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					Using Pinging For Traffic

Social Bookmarking is one of the main methods of getting traffic to your websites or hubs, but what
about another way of producing traffic? Sending back links is very important to get organic traffic and
get ranked higher in the search engines. Of course, there is another way to help you in the search
engines. This is something that is very simple to do. This is not something that is necessarily going to
drive tons of traffic, but it will help if you are sending back links along with writing quality content. Why
not do everything possible to maximize your success right? Well pinging is something you can do. What
is pinging you ask? Metaphorically speaking, pinging is basically raising the red flag on your mailbox to
let the mailman know you have mail that needs to be sent out. In the technical term, it basically tells the
search engines that your website/blog has been updated and sends out pings to a number of them. This
is very important if you write new hubs or have a website that has been updated with new content.

So How Do I Ping?

Pinging is very simple. You simply need to give the ping site your website URL,name of website/blog, and
RSS Feed. The RSS feed is usually optional and some ping websites may not even ask for the RSS. I myself
include it always though. Most of the time, pinging is very fast, but it depends on what ping service you

How often to Ping

You should not ping constantly, but ping when your website/blog is updated. For example, if you a
wrote few more hubs here on hubpages, then you should ping them to update search engines. If you
ping to often then you may get labeled as a "ping spammer". A lot of pinging sites will not let you
constantly ping anyway. Some people will arguably say to ping everyday, even if you have not updated
anything on your website or blog. It's hard to say if theres a "magic number" for how many times you
should ping. In the end, you should really only ping when new content is updated. If your someone who
updates your website/blog daily, then perhaps you will want to ping them daily then.

What are some good ping sites? Here is a list of some pinging sites I use.

Ping Sites

Blog pinger - Blog ping service

I think the pinging service is pretty good as well. Not quite as popular as ping o matic, but nonetheless a
valuable asset. There is no option for a RSS feed on this one though.

Blog and ping | Pingoat
Ping over fifty blog services instantly. Pingoat also has an XML-RPC server. Ping services like Technorati,


This is one of the most popular pinging sites.Its also one of the fastest pinging sites. I always use this
one. There are twenty one places it sends pings to. This is definitely one of the most well known and
popular pinging sites.

Yet another good ping service.

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Pinging can be a great way to help drive more traffic to your website/blog. Just remember, do not over
use these services or you may be labeled as a ping spammer. Send pings whenever your content is
updated whether it be everyday or a few times a week. This may not be the number one source to get a
lot of traffic by any means, its just nice addition. Pinging also takes virtually little time to do so why not
give pinging a try? This is no substitute for sending back links though. It is merely a supplement for what
you should already be doing. Make sure your content is not spam or copied content. Original content is
what you want.

There are also many more ping web sites than the ones I mentioned. Just keep in mind, that a lot of
those services might already use some of the same websites that others services do. You might send a
ping on pingomatic and find that ping goat also sends pings to some of the same sites.

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