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									Genealogy & The Internet

         John LaMont
      Genealogy Librarian
    The Seattle Public Library
Learn the basics of genealogy and how to
effectively use the Internet to trace your
family history.

 Life events discussion
 Genealogy basics
 Genealogy sources
 The Seattle Public Library
 Internet resources
 Online exercises
     Life Events Discussion

Think of some events from your life
– Birth, marriage, death, etc.
Who was involved?
When did these events occur?
What records exist for these events?
Where might these events be recorded?
Why were these events recorded?
Genealogy Basics / Getting Started
 Family sources
 – Gather what you and other family members already
 – Pedigree charts, family group sheets, & research
 – Cite your sources
 – Learn about the types of resources used in
   genealogical research
Primary vs. Secondary Sources

 – Reported at the time of the event and directly
   involve participants of the event
 – Almost everything else
 – Useful in locating primary sources
 – Need to be verified
            Types of Sources
Family (S & P)
– Aunt Noreen’s
Print (S)
– Libraries, historical societies
Original records (P & S)
– State, regional, and national archives, county
  courthouses, churches, FHL
Electronic subscription databases (P & S)
– Home and libraries
Internet (S & P)
– Anywhere
      Family Sources
- letters, bibles, photos, diaries, family stories

                   “My father, Theodore, died at
                   the age of 49 from Bright’s
                   disease in 1899. This was
                   taken not long before he died.
                   . . His fore fathers landed in
                   the Chesapeake Bay area, &
                   settled in the Baltimore
                   County. As it was then.”
                              Nellie (Rusk) LaMont, 1961.
              Print Sources
Guide books
– Provide information on methods of genealogy
  research, types of genealogy sources, and addresses
  for locating records
Abstracts, indexes, and bibliographies
– Allow genealogists to locate information in a wide
  variety of print and original sources
Family, local, and other histories
– Direct genealogists to previous research, sources,
  and provide historical context
City directories
– Location and occupation
            Original Records
Vital (birth, marriage, death)
– Civil registration
– Membership, birth, baptism, and marriage
– Federal: 1790 through 1930
– State: varies by state
– Indexes, Soundex, microfilm, electronic
– Probate, orphan’s, criminal, equity
    Original Records (cont.)
– Homesteads, grants, and purchased land
– Location, description, timeframe, relatives
Probate & Wills
– Real and personal property, surviving
  descendants, estate distribution
Military Service Records
– Muster, service, pension, and widow’s
      Seattle Public Library
         Using the Online Catalog

Plan your trip to SPL
– Search the catalog from home
Finding family histories
– Exact subject: Smith Family
– Title keyword: Smith Family
Finding geographic material & histories
– Subject keyword: Scioto County Ohio
      Seattle Public Library
             Electronic Databases
Ancestry Library Edition /
– Original records viewable online
    Census, military, directories
– Indexes and abstracts
    Land, vital, court, probate, military, etc.
HeritageQuest Online
– Census
– Books (family and local histories, etc.)
– Revolutionary War
   Internet – What to Expect

Search engines,             Personal Web sites
directories, & link lists   Locality & ethnic
Transcribed and             specific sites
original records            Societies & groups
Mailing lists &             Research guides,
message boards              tools & references
Searchable                  Libraries & archives
          Internet – Email
You’ll need email for subscribing to mailing
lists, posting messages, and communicating
with other researchers. You can sign up for
a free email account at the following Web
     Internet – Pros & Cons

Access                  Incomplete
– Indexes, abstracts,   Missing sources
  original records,
  relatives, etc.
Communication           Incorrect information
Growth / Expansion      Link rot
Active community        Anyone can
Anyone can
       Internet – Evaluation
Who created the site?
Is contact information provided?
Where did the data come from?
Are sources cited?
What time period or geographic location is
Are there obvious inconsistencies, omissions, or
Why was the source created?
  Internet – Search Engines
Are incomplete indexes of the Internet
Vary in scope and quality
Do not index searchable databases
Allow basic and advanced searches
– Google.
– Yahoo.
– MSN.
– Teoma.
      Popular Internet Sites
Cyndi’s List
– Indexes over 200,000 genealogy Web sites
U.S. Gen Web
– County and state resource Web sites
Family Search
– Mormon Church
– Searchable databases including IGI, Ancestral File,
  1880 census, library catalog
– postings for surnames, states, regions, and topics
Mailing Lists
– For just about anything you can think of
      Popular Internet Sites
– The Internet's oldest and largest free
  genealogy community
National Archives
– Information about federal records
– Requesting military service & pension records
– Archival Databases
Ellis Island
– Immigrants arriving in New York
         Online Exercises
Explore Web sites discussed in class
Try searching for your ancestors, the
places they lived, or a genealogy topic of
– Google
– Cyndi’s List
– Family Search
– U.S. GenWeb
– Other Web sites
       Genealogy Classes

Fiske Genealogical Library
Seattle Genealogical Society
Seattle Public Library

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