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Improving Communication and Enhancing Involvement
            at your Community Garden
           Bill McKelvey - MU Extension – Healthy Lifestyle Initiative
                           Community Gardening ISE
                             July 14 and 15, 2009
       Presentation Overview
• Introduction to the Gardeners’ Welcome
  Packet – part of the Community Gardening
  Toolkit (University of Missouri Extension
  Publication MP906)
  – On-line in PDF and RTF versions
   Gardeners’ Welcome Packet
                What is it?
• A tool for creating written materials
  that explain how your community
  garden operates and how
  gardeners can be involved
• Electronic format that can be
  revised to suit your needs
    Gardeners’ Welcome Packet
• Get organized
• Communicate clearly
• Increase gardener involvement

Disclosure: The Packet does not take the place of
  personal communication
   Gardeners’ Welcome Packet
       Foundation – Core Beliefs
1. “Community” is the most important word
   in community garden.
2. There are many ways to start and manage
   a community garden.
3. In order for a garden to be sustainable as
   a true community resource, it must grow
   from local conditions and reflect the
   strengths, needs and desires of the local
    Gardeners’ Welcome Packet
          Foundation – Core Beliefs
4. Diverse participation and leadership, at all
   phases of garden operation, enrich and
   strengthen a community garden.
5. Each community member has something to
6. Gardens are communities in themselves, as
   well as being a part of a larger community.
   (CB #1 from Mark Winne, Closing the Food Gap; CB #2-6 from Growing
   Communities Curriculum)
     Gardeners’ Welcome Packet
•   Introduction
•   Table of Contents
•   Welcome to Community Gardening
•   Success and Security at the Garden
•   Community Garden Job Descriptions
•   Contact List
•   Garden Roster
     Gardeners’ Welcome Packet
•   Garden Map
•   Calendar
•   FAQs
•   Gardener Guidelines
•   Gardener Application
•   MU Extension Resources for Planting,
    Harvesting, Composting, Pests, Disease
• Written to garden leaders and organizers
• Explains how the Welcome Packet works

           Table of Contents
• Written to gardeners
• Brief introduction
• Table of Contents
Welcome to Community Gardening
• Responsibilities of community gardening
• Rewards of community gardening
     Success and Security at the
        Community Garden
• Success
  – Plan to visit your garden two to three times a
    week during the growing season.
  – Attend scheduled meetings and workdays.
  – Make friends with other gardeners.
  – Volunteer for a garden job or committee.
  – Educate yourself.
      Success and Security at the
         Community Garden
• Security
  – Know your neighbors.
  – Harvest produce on a regular basis.
  – Consider growing unpopular, unusual, or hard to
    harvest varieties.
  – Grow more than you need.
  – Put a boarder or fence around your plot.
  – Use common sense.
  – Report theft, vandalism and unusual activities to
    garden leaders and the police.
Community Garden Job Descriptions
•   Garden Co-Leaders   • Communications Crew
•   Plot Coordinator    • Outreach and
•   Grounds Crew          Community Relations
•   Maintenance Crew    • Horticulture Advisors
•   Supply Crew         • Monitors
•   Composting Crew     • Security
•   Events Crew         • Translation
•   Treasurer           • Leadership Team
     Contact List for Garden Jobs
•   Job
•   Name(s)
•   Phone
•   Email
              Garden Roster
•   Name
•   Phone
•   Email
•   Plot #
Garden Map
•   Annual Meeting        •   Closing Day
•   Spring Registration   •   Workshops
•   Opening Day           •   Social Events
•   Garden Work Parties   •   Garden Tour
    Frequently Asked Questions
• How much does it cost to garden here?
• What kinds of tools, equipment and supplies
  are available at the garden?
• Can I leave a sprinkler or soaker hose “on” if
  I am not at the garden?
• What do I have to do stay in good standing
  with the garden?
• Can I bring fruit and vegetable scraps from
  home to compost in the bins at the garden?
    Frequently Asked Questions
• How are plot sizes determined?
• How many plots can I get?
• Is this an organic garden?
• Who do I contact for gardening advice?
• How much time should I expect to spend at
  the garden?
• What should I do if I experience or see theft
  or vandalism?
• What should I do if I am threatened or
  harassed at the garden?
            Gardener Guidelines
•   Application             •   Pesticides
•   Membership Fee          •   Other people’s plots
•   Plot Maintenance        •   Water
•   Garden Maintenance      •   Pets and Children
•   Planting Restrictions   •   Alcohol and Drugs
•   End of Season           •   Unwanted Activities
•   Composting              •   Violation of Garden
•   Materials and Tools         Rules
          Gardener Application
•   Basic contact information
•   Sign up for garden job/crew
•   Procedure for dealing with violations
•   Photo permission
•   Phone and email list permission
•   Hold harmless clause
   MU Extension Resources for
Planting, Harvesting, Composting,
          Pests, Disease
 • Links to MU Extension Publications
  Where can you find the Gardeners’
         Welcome Packet?
     Contact Bill McKelvey with questions or
   suggestions at or

             Thank you.

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