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   Supporting People

    What can
 Supporting People
money be used for?

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Each year, the Government gives
money to the council. Some of this
money is given to Supporting People
service providers to help people to
live more independently.

The government has set rules about
how this money can be spent.

There are strict rules about which
services can be funded by
Supporting People.

Supporting People can pay for you to
get the help you need to live more

“Independently” means that you are
able to do more things on your own.

Who can we help?

Supporting People can help you if you
have a Learning Disability. They can
help other people too. The other
people may not have a Learning
To live independently, people need
to be able to:

Make sure their rent is paid on time

Know how to find and pay for all the
necessary services for their home
(gas, water and electricity for

Keep their home warm, safe, and

Look after themselves. Other care
or support services can help with
this if needed

Find and use community services
when needed (public transport,
doctor or dentist, for example)

Supporting People money can be
used to provide services which help
people to become live more
independently in their homes.
Supporting People can pay
for a support worker to:

Help you to shop sensibly

Help you learn how to cook and eat

Help you to fill in forms

Help you to use your money better
Supporting People does not
pay for:

Medical care
This can mean someone to give you

Personal care
This can mean someone to wash you
or help you get dressed

Domestic care
This can mean someone to cook for

…or someone to do your shopping for
…or someone to do your washing for

…or someone to do your cleaning for

We can help you do things
for yourself.

We do not pay for people
to do things for you.

Sometimes we can pay for the things
listed above, but only if it is for a
short time and only in special

Talk to your support worker if you
have any questions about this.

You can also contact the Supporting
People team if you have any
questions. Call us on 020 7332 3582.

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