name if the re-
  bombing would have had the media’s undivided                                                                              quest is made in writing. The
                                                                                                                            PIONEER has the right to edit
  attention. Maybe I’m naïve to think so, and maybe
                                                                                                                            all letters and submissions for
  I shouldn’t hold my breath.                                                                                               length, libel and obscenity.
    I just find it odd that the bombing was second-                                                                            Letters to the editor can be
  ary and only touched upon after the excitement                                                                            delivered to the PIONEER of-
  from OU’s win subsided. At the time the bomb went                                                                         fice, mailed to: Pioneer Editor,
  off, officials weren’t sure if there were other explo-                                                                    7777 S. May, Oklahoma City,
  sives hidden on campus or at the stadium.                                                                                 Oklahoma 73159 or faxed to
    It wasn’t until Oct. 4 that the Federal Bureau of                                                                       (405) 682-7818.
  Investigations concluded there is no more threat.                                                                            Letters may also be e-mailed
    Some of the people I talked to said they would                                                                          to A phone
                                                                                                                            number for verification must
  have left the stadium had they known what hap-
                                                                                                                            be included.
  pened; others said they would have stayed. All
                                                                                                                               The PIONEER can be ac-
  that’s certain is there are quite a few lucky Soon-                                                                       cessed on the Internet at:
  ers who didn’t bleed crimson that day.                                                                          
    I understand OU football is Oklahoma’s personal
  Mecca, but next time something like this happens,
  I only pray people are sensible about it.
                                        —Richard Hall
                                           Staff Writer
                                                                                                                           Oct. 10, 2005 • PIONEER • 3

                                                  Comments and Reviews
Student bickering tiresome
To the editor:                   efforts. Russ Friday is an        family being hung from
  This is in response to the     OKCCC student who re-             trees, beaten to death, and
letter in Oct. 3 issue of the    sponded to Ware’s first let-      burned to death, he would
Pioneer, “Student revisits       ter, saying racism is not the     have a totally different out-
racism issue.”                   problem].                         look.
  I actually am responding         This way of thinking is           My advice to this person         One of the great honors in my life recently oc-
to the individual who re-        exactly what enslaved Af-         is: go back into the class       curred when the Oklahoma City Community Col-
sponded to Lawrence              rican Americans for so            [where] you were learning        lege Board of Regents asked me to serve as acting
Ware’s letter.                   many years and still holds        about Malcolm X and open         president. I want to thank them for this opportu-
  [Editor’s note: Ware is an     people back to this day.          your ears and your heart         nity.
OKCCC student who has              Until you walk a mile in        and you might actually             As acting president, I follow a man who helped
written two letters to the       someone else’s shoes, then        learn something.                 create this institution. Dr. Bob Todd’s commitment
Pioneer about racism affect-     who are you to judge? I                     —Name witheld          to this college is tremendous and is admired by
ing Hurricane Katrina relief     guarantee if it were his                           by request      many, including myself. I have been privileged to
                                                                                                    work with him for 10 years and wish him all the
                                                                                                    best as he continues to recover. I am humbled to
Quartet releases rockin’ album                                                                      serve this dynamic college during this period of tran-
                                                                                                    sition. I look forward to working with our outstand-
                                                                                                    ing faculty, staff, and our talented students.
  Scotland has exported                                                                               I am always impressed at how much our students
another treat in four lads                                                                          do for the community, both individually and through
known as Franz Ferdinand.                                                                           student organizations.
  This alt rock quartet first                                                                         Recently, I was invited to welcome panelists and
made a major splash with                                                                            guests to HOPE’s Hispanic Community Forum. This
their self-titled debut in                                                                          Hispanic Heritage Month event was well attended,
February of last year.                                                                              and the panelists were particularly knowledgeable
  The album featured “Take                                                                          about the issues facing this growing community.
Me Out” and “This Fire.”                                                                            The discussion was presented and moderated by
  With the Oct. 4 release of                                                                        OKCCC students. It is quite remarkable how stu-
“You Could Have It So Much                                                                          dents have such an impact.
Better…” Franz Ferdinand                                                                              Also, did you know that OKCCC raised over
has returned with another                                                                           $2,800 for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts? This
batch of great songs.                                                                               could not have been accomplished without a stu-
  Some say that the best                                                                            dent leader who said, “We need to do something to
albums start off strong, but                                                                        help, to make this situation better.” Fund-raising
not over the top.                                                                                   events were quickly established throughout cam-
  If that is the case, “You                                                                         pus. The Pioneer created an interoffice challenge to
Could Have It So Much Bet-                                                                          raise money. Student Life organizations had buck-
ter…” is a textbook ex-                                                                             ets at the Arts Festival site collecting donations for
ample.                                                                                              the American Red Cross.
  The first track is a fun yet                                                                        These student accomplishments all started with
strange song called “The                                                                            one person’s idea. I believe these student initiatives
Fallen.” It begins with a           The band continues to          uses acoustic guitars and        are what make this institution a true community
fuzzy, almost punk sound.        use its formula of rock, pop      a piano predominantly.           college.
  A trait of Franz Ferdinand     and alternative throughout           The departure from loud         Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small
is changing guitar and vo-       the album.                        music is nice. It begins to      group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change
cal sounds during their             Songs like “This Boy,”         fit when the song gets go-       the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
songs.                           “What You Meant” and              ing at a fast pace.              I encourage you to become involved, knowing that
  “The Fallen” is one of         “You’re The Reason I’m               Also, it has a sort of ’60s   you in a small way or big way can change the world
these songs. It goes from        Leaving” mix this formula         vibe to it, which can be         and make it a better place.
punk to alternative to indie     with the band’s version of        heard on another track,            Students are the foundation on which this col-
in a short span.                 punk rock.                        “Walk Away.”                     lege was built 33 years ago, and students remain
  Following “The Fallen” is         One song that takes the           This semi-1960s sound is      our future.
the album’s first single, “Do    band to another extreme           not as clear as today’s av-                                            —Paul Sechrist
You Want To.”                    altogether is “Evil and a         erage recording.                                           OKCCC Acting President
  These days some casual         Heathen.”                            Plus, “Walk Away” con-
music fans put more em-             The song sounds like a         tains a good Doors impres-
phasis on singles than al-       weird mix of big band beat,       sion for a good part of its
bums themselves.                 twangy guitar and vocal ef-       duration.                                You’ve got questions.
  There is reason to like “Do    fects played through a               Overall, there is not
You Want To” both as a           megaphone.                        much to dislike with “You
                                                                                                             We’ve got answers.
single and another song on          Another song that is to-       Could Have It So Much Bet-                 Call Christiana at
the album.                       tally different is “Eleanor,      ter.”                                  (405) 682-1611, ext. 7409,
  It is a fun rock song in the   Put Your Boots On.”                  Rating: 5/5                                  or e-mail
vein of “Take Me Out,” but          First, it is one of the few,             —Matthew Caban
with a better beat.              if not only, times the band                       Staff Writer     
4 • PIONEER • Oct. 10, 2005

                                                Comments and Reviews
‘History of Violence’ a gory good movie
  Director David Cronen-          The film itself is peppered      The film is based loosely
berg cleaned house in the       with memorable charac-          on a graphic novel of the
’80s and early ’90s with a      ters.                           same name, but it’s not
handful of movies like            For starters, you have Ed     your run-of-the-mill “comic
“Scanners,” “The Dead           Harris (“The Truman Show”       book” movie.
Zone,” “The Fly” and the        and “Apollo 13”) playing           “A History of Violence” is
great adaptation “Naked         head mobster Carl Fogarty       anything but run-of-the-
Lunch.”                         — the man with one good         mill.
  After hitting a slump and     eye, since his other was al-       It doesn’t throw pebbles
taking a few breathers          most taken out with barbed      at anyone. With this film,
from       major      films,    wire.                           we’re talking boulders.
Cronenberg has regained           He’s quite the threat to         There is graphic violence
his bragging rights with his    Stall since he seems to         like I’ve rarely seen in wide-
newest go-around, “A His-       know a lot about him and        released films.
tory of Violence.”              has his entourage of goons         For a taste of how graphic
  Starring Viggo Mortensen      always by his side.             it is, there’s a glimpse of a
from “Lord of the Rings” as       Secondly, there’s Stall’s     man’s face after he’s been
Tom Stall, the film orbits      wife, Edie, played by Maria     hit with a hot pot of coffee,
Stall’s life as an average      Bello (“Payback” and “Se-       and a short glance at what
small-town guy who turns        cret Window”).                  a face would look like after
into a hero overnight after       As kinky as she is coura-     its nose is removed by a fist.
taking out a couple of          geous, Edie becomes one of         There also are vivid sex
would-be burglars at the        her husband’s biggest crit-     scenes that leave little to
local diner.                    ics all the while remaining     the imagination.
  Performing the good deed      a good bedfellow.                  Let’s just say I always
comes with a price — Stall        And then you have the         thought kanoodling on a
gains the unwanted atten-       great supporting cast like      set of hardwood stairs
tion from a group of Philly     youngling Ashton Holmes         would hurt.
mobsters who creep into         (“A Million Miles to Sun-          And despite the film’s
town and begin harassing        shine”) who plays Stall’s       gutsy demeanor, it’s actu-
Stall and his family.           son Jack, and William Hurt      ally quite funny, but not en-
  Throughout the film,          (“The Village” and “Lost in     tirely in a cheesy mediocre
Stall experiences all the       Space”) as made mobster         way.
guilt a human heart can         Richie Cusack.                     “A History of Violence” is
stock first-hand, as his          The two lend a consider-      a beautiful movie-going ex-      his sleeve.                     involved with the film, and
puzzling history is put to-     able amount of talent to the    perience. The film shows            While people will have       it sure pays off.
gether piece by piece, cre-     already bulbous line of         Cronenberg isn’t pulling his     their gripes about the film,       Rating: A
ating a horrific picture for    worthy credentials “A His-      jabs one bit, and still has a    it’s still a gutsy move on                  —Richard Hall
his family.                     tory of Violence” has.          few hard-hitting tricks up       everyone’s part who was                        Staff Writer

Classic reading with ‘The Lovely Bones’
   “The Lovely Bones” by        CDs.                                                             audio books because it is a     book is still on shelves in
Alice Sebold is an excellent      The     woman                                                  story that grabs the listener   most area book stores and
first-person story of a teen-   who voices the                                                   within the first five min-      also is for sale at many
age girl who was raped,         story,    Alyssa                                                 utes.                           websites.
then murdered.                  Breshnahan, has                                                    You will find yourself lin-     OKCCC students can
   Susie Salmon, the victim,    an omniscient                                                    gering in the car and look-     check the novel out for free
tells the story from her        voice that helps                                                 ing forward to traffic jams     from the college’s library.
heaven. She takes the           bring the listener                                               to be able to listen to just    They have one copy of the
reader through every emo-       into the story.                                                  one more chapter of Susie’s     book available in large
tion she experiences — be-        Actively listen-                                               life-after -death experi-       print.
fore, during and after the      ing to a story is                                                ences.                            Rating: A+
torture she endures.            much different                                                     The Lovely Bones is a             —Christiana Kostura
   Susie narrates the book,     from reading a                                                   can’t-hit-pause sort of                             Editor
describing her feelings         book.                                                            book. I highly recommend
while watching her family         There are pros                                                 this story to any adult who
and friends grow and            and there are                                                    has loved and lost some-         Save time. Fax
change in a way she’ll never    cons. While read-                                                one.                               your ad to
be able to.                     ing a book, a person is al-     the voices of people are al-       “The Lovely Bones” was
   The format of the book I     lowed to imagine voices and     ready there for you.             released on CD in August
                                                                                                                                   Caroline at
chose to read was the un-       sounds in their mind. How-        “The Lovely Bones” is an       2002. If you haven’t read it     (405) 682-7818.
abridged version on audio       ever, with an audio book,       excellent introduction to        yet, there still is time. The
                                                                                                                       Oct. 10, 2005 • PIONEER • 5

Engineering Club spaces out Students make
                                  Rocketplane Limited Inc.      ited Inc.
   By Keri DeKinder
 News Writing Student
                                is building a rocket, the
                                Rocketplane XP, out of the
                                body of a Lear jet. The
                                                                  The trip to Rocketplane
                                                                was just one of many ac-
                                                                tivities the Engineering
                                                                                                    time to help
   Everyone who wanted to
be an astronaut when they
                                launch site of the aircraft
                                is the Oklahoma Spaceport
                                at Burns Flat, in western
                                                                Club is planning for this
                                                                  Other plans involve robot
                                                                                                    build houses
grew up may have the            Oklahoma.                       wars, more field trips, T-                        By John Savage
chance to travel into space       Rocketplane XP will be        shirts, and a book sale.                            Staff Writer
in the next few years, the      able to take four people,         The Engineering Club is
Engineering Club learned        including the pilot, into       open to everyone and has
Sept. 30.                       space. The rocket will travel   a one-time $5 membership          A little sweat, some elbow grease and personal
   The group toured Rocket-     into space and then imme-       fee. Meetings are every         satisfaction will be the driving force Oct. 15 when
plane Limited Inc., the         diately return to Earth.        other Thursday at 12:30         students and faculty join forces to help Central Okla-
company working on mak-           Megan Kirby, Philip Sin-      p.m. and include free pizza.    homa Habitat for Humanities build houses for local
ing that dream a reality.       nett, and Mike Kirby were         Megan Kirby, the club’s       families.
   Club members drove to        all present on the field trip   secretary, urges anyone           “There will be two groups
                                                                                                                                           “There is
Will Rogers International       that lasted most of Friday      who is interested to join.      of 12 and 13 members,”
Airport, where they were        afternoon.                        “No one should be intimi-     said Community Engage-               something that
able to tour the offices of       They agreed that space        dated, because we’re learn-     ment Coordinator Jon           everybody can do.
Rocketplane Limited, meet-      travel being available to ev-   ing just like everyone else,”   Horinek. “One group will We will be working
ing the engineers who are       eryone who can afford it is     she said.                       go with Central Oklahoma                    with the
working on developing a         a positive step for the field     Kirby said anyone who         Habitat and stay here in           volunteers from
rocket that will eventually     of engineering.                 has T-shirt design ideas for    Oklahoma County.”
                                                                                                                                          Habitat for
offer commercial space            The tickets for the ride in   the Engineering Club can          The other group will
flights.                        space will cost around          submit them to Engineer-        work on a house in Moore,             Humanity and
   Club members also at-        $200,000, but that in-          ing Professor and Club          he said.                         going over safety
tended a presentation           cludes training similar to      Sponsor Greg Holland.             This year’s build day has         issues as well.”
about the aircraft before       astronaut training, the ac-       For more information, on      a full cast but Student Life          —Jon Horinek
driving to the airport in       tual flight, and a reception,   the Engineering Club, visit     is still taking names on a               Community
Guthrie to see a 78 percent-    said Tad Theno, a spokes-         waiting list in case some
scale model.                    man for Rocketplane Lim-        engineeringclub.                members cancel.
                                                                                                  “We have about 25                      Coordinator

Transfer planning crucial                                                                       people that will be going,”
                                                                                                Horinek said.
                                                                                                  “But we are still taking names so they can replace
                                transfer but it ultimately      fer guides. OKCCC’s are lo-     the members that can’t be there.”
  By Patricia Roberts           depends on if the transfer      cated in the Student Devel-       Helping with build day is a way that students can
 News Writing Student           college is public or private.   opment Office in the main       help out and realize how much they can make a
                                  A lot of the courses          building.                       difference, Horinek said. He said not only is it fun
                                OKCCC offers are non-             The Student Develop-          but also it is rewarding.
  George Maxwell, Student       transferable because the        ment of fice also of fers         Groups could be working alone or with other
Development counselor,          college’s courses and ma-       scheduled visits from ad-       groups Habitat for Humanity has provided to help,
said transferring courses       jors are designed for stu-      visers of the following col-    he said.
from OKCCC to other col-        dents to start their career     leges: Southeastern Okla-         This event starts at 8 a.m. and runs to 4 p.m.
leges shouldn’t be difficult    right out of college, Maxwell   homa State University,          OKCCC provides transportation to and from the job
for students – if they plan     said.                           University of Oklahoma,         sites. Lunch will be provided for the students.
ahead.                            “The biggest problem          University of Central Okla-       Students are asked to wear comfortable clothes
   “If you know your major      with transferring to another    homa, Langston University,      ththey don’t mind getting dirty and closed-toe shoes.
and transfer institution,”      institution is planning,”       University of Texas at Ar-        No prior experience is required to help.
Maxwell said, “there will       Maxwell said.                   lington and Hillsdale Free        “There is something that everybody can do,”
never be a problem.                Every college has trans-     Will Baptist College.           Horinek said. “We will be working with the volun-
  “You can work with a                                                                          teers from Habitat for Humanity and going over
counselor, faculty adviser                                                                      safety issues as well.”
or do it yourself and visit                                                                       OKCCC was involved with the build day for Habi-
the transfer institution’s                                                                      tat for Humanity a couple years ago but plans fell
website.”                                                                                       through last year.
  Academic Adviser Rodger                                                                         “We haven’t done one in two years,” Horinek said.
Robinson said most new                                                                          “We tried to do it again last fall and we didn’t have
students are undecided as                                                                       the support so we had to cancel that one, but we’re
to what to major in.                                                                            excited about this one.”
  Robinson said when stu-                                                                         In the past, students and faculty have helped with
dents do finally decide,                                                                        painting, framing and some landscaping.
they’re surprised by the                                                                          For more information, contact Horinek at (405)
outcome. “The outcome is                                                                        682-1611, ext. 7697.
usually credits lost.”                                                                            Staff Writer John Savage can be reached at
  He said typically, all gen-                                                         
eral education courses will
6 • PIONEER • Oct. 10, 2005

History prof has a heart for stray animals
                                       versity in Jackson, Tenn.
   By Matthew Caban                       Ehrhardt joined the                                                              “We like to take in stray animals.
      Staff Writer                     full-time faculty in Au-
                                                                                                                        We have been taking them in since
                                       gust. Ehrhardt is origi-
                                       nally from Alton, Ill.,                                                                             we were married.
  Adopting stray animals is            which is near St. Louis,                                                         Right now we have three cats and a
normal in the life of one              Miss..                                                                                 three-legged Siberian husky.”
professor on campus.                      He is married and has                                                                               —John Ehrhardt
  History Professor John               a 6-year old son.                                                                                     History Professor
Ehrhardt and his family                   He teaches United
have a habit of taking in              States History to the Civil
unwanted animals.                      War, Early Western Civi-                                           likes to challenge students      However, Ehrhardt did
  “We like to take in stray            lization and the History                                           in different ways.             admit to one fear about life
animals,” Ehrhardt said.               of the Middle East at                                                “I like to get students to   in Oklahoma.
  “We have been taking                 OKCCC.                                                             challenge their deep-rooted      “I am terrified of torna-
them in since we were mar-                Prior to his time at                                            convictions in order to see    does, so I tell people how
ried.                                  Lambuth, Ehrhardt was                                              how the present relates to     excited I am to have a home
                                                                               John Ehrhardt
  “Right now we have three             a teaching assistant and                                           the past,” he said.            with a tornado shelter.”
cats and a three-legged Si-            lecturer at Southern Illi-         in History in 1992 and a          “Some students enjoy           Ehrhardt said some of his
berian husky,” he said.                nois University.                   master’s later in History in    this and other students        fear comes from experienc-
  Ehrhardt      came     to               He studied at SIU and re-       1995.                           don’t, but it can get inter-   ing a tornado in Lambuth
OKCCC from Lambuth Uni-                ceived a bachelor’s degree           Ehrhardt is working on        esting.”                       in 2003.
                                                                          his doctoral dissertation         He said he likes the cam-      Staff Writer Matthew
                                                                          from SIU.                       pus because of the positive    Caban can be reached at
                                                                            In class, Ehrhardt said he    work environment.    

                                                                          Instructor believes in OKCCC
                                                                                                          tals, nursing homes, home
                                                                               By Holly Jones             health, school systems and
                                                                                Staff Writer              more.
                                                                                                            “I picked up a brochure
                                                                                                          and had never heard of the
                                                                            Reeca Young has a long        OTA program. But I knew I
                                                                          history with OKCCC even         wanted to help people and
                                                                          though this is her first year   the OTA program encom-
                                                                          as a full-time professor of     passed so much of that.”
                                                                          Occupational Therapy As-          Young entered the pro-
                                                                          sistant.                        gram while wor-king at a
                                                                            Young has been with the       local bank and raising a
                                                                          school for nearly 20 years.     family.
                                                                            Sixteen of those years she      “Right now I have three
                                                                          spent as an adjunct profes-     cla-sses: Intro to OTA, Psy-          Reeca Young
                                                                          sor in the same field.          chosocial Conditions and       connections can’t be made
                                                                            She graduated from the        Treatments and Program         between students and their
                                                                          OTA program from OKCCC          Support.                       professors.
                                                                          in 1983. She received her         “I am also the fieldwork       “OKCCC has a whole dif-
         John Harris         Richard Goldston            Cliff Randall    bachelor’s in Gerontology       coordinator.”                  ferent atmosphere, which
     9300 S. Penn, Suite A   28 S.W. 104th St.          11912 S. May
       Okla. City 73159      Okla. City 73139          Okla. City 73170
                                                                          and Family Studies at             Young grew up in the         enables students to be suc-
          691-6097               895-7384                 691-6027        Southern Nazarene Univer-       Oklahoma City school sys-      cessful and reach their
                                                                          sity.                           tem and has enjoyed her        goals,” Young said.
                                                                            Young said she also has       stay at OKCCC.                   Staff Writer Holly Jones
                                                                          worked in a variety of            “I have attended larger      can be reached at Pioneer
                                                                          places as an OTA: hospi-        universities and feel that

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                                          Save a life
                                                                                                                        Oct. 10, 2005 • PIONEER • 7

Familiar face to say goodbye to college
                               lic schools,” Bode                         lege have no-      trative Assistant Susan          schools.
     By John Savage            said.                                      ticed the job      McCullers.                         “The Harrah public
       Staff Writer               As the head of                          Bode has per-         “I will miss the time we      school district does not
                               the Business and                           formed.            spend talking about sports       have an education founda-
                               Finance depart-                              “I think dur-    and politics in the morn-        tion so I am helping them,”
  Experience is a valued       ment, Bode has                             ing his five       ings.”                           Bode said.
commodity and one that         dealt with finan-                          years here we         Bode said his life won’t        As for his spare time,
Vice President for Business    cial matters on a                          have roofed al-    end with his retirement.         Bode plans to hit the golf
and Finance Art Bode has       grand scale. He’s                          most the entire       Bode said his wife will re-   course and travel.
plenty of.                     also dealt with                            campus which       tire at the end of this month      One thing Bode will miss
  Bode will retire from        Physical Plant                             needed to be       from Integris Southwest          about OKCCC is the chal-
OKCCC Jan. 9, after serv-      and security is-          Art Bode         done,” said Act-   Medical Center.                  lenge. “I’ll miss knowing
ing as vice president of the   sues at OKCCC.                 ing President Paul Sechrist.      He said his wife plans to     that the work we’re doing
Business and Finance de-          Bode said he’s played big     Some qualities Bode has,     work only part-time after        here is truly impacting a
partment since 2000.           roles in construction pro- but may not show, have             that so he plans to keep         significant number of lives
  Bode is being remem-         jects and funding.             been seen by people close      busy himself.                    in the Oklahoma City area,”
bered for his service on and      “I have served as an ad- to him.                              Bode said he wants to         he said.
off the campus. He said he     viser on how much funding        “Bode has a great sense      lend a helping hand in his         Staff Writer John Savage
feels he brought all he        would be needed for vari- of humor and a great love           community by raising             can be reached at Staff
could to the college.          ous specific projects like of animals,” said Adminis-         funds for Harrah public
  “I brought experience pri-   the Science Engineering
marily from my times in the    and Mathematics Center,”
Air Force, from my time        Bode said.
with Oklahoma City public         Other faculty and staff
schools and Choctaw pub-       members around the col-

  Accident injures one
   in two-car collision
                    By Richard Hall
                      Staff Writer

    A two-car accident injured one person on J. Lee
  Keels Drive on campus about 9 a.m. Oct. 5.
    Lindsey Stacy, nursing major, was turning left onto
  Keels Drive from Faculty Circle, headed toward May
  Avenue, when Sara Griffey hit the right side of
  Stacy’s car.
    Griffey, wife of OKCCC Computer Lab Assistant
  Mike Griffey, was headed east on Keels Drive to-
  ward May Avenue. She said she saw Stacy pause in
  the middle of the two lanes of traffic, then pull out
  in front of her.
    “I had just dropped my husband off at work and
  was leaving,” Griffey said.
    OKCCC Safety and Security Director Ike Sloas said
  Griffey hit the car so hard it made it do a complete
  180-degree spin. He said the car was hit coming
  from the north side of Faculty Circle and ended up
  on the south side after the accident.
    Griffey said she hit her head on the steering wheel
  when she made impact with the Honda Accord.
    Griffey said she was going to the doctor later that
  day to have her injury examined.
    Stacy was uninjured in the accident yet said she
  was left a little shaken.
    “I didn’t see her. It scared the hell out of me,” she
    Griffey’s Toyota Carolla was hauled off by a
  wrecker service. Stacy’s vehicle only sustained some
  scrapes, a dent and a flat tire.
    Griffey said seeing her car being towed away was
  a little unnerving.
    “It’s our only car,” she said.
    Staff Writer Richard Hall can be reached at
8 • PIONEER • Oct. 10, 2005

OKCCC students explore native sites
     By Karissa Nall
  News Writing Student

   From the great moun-
tains of Wichita to Fort Sill,
some international stu-
dents from OKCCC saw a
new world of running buf-
falo and historic military
settings Oklahoma style.
   On Sept. 28, Abra Fig-
ueroa, English as a Second
Language professor, and
Patricia Brooks, Modern
Languages/ESL professor,
took their international
students on a field trip to
see some historic parts of
   Many of the students are
from different areas of the
world such as Europe, the
Philippines and Iran.
   Most of the students have
only been in the United
States for a couple years                                                                                                                        Photo by Karissa Nall
and haven’t seen different          Abra Figueroa, English as a Second Language professor, and Patricia Brooks, Modern Language/ESL professor, took a
parts of their new home           group of about 20 international students on a tour of some of Oklahoma’s landmarks Sept. 28. The OKCCC students enjoyed
state.                            visiting the Wichita Mountains and Ft. Sill. “I really enjoyed seeing the military post at Ft. Sill,” said student Farah Maleki. The
   The field trip started with    OKCCC freshman is from Iran and has lived in Oklahoma for two and a half years. “I liked seeing all the old military beds, Indian
a drive to the top of Mount       clothing and hearing about the Comanche code talkers.”
Scott near Lawton. There,
the students saw buffalo,         telephone in Oklahoma was
longhorns and some prai-
rie dogs.
                                  established at Fort Sill.
                                  They also learned about
                                                                   China trip discussed over lunch
   OKCCC student Mahla            Comanche code talkers                                              U.S. dollars.                     to be offered anything.”
Mohsenzadeh is from Iran.         used in wars.                        By Megan Myers                  The prices in China are           Ludlum showed students
She said she has lived in           Code talkers used their          News Writing Student            lower than in America and         souvenirs he had from
Oklahoma for almost a year        secret language to defeat                                          many tourists take advan-         China such as a box of ce-
and has attended OKCCC            the enemies during war.                                            tage of the difference in         real, and cans of Pepsi and
for one semester.                   Farah Maleki from Iran           During a Brown Bag              prices.                           Coke. Ludlum also offered
   “I really liked being at the   has lived in Oklahoma for        Lunch Series lecture about          For example, a DVD              souvenirs such as Chinese
top of the Wichita Moun-          two and a half years. This       China Oct. 4, Marty Lud-          movie can be purchased in         charms and candy to the
tains we’re you could see         is Maleki’s first semester at    lum, OKCCC business pro-          China for $1.25, while the        crowd of about 20.
everything around and feel        OKCCC.                           fessor, discussed China’s         average cost in the United          OKCCC student Cath-
a nice cool breeze,” Mohsen         “I really enjoyed seeing       economy compared to the           States is $20, Ludlum said.       erine Tran said she enjoyed
zadeh said. “Seeing buffalo       the military post at Fort        United States.                      Popular products in the         the lecture.
for the first time was pretty     Sill,” she said. “I liked see-     China’s exchange rate is        United States, such as              “The speaker was good
cool too.”                        ing all the old military beds,   causing more U.S. compa-          Coke and Pepsi, are heavily       and entertaining,” she said.
   After a stop for lunch, the    Indian clothing, and hear-       nies to relocate and pro-         marketed in China, al-            She also was happy to take
students continued to Ft.         ing about the Comanche           duce goods there, Ludlum          though they aren’t as popu-       home a few souvenirs.
Sill.                             code talkers.”                   said. Almost every Fortune        lar there, he said.                 The Business Depart-
   While at the U.S. Army           The 20 attendees all           500 Company can now be              China also has its own          ment will be hosting a stu-
base in Lawton, students          agreed that a day out of the     found operating in China.         version of Wal-Mart, known        dent trip to China in 2006.
saw historic military estab-      classroom was nice and the         Ludlum compared the re-         as Home World, Ludlum             The travel dates have not
lishments.                        trip was a great experience      cent commercialization of         said. The store sells every-      yet been determined, but
   Students learned the first     for everyone.                    China to the 1849 Gold            thing, even automobiles.          the trip will occur either in
                                                                   Rush in California.                 Ludlum, who has visited         late May or early August,
                                                                     Cheaper wages are a fac-        China four times, said he         Ludlum said. The trip will
                                                                   tor for relocating, Ludlum        is treated like Prince            last 10 to 14 days.
                                                                   said.                             Charles when he is there,           For more information,
                                                                     A Motorola cellular phone       as if he were royalty.            contact Ludlum at (405)
                                                                   factory worker in China, for        “As a tourist you are           682-1611, ext. 7412, or
                                                                   example, makes the equiv          treated very differently,” he     visit his website at www.
                                                                   alent of $98 a month in           said. “You are the first one
                                                                                                                            Oct. 10, 2005 • PIONEER • 9

Awareness week                                        Life flight
to showcase life
with disabilities
              By Krista Burrell
            News Writing Student

  Students can find out what it’s like to have a
disability during Abilities Awareness Week Oct.
17 to 21.
  “It’s a week where we show students what
people with disabilities can do,” said Jon Hor-
inek, Community Engagement coordinator.
  He said able-bodied
students don’t always
consider the daily                  “It’s a week
challenges students           where we show
with disabilities face.          students what
  “It’s not that people             people with
don’t care,” said                    disabilities
Jenna Howard, Stu-
                                        can do.”                                                                                          Photo by Holly Jones
dents with Disabilities
adviser. “It’s that               —Jon Horinek          Tami Griffin, nursing major, jumps in the seat of the University of Oklahoma Medical Center helicopter
                                     Community        as her class peeks inside. The pharmacology class was able to coordinate with the OU Medical
they’re just not aware.
                                                      Center to provide a medical helicopter for a hands-on experience.
  “Once you make                   Engagement
someone         aware,              Coordinator
they’re usually genu-
inely caring.”
  The week starts with a sign language Brown
Bag lecture at 12:30 Tuesday, Oct. 18, in CU2.
                                                      Ability Awareness week EVENTS
  Things swing into high gear on Wednesday,
Oct. 19. That day, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., stu-
dents can experience how cumbersome getting                                 Sign Language
around in a wheelchair can be during the
wheelchair challenge course in the college                                Brown Bag Lecture
union. Able-bodied students will go through an                            12:30 p.m., Oct. 18
obstacle course in a wheelchair, Horinek said.
  During the Challenge Course, an adaptive                               College Union Room 2
technology display and a rolling Power Point
presentation on all of the disabilities will be set
up for students to look at.
  In addition, OKCCC student James Arnold
                                                              Wheelchair Challenge Course
will present a Braille-writing demonstration as                10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Oct. 19
well as a blindness exercise where students will
be required to find items in a book bag while                       College Union
  The week winds up on Thursday, Oct. 20,
                                                                            During the challenge...
with a wheelchair basketball team demonstra-                        watch an adaptive technology display
tion at 12:30 p.m. in the college union.               and Power Point presentation about different types of disabilities...
  An abilities awareness display also will be set       ALSO... Braille writing demonstration and blindness activity by
up in the union all week, Horinek said.                                OKCCC student James Arnold...
  And, he said, keep in mind the month of Oc-
tober is “Take the Stairs” Month.
  Tammy Griffin, Abilities Galore club presi-
dent, believes able students should take the                    Wheelchair Basketball team
stairs and leave the elevators open for students                     demonstration
with disabilities.
  “It would just be courteous to those who can’t                   12:30 p.m., Oct. 20
take the stairs,” said Griffin, “and it’s good ex-
                                                                      College Union
  Horinek said taking the stairs burns 10 times
more calories than taking the elevator.
  For more information about Abilities Aware-
ness Week, contact Horinek at (405) 682-7523.          October is “Take the Stairs” month!
10 • PIONEER • Oct. 10, 2005

Professor likes
OKCCC’s focus
on students
            By John Savage
             Staff Writer

   Child Develop-
ment Professor Ce-
cilia Pittman taught
for more than 20
years in public
schools including
teaching first grade
at a Mustang Public
School. She brings
that experience to             Cecelia
   “I like working
with children and I loved working with
the first graders, but this is really what
I wanted to do.”
   Pittman said she likes the way
OKCCC operates. “The focus here is
100 percent on the students.”
   Pittman worked at OKCCC for five
years as an adjunct professor before
being hired full time.
   She said teaching at different lev-
els presents different options and re-
wards. “At this level, I enjoy getting to
know the students because most of
them have young kids,” Pittman said.
“I want them to understand that learn-
ing begins at birth.”
   The staff is pleased to work with
   “She is wonderful,” said Child De-
velopment Professor Susan Tabor.
“She is already very well liked by her
students and her colleagues.”
   Former student Phil Corbett said he
enjoyed being taught by Pittman.
   “She has the passion to teach chil-
dren, and it really shows,” he said.
   Pittman said some professors have
less traditional yet effective styles for
teaching. “My teaching style is less lec-
ture, less book knowledge, more stu-
dent input, student involvement.”
   When Pittman isn’t teaching, she
spends time with loved ones. “I am a
single mom,” she said. “I have three
daughters; 21-year-old Lisa is a stu-
dent here. I have a 17-year-old senior
named Laura and 16-year-old Anna
is a junior in high school.”
   Along with reading books, Pittman
and her daughters like typical female
activities. “We like to go shopping and
get our nails done…” she said.
   Pittman received her bachelor’s de-
gree in elementary education from
East Texas A&M University, and re-
ceived her master’s degree in early
childhood from the University of Cen-
tral Oklahoma. Pittman is currently
working on her doctorate at the Uni-
versity of Oklahoma.
   Staff Writer John Savage can be
reached at
                                                                                                                            Oct. 10, 2005 • PIONEER • 11

Students land jobs and have fun doing it
                                goodies, and talk with           employment listing on the          “We are looking to hire          “We offer a tuition re-
   By Jason T. Kirby            people about career oppor-       job board.”                      about 200 folks by the end       imbursement program for
 News Writing Student           tunities and part-time             Fay and Webb used news         of the year,” said Steve         our employees who are still
                                work, she said.                  advertisements, the local        Gavette of Sprint Nextel.        in school,” said Angie
                                  Fay and Employment             Chamber of Commerce and            Stephanie Nelson of Sin-       Tambi of RehabCare, a re-
  An estimated 1,500            Services Assistant Porsha        the Pioneer newspaper to         clair Broadcasting Group         habilitation clinic with
people attended OKCCC’s         Webb both put in many            promote the event.               said her company was at-         more than 15 locations
job fair Sept. 28, said Em-     hours preparing for the job        At the event companies         tempting to hire camera          statewide.
ployment Services Coordi-       fair. “We sent out e-mail        such as Sprint Nextel, Fox       people, on-air talent and          “This is a big attraction
nator Linda Fay.                registrations about three        25/WB 34, and RehabCare          interns.                         for prospective employees.”
  More than 40 employers        weeks ahead of time,” Webb       had displays for potential         At least one company of-         The next job fair will take
were on hand to give out        said. “We also posted an         employees.                       fered a lucrative package.       place March 8.

Some believe undocumented students getting too much help
                                  OKCCC Financial Aid            United States] almost all          Freshman Kevin Gills           students don’t receive fi-
       “Students,”              Dean Harold Case said un-        their lives,” she said. “It’d    didn’t know either.              nancial aid because of sev-
     Cont. from page 1          documented students are          be a shame to stop them in         “I knew some in high           eral reasons.
                                allowed to receive state fi-     their tracks for a better        school,” Gills said, “but I        “Exchange students are
                                nancial aid such as the          education after high             didn’t know they could go        here to study, get their de-
and Utah.                       Oklahoma Tuition Aid             school.”                         to college, let alone have the   gree and go home,” Case
   Oklahoma Immigration         Grant Program and Okla-             She said Oklahoma’s de-       state help them out.”            said. “They’re supposed to
Attorney Douglas Stump          homa Higher Learning Ac-         cision to offer in-state tu-       That’s where the federal       be able to support them-
said, when it comes to un-      cess Program.                    ition to undocumented stu-       government comes in —            selves and shouldn’t have
documented students,              “If undocumented stu-          dents opens up doors of          many critics of the states’      to work.”
most of them are brought        dents want financial aid,”       opportunity.                     decision to help out illegal       Case said many exchange
here as young children by       Case said, “they must meet          “If someone is seeking to     aliens are pushing for           students are supported by
their parents who don’t         all the criteria set for legal   better their education,          change.                          family members from their
have legal visas to live in     students.”                       states shouldn’t punish            In July 2004, 24 out-of-       homeland and don’t require
the United States.                Case said it’s up to un-       them for it,” Martinez-          state college students en-       extra income to survive in
   “Most of the time families   documented students to           Brooks said. “It’s not their     rolled at the University of      the United States.
come over here to seek a        take the initiative if they      fault they’re here.”             Kansas knocked on the              Inter national student
better life,” Stump said.       want financial aid.                 But what about life for       door of the U.S. District        Karim El Ouchami from
“Then you have these inno-        Prelaw major Guillermo         those students after col-        Court for the District of        Morocco is studying engi-
cent children who become        Gonzalez is an undocu-           lege? How are students like      Kansas.                          neering at OKCCC.
students, excelling to get a    mented student from              Gonzalez expecting to get a        The students’ argument           He isn’t happy that ille-
better opportunity.”            Mexico, yet doesn’t receive      job if they don’t have legal     was, if illegal aliens can re-   gal residents are allowed
   Stump said Oklahoma is       in-state tuition or financial    residency?                       ceive in-state tuition, they     aid and resdent tuition
just looking for the bright-    aid because he moved to a           Gonzalez said he’s cov-       should be able to as well,       while he isn’t, and he’s here
est of the bright when it       different state a year before    ered.                            since they’re legal citizens.    legally. “I feel bad that no
comes to students, and          graduating high school.             “My mom is a permanent          The judge presiding over       one helps me with school,”
that’s why the state allows       Although he pays out-of-       resident, and she’s becom-       the case declined it and the     Ouchami said.
undocumented students to        state costs, Gonzalez said,      ing a legal citizen in three     students have since filed an       He said any other inter-
attend colleges for the same    he’s grateful for the chance     years,” Gonzales said.           appeal.                          national student likely
cost its residents are pay-     to earn an education in the      “When she does, I’ll become        Organizations like the         would feel the same way
ing.                            States.                          a citizen automatically.         Federation for American          since they all face the same
   “The idea of providing in-     “I’ve been here since I was       “Until then, I’ll focus on    Immigration Reform are           struggles.
state tuition for undocu-       12,” Gonzalez said. “I           school, becoming an immi-        backing the students and           Ouchami said he feels
mented students gives the       moved here with my mom           gration attorney and help-       hope to use the Equal Pro-       even worse knowing he
state potential access to a     to better my education.”         ing out my community.”           tection Clause of the 14th       can’t do anything to fix the
better -educated work-            Gonzalez said he feels            To some students, the         amendment of the U.S.            problem.
force,” Stump said.             Oklahoma is giving un-           idea of giving illegal resi-     Constitution, which states         “No one will listen to me
   He said many people ar-      documented students the          dents in-state tuition and       the laws of a state must         because I’m not from
gue that the federal govern-    chance to prove them-            financial aid is a hard one      treat people with equal ap-      America. I’m not a citizen,”
ment should stop the influx     selves.                          to swallow.                      plication of the law.            he said.
of illegal workers here in        “Contrary to belief, we’re        Sophomore Calvin Tipper         If the ruling is in the fa-      No matter the criticisms
the country. His argument       not all thugs,” he said. “We     said he can’t believe it.        vor of the students, it will     and arguments against the
is to find a way to make        want to be thought of as            “I can’t even get financial   most likely overturn state       state’s decision to offer ben-
those already here legal.       someone who contributes.”        aid because my parents           laws since authority to          efits to illegal residents,
   Stump said the in-state        Gonzalez said his mother       make too much money,”            regulate immigration be-         Stump said, he has an ar-
tuition law fully complies      decided relocating to the        Tipper said. “And I’m here       longs exclusively to the fed-    gument of his own.
with federal law.               United States was a good         legally.”                        eral government, according         “Many undocumented
   “Federal law can’t stop      move for her child.                 Sophomore Lisa Colt feels     to               students are paying into
states from providing in-         “My mom couldn’t afford        the same way.                      Another major criticism        the state and federal gov-
state tuition for undocu-       to pay for high school in           “That’s wrong,” Colt said.    states face is from interna-     ernment systems,” Stump
mented students,” he said.      Mexico, so we moved here.”       “If you’re here illegally, you   tional students who can’t        said.
“Many in the federal gov-         Jessica Martinez-Brooks,       shouldn’t get a single ben-      receive financial aid even         “Why not allow them the
ernment have tried to dic-      Hispanic Organization to         efit.”                           though they’re attending         chance to better their edu-
tate what a state can and       Promote Education spon-             Colt said she didn’t know     college legally under stu-       cation?”
cannot do but, in the end,      sor, agrees with Gonzalez.       undocumented residents           dent visas issued by the           Staff Writer Richard Hall
it’s a state’s rights educa-      “Most undocumented             were allowed to go to col-       federal government.              can be reached at Senior
tion issue.”                    students have been [in the       lege.                              Case said international
12 • PIONEER • Oct. 10, 2005

Illest Crew gets healthy win over the Raiders
       By Matthew Caban                  Later in the first half, Winfred
          Staff Writer                 Dupree quarterbacked the team to
                                       two more scores. He also played
                                       quarterback for the team in the
   There was nothing sick about the    second half. He threw three touch-
Illest Crew’s 28-8 defeat of the       downs and three interceptions in
Raiders in flag football on Oct. 3.    the game.
   The team lived up to their name       Dupree threw one touchdown
by stopping the Raiders’ offense for   each to Jones, Anthony Easterling
most of the game and showcasing        and Tyrone Jones.
their fireworks instead.                 Dupree’s interceptions did allow
   Illest Crew player Brian Jones      the Raiders a few late scoring op-
said the team focused on the game      portunities.
and played to win.                       However, they could not capital-
   “That’s what happens when ev-       ize on the Raiders’ errors and were
eryone on the team shows up,” he       only able to score once in the sec-
said.                                  ond half.
   The Illest Crew focused their at-     Art Chansombat threw a high
tention on a strong passing game       pass to the right corner of the end
early on.                              zone, which Matt Sedghi bobbled
   Early in the game Larry Thomp-      before he held onto the ball for the
son threw a 45-yard touchdown to       score. Chansombat then threw a
Jones. The ball was thrown to the      short pass to Matt Mead for a two-
middle of the field where Jones        point conversion.
caught it.                                However, this was too little, too
   “I jumped over three people and     late, as the Illest Crew held its
then I was off to the races,” Jones    ground on defense.
                                         “Our defense just stepped up in
                                       the second half,” Brian Jones said.
  UPCOMING                               The Raiders did move the ball to
                                       the Illest Crew’s five-yard line late
                                       in the game, but was stifled once
        OKCCC                          again.
    INTRAMURALS                          “They got close and ran four                                                                         Photo by Lee Boyd
      SCHEDULE                         plays, but we held them on de-            After receiving a handoff, Raiders player Matt Mead tries to escape from a
                                       fense,” Brian Jones said.               defensive player of the Illest Crew. Mead also played quarterback for the Raiders
  •Oct. 10: OKCCC gets its own           Raiders player Carl Jefferson         during the game. The Illest Crew defeated the Raiders by a score of 28-8. It
  version of Monday Night Football     said his team hurt themselves by
  when the Raiders play the War                                                was the meeting between the two teams this year.
                                       dropping two passes in the end
  Eagles at 6 p.m. The game will
                                       zone.                                     Sedghi said his team, the Raid-           The Illest Crew will play the
  be played on the athletic field
                                         “They played rougher than other       ers, were disappointed to lose, but       Chiefs at 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16,
  north of parking lot C. For more
  information, contact Community       teams, but regardless, we couldn’t      will be back in their next game.          on the field near parking lot C.
  Education and Health Specialist      get it done,” Jefferson said.             The Raiders will face the War             Staff Writer Matthew Caban can
  Eric Watson at (405) 682-1611,         Brian Jones said his team             Eagles at 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 10,         be reached at StaffWriter2@
  ext. 7786.                           worked together for the win.            on the field near parking lot C.

  •Oct. 15: The OKCCC soccer
  team will face Rose State                               Oklahoma Club Soccer League Standings
  College at 4:30 p.m. The game
  is hosted by East Central                                WIN                   TIE          LOSS           GA               GF           POINTS
  University in Ada. For more             Oklahoma State    5                     0             0             4               25            47
  information, contact League
  Coordinator Jalal Daneshfar at          Oklahoma          4                     0             1             6               32             38
  (405) 974-2377.                         OU-COLSA          3                     1             0             2               21             32
                                          OSU-Japan         2                     0             2             8               11            22
  •Oct. 16: A schedule change has         Central Oklahoma  2                     0             2             9               12             20
  moved two intramural flag
  football games. The first game
                                          OKCCC             0                     1             2            12                4              7
  will pit the Raiders against the        Rose State        0                     0             4            23                2              2
  Bulldogs at 3 p.m. A match              East Central      0                     0             3            19                1             1
  between the Chiefs and the Illest       Redlands          0                     0             2            25                0              0
  Crew will follow at 4 p.m. Both
  games will be played on the             GF= Goals For           Win= 6 points             Tie= 3 points              One point per goal
  athletic field near parking lot C.      GA= Goals Against       Shut Out= 1 point         Loss= 0 points             Up to three points for goals per game
Oct. 10, 2005 • PIONEER • 13
14 • PIONEER • Oct. 10, 2005

  Fall Concert for OKCCC choirs
    OKCCC Concert Choir, Chamber Singers and Sym-
  phonic Choir will perform a fall concert at 7 p.m. Tues-
  day, Oct. 11, at Graceway Baptist Church located at 1100
  S.W. 104th Street. For more information, contact Music
  Professor Ron Staton at (405) 682-1611, ext. 7249.

  Health Professions Club to host speakers
    The Health Professions Club will host two guest
  speakers from the University of Oklahoma Health
  Sciences Center. Heath Burgess will speak to pre-
  pharmacy students from 12:30 to 1:20 p.m. Oct. 11. Jim
  Albertson will speak to premed students from 12:30 to
  1:20 p.m. Oct. 13. Both speakers will be in room 1C4
  across from the science lab. All interested parties are
  invited. For more information, contact Physics Professor
  Steve Kamm at (405) 682-1611, ext. 7268.

  Get a job, win a Wal-Mart gift certificate
    Through the end of October, OKCCC students have a
  chance to win a $50 Wal-Mart gift certificate. To be eli-
  gible for the contest, students need to upload their
  résumés to the Student Life Employment Services job                                                                                      Photo by Jon Horinek
  board at For more infor-                  OKCCC students Megan Wright and Miranda Noakes pick up litter along OKCCC’s
  mation, contact Employment Services Coordinator Linda                 adopted street, South May Avenue. The event was held Oct. 1 as part of Student Life’s
  Fay at (405) 682-1611, ext. 7683.                                     Service Saturday program. For more information, contact Community Engagement
                                                                        Coordinator Jon Horinek at (405) 682-7523.
  Psychology/Sociology Club meeting
    The Psychology/Sociology Club will be having a meet-
  ing about upcoming fund-raisers from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.
  Oct. 13, in the Student Life conference room. Psi Beta
  members are welcome and encouraged to attend. For
                                                                    Don’t trash Oklahoma; adopt it
  more information, contact Club Sponsor Kayce Ratliff at                                           more member of Chi Alpha,        4, he said.
  (405) 514-5142.                                                      By Rocky Chavez              said upon arrival the volun-       Volunteers should re-
                                                                     News Writing Student           teers broke into four            member to wear clothes
  Absolute publication accepting submissions                                                        groups. The groups were          they do not mind getting
     Absolute literary and art journal is accepting fiction, non-                                   tested on about how much         dirty, Horinek said.
  fiction, poetry, artwork and photography. The deadline               The cleaner roadsides        they knew on biodegrad-            Those who are interested
  for submissions is Dec. 1. Submission forms are avail-            along May Avenue between        able, decomposable and           in signing up for the next
  able in the Arts and Humanities office. For more informa-         Interstate 240 and South-       other trash.                     event or any of Student
  tion, contact English Professor Clay Randolph at (405)            west 92nd Street can be            Noakes said she learned       Life’s activities should go by
  682-1611, ext. 7238, or Student Editor Anna Rodriguez             credited to a group of          every piece of trash is litter   the Student Life office by
  at (405) 640-5152.                                                OKCCC students.                 from cigarette butts to or-      entry 11 and ask for Hor-
                                                                       No more view-obstructing     ange peels.                      inek. He can be reached at
  Poetry and Open Mic Contest
                                                                    signs that say, “Work @            When asked if she would       (405) 682-1611, ext. 7697,
    The Writing Club will host a Poetry and Open Mic Con-
                                                                    Home for $2,000/month,”         volunteer again, Noakes          or e-mail jhorinek@okccc.
  test. Submissions may be turned in to the Arts and Hu-
                                                                    or “Repair Computers 4          said, “I would definitely do     edu.
  manities office beginning Oct. 11. Submissions must in-
  clude contact information. Dates for the contest will be          $99/hr.” Eighteen partici-      it again. I was not aware
                                                                    pants did their part to re-     how much people are in-
  announced. Cash prizes will be awarded for both con-
                                                                    pel street spam on Oct. 1.      sensitive to the land.”
                                                                                                                                        Hey, you!
  tests. The Writing Club meets at 10 a.m. every Wednes-
  day near the stairwell in the Arts and Humanities build-             As part of Student Life’s       This is the first time the      What’s your
  ing. For more information about the contest or club, con-         Service Saturdays, volun-       college has done the Adopt-           plan?
  tact Club Sponsor Andre Love at (405) 863-5951.                   teers met at 12:30 p.m. to      A-Street event.
                                                                    walk over to May Avenue.           “Last Saturday went ex-           Go to the Center
  HOPE meeting                                                         The group split up. Part     tremely well,” said Jon                 for Student
     The Hispanic Organization to Promote Education will            of the volunteers headed        Horinek, Community En-              Development Oct.
  have a meeting at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13 in 2N7.            north to I-240, gathering       gagement coordinator. “The          3 to 21 to confirm
  All members are required to attend. For more informa-             litter from streets, gutters,   weather was great, just a
                                                                                                                                         your degree plan,
  tion, contact officer Rocky Chavez at (405) 923-1082.             sidewalks and the retention     little windy.”
                                                                    pond along the way. Oth-           Oct. 1 was one of the four       request or confirm
  PASS with CLASS needs sponsors                                    ers cleaned their way south     times this year the college            your faculty
    Parenting as Single Students with Critical Learning             to 92nd Street before head-     has committed to cleaning           advisor, request a
  Activities for Student Success is in need of one part-time        ing west to Interstate 44.      that stretch of road, Hor-           degree check and
  and one full-time faculty or staff sponsor. For more infor-       The crew collected every-       inek said.                          enter a drawing to
  mation, contact Student Clubs and Organizations Assis-            thing from litter to illegal       The next opportunity for
                                                                                                                                          win a $50 Wal-
  tant Karlen Grayson at (405) 682-7523.                            signs.                          students to participate in
                                                                       Miranda Noakes, sopho-       Adopt-A-Street is on Nov.                Mart gift
                                                                                                                                                         Oct. 10, 2005 • PIONEER • 15

Pioneer Classified Advertising         can Big Head Pit Bull puppies.                 month plus 1/3 bills. Call 615-
is free to all currently enrolled      Born 09-22-05. Have several pure               2396, leave message, or e-mail
OKCCC students and employ-             white. All are adorable with excel-   Pictures
ees for any personal classified        lent markings. $300 each. If inter-            available.
ad. Ads must be submitted in           ested, call 409-8871.                             RESPONSIBLE ROOMMATE
writing with IDs supplied or              FOR SALE: Young male Bas-                   WANTED: I have a room to rent in
work area and college exten-           set/Beagle mix dog recently res-               Norman. Must rent soon. Very
sion included. Deadline for ad-        cued needs good home. Has had                  nice. Very reasonable. High speed
vertising is 5 p.m. Tuesday            shots and vet exam. Playful and                DSL. Satellite w/ all channels.
prior to the publication date.         good with other dogs, cats and                 Security alarm. Pool. Basketball.
For more information, call (405)       kids. $50. Call 823-1675.                      Close to the interstate. Call Cara
682-1611, ext. 7674.                                                                  at 701-5958. $265/mo. plus 1/2

                                          FOR SALE: Nikon Cool Pix
   FOR SALE: ’04 Saturn, 4 dr,         8700 digital camera, 8.9 - 71.2
V4, automatic, Air, radio/CD, sil-     mm. 128 MB card, case and USB                    FOR SALE: Full-size bedroom
ver, under 26k, perfect condition.     card reader included. Perfect con-             suite: bookcase headboard, 4-
$11,500. Call 348-1556.                dition. All for only $700. Call 682-           drawer chest, pillow-top mattress
   FOR SALE: ’03 Toyota Rav4.          7523 or e-mail ehedges@                        and box springs, $300 OBO.
51K miles, asking $14,500. Call                                     Round retro pink and chrome
808-1165.                                 FOR SALE: 36” Sony flat                     dining room table with 4 matching
   FOR SALE: ’02 Ford Focus            screen HD television, only 1 year              chairs, $150 OBO. Long 6-drawer
ZTS! 5 spd, 72k, P. windows, P.        old! Paid $1,000. Asking $600                  dresser/ no mirror, $50 OBO.
mirrors, keyless, A/C, 16” wheels,     OBO. Surround sound system: 4                  Fuchsia microwave with turntable,
6 CD changer, spoiler, fog lamps,      110-watt satellite speakers w/                 $50 OBO. 364-6051 or 682-1622,
xenon lights, tint, C. control.        stands, 1 10” 250-watt Def. Tech.              ext. 7544, and leave a message.
$5,995. 326-5495.                      subwoofer and receiver. Paid                     FOR SALE: Glass dining table
   FOR SALE: ’01 Honda 400 EX          $700. Asking $200 OBO. Call 760-               w/ 4 chairs, excellent condition.
Sport Quad. The quad is yellow,        6723. Ask for MJ or leave mes-                 $150 firm. Call Candi at 573-
very clean and runs perfectly.         sage.                                          4829.
Brand new tires, White Brothers           FOR SALE: 17” computer moni-                  FOR SALE: Pulaski glass/mir-
E-Series exhaust, K&N air filter, 2    tor, $50. Canon laser printer, $30.            ror hutch. Gorgeous, 46” X 79.”
helmets. $3,250. Call Jason at         Canon ink jet printer, $20. Call               $700 OBO. Call 627-1435.
249-4111.                              605-7728.
   FOR SALE: ’00 Cavalier, 4
door, auto, cold air, 84k miles.
$2,800 OBO. Call Scott at 314-                                                           HELP WANTED: Female stu-
4935.                                                                                 dent as a house maid, kids care.
                                         UPS PART-TIME JOBS
   FOR SALE: ’99 Pontiac Mon-                   Earn money & stay in shape            Responsible, wide availability,
                                                    while going to school             own transportation. 314-9017.
tana Minivan, 90k miles, V6, new           Part-time loaders/unloaders needed.
transmission, new brakes, PW,            $8.50 - $9.50 to start. Continuous raises,      FOR SALE: Frigidaire washer
PL, 2nd sliding door, tilt, cruise,       3 shifts to choose from, weekends off,      & dryer set. $450. Less than 1
                                               free benefits. To inquire, visit       year old. Warranty with Best Buy
AM/FM cassette, rear air, two-             
tone paint. Retails for $7,380. Ask-                        EOE
                                                                                      until October 2007. Call Rachel at
ing $3,800. Call Scott 314-4935.                                                      408-5327.
   FOR SALE: ’99 Jeep Wran-                                                              FOR SALE: Brand new
                                         Zio’s Italian Kitchen                        Netgear wireless router MR814-
gler. 4 cylinder, 4 x 4, maroon with               on the canal
tan soft top, 5 speed. 77k miles.                                                     11 mbps. $20. Please call 640-
                                            Now hiring servers                        8183.
$8,500. Call 823-2287.                        Flexible hours
   FOR SALE: ’98 Ford Escort,                                                            FOR SALE: Tanning member-
                                              Apply anytime                           ship to At the Beach Tanning sa-
red, 143k miles. Runs very well.
Needs A/C repair. Asking $2,800                                                       lon, the extreme package. Great
OBO. 872-9721. Ask for Eric,                                                          deal. Only 19 months remaining
Donna or Kristen.                                                                     and first month free. Please call
                                                                                      Rachel at 830-4565.                   size 12/14. Lace and beads. Heart-     BOOKS FOR SALE: College
   FOR SALE: ’97 Ford Taurus,
                                          ROOMMATE NEEDED: Male                          FOR SALE: Abercrombie &            shaped neckline. Train and slip.     Keyboarding, $40. BIO Concepts
80k miles, V6, cruise, fully loaded,
                                       or female to share $300/month                  Fitch jeans. Ladies size 8. Low-      Asking $200. Call 632-6259.          and Applications, Student Guide,
leather interior, power seats, sun-
                                       rent. Nice habits. 10 minutes from             rise waist with button-up fly. 2         FOR SALE: GE profile gas          $95 for both. Call 863-6066.
roof, 6 CD changer, excellent con-
                                       OKCCC. Contact 408-2828 after                  pairs, nearly new. $20 ea. 202-       dryer. Very nice, lg. capacity,        BOOK FOR SALE: Intro to
dition, well maintained. $4,200,
                                       9 p.m.                                         0032.                                 works great, $75. 631-4193.          Sociology 1113, 7th edition, $50.
negotiable. 474-3611.
                                          FEMALE ROOMMATE WANT-                          FOR SALE: Size 16 wedding                                               E-mail: Eileen4Davis@hotmail.
   FOR SALE: ’95 Seadoo GTX,
                                       ED: Spacious 2 bed, 2 bath du-                 gown. White, strapless, beautiful!                                         com. I’m on campus 6 days a
3 seater. $2,250. Brand new
                                       plex. Nice neighbors, lots of win-             Includes: matching beaded shawl,                                           week. You’ll save at least $28!!
starter and battery. Runs great!
Call Jason at 249-4111.                dows, big living room. Washer/                 veil. Paid $800. Asking $400 firm        BOOKS FOR SALE: English
   FOR SALE: ’89 F150 XL Ford          dryer, dishwasher. N.W. 40th and               for everything. Call 760-6723. Ask    Comp II Reading Literature and
Truck, 5 speed, 4 WD. $2,500.          Western, near Will Rogers The-                 for MJ or leave message.              Writing Argument 2nd Edition             IT PAYS TO
376-3550.                              ater. 14 miles from OKCCC. No                     FOR SALE: Almost new Baby          complete package: Writer’s Guide        ADVERTISE IN
   FOR SALE: ’88 Fleetwood             pets. $270 plus 1/2 utilities. Mostly          Trend Double Jogger Stroller, $50,    and Dictionary, $83 in bookstore.       THE PIONEER
Cadillac. As is, $500. 605-7728.       furnished. Call 201-7867.                      Step 2 Kangaroo Climber/Toddler       I am selling it for $65. 923-3809.     CALL CAROLINE
   FOR SALE: ’88 GMC 4 X 4.               FEMALE ROOMMATES NEE-                       Climbing system (only used in-           BOOK FOR SALE: HIST 2103,           AT (405) 682-1611,
Runs great, $2,250. 922-1284.          DED: To share large home. 3                    doors), $35, purple toddler bicycle   $15. Call 793-2774.
                                                                                                                                                                       ext. 7674
                                       miles from OKCCC, 20 minutes                   (excellent condition), $25, Step 2       BOOK FOR SALE: Conversa-
                                                                                                                            tional Spanish book, Motivos de
                                                                                                                                                                   FOR RATES AND
                                       from OU. Nice neighborhood, 3                  rocking horse, $5. Call 745-4156
                                       car garage, 2 1/2 bath. Fully fur-             or 361-9877 and ask for Gretchen.     Conversacion, 6th edition. $65.          DEADLINES
  FOR SALE: Pure bred Ameri-           nished except bedrooms. $340/                     FOR SALE: Wedding dress            Call 823-2287.
16 • PIONEER • Oct. 10, 2005

Child care teacher                                                     YOU and a GUEST are invited
                                                                       to attend a special screening
sees own car stolen                                                                                                             Tuesday,
                      By Richard Hall                                                                                          October 11
                        Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                7:30 p.m.
  Lisa Young, Child Development Center and Lab School                                                                            Harkins
teacher, watched her 1993 Oldsmobile drive out of park-
ing lot H Sept. 22.                                                                                                            Bricktown
  Only problem was, she didn’t know the driver behind
the wheel. “I felt totally violated,” Young said. “I thought,
‘Holy cow, that’s my car!’”
  Young said she rushed inside the lab school building
to call campus security.
  “It was traumatic to see my car drive away,” she said.
                                                                                                                               Stop by the
  Young said security officers arrived quickly. “They were
very helpful,” she said. “They did all they could do.”
                                                                                                                              Pioneer office
  After an Oklahoma City Police officer arrived at the                                                                          in 2M6 MB
scene, Young said, she found out some interesting news.
  “The police officer told me Oldsmobiles are easy to                                                                           to pick up a
steal,” she said. “He said the oldest ones are easiest be-
cause they don’t have a computer or alarm system.”                                                                            complimentary
  Young said her door lock was broken, which was why
the car was a prime opportunity for a thief. She also didn’t                                                                  pass for two*
know her tag numbers, Young said.
  “If I could have known my tag number, the police de-
partment could have found my car much quicker than
they did.”
  Young said her car was found Sept. 28, abandoned
and with damage to the steering column and dashboard.
  Young said she isn’t planning to fork over the dough to
get her car fixed. “It’s not even worth it,” she said. “It’s                                                                     Opens
what I call the ‘Big, Blue Box’.”
  Young said, next time, she’ll do things differently.                                                                         nationwide
  “I’ll know my next car’s tag number by heart,” she said.
“And I won’t leave all my paperwork in my car.”
                                                                                                                               October 14
  Staff Writer Richard Hall can be reached at
                                                                                                                               —RATED R—
Technology on front                                                                                                              *while supplies last
                                                                                                                                *one pass per person
burner for college
                                    Sechrist said in addition
       “Sechrist,”               to his hobbies, he enjoys
     Cont. from page 1           spending time with his fam-
                                    “Family is important to
                                 me,” he said.
  He said one area the col-         He often has dinners and
lege plans to improve is         picnics with his parents,
technology.                      sister and brother. Sechrist
  “We are going to continue      said he also has two more
to push technology,”             siblings, a sister and a
Sechrist said. “We have an       brother, who live out of
obligation to prepare this       state.
community to live, to work          Oklahoma was not Se-
and to thrive in this tech-      christ’s first home, he said.
nological society.”                 “I grew up in upstate New
  When not planning for          York on a dairy farm,” he
the future of OKCCC,             said.
Sechrist said, he does have         Sechrist moved to Okla-
some hobbies outside the         homa to attend Southern
college.                         Nazarene University.
  “I would consider myself          There, he ear ned his
an avid recreational bicy-       bachelor’s degree in speech
clist,” he said. “I ride maybe   communication with mi-
10 to 15 miles every Satur-      nors in education and psy-
day.                             chology.                          Sechrist said he later     sonal communication and       lege while serving OKCCC
  “I also am sort of an ama-        He also earned a master’s    earned a doctorate in com-   minored once again in psy-    as acting president.
teur pianist. I spend a little   from SNU in speech com-         munication from the Uni-     chology.                        Editor Christiana Kostura
bit of every day at the pi-      munication with a minor in      versity of Oklahoma.           Sechrist said he looks      can be reached at editor@
ano.”                            psychology.                       He focused on interper-    forward to leading the col-

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